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Damaged credit: Can you sue?
Courts are now seeing good credit as a valuable personal asset. So if it's wrongly hurt, you may be able to sue for damages. More...
When to pay off old debt
There can be good reasons to repay a debt even after it is too old for you to be sued over -- but you could create a new headache if you're not careful. More...
Don't always decline rental car insurance
Credit cards once offered blanket rental car insurance protection, but now policies vary among issuers. More...
CHART: Compare your card's rental car insurance coverage
Cash-now promise of lawsuit loans under fire
Lawsuit loans -- cash advances given to lawsuit filers before a case is settled -- are the latest high-fee lending industry to draw controversy. More...
Expert advice

How to clear a judgment from your records
'To Her Credit' expert Sally Herigstad
She repaid the debt after a judgment was placed against her, but the judgment remains after the collector folded. More...
Starting an 18-year-old on the road to credit
'Opening Credits' expert Erica Sandberg
His parents sank into debt, but learned from their mistakes. How do they prevent their son from repeating history? More...
Second sign-up bonus not easy to come by
'Cashing In' expert Cathleen McCarthy
If you canceled your card and reapplied, hoping for another sign-up bonus, you may be out of luck. Issuers are wising up.
Business credit: Nothing personal?
'Your Business Credit' expert Elaine Pofeldt
Can you keep your business card separate from your personal credit? Maybe, if you select the card carefully and pay on time.

Millennials' financial health on the rocks
Do millennials stand a chance in navigating the real world? According to mounting research, odds are it's going to be tough. More...
Musing on museum donation/entry fees
Three angry art lovers have filed a class-action suit against the Metropolitan Museum of Art over entry fee "deception." More...
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Credit card rate report
(as of 4-4-2013)
National Average 14.95%
Business 13.13%
Low Interest 10.29%
Balance Transfer 12.59%
Cash Back 14.13%
Reward 14.75%
Bad Credit 23.64%
Airline 14.63%
Student 13.16%
Instant Approval 15.49%

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