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Weekly newsletter: April 3, 2014
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Statutes of limitations for credit card debt
Creditors have a limited time in which to file suit over unpaid credit card debt. Here are the statutes of limitation for all 50 states and Washington, D.C. ... More
10 tips for dealing with debt collectors
Consumer credit counselors, debt collectors and state regulators all agree that ignoring debt collectors' letters and phone calls is a bad idea. Deal with it, they say, otherwise matters can only get worse ... More
Don't fall for these 8 scams
Here's the lowdown on eight hot scams, cons and swindles that criminals are employing to separate you from your money  ... More
‘Opening Credits’ by Erica Sandberg
Best card to send with kids to Europe
His two 20-year-olds head to study abroad this fall, armed only with their debit cards. Dad wants to know if he should supply them with a credit card, too  ... More
‘To Her Credit’ by Sally Herigstad
On disability, facing interest rate creep
She was on her card's hardship plan to keep her APR low, but then the company changed ownership and her rates keep rising. Is there any recourse? ... More
‘Let's Talk Credit’ by Jane McNamara
Shifting debt from credit cards through a mortgage refi
Paying off credit cards via a home refinance could change your credit utilization and help your credit score, if you don't go charging again ... More
Rate Report
CFPB: Payday loans not so short-term
When strapped for cash and hit with an unexpected bill, some people may turn to a payday lender. But new research from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shows that taking out one of these short-term loans could just sink you deeper into debt.  ... More
Video: Venmo vs. PayPal vs. Square Cash
Tired of the hassle of splitting the lunch bill with colleagues? We compare three smartphone apps that let you transfer money easily to friends on the fly ... More
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