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Weekly newsletter: April 17, 2014
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Yolo: When is it OK to splurge?
Your 401(k) is brimming, you never carry a card balance and you have an emergency fund. When is it OK to blow the budget on a you-only-live-once moment? ... More
What an interest rate increase will cost cardholders
Interest rates, at historic lows since 2008, are expected to start rising as soon as spring 2015, and a single point increase will cost U.S. cardholders about $7.6 billion a year ... More
Learn the reward points double-transfer trick
Your may know your rewards program has transfer partners that let you shift points. But your partners have partners, too -- double-transfer to get the program you want  ... More
‘Opening Credits’ by Erica Sandberg
How to perform a credit transfusion on your spouse
It's a tricky procedure, but it's possible: The spouse with good credit can absorb the bad-credit person's debt by balance transfer  ... More
‘To Her Credit’ by Sally Herigstad
Lowering your interest rate: HELOC vs. 0% credit card
Transferring credit card debt to a lower-interest card or home equity line of credit may help you become debt-free faster -- if you're careful ... More
‘Let's Talk Credit’ by Jane McNamara
Got a medical card, but can't afford the procedure
A dentist suggested financing a procedure with a medical card, then charged upfront; now the patient wants to cancel the credit card ... More
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Why Heartbleed isn't something to brush off
When a topic is heavily covered, it's easy to become numb to the news. But even for those feeling burned out from fraud news, Heartbleed is worth paying attention to  ... More
Should you write 'See ID' on your card?
There are many ways to combat ID theft, but this isn't one of them. This video explains the dubious practice of writing "See ID" on your card in lieu of a signature ... More
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