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Weekly newsletter: April 10, 2014
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Forgiven debt
Beware! Forgiven debt can carry tax penalty
You thought your troubles were over when you settled a debt for less than what you owed. Surprise! Here comes the tax man ... More
Rate the risk of sending card data
Before hitting "send," think like a hacker: what are the potential security loopholes? And how can you close them so you your information doesn't fall in the wrong hands? ... More
Fix your credit? Sorry, no magic
Your credit can't be slapped together at the last minute when you need it most. Credit histories are tapestries carefully woven over a lifetime, says author Steve Bucci  ... More
‘Opening Credits’ by Erica Sandberg
Ah, to be young and have a near-perfect credit score
He's 23, has a 772 FICO score and $45,000 limit on four cards. Is he maxing out his potential to obtain the "perfect score?"  ... More
‘To Her Credit’ by Sally Herigstad
Take care before giving debt collector bank account info
When a collection agency called saying it had been trying to deliver a court appearance, she decided to settle -- and allowed them to debit her account ... More
‘Let's Talk Credit’ by Jane McNamara
No need to wait for a $0-balance statement to avoid interest
Do you have to wait until your statement comes with a $0 balance before charging more to the same credit card? ... More
Rate Report
5 ways to be 'credit smart' this week
It's important to learn how to build and maintain good credit. As April is financial literacy month, what better time to do that? Here are some ways you can be 'credit smart' this week and for weeks to come  ... More
Pricey grad degrees fuel student debt crisis
A new report from the New America Foundation suggestions graduate school students may have an even tougher time affording their degrees than undergrads ... More
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