Score & Report App: Free credit score on your phone

Take control of your credit – your score, report, and alerts, always at your fingertips

Check your credit score from your phone absolutely free with the Score & Report app! This video shows you how to get started.

Access Your free Credit Score Instantly

Feel empowered to take control of your credit with Score & Report. Receive account alerts, free monthly credit score reports, personalized financial tips to help improve your score, and much more without ever leaving the app. Improve the way you keep track of credit trends, available credit, total balances, and account activity.

Check your VantageScore credit score from your smartphone!

Track Score Improvement

Score & Report makes is easy to track credit score fluctuations over time. You can instantly see if your score improves or drops with Score & Report's easy to read credit score timeline. Score & Report gives you more than just a number, it gives you the data behind your credit score.

Track your credit score over time and measure your progress!

Personalized Financial Advice

Receive personalized financial tips and advice based on your account preferences. Use our tips to help improve your credit score and overall financial strategy. Score & Report makes it easy to keep track of your credit history through your phone. Each tip is crafted to help you feel empowered to take control of your credit score.

Get personalized advice on how to use credit responsibly and raise your score.

Never Miss a Payment

Know where each of your accounts stand with Score & Report. Easily see which accounts are current or delinquent with Score & Report's payment history feature. Quickly connect to the correct contact at your bank to dispute any suspicious activity or inaccuracies. Stay up-to-date on each account inside your app.

With automatic due date alerts, never miss a payment again.

Find the Right Card to Improve Your Score

Stop wasting time researching numerous credit card offers that do not meet your credit needs or history. Score & Report provides you with the offers that match your spending habits and reward preferences. Our app helps guarantee your application will be approved and provides offers that will appeal to you the most. Never worry that you have the wrong card in your hand.

Get personalized suggestions on which card is right for you based on your credit score and history.