Money Worries Interview with KXNT Radio Las Vegas

By Media Relations Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke on Monday, June 29, 2015, with Carlos Diaz and Dayna Roselli of KXNT Radio Las Vegas about the results of the June 2015 Money Worries survey. The interview and transcript are below.


Carlos Diaz: People want money and they want sleep, Dayna.

Dayna Roselli: 62% of Americans are losing sleep over at least one financial problem. Now this is according to a new study from and on the KXNT Hotline this morning we have Matt Schulz who is the Senior Analyst from Good morning.

Matt Schulz: Good morning.

Roselli: Well, it kind of sounds like, “Ok makes sense.” 62% is a pretty big number, it’s more than half of America. You wonder how you think sometimes personal problems, relationship problems, your kids, but this all comes down to a financial problem so you’re saying at least one financial problem that we’re losing sleep over.

Schulz: Yeah exactly. And we’re actually losing less sleep than we did during the Great Recession, but we’re not resting quite as peacefully as we did before that. And retirement is the biggest worry, but worries about education costs are growing like crazy.

Diaz: What are the things that people are most commonly worried about with their money?

Schulz: It’s about retirement and it’s about paying for education costs. Those are the two most commonly cited reasons for people losing sleep according to our survey.

Diaz: Is that long term because I find that I lose sleep short term – like got to pay that gas bill this month! It’s like a short term thing, but people are losing sleep long term as well.

Schulz: Yeah, they definitely are and I think that people tend to lose sleep when things feel out of their control and a lot of people might not realize that if you take some small little steps – like cutting some costs or making a budget – things like that can maybe help you feel a little more in control and maybe help you sleep a little better.

Roselli: You think that people actually know, “Well, I want to go to college or I want my kids to go to college because things in the economy haven’t been so great and they really need this degree” so now more than ever people want to go on and get these degrees so that they can become successful and be successful and actually make a decent salary in the future?

Schulz: Yeah it’s a tough thing because there’s been so much written about how much more expensive it is to get a college degree than it used to be, but people also know that to get a lot places you want to go in your career you have to have a college degree, it makes it tough.

Diaz: Alright so you talk about the Great Recession – not the Great Depression, the Great Recession of 2009 – how many people were losing sleep during the Great Recession when it first started compared to before the Great Recession of 2009?

Schulz: We did this in 2007 for the first time and 56% of people were losing sleep over financial issues. That went up to 69% in 2009 in the heart of the Great Recession and now it’s down to 62% so we’re definitely trending in the right direction.

Roselli: Well we’re going to go catch a nap, thank you so much Matt for joining us.

Diaz: I’m going to dream about money! Thanks Matt.

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