Mobile Payments Interview with WIOD NewsRadio Miami

By Media Relations Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke on Tuesday, March 10, 2015, with Patty de Mendoza of WIOD Radio Miami. The topic: a survey on mobile payments that showed that most Americans haven’t bought in to mobile payments just yet. The interview and transcript are below.


Patty de Mendoza: Apple Pay and Google Wallet, they’re not getting any more popular. Americans remain skeptical about using their cellphones to pay for stuff. A survey shows two-thirds of Americans won’t use their phones to make a purchase. Those are the same poll results from six months ago. Analyst Matt Schulz says recent hackings have raised security concerns.

Matt Schulz: But it’s also convenience. I think people still need to be convinced that paying with their smartphone is as easy as just swiping your credit card.

Mendoza: Only 6% of those surveyed said they would always make a mobile payment, given the chance to do so. Patty de Mendoza, NewsRadio 610 WIOD.

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