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On Wednesday, March 11, 2015 Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke with Carlos Diaz and Dayna Roselli of KXNT Radio Las Vegas. The topic: a survey on mobile payments that showed that most Americans haven’t bought in to mobile payments just yet. The interview and transcript are below.



Carlos Diaz: Two-thirds of Americans would never or hardly ever use their cellphone to make a purchase. That’s according to a new study from

Dayna Roselli: On the line we have Matt Schulz from He’s Senior Industry Analyst. Let’s talk Apple Pay. I find this interesting because I actually have the iPhone 6 and I love using Apple Pay, but there’s not enough places to use it. So people are skeptical, huh?

Matt Schulz: Yeah, definitely. What we found is that about two-thirds of Americans say that they would never or that they would hardly ever use their cellphone to make a purchase if they could, and that’s about the same percentage that we saw about six months ago so it shows that at a minimum things like Apple Pay are taking awhile to catch fire.

Roselli: But haven’t people said that it’s safer to use? People have come out and said that, it is safer than just swiping your card like at a gas pump or something like that. So aren’t people looking forward to having some extra precautions?

Schulz: Well that was definitely how it was sold, but we’ve seen some headlines that have indicated that hackers have found some back doors into Apple Pay in particular and that might have scared people off. Because security is definitely one of people’s concerns.

Carlos Diaz: Alright Matt, don’t hate me for pointing this out, but you are the Senior Industry Analyst for so can this be an unbiased report that you’re doing when you’re talking about Apple Pay not catching on and credit cards still being the way people are paying?

Schulz: Well, they kind of go hand-in-hand, actually because rather than Apple Pay kind of disrupting and changing things, all Apple Pay essentially does is use your credit card account in a different way. So it’s really just leveraging your old credit card; instead you just don’t have the physically card, you’re just using it through your phone.

Roselli: I was looking at the least likely to use mobile payments: whites, senior citizens, and westerners. Why do you think westerners are more skeptical?

Schulz: That was surprising to me, too, given California and out where y’all are and then out in Seattle with Microsoft and everything, but I think it might come down to there’s a whole lot of the west that is kind of big open sky country and kind of rural and I’m wondering if those folks are a little less likely to dive into the mobile payments side of things.

Diaz: I’ve been reading a lot of things about, you know, Apple Watch and a lot of people are saying that Apple Watch will help Apple Pay because right now pulling your iPhone out or pulling your credit card out – no big deal. But if you can just swipe your watch that might help Apple Pay.

Schulz: Yeah, that’s clearly the hope that Apple has, that Apple Watch would kind of be the next step in acceptance. Me personally, I’m not 100% sure that that’s the case. I think that the convenience of it – I just don’t know if we’re quite a watch wearing society anymore. So it’ll be interesting to see how that catches on.

Roselli: A lot of people are skeptical and I’m surprised because it seems like these things just catch on whenever they release them. But people seem to be skeptical about the watch, I don’t know.

Schulz: Yeah, lots of people have doubted Apple in the past and have been proven wrong so this is highly possibly that that’ll happen again.

Roselli: And that’s Matt Schulz from I don’t know, I think the Apple Watch is going to be a hit. I’m writing it down.

Diaz: I think they out to change the name from to or something like that because that’s the thing – credit cards could be out on the wayside, if you don’t mind.

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