Mobile Payments Interview with KRLD Radio Dallas

By Media Relations Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke on Tuesday, March 10, 2015, with Chris Sommer of KRLD Radio Dallas. The topic: a survey on mobile payments that showed that most Americans haven’t bought in to mobile payments just yet. The interview and transcript are below.


Chris Sommer: Just yesterday we saw another promotional mega-event from Apple as the company launched its smart watch. wanted to know if these new products are helping the public to embrace mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Matt Schulz from is with us on KRLD. So Matt – is this stuff catching on?

Matt Schulz: It sure doesn’t seem to be that way. We did a poll that showed that two-thirds of Americans say that they would never or they would hardly ever use their cellphone to make a purchase and that’s about the same numbers we found six months ago when we did this. So all of the advertising and all of the hype around mobile payments haven’t seen to move the needle that much.

Sommer: What are the biggest complaints, I guess, or obstacles – what are the main reasons people say they would hardly ever or they would never use these mobile payment systems.

Schulz: It’s really all about convenience and security. We’ve been using credit cards for decades and consumers need to be convince that it’s as easy to use mobile payments as it is to use a credit card and that it’s as safe. And until that happens I don’t think we’re going to see a big sea change.

Sommer: Ok, I know in this poll, Matt, you guys also looked at the groups who are most likely to use mobile payments. What did you find there?

Schulz: Well, it was interesting. What we found was that Hispanics, millennials, and Southerners – and the south would include Texas as well – are the most likely to use mobile payments whereas the least likely to use it would be whites, senior citizens, and folks who live in the western U.S.

Sommer: Anything surprising among the groups that say they are least likely? Senior citizens probably not a big surprise?

Schulz: Right. This has generally sort of trended with age. The younger you are, the more likely you are to accept this sort of thing. I was surprised by the fact that westerners would be not very into this given, you know, California and Seattle and all the places out west and their technology, but there’s also a lot of kind of “Big Sky Country” out there where people might not be that into using their mobile payments.

Sommer: Just in your opinion, do you think this is something that will catch on gradually but it may take quite a long time?

Schulz: Yeah, I do think eventually this is going to catch on, but I do think it will take awhile. They just need to iron out a few things, especially as it relates to security and also getting people to where there are lots and lots of places they can use these. Because even though places like Walmart and some other places let you use mobile payments, it’s still not everywhere. And until it is and it’s front of mind that way, it’s just going to take awhile for it to catch on.

Sommer: Matt, thanks. That’s Senior Analyst Matt Schulz from

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