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By Media Relations Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke on Tuesday, March 10, 2015, with KOMO host Tom Hutyler. The topic: a survey on mobile payments that showed that most Americans haven’t bought in to mobile payments just yet. The interview and transcript are below.



Tom Hutyler: Two-thirds of us say we would never, or hardly ever, use our cellphones to make a purchase, according to a new report. Joining us on the KOMO News Live Matt Schulz, Senior Analyst and this is an interesting study. I guess the first question, Matt, is why are we still leery about this?

Matt Schulz: Well, I think the two big issues are convenience and security. People need to be convinced that mobile payments are as easy to use as just with an actual credit card and as safe and we’re clearly not there yet.

Hutyler: Can you give us some of the percentages as far as the breakdown of who’s using these cellphones to go shopping and who’s not?

Schulz: Yeah, what we found was that the most likely to use mobile payments were Hispanics, Millenials, and Southerners and the least likely to use mobile payments were whites, senior citizens, and – as somewhat of a surprise to me – people from the western U.S.

Hutyler: Very surprising, it seems that it is such an effort that, such an element of convenience that you’d want to use this much like you do on a computer. Is there a difference between the percentages – and I don’t know if you have this kind of information at hand – but those who make online purchases who are virtually doing that online by using their phone – it’s I think the same technology by and large – reason why people are more reluctant to do it via their telephone?

Schulz: We don’t have that data right now, but I think that a lot of it just comes down to familiarity. We’re comfortable with going to Amazon, for example, and buying something from your desktop or your laptop at home, but there’s still that newness, that novelty factor that comes with whipping out your smartphone and making the payment. And people are still a little bit leery of that.

Hutyler: We’re talking to Matt Schulz from Now with the new releases of things like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Starbucks just came out with a new way to pay yesterday – do you think that those sorts of apps, those sorts of offerings will make people more willing to do this in the coming months?

Schulz: I do, I think that it’s going to be a situation where kind of a rising tide lifts all boats. As all of these companies and retailers got set to be able to accept Apple Pay, that also makes them likely to be able to accept Google Wallet and other forms of mobile payment so it really does help the entire idea of mobile payments when Apple Pay kind of gets big.

Hutyler: Alright, thanks so much for the update then. You can see more on that report on That is Senior Analyst Matt Schulz with

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