MasterCard ‘Selfie’ Pay Interview with KCBS Radio San Francisco

By Media Relations Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke on Monday, November 2, 2015 with Melissa Culross of KCBS Radio San Francisco about MasterCard Selfie Pay. The interview and transcript are below.


Melissa Culross: Despite all the technology available to us today, it appears that, when it comes to using coupons, paper is still the preferred method. This is according to a new report from It says that 63 percent of US credit and debit card holders most frequently use coupons that they have cut from the newspaper, gotten in the mail, or printed themselves. For more, now, we’re joined on the KCBS ring central news line by Matt Schulz, Senior Analyst with Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us. So many people have smart phones. How surprising do you find it that we’re still clipping coupons?

Matt Schulz: I was really surprised to find that two thirds of Americans basically said that they use paper coupons more often than any other type of coupon was really pretty shocking, especially considering how widespread smart phone usage is.

Culross: When we talk paper coupons, does that include … and our lead-in suggests it does … a coupon you might get in your e-mail and then print out and take to a store with you?

Schulz: Yes. Exactly. It includes that, and it includes newspapers, stuff that you get in snail mail, the whole thing.

Culross: So given that a lot of people are using coupons that they might get in their e-mail, that’s still a little bit more technologically. Do you still find it surprising somebody might print that as opposed to using a device at a store?

Schulz: Yeah, I do. And I think that it’s going to become less and less common. And I think you’ll find more and more people just showing their phone in the future, and more and more retailers being amenable to that.

Culross: And what did you find in terms of demographics? Are there certain groups of people who are using more paper coupons, certain groups of people who are gravitating more toward showing their phones at stores, or, using discount codes online and just issuing the brick and mortar stores altogether?

Schulz: Yeah. What we found is that paper coupon usage, generally speaking, decrease with income, and increases with age. But, we saw that even 18 to 24 year olds, so Millennials, are using paper coupons about twice as much as any other method.

Culross: Just speaking anecdotally, I actually get a lot of coupons in my e-mail. And sometimes I’ll print them out, sometimes I’ll forget and I will take the phone into the store and say, “Does this work? Can you still give me the discount?” And, generally speaking, the stores always do. What do you think retailers should be doing with this information, with the knowledge that people are still clipping or printing paper coupons?

Schulz: Well, I think the retailers are actively working to get away from paper coupons. And I know there’s a lot of hope that smart phones will help integrate coupons into the shopping experience more. And I know that credit card issuers have even created deals that are linked to your card, where you go and opt-in on the issuer website and make a purchase. And that discount is applied automatically to your card without any coupon being involved at all.

Culross: Did your survey take into account different programs that stores have, stores that are trying to get away [Audio break] _____ [0:3:02] coupons, or get away from having sales? So you join their rewards program and you might get a discount if you’re a member of that. And it could involve apps.

Schulz: Yeah. Yeah. That was what we were looking at, all the different ways that you can get discounts, even down to things like dining programs where you’ll get a couple of dollars off if you use a certain credit card. So there’s lots of different options out there.

Culross: And how about putting codes in? How about online? There’s so much talk about how we’re buying so many things online, and brick and mortar stores are having such a difficult time. Do you find that discounts are inspiring people to buy more things online?

Schulz: Yeah. And I do think that entering a discount code online is a very popular tool. And it was actually in second place in our survey in terms of the most frequently used form of couponing. And I think that that is only to grow in the near future.

Culross: All right. Well, we thank you for taking the time to talk to us. That is Matt Schulz, Senior Analyst with

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