Foreign Transaction Fees Interview with WIOD Radio Miami

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On Thursday, April 2, 2015, Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke with Andrew Julian of WIOD Radio Miami about the results of the April 2015 Foreign Transaction Fees survey. The interview and transcript are below.


Many credit cards carry international transaction fees and, while some companies are dropping them, not all have.

Andrew Julian: Senior Analyst Matt Schulz says that means you’ll spend a little more than what the total is when you go on vacation outside the U.S.

Matt Schulz: If you have a card that has one of these fees, what you will see is likely two or three percent added on to every purchase that you make while you’re overseas.

Julian: And is also saying one-third of customers didn’t know if their card issuer charged those fees. Schulz says the most common fee is 3% of the purchase price. Andrew Julian, NewsRadio 610 WIOD.

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