Fee Roundup Survey Interview with WWTG Washington, D.C.

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CreditCards.com Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke on Monday, July 20, 2015 with WTTG Washington, D.C. about the July 2015 Fee Roundup survey. The interview and transcript are below.


Interviewer: All right. Credit cards are awesome. They come in handy. But they also can be very costly. There are many fees that come along with credit cards. If you do your homework, though, you will find you can have your credit and keep your money, as well. For details we turn to Matt Schulz. Matt is the Senior Editor at CreditCars.com, and he joins us now live via Skype with a look at some of the best and worst offenders. Hello, Matt. How are you today?

Matt Schulz: I’m great. Thanks for having me.

Interviewer: Fantastic. Good to have you with us, because you can help safe us some money, and that’s our favorite thing to do, and to pass along to viewers. So, should we start with the good or the bad? It’s your choice, if you want to lead with the mug half full or empty this morning.

Schulz: Let’s keep it positive and start with the good.

Interviewer: What do you like?

Schulz: Yeah. We surveyed about 100 credit cards out there. And what we found was that there was only 1 credit card of the 100 that came with no potential fees at all, and that was the Promise VISA card from Pentagon Federal Credit Union. So no late fees, no balance transfer fees, nothing.

Interviewer: So, the question is, and I don’t know Matt, if you have the answer to this or not, but …

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