Family Financial Influence Interview with WIOD Radio Miami

By Media Relations Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke on Thursday, May 7, with Michael Woulfe of WIOD Radio Miami about the results of the May 2015 Biggest Family Financial Influences survey. The interview and transcript are below.


Mother’s Day is this weekend and M stands for the money things that she taught us.

Michael Woulfe: Money smarts, that is. About a third of 18-29 year olds say mom is the biggest influence on their finances. Only 10% of people over 50 said so. analyst Matt Schulz says the poll finds most people learn their financial smarts at the college of hard knocks.

Matt Schulz: Just years of paying your bills and learning from your mistakes and I think that that’s a big reason why a lot of people said that they were their own best influence.

Woulfe: More than a quarter of all respondents say they relied on themselves for their financial savvy. For more on the story, I’m Michael Wolfe, NewsRadio 610 WIOD.

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