Credit Card Perks Interview with Bloomberg Radio

By Media Relations Editor-In-Chief Dan Ray spoke on Sunday, January 10, 2016 with Bloomberg Radio about credit card perks. The interview and transcript are below.


Interviewer: Credit cards used to come with a wide array of perks but they have been trimmed over the years. One of the more obscure offers being tinkered with is return assistance.

Daniel Ray: It’s a small perk that lets you return items when the store won’t take them back but it has a lot of limitations.

Interviewer: Dan Ray is Editor and Chief of He says American Express and Discover card still offer the program but Visa and MasterCard have pared back what they offer.

Ray: It still might be on your card. You have to call your card to find out whether it is still part of your particular card.

Interviewer: There are monetary caps per item and for a year and Ray says there are lots of product exceptions.

Ray: They are pretty thorough in their exclusions to prevent people from gaining the system. Formal wear for example. You can’t wear the tux to the wedding and then get away with not paying for it. Fire arms and ammunition, maps, books and then seasonal items.

Interviewer: Ray says read the fine print and make sure to use your card to its full extent.

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