Coupons & Credit Cards Interview with WWJ Radio Detroit

By Media Relations Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke on Monday, November 2, 2015 with Sandra McNeill of WWJ Radio Detroit about the November 2015 Coupons & Credit Cards survey. The interview and transcript are below.


Sandra McNeill: A new survey shows Americans are still pretty old fashioned when it comes to their coupons.’s Senior Analyst Matt Schulz says 63 percent of Americans say they still clip the paper coupons over the codes or other offers from the Internet.

Matt Schulz: It’s certainly interesting. If nothing else it says that people still want their paper coupons. And I think that newspapers are still a good way to get those, and it’s a business that’s been in need of some good news for awhile.

McNeill: Among the least likely to use coupons, the young and the poor.

Schulz: The poorest among us might not be able to afford the newspaper. So it could just be a simple economics thing.

McNeill: Overall, 85 percent said they used coupons at least once in awhile.

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