Coupons & Credit Cards Interview with KTAR Radio Phoenix

By Media Relations Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 with Jeremy Foster of KTAR Radio Phoenix about the November 2015 Coupons & Credit Cards survey. The interview and transcript are below.


Jeremy Foster: Lot of people apparently like to go old school and save money at the supermarket.

Matt Schulz: Dead trees are definitely not dead when it comes to coupons.

Foster: Despite all the technology available today, Matt Schulz, with, tells KTAR Americans are creatures of habit.

Schulz: And we’ve been taking coupons from the mail, or clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper for decades.

Foster: He says more than two thirds of credit and debit card holders say they normally use those paper coupons as opposed to electronic ones offered by some credit cards.

Schulz: American Express, Bank of America, and Discover all let you opt in for coupons on their website. And then, when you make a purchase, that savings is automatically applied to your card.

Foster: Schulz says those card linked offers can especially handy during the holiday shopping season. Jeremy Foster, KTAR News.

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