Coupons & Credit Cards Interview with KGMI Radio Bellingham, WA

By Media Relations Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 with Joe Teehan of KGMI Radio Bellingham, WA about the November 2015 Coupons & Credit Cards survey. The interview and transcript are below.


Joe Teehan: We’re supposed to be moving toward a paperless society. That’s not the case in … when it comes to coupons. [Laughter] We’re still using a lot of paper coupons. And joining us with more on this is Matt Shulz. He’s a senior industry analyst with Great to talk to you again, Matt.

Matt Schulz: Same here.

Teehan: And a vast majority of Americans, regardless of age, are still using paper coupons.

Schulz: Yeah. We were really surprised. We found in our recent survey that about two thirds of American credit card and debit card holders who use coupons say that they most frequently use paper coupons, so stuff they’ve clipped from the Sunday paper or gotten in the mail. And that was really surprising to me.

Teehan: And this includes coupons that you might go to a web site and print. Did you look at that, at all?

Schulz: Yeah. Yeah. That includes that as well. But it wouldn’t include things like entering a discount code online, or showing somebody your phone. Any sort of paper presentation is what we were looking at.

Teehan: Uh-huh. So, yeah, the discount code, that’s a distant second at just 17 percent of people using that. A coupon or discount code on one’s phone, 15 percent. So, the digital thing has a ways to go before it catches up.

Schulz: Yeah. And I think that we’ve just been doing it this way for decades. And these habits can be a little hard to break, even when there are other even possibly easier options out there.

Laurie Teehan: So, with paper coupons, like Sunday paper’s chock full of coupons and everything, are there as many options online to bring people to that?

Schulz: There are lots of options online. There are plenty of online websites. And even … coupons might even be the best credit card perq that people don’t know about. You can go online … If you have an American Express card, or a Bank of America card, for example, you can go onto those users web sites and opt-in for a coupon. And then, when you make a purchase, that deal is automatically applied. So there’s no paper, no codes to scan. It’s really easy.

Teehan: So, would you recommend that people explore this, the electronic coupon area a little bit more?

Schulz: Yeah, absolutely. And I think that it’s only going to get more prevalent because banks and retailers have really high hopes for this sort of thing, as a way to increase customer loyalty in the future.

Teehan: Do you have more information on this at

Schulz: Yeah. You can read more about the survey. We’ve got lots of other cards and information, too.

Teehan: Always interested in finding ways to save money. [Laughter]’s Matt Schulz. Thanks for joining us this morning, Matt.

Schulz: Thank you.

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