Cash Back Credit Cards Interview with ABC News Radio

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On Wednesday, March 25, 2015 Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke with Richard Davies of ABC News Radio about the benefits of cash back credit cards for those with excellent credit. The interview and transcript are below.


There’s another reason to have an excellent credit score. You qualify for cash back credit cards. ABC’s Richard Davies says, that’s like getting a discount on almost everything you buy.

Richard Davies: Cash back credit cards can give you as much as 5% off some purchases.

Matt Schulz: In general the best rewards are reserved for those with the best credit.

Davies: Matt Schulz at

Schulz: If you see 5% cash back or 50.000 frequent flyer miles, you’re going to have to have pretty good credit to get those.

Davies: Some cards offer airlines miles instead of cash back back. Which one is best?

Schulz: It’s really all about kind of knowing yourself and how these cards fit into your lifestyle.

Davies: To benefit from credit cards pay off the balance in full each month. Richard Davies, ABC News.

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