Apple Pay Interview with KXNT Radio Las Vegas

By Media Relations Senior Industry Analyst Matt Schulz spoke on Wednesday, June 10, 2015, with Carlos Diaz and Dayna Roselli of KXNT Radio Las Vegas about Apple Pay enticing customers with rewards programs. The interview and transcript are below.


Carlos Diaz: We had a chance yesterday afternoon to talk to Matt Schulz from He’s a Senior Analyst and we talked to him about the new Apple Pay with the new Apple operating system and everything that the new Apple Pay has to offer. Good morning, Matt.

Matt Schulz: Good morning.

Dayna Roselli: Well, I’m glad to see some changes because at first I thought, well – not a lot of people are really using it yet. Do you think these changes will get more people to use the mobile credit card banking?

Schulz: Quite possibly. People clearly still need more incentive to start using mobile payments instead of their physical credit card and I think when you add rewards into the mix, that might just be what finally causes mobile payments to take off, but it remains to be seen.

Diaz: In this new incarnation of the latest iOS from Apple, they’ve announced that Discover is now on-board so other credit cards are jumping on-board. It seems to be growing.

Schulz: It’s definitely growing. And yeah, Discover is coming on-board. You’ll be able to add some store credit cards and debit cards. And also you’ll be able to add loyalty and rewards cards so these are significant next steps for Apple Pay.

Roselli: So you’re saying that you couldn’t do that before? Like, I have an American Express Blue Cash card and it doesn’t matter whenever I use it, whether it’s Apple Pay or whatever, I still get the rewards, right?

Schulz: The rewards cards we’re talking about here are more of the loyalty thing. So if you, for example – Dunkin Donuts was one of the examples they gave. The frequent visitor card where you buy ten donuts and you get one free, that sort of thing. It was the next step in finding out ways to get people to use this more. And it’s really all about making this more convenient than just pulling out your credit card. Being able to do this without having to rewards loyalty card out either is a good first step.

Diaz: It just seems to me that if I had the choice between carrying a bunch of cash around and my cellphone or just carrying my cellphone around being able to use that with Apple Pay, that seems like it’s the better choice. In essence I’m not saying that Apple Pay is going to replace credit cards, I think it enhances credit cards.

Schulz: I think you’re right in a lot of ways because it really is secure and especially if they can get this rewards portion of it right. It can really help.

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