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06/19/ Millennials are the worst tippers, new survey shows
06/19/ U.S. Millennials Lag on Tipping
06/19/ Millennials Are Terrible at Tipping, Study Says
06/19/ Millennials Are The Worst Tippers, Claims A New Study
06/19/2018CBS MoneyWatch Millennials most likely to stiff restaurant servers
06/19/2018Marketwatch More people are now checking their credit scores—here’s why that pays
06/18/2018Food & Wine Apparently Millennials Are Terrible Tippers
06/18/2018Business Insider One in 10 millennials refuses to leave a tip when dining out, survey says
06/18/ Major credit card companies are cutting their perks. Here’s what you need to know.
06/18/ Study: Millennials Are Cheapest Tippers
06/18/2018Daily Mail Millennials are the cheapest of any generation when it comes to tipping, survey says
06/18/ When It Comes to Tipping, Millennials Are Cheapest
06/18/ These are the worst tippers in America
06/18/2018Yahoo Finance Millennials are the worst tippers, survey says
06/18/ Millennials said to be worst tippers: survey
06/18/ Millennials Are America’s Worst Tippers
06/17/2018Marketwatch This explodes the myth that American men don’t like to shop
06/14/2018CNN Money Amex launches new cash back card
06/13/2018Detroit Free Press Why Fed rate hike can drive you to pay down credit cards
06/13/2018Consumer Reports Credit Card Rates Are About to Rise
06/08/2018Lifehacker How Your Credit Card APR Could Double
06/04/2018The List TV The Future of Credit Cards: 3 Changes You May Start Noticing Soon
06/01/ Consumers increasingly pick up the tab to score credit card perks
06/01/ Before signing up for an airline credit card, weigh the benefits against the cost
06/01/2018Huffington Post 5 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Guilty Of Financial Infidelity
05/31/ What could go wrong on your quest for credit card points
05/31/2018CBS MoneyWatch Millennials are the most likely to pick up the check for a group
05/30/ Retire Well: The Most Important Thing Boomers Need To Know About Credit Card Debt
05/30/2018Marketwatch Chase axes perk from its Sapphire Reserve card—why your issuer could do the same
05/26/ 3 Reasons You’re Broke
05/24/ To lure millennials, Apple, Ikea and Uber are pushing branded credit cards
05/23/ Why store-branded credit card delinquencies hit 7-year high
05/21/2018Vice Don’t Buy This: Travel Insurance Is Usually a Waste of Money
05/16/2018Motley Fool Amazon Expands Program That Lets Users Pay With Cash
05/15/ Only 39% of Americans with credit card balances know this key number
05/15/2018American Banker Sports gambling is next hot-button issue for banks
05/15/ Only 39% of Cardholders with Credit Card Debt Know this Important Piece of Information
05/14/2018CBS MoneyWatch After Supreme Court ruling, a rush to cash in on sports betting
05/14/2018Business Insider The 9 best credit card rewards programs for people who love to eat out and travel
05/14/2018Yahoo Finance Legalized sports gambling could be a boon for huge credit-card banks
05/14/ Study: Nearly half of credit card-holders don’t know their APR
05/14/2018Detroit Free Press Got any idea how much credit card debt is costing you? Most don’t
05/14/2018Investopedia Starting a Small Business in Tough Economic Times
05/13/2018Marketwatch Would an Apple–Goldman Sachs credit card be a good deal or just good branding?
05/11/2018The List TV 4 Ways to Avoid & Reduce Credit Card Fees
05/10/2018New York Times Goldman Sachs and Apple Plan to Offer a New Credit Card
05/10/ Apple, Goldman Sachs to launch credit card: report
05/10/ The Real Winner in Apple’s New Credit Card Deal Might Surprise You
05/10/2018Investor's Business Daily Dow Jones Giants Apple, Goldman Sachs Team Up On Credit Card: Report
05/08/2018Business Insider Americans are using their credit cards more than ever — and some experts think that’s a good thing
05/08/ How much financial help are millennials getting from their parents?
05/07/2018Atlanta Journal-Constitution How ‘shimming’ can steal your credit card data
05/07/2018NBC TV Miami Teacher Spends and Loses Own Money on Virtual Game for Students
05/02/ 4 major life goals Americans are putting off because they can’t pay their debt
04/29/2018Morningstar Will Debt Hamper Your Retirement?
04/28/2018Marketwatch How to make the best of all that credit-card junk mail (yes, really)
04/28/2018New York Newsday Getting a better deal from your credit card company
04/25/2018Readers Digest Don’t Want to Fight Over Money? Stop Doing These 12 Things
04/24/2018Business Insider A simple passport mistake ruined my trip to Spain — here’s how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you
04/24/2018Yahoo Finance The best way to avoid credit card fees: Just ask
04/24/ New Marriott Credit Card Offers 100,000 Bonus Points, But Is It The Best Choice?
04/24/ New credit reward cards from Fiat Chrysler, Uber and Starbucks add to payment options list
04/23/ The Power Move You Should Make Toward Your Credit Card Issuer (But Too Few People Do)
04/23/2018Clark Howard Warning: Do NOT sign up for these credit cards
04/19/2018Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Do you have a Bon-Ton gift card? Use it now, experts say
04/18/2018CBS TV Minneapolis What Happens To Credit Accounts When Stores Like Herberger’s Close?
04/13/2018CBS MoneyWatch Why credit card signature requirements are now a thing of the past
04/13/2018CNN Money Credit card signatures are almost a thing of the past
04/11/ Gas Credit Cards May Give You Poor Financial Mileage
04/05/ Is it time for a new credit card? Here’s how to choose the best one for you
04/05/ 4 things to do before opening a new credit card
04/04/2018Marketwatch Americans are actually doing a good job paying their debts right now
04/02/2018Lifehacker You Don’t Have to Sign Your Credit Card Receipts Anymore
03/31/ 40% in US never change primary credit card. Is that good or bad?
03/27/2018Yahoo Finance Credit card sign-up bonuses have increased, but so have annual fees
03/26/2018Lifehacker How to Give Money to Your Adult Children
03/26/ You’re probably using the wrong credit card. Here’s how to fix that
03/26/ 3 Big Credit Card Reward Mistakes To Avoid
03/26/2018Marketwatch Americans stick to their favorite credit card for a long time — maybe too long
03/26/2018CBC Why thieves are stealing rewards points and what you can do to protect yourself
03/24/2018Motley Fool How to Avoid an Annual Fee by Downgrading Your Credit Card
03/23/2018Readers Digest 19 Personal Finance Tips You Were Never Taught—but Need to Know
03/21/2018Vox The Fed just took away the punch bowl
03/20/2018Washington Post A new era: What the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike means for you
03/19/ Here’s why you should never lend out your credit card
03/17/2018Business Insider What Americans tip on average in each state, ranked from lowest to highest
03/15/2018Washington Post Trump dumped Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in a tweet. What’s the worst way you’ve been fired?
03/14/2018Huffington Post 6 Highly Annoying Fees And How You Can Avoid Them
03/10/ In the wake of the Equifax data breach, consumers more at risk
03/09/2018BizWomen Lending a credit card often leads to trouble
03/08/2018Payments Source The CFPB must set aside politics to serve its role
03/07/2018Bustle Why You Should Never Lend Anyone Your Credit Card, According To An Expert
03/07/ About half of people lend out their credit and debit cards and often the results aren’t good
03/07/ Don’t trust family members with your credit card
03/07/ 36M Americans have been burned by lending out their credit cards
03/06/ How calling my credit card company got me more than $150 in reward points
03/03/2018Boston Globe Warren Responds To Mulvaney’s Taunts
03/01/2018International Business Times Equifax Breach: 2.4 Million More Affected By 2017 Hack
03/01/ Equifax reveals 2.4 million more consumer accounts hit in hack
03/01/2018NPR Equifax Says 2.4 Million More People Were Impacted By Huge 2017 Breach
03/01/2018Lifehacker Surprise! The Equifax Hack Affected Millions More People Than Previously Disclosed
02/28/ Discover Cardholders: Some Of Your Perks End Today
02/27/ Half of Americans don’t keep up with credit scores
02/26/2018CNN Money Americans still aren’t checking their credit reports
02/26/ Citibank is voluntarily sending credit card customers a total of $335 million
02/26/ 50 percent of adults have not checked their credit since the Equifax breach
02/26/ Get richer in 2018 with these 3 credit power moves
02/26/ Equifax hack: Why 50% of Americans still haven’t checked their credit
02/26/ Monitor credit scores? You might wish you had if you don’t
02/26/ When to Consider a Balance Transfer
02/26/2018Consumer Reports How to Read Your Credit Report
02/25/2018Marketwatch Gun stocks slammed as companies and funds distance themselves from industry
02/24/ More companies cut ties with the NRA after customer backlash
02/23/2018New York Times Citi to Refund $330 Million to Credit Card Customers It Overcharged
02/23/2018CNN Money Citigroup will refund $330 million to credit card customers it overcharged
02/23/2018CBS MoneyWatch Companies cut ties with NRA after Florida school shooting
02/23/2018Money Magazine All the Companies Cutting Ties With the NRA After Deadly Florida School Shooting
02/23/ Twitter and Facebook Backlash Could Make NRA Discounts a Thing of the Past
02/23/2018New York Post Citi will refund $335M to cardholders it overcharged
02/23/2018Associated Press First National Bank to halt production of NRA credit card
02/22/2018Marketwatch NRA backlash: United, Delta are latest companies to dump gun lobby promotions
02/22/ This is what’s considered a ‘bad’ credit score—and what to do if you have one
02/22/2018The Motley Fool Garmin Gets a Boost From Wells Fargo
02/21/2018Marketwatch Nearly 75% of parents are saving for college the wrong way
02/16/2018Los Angeles Times Inflation is heating up. What should you do about it?
02/14/2018CBS MoneyWatch Valentine’s Day: 5 money mistakes that can kill the love
02/14/ Who takes the longest to pay off credit card debt?
02/13/ Report: Here are the cities with the most credit card debt
02/12/ The gift you don’t want for Valentine’s Day: Financial infidelity
02/09/2018USA Today How financially compatible are you and your mate? Take this test to find out
02/08/ Study shows worrying credit card debt burden
02/08/2018Miami Herald The average Miami-area resident needs almost 2 years to pay off credit card debt
02/07/2018Dow Jones Morningstar U.S. Consumer Debt Increased by $18.45 Billion at the End of 2017
02/04/ Are Credit Card Defaults Rising Because Of Bitcoin Speculation?
02/04/2018NBC TV Seattle Are you cheating on your spouse financially?
02/02/2018Conde Nast Traveler The Best Travel Rewards Credit Card You Haven’t Heard of
01/31/ Kevin O’Leary: This money habit will lead to divorce, ‘with certainty’
01/29/ To knock out debt faster, it’s time to reassess your payoff plan
01/28/ A secret credit card might not feel like cheating. But it can still destroy your relationship.
01/28/2018Marketwatch From payday loans to prepaid cards, Trump prepares to weaken consumers protections
01/26/2018Fox TV Austin Living Debt Free
01/25/ Affordable food & drink a winning play at Atlanta’s new stadium
01/24/ What Do Millennials Spend Money On? A Study Says They Spend More On Fitness Than College
01/24/2018Bustle Is Financial Infidelity Worse Than Physical Cheating? Nearly A Third Of Americans Think So, Survey Finds
01/24/ For some, money secrets are worse than affairs
01/23/2018Refinery29 How to come clean about your money lies
01/23/ 10 Ways Young People Can Build A Strong Credit Record
01/23/ Millennials And The State Of Debt: Is There Hope?
01/23/2018Wall Street Journal podcast Hidden Savings Accounts: the Impact on a Relationship
01/23/ Tell-tale signs that your partner is guilty of financial infidelity
01/23/2018Marketwatch Millions of Americans keep the same dirty secret from their partner
01/22/2018AARP Keeping Money Secrets From Your Spouse
01/22/ 15M are hiding a credit card or bank account from their partner
01/22/2018CNN Money Are you hiding money from your live-in partner?
01/21/2018Marketwatch And the most unpopular company in 2017 was…
01/19/2018Yahoo Finance 5 simple ways to start saving more money this year
01/18/ As Starwood Changes Loom, What’s The Best Credit Card For You?
01/16/ Trip Planning Is Basically My Therapy—Here’s How I Make Travel Happen No Matter What
01/13/ 31 million people believe they’ll still owe credit card debt when they die
01/13/2018CBSN Boomers bailing out their kids
01/12/2018New York Times Pay Down Those Credit Cards, Before Rates Rise Further
01/12/ America’s debt load is hitting record — and risky — territory
01/12/ Why 2018 Must Be The Year You Knock Down Your Credit Card Debt
01/12/ Debt burden a worry for many Americans
01/11/ 68% of Americans in debt doubt they’ll ever pay it off
01/10/ Banks rejoice as consumers take on more debt
01/10/2018Fox TV New York City What credit card offers can help you?
01/10/2018Detroit Free Press How do you pay off all that credit card debt?
01/09/2018Yahoo Finance Credit card debt just hit $1 trillion. Here’s how to pay off yours
01/09/ Make It Credit card debt hits record high of over $1 trillion—here’s a little-known trick that can save you thousands
01/09/ Wallet versus waistline: The post-holiday smackdown
01/09/ 7 alternatives to costly payday loans
01/09/2018New York Daily News The U.S. has more credit card debt than ever before
01/08/ Credit card debt hits new record, raising warning sign
01/08/2018Washington Examiner US banks buoy reserves as credit card debt hits $1.02 trillion record
01/02/2018Fox TV Austin Financial wellness in the new year
12/30/2017The Motley Fool How to Start Saving Money in 2018
12/28/ Americans have more credit cards – and more debt, says CFPB
12/26/2017Chicago Tribune From the community: Retail sales increase before the year ends
12/26/ Burn off holiday debt with zero-interest cards
12/21/ High-tech lenders target the decades-old store credit card
12/20/2017Huffington Post Give Your Child the Gift of Financial Independence When Planning for College
12/14/2017Marketwatch Holiday shopping? Here’s one positive change happening at the checkout
12/14/ Most parents help adult kids with finances
12/12/2017Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2017 Holiday gift guide: gifts that cost $25 or less
12/11/2017Yahoo Finance 74% of parents help their adult children with finances
12/11/2017Lifehacker The Pros and Cons of Credit vs. Debit Cards
12/11/ Despite high interest rates, people still sign up for department credit cards
12/07/ 40 things you can do today to take control of your financial life
12/05/2017The Atlantic What’s at Stake in the Fight Over the CFPB
12/05/ Credit card payment pain? Pros and cons of store cards from Walmart, Amazon, Costco, TJX and more
12/01/ New credit card? To avoid payment drama, make this one crucial move when you open an account
11/30/2017CNN Money Does your credit card force you to give up your rights?
11/30/2017Money Magazine Know Your Rights: These Are the Credit Cards You Can Still Sue Over a Dispute
11/30/ Before you pick a new credit card, check to see if it has this fine print
11/29/2017MarketWatch Republicans might make this major change to the CFPB
11/28/2017CBS MoneyWatch Paying off major credit card debt
11/23/2017Consumer Reports Are Store Credit Cards Worth It?
11/17/ Beware the pitfalls of deferred-interest deals
11/16/ Your holiday shopping is destroying your marriage
11/16/2017Refinery 29 Here’s How Much Americans Really Plan To Spend On Holiday Gifts This Season
11/16/2017Motley Fool Hoping for an Expensive Holiday Gift? You May Be Disappointed
11/16/2017Marketwatch Even before Cordray’s exit, the CFPB had an image problem as well as a political one
11/15/2017CNN Money Richard Cordray to step down as head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
11/15/ Cordray Leaves Welcome Regulatory Hole for Trump, GOP
11/15/2017Money Magazine 101 Ways To Make $1,000
11/14/2017Fox TV Austin Holiday Spending Survey
11/13/2017Clark Howard What happens to your store credit card when the store goes out of business?
11/12/2017New York Newsday Average APR on store credit cards a whopping 24.99%, study finds
11/10/2017Washington Post Equifax executives won’t get their 2017 bonuses
11/10/2017Wall Street Journal podcasts Few Americans Have the Urge to Splurge for Holiday Gifts
11/09/2017Consumer Reports Millions of Consumers Still Unaware of Equifax Data Breach
11/07/2017BizWomen Shoppers plan tight gift budgets
11/06/ Bah humbug? 12% of Americans are skipping holiday gifts this year
11/06/ Men could be bigger spenders this holiday season
11/05/ Christmas shopping 2017: Americans may put the brakes on spending this holiday season
11/04/2017Readers Digest If Your Partner Lies About This, Your Relationship Could Be Doomed
11/02/2017USA Today Starbucks has a co-branded Visa credit card brewing
11/01/2017MarketWatch AmEx and Hilton announce new card perks, including one card with no fee
10/31/2017Clark Howard Warning: Do NOT sign up for these credit cards
10/30/2017ABC TV San Francisco 7 On Your Side: Some ‘free’ services come with big price tag
10/27/2017Lifehacker How to “Credit Surf” to Score Huge Rewards Bonuses
10/26/ You’ve Frozen Your Credit. Now What?
10/25/2017CNN Money Uber’s new credit card targets Millennials
10/24/2017CBS TV Washington, D.C. Verify: Can you be charged a convenience fee for using a credit card?
10/23/2017Huffington Post Is India’s Aadhaar System the Latest in Cutting-Edge Technology?
10/21/2017Business Insider Store credit card applications skyrocket around Black Friday — but the discounts they offer come with a catch
10/20/2017Washington Post Retail credit cards increasingly come with perks — and a 25 percent interest rate
10/19/2017Barrons Why You Should Think Twice Before Signing Up for a Retailer’s Credit Card
10/19/2017New York Times A Boom in Credit Cards: Great News for Banks, Less So Consumers
10/19/ Read This Before You Use a Retail Credit Card
10/19/2017Houston Chronicle Credit card benefits come at a high price
10/18/ Credit card rates spurt higher with one at 30 percent
10/17/2017CNN Money Capital One’s New Cash Back Card For Foodies
10/17/ Americans Are Slow to Check Their Credit
10/16/2017Reuters Credit card data shows delinquencies rose in September
10/13/2017ABC TV Phoenix Credit card point hacks: Make the banks pay you!
10/13/2017Motley Fool If You Think the Equifax Data Breach Is Scary, Check Out This Statistic
10/12/2017New York Post Equifax may have been hacked again
10/12/2017CBS MoneyWatch Equifax takes down web page, but denies new hack
10/12/2017NPR Marketplace Millions of Americans still unaware of the Equifax data hack
10/12/ Equifax breach, round two: The firm confirms it may have been targeted in another cyberattack
10/11/2017Atlanta Journal-Constitution Equifax breach included data on 10.9 million driver’s licenses
10/11/ Despite all the attention from the Equifax breach, consumers are doing little to protect themselves
10/11/2017MarketWatch After the Equifax breach, this is how many people have checked their credit
10/11/ Equifax breach: Why only 61M Americans checked their credit afterwards
10/11/ The Credit-Check Challenge: 60 Million People Isn’t Nearly Enough
10/10/ After Equifax Breach, Millions of Americans Aren’t Taking Action
10/06/ Freeze Your Credit, Retire Richer
10/06/ People Are Getting Kicked Off Venmo For Breaking Its Very Long User Agreement
10/03/2017Motley Fool Here’s Why 29 Million Credit Card-Carrying Americans Probably Aren’t Happy Right Now
09/30/2017Forbes Why 43% Of Adults Have Carried Credit Card Debt For More Than 2 Years
09/29/2017MarketWatch This woman paid off $20,000 in debt and started by making an extra payment of $20
09/28/ Nearly half of Americans carry credit card debt for at least 2 years
09/27/2017Chicago Tribune Help Squad: Virtual account numbers can provide protection for online purchases
09/24/2017USA Today To tip or not to tip? Confusion reigns for travelers
09/22/2017NPR Marketplace Credit card delinquency rates inching upwards
09/19/2017CNBC Make It Here’s what happens if you don’t pay off your credit card debt
09/15/2017Money Magazine A New Rule Just Made It Harder for Medical Bills to Mess up Your Credit
09/15/2017Entrepreneur Keep Your Business Fraud-Free With These 3 Steps
09/15/2017Reuters Rising credit card delinquencies to add to U.S. banks’ worries
09/15/ People love their debit cards, but that could be a big mistake
09/14/2017USA Today Facial recognition: iPhone today, tomorrow the airport?
09/13/2017MarketWatch Is Apple’s new iPhone’s really more secure?
09/13/ Face ID: A High-Risk Gamble For Apple
09/12/2017Reuters Your Money: Why you should freeze your credit now
09/12/ The One Move To Make After The Equifax Breach
09/12/2017Atlanta Journal-Constitution Equifax worries seep into Apple’s new iPhone rollout
09/11/2017MarketWatch Americans spent $100 billion on sports over the past 12 months
09/11/2017Money Equifax Hack: How to Safeguard Your Own Credit and Save $120 a Year
09/11/ Americans spend $56 billion on sporting events
09/11/ Americans blew more than $100 billion in a year on sports
09/11/2017Marketwatch This man bought a $45,000 car on his credit card — should you?
09/08/2017Consumer Reports How to Lock Down Your Money After the Equifax Breach
09/08/2017Money The Equifax Hack Affects 143 Million People. Here’s What Makes It Even Worse
09/08/ Why Equifax victims should consider a credit freeze
09/08/ How to protect yourself after the Equifax breach: Assume you’re affected
09/08/ Equifax response to data breach leaves many consumers confused
09/08/2017Business Insider An expert says hardly anyone takes the easiest step to prevent fraud — and it has nothing to do with your password
09/08/2017Reuters Your Money: How to live in a world where your data is not secure
09/08/2017Associated Press Equifax breach sows chaos among 143M Americans
09/07/2017CBS Moneywatch Equifax breach exposed data for 143 million consumers
09/07/ Giant Equifax data breach: 143 million people could be affected
09/06/ What’s the best credit card? How to pick one that will boost your credit score and earn you rewards
09/01/2017CNN Money PayPal introduces a new cash back credit card
08/31/2017Money American Express Just Launched a New Feature for Cardmembers. But Is It a Good Deal?
08/30/2017Barron's PayPal’s Latest Innovation Is…a Credit Card
08/30/2017American Banker Amex releases mobile feature in bid to challenge personal lenders
08/29/ Why shared credit cards can trap victims of domestic abuse
08/29/2017Marketwatch American Express is making a major change — because of millennials
08/29/ 35 Percent of Americans Are Enrolled in Auto Pay — and It’s News to Them
08/26/2017Los Angeles Daily News Record household debt levels are an ominous sign
08/25/2017Readers Digest If You’re Making This Common Mistake, You’re Losing LOTS of Money
08/25/2017Investors' Business Daily Shopping Around For A Luxury Credit Card? This Bonus Is Most At Risk
08/22/2017Yahoo Finance video Americans are struggling to fight recurring charges
08/22/2017Consumerist More Than A Third Of Americans Have Been Unknowingly Enrolled In Auto-Pay Plans
08/22/2017Marketwatch 35% of Americans are making this easily avoidable money mistake
08/15/2017Entrepreneur 10 Pieces of Financial Advice I Wish I Knew in My 20s
08/11/2017Washington Post Consumer debt is at a record high? Haven’t we learned?
08/11/2017Quartz Foreign-transaction fees on credit cards may soon be a thing of the past
08/11/2017Forbes How To Avoid The Worst Credit Cards Fees And Reduce Your Debts
08/10/2017Consumer Reports How to Break Up With Your Credit Card
08/10/2017Reuters via Facebook Live Make the most of your cards and avoid fees
08/10/2017Houston Chronicle Americans go crazy with credit cards … again
08/10/2017CNN Money Bank of America enters the battle of the ‘premium’ credit cards
08/10/2017Fox Business Network Avoiding the hidden credit card fees
08/10/2017MarketWatch Watch out for these surprising credit-card fees
08/10/2017CBS Moneywatch Watch Out For These Surprising Credit Card Fees
08/10/2017Good Morning America New survey reveals the credit cards with the most potential fees
08/09/ Ten years after the subprime mortgage crisis, a U.S. credit card catastrophe is looming
08/08/2017Business Insider Americans hold more credit-card debt than ever
08/08/ Credit card debt just hit a record high—here are 2 proven strategies for paying it off
08/04/2017Bloomberg Credit card rewards are playing harder to get
08/04/2017Consumer Reports How to Cash In on Cash-Back Credit Cards
08/03/ Here’s how many couples really fight about money — and how to prevent conflict over finances
08/02/2017Investopedia Understanding Your Parents’ Attitude Toward Retirement
08/01/2017Motley Fool Are You Messing Up Your Credit With These Mistakes?
08/01/ Credit card bill: Do I pay “minimum due,”“current balance” or “balance on last statement”?
07/31/ How you could be using your credit cards all wrong
07/28/2017Yahoo Finance 9 ways to break free from your credit card debt
07/23/2017MarketWatch This luxury credit card is only for truly big spenders
07/22/2017CNBC TV Your credit card’s secret perks
07/21/ The UK is banning credit card fees to save citizens ‘millions a year’
07/21/ This credit card offers great rewards … if you spend $7,500
07/21/ 4 Ways To Slash Credit Card Expenses
07/20/ The Demographics Of The Best Tippers In America Might Surprise You
07/19/ Are Those Store Credit Cards Ever a Good Idea?
07/19/ U.K. Bans Credit Card Surcharges, Calling Them A ‘Rip-Off’
07/17/ Citi Ups the Ante in Credit Card Battle With Free Hotel Stays — Again and Again
07/16/2017Voice of America Who Tips More, Men or Women
07/15/2017New York Post These servers can tell how much you’ll tip just by looking at you
07/14/2017San Francisco Chronicle A guide to tipping etiquette in the modern Bay Area
07/13/ Credit card companies dream of a cashless world — what it would mean for you
07/12/ Hey, Big Spender! Republicans, Boomers Leave the Fattest Tips, Poll Finds
07/11/ When It Comes to Tipping, U.S. Women Are More Consistent
07/11/ Survey: Male Republican Baby Boomer Northeasterners Are The Best Tippers
07/11/2017Barron's Why You Should Tip Your Uber Driver, and Other Tipping Lessons
07/11/2017Fox News Radio Think You’re a Good Tipper? Income May Be a Factor, Study Reveals
07/10/2017Newsweek How much do people tip at restaurants?
07/10/ Survey: Republicans Are Most Generous Tippers Than Democrats
07/10/2017Wall Street Journal podcast Men, Republicans, Northeasterners Tip Best: Survey
07/10/ Tipping Survey coverage
07/10/ Republicans are better tippers than Democrats, survey finds
07/10/2017MarketWatch This is the top consumer complaint in the U.S.
07/10/ This New Poll Just Revealed Who America’s Best Tippers Are
07/10/2017USA Today Best tippers? Gender and political affiliation may factor into how you tip at restaurants
07/10/ 4 Times When It’s OK Not To Tip
07/10/2017CNBC TV Are you a cheapskate? A new study reveals where and how much you should be tipping
07/10/2017Yahoo Finance Republicans, men, credit card users are the best tippers
07/10/ Men, Republicans And Northeasterners Are The Best Tippers, Study Says
07/10/2017CBS TV Miami Survey Looks At Best/Worst Tippers In America
07/03/2017Consumer Reports Are Store Credit Cards Worth It?
06/30/2017Lifehacker.comJune Money Challenge
06/28/ 10 easy ways to save $10 every single day: That’s an extra $3,650 a year
06/20/ What to know about medical credit cards before signing up
06/20/2017Fortune 32% of Baby Boomers Have No Emergency Savings
06/19/2017Motley Fool 5 Things You Could Be Doing to Save Money Now
06/16/ Inside The Changing Ways We Use Credit
06/15/2017Forbes The Five Biggest Financial Regrets In America (And How To Avoid Them)
06/14/2017Boston Globe Make your views heard on proposed changes to consumer protection agency
06/14/2017NPR Marketplace Here’s what the latest interest rate hike could mean for your credit card debt
06/08/2017Marketwatch Watch out for this surprise credit-card charge, the CFPB warns
06/08/2017Boston Globe A credit card convenience that raises privacy issues
06/04/2017Newsday Watch out for fees, high rates on credit card cash advances
06/02/2017Forbes How to use the Mr. Robot approach to cybersecurity
06/01/ Don’t agree with that company fee? Consider the power of asking
06/01/ June’s money challenge: Cut the cost of your credit card
05/29/2017Associated Press As Americans take on more debt, some pockets of concern
05/25/2017Marketwatch Another court case puts the CFPB in danger
05/24/2017The Today Show Here’s how to save money when it comes to credit card fees and more
05/24/2017NPR Radio Atlanta Changes to the credit card industry and rising rates
05/22/2017Fox TV Austin Credit card skimmers found in Elgin
05/19/2017New York Times Steer Clear of This ‘Bad Idea’: Cash Advances on Credit Cards
05/16/ Boost your credit score with these 5 simple tips for improving your FICO Score or VantageScore
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