Monitoring your Credit with a Free Credit Report

Monitor your credit online

It's important to monitor your credit on a regular basis to ensure all the information reported by the three major credit bureaus is accurate and to provide peace of mind against identity theft. Credit reports are used by banks and other lenders when deciding whether to grant new credit and determine interest rates so it's good to stay on top of your financial history. To learn more about this subject click on our article link "What is a Credit Report?" We've made it easy to get a free basic annual credit report or more detailed information with a simple click of the mouse the choice is yours.

Annual Credit Report - Free

Recently the Federal Trade Commission mandated that the three major credit reporting agencies provide all American citizens access to a basic credit report at no cost once per year. This report, offered through, will show all credit relationships, payment history and the status of each revolving or installment credit account that you have ever opened. Credit scores are not provided with this free report.

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