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How to cut credit card interest costs -- Paying just a little more than your credit card's monthly minimum payment makes a big difference ... (more)

Video: Maximizing points with off-peak travel -- Peak season varies depending on where you want to travel. Make your points go further by booking travel during low season ... (See Travel with points)

Video: Giving back with your card -- Some credit cards let you donate your rewards to the charity of your choice, with no work on your part. ... (See Donating rewards)

Card or cash? When traveling abroad, you often need both -- Credit card or cash? When you travel abroad, you need both plastic and local currency, as some places take cards and some are cash only ... (See Cards or cash for travel abroad?)

Video: 4 times you should close a card -- Here are four times you should consider closing a card, even if it means dinging your credit score ... (See Closing a card)

Video: What are credit card grace periods? -- If you pay your credit card balance in full and on time each month, interest does not start charging immediately on new purchases. This is called a grace period. Let?s see why grace periods are so awesome ... (See Video: A credit card's grace period)

Video: Four times to open a new card -- Getting bogged down with card offers but not sure about adding more plastic to your wallet? Here are four times we think you should definitely take the plunge. ... (more)

Video: Hidden credit card perks -- You know about the bonus, you know about points -- but your card may offer other perks if you know what they are and use them when you need to ... (more)

Video: Skiing on points -- Ski trips make for some of the most thrilling winter adventures ? and most expensive. Here are a few ways you can enjoy the slopes without spending a fortune. ... (See Video: Skiing on points)

How to set up the right 'default' card on your mobile wallet -- Default cards on digital wallets such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are the new "top of wallet" cards. Use these tips to set up and pick the right one to maximize rewards. ... (See Default cards and digital wallets)

Video: The perfect Valentine's Day on points -- Rich in points, short on cash? We'll show you how to plan the perfect Valentine's Day with your credit card rewards ... (See Video: The perfect Valentine's Day on points)

Video: Holiday credit card perks -- As you splurge on holiday gifts for friends and family, be sure to take advantage of the extra credit cards perks available during the holiday season. ... (See Video: Holiday credit card perks)

Video: Planning for a baby with the right card -- Babies bring love, joy - and bills. Strategize early how you?ll pay those bills to make the transition easier and help you bank some much-needed credit card rewards in the process ... (See Video: baby planning and credit cards)

Video: Black Friday survival guide -- Black Friday means deep discounts, large crowds, and hectic environments. Use these tips to help you survive the madness. ... (See Black Friday survival guide)

Video: Reap rewards for holiday decorations -- From ghoulish ghosts to a wonderland of lights, if you plan to make your home shine bright this decorating season make sure your rewards cards pitch in with the cost. ... (See Video: holiday decorations and card rewards)

Video: How closing your card affects your credit score -- With big sign-on bonuses tempting you towards new cards, you may wonder if it?s time to close out cards you no longer use. If you do plan on closing a credit card or two, be sure to follow these tips to keep your credit score in check ... (See Video: closing your credit card)

Fashion meets mobile payments in the dressing room of the future -- Mastercard and Marie Claire are unveiling the dressing room of the future, where consumers will be able to shop and pay using a "smart mirror." ... (See Video: the dressing room of the future)

Video: 4 credit card reward hacks -- Here are four of our favorite hacks to help you get the most out of every dollar you spend. ... (See Video: Credit card reward hacks)

EMV chip card torture test -- We put EMV chip credit cards through a series of tests to see how they stand up to common threats such as extreme temperatures, water and corrosive liquids. ... (See Test)

Video: Brews and banking with Capital One -- Banks like Capital One are reaching out to customers in a new way, by giving a Starbucks experience to visitors and giving them a chance to get their banking questions answered along the way ... (See Cafe)

Video: How your points can pay for experiences -- Tips on how to use your points for more than hotels and flights ... (See Rewards)

Video: Saving on back-to-school shopping -- Back-to-school shopping can be hard on the pocketbook, but we have you covered with tips on how to save money and make the most of your credit card rewards ... (See Budget)

Video: Tips when applying for a new card -- Make applying for a new card a painless and successful process by following these tips ... (See Credit)

Video: How college students can build credit -- For students and graduates, the time is now to build credit so you can buy a car, rent an apartment and build credit history ... (See Student)

Video: 5 ways to score rewards for wedding costs -- Wedding costs can take a big bite out of your bank account, but if you use your credit cards wisely, you can score big rewards to help offset the cost and pay for the honeymoon ... (See Rewards)

Video: 5 tips before buying a house -- If you're looking to buy a new house, be sure to follow these five tips to ensure your credit stays safe and you maximize potential card rewards ... (See House)

Video: Cruising with card points -- Cruising the blue waters of the Caribbean, soaking in the sun ... for free? Yes, you can. By using certain travel credit cards you can sail the blue seas at little or no cost ... (See Video: Pay for cruise with points)

Food trucks leaving cash in the dust -- More restaurants and food trucks are going cashless, so don't forget your credit card if you're heading out for a bite to eat ... (See Payments)

Video: Master your bucket list with points -- If your bucket list has items like travel and getting in shape, you may be able to use your credit card rewards points to do it on the cheap ... (See Points)

Video: What is -- saves you the hassle of applying for cards that end up not being right for you. Learn how to use our card comparison tool to make the right decisions ... (See Credit)

Video: 4 ways to finance an engagement ring -- Before spending a huge amount of money on a ring, be sure you are making the best financial choice ... (See Finance a ring)

Video: What is a balance transfer credit card? -- Find out how a balance transfer card works and how you can avoid paying interest for a year or more while paying down debt ... (See Transfer)

Video: How your credit mix and new credit affect your score -- Your FICO score is determined by five main factors, including your new credit and your credit mix. Find out what these terms mean and how you can take control of your credit score ... (See Credit score)

Video: 4 creative ways to wrap a gift card -- Step by step, we'll show you how to make your gift card beautiful ... (See Gift card wrap)

Video: 5 ways to protect yourself while shopping online -- Find out how to protect yourself while shopping online with five safety tips you may not have heard of before. ... (See Online shopping)

Video: 4 ways to save money shopping online for the holidays -- You don't need Black Friday to score deals ... (See Holiday shopping)

Video: 3 ways to help your kids build credit -- Add a child as an authorized user, establish a checking account, and help them learn about money ... (See Kids and credit)

Video: Use your credit card points to pay for a haunted getaway -- Use your credit card rewards to help pay for a haunted getaway to some of America's most haunted hotels. ... (See Haunted)

Video: At festivals, wristbands are the new credit cards -- Wristbands are becoming more popular at major festivals as a form of payment, allowing attendees to leave their wallets at home. ... (See Wristbands)

Video: Inside the dark web -- Welcome to the dark web, where criminals can steal your identity anonymously. ... (See Dark web)

Video: The psychology of bill avoidance -- Take small steps to deal with that which you dread, a professor says ... (See Bills)

Video: What is your credit utilization ratio? -- Your credit utilization is how much credit is available to you versus how much of it you actually use. ... (See Utilization)

Video: How EMV chips are made -- A look behind the scenes at an ultra-secure credit card factory where small but complex smart card chips are made. ... (See EMV cards)

Video: Police scanners can now freeze prepaid cards -- Law enforcement agencies can now freeze and later seize funds found on prepaid cards in suspects' vehicles within seconds. This development is leading to questions of civil rights ... (See Prepaid)

Video: Exclusive credit card rewards experiences -- We'll show you how to get up close and personal with the players of your favorite sports team before a game by using credit card reward points ... (See Experience)

Video: Ways to save money on a Disney vacation -- Here are some realistic ways to save money at the happiest place on Earth ... (See Disney )

Video: Unreadable card agreements -- Credit card agreements are said to be written on an 11th grade reading level. We came to a university campus with an excerpt from a credit card agreement to see if college students can make sense of what they are reading ... (See Card agreement video)

Video: How payment history affects your credit score -- Financial mistakes can haunt you and your FICO score ... (See Payment history)

Video: Building credit as a new US resident -- Here are five tips for building credit from scratch ... (See Build)

Video: Credit pitfalls for stay-at-home parents -- Stay-at-home parents can tank their credit by making these common mistakes ... (See Parents)

Video: How to save on a national park vacation -- With rewards credit cards and other budget-saving tips you can have an exciting park adventure for a fraction of the usual cost ... (See Vacation savings)

Video: Protect your identity in ways chip cards can't -- While EMV chip cards can help prevent some fraud, identity thieves are looking for other ways to find your personal info and you might just be helping them ... (See ID theft)

Video: Curb emotional spending in 4 steps -- "Retail therapy" can work against you by adding stress on your finances. Here are 4 ways to help stop spending as a way to handle your emotions ... (See Emotional spending)

Video: Credit card payment due dates explained -- There is more to your credit card payment due date than you may realize. Kristin Wong explains three things to keep in mind ... (See Video: Credit card due dates)

Video: Saving on a spa getaway with credit card points -- If you think going to a spa resort is out of your price range, saving up just the right kind of points can help get you within reach ... (See Video)

Video: Secured credit cards, explained -- If your credit score is low, you can build your credit by using a secured credit card ... (See Score)

Video: Restaurants fight card fraud with tableside payments -- A pay-at-the-table approach may help stem fraud that can occur when a waiter disappears with your card. ... (See Fraud)

Video: 3 things to know about credit card minimum payments -- Find out what a minimum payment is, how it's calculated and how it affects your debt -- in about a minute. ... (See Payment)

Video: Payment biometrics go beyond mobile fingerprint scanners -- The latest wave of biometrics incorporate voice authentication, face recognition and other technologies to keep your payments secure ... (See Biometrics)

Video: Couples score free honeymoons using rewards points -- Here's how two couples paid for their honeymoon with rewards points earned on wedding expenses ... (See Honeymoon)

Video: Digital fingerprints can be hacked, too -- No system is foolproof, but fingerprint hacking is an unlikely target for identity thieves ... (See Video)

Video: Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 bankruptcy -- If you?re considering filing for bankruptcy, knowing the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 is essential. ... (See Video)

Video: FICO's 5 credit score factors -- FICO is the king of credit scores, used in the most lending decisions. So what factors matter most in its scoring formula? ... (See FICO)

How to fight medical identity theft -- When a thief steals your medical ID, it puts your health at risk as well as your credit. Here's what to do ... (See Fight medical ID theft)

Video: Medical identity theft victim speaks out -- After a woman's identity was stolen, it put her at risk for losing custody of her 4 children ... (See Medical ID theft video)

Video: Dumpster diving can expose your personal information -- One night of dumpster diving shows just how easy it is to become a victim of identity theft ... (See Dumpster diving ID thieves)

Video: EMV, RFID, NFC, WTF? -- You don't just hand over a piece of plastic anymore. You have EMV chips and NFC cards -- or is it RFID? What's the diff? We explain ... (See EMV, RFID, NFC, WTF?)

Video: How one woman travels the world on credit card points -- Dr. Erica Miller uses credit card reward points to take luxury vacations across the globe. Here's how ... (See Rewards traveler)

Video: What are variable interest rates? -- What are variable interest rates and how will they affect you? Find out in this Quick Tip video ... (See Variable interest)

Video: Do you need a credit card RFID protector sleeve? -- Thieves can theoretically capture data from your tap-to-pay card. The chance is small, but here's what you can do about it. ... (See RFID sleeve)

Video: Small-merchant guide to EMV credit cards -- Small businesses have been slow to upgrade to terminals that can read EMV chip cards. Here's what they need to know about making the switch ... (See EMV merchant)

Video: Tips for using mobile gift cards -- Mobile gift cards can slim down your wallet while keeping your gift cards organized and safely password protected. They make great last-minute gifts, too ... (See Mobile gift card tips)

Video: Protect your privacy while using mobile shopping apps -- If you use shopping apps on your smartphone, you may be sacrificing your privacy in ways you aren't even aware of. Here are four steps you can take to protect yourself ... (See Mobile apps and privacy)

Video: Answers to your most-common EMV questions -- As credit cards with secure chips begin to roll out across the U.S., we address some of the most frequently asked questions about them in a video interview with Smart Card Alliance head Randy Vanderhoof ... (See EMV answers)

Video: Do I need a PIN for my EMV credit card? -- New credit cards containing secure computer chips are being rolled out in the U.S. These EMV cards are sometimes called chip-and-PIN cards, which is confusing because you probably won't actually use a PIN like they do in other countries ... (See EMV PIN video)

Video: Will EMV credit cards protect my online purchases? -- New credit cards containing so-called EMV chips offer enhanced security for in-store purchases but not online purchases. In our ongoing series of frequently asked questions about EMV cards, Randy Vanderhoof, head of the Smart Card Alliance, explains why ... (See EMV fraud video)

Video: Will EMV chip cards work in NFC mobile wallets? -- Banks are issuing credit cards with enhanced security, known as EMV or chip-and-PIN cards. But what happens to that security when you use them in a mobile wallet? We asked Smart Card Alliance chief Randy Vanderhoof ... (See EMV and mobile wallets)

Video: Do I need to swipe my EMV credit card? -- Banks are issuing new credit and debit cards with EMV chips, which enable more secure transactions than magnetic stripes. In the first of our four-part series on frequently asked questions about EMV, we discuss why you may still need to swipe your card ... (See EMV swipe video)

Video: Debit cards - PIN vs. signature at checkout -- When you swipe or insert a debit card, you get the option debit or credit. What?s the difference? ... (See PIN vs. signature)

Video: Credit card agreement -- Quick guide -- Your credit card terms and conditions can be a little overwhelming. But when signing up for a new card, it's important to know what you're getting into. We've created this short list of the most important terms to watch for ... (See Terms and conditions video)

Video: Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet vs. Softcard -- a mobile wallet review -- tried out Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Softcard to see how they stack up against each other -- and your old-fashioned wallet ... (See Compare mobile)

Video: Overcoming financial infidelity -- Couples who keep secrets about money may also be hiding other issues. Take these steps to avoid and overcome financial infidelity ... (See Financial infidelity)

Video: 4 young adult money mistakes to avoid -- We all make mistakes in our 20s. But when it comes to your money and your credit, you can end up paying for those mistakes well into your 30s -- and beyond. Avoid these four common errors of youth ... (See 4 money mistakes)

Video: How to build an emergency savings account -- If you are contemplating using credit cards for emergencies, here are a few ideas for building an emergency cash fund instead of increasing your debt load ... (See Emergency fund)

Video: Anatomy of a credit card account number -- Those numbers on the front of your credit card? They aren't just random. They give away specific information about your card and where it comes from ... (See Account number )

Video: the road to wage garnishment -- Garnishment is complex -- the rules vary by state, your employment status and your income. But it all starts with a failure to pay bills on time ... (See Wage garnishment)

Video: 5 credit card questions to ask before traveling overseas -- Before you hit the road, let your card issuer know where and when you'll be traveling, so it doesn't mistake those overseas charges with fraudulent activity. Then, start asking some questions ... (See Travel)

Video: Why was my credit card application denied? -- Ever had your credit card application denied? No one likes rejection, but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of being approved ... (See Rejected)

Video: How to dispute errors on your credit report -- It's important to check your credit report periodically to know where you stand and check for errors. If you see something wrong, here's how to get it corrected ... (See Credit report)

Video: 5 steps to secure smartphone data -- Your smartphone may be lost, stolen or hacked ? and along with it goes your financial and personal data. To secure personal data on your smartphone, take these five simple steps ... (See Mobile data security)

What's your 'real' FICO score? All of the above -- Have you ever wondered why your FICO score varies from one time to the next? Today it's 700, tomorrow it's 720, a month later it's 785! Then the car dealer runs your credit report and informs you that your score is a mere 699! What happened? ... (See 'Real' score)

Video: How to use EMV smart chip credit cards -- U.S. financial institutions are finally issuing credit cards with EMV computer chips, which are widespread in other parts of the world. They promise to be more secure than traditional magnetic stripe cards ... (See EMV cards)

Horsing around with credit card debt: a cautionary tale --'s Erica Sandberg relays a story about one memorable encounter she had as a credit counselor with someone who needed a reality check about her finances. See what you can learn from her story about Mary and her daughter's horse riding lessons ... (See Credit card debt)

Video: No more naked gift cards -- Amp up the wow factor when you give gift cards this Christmas.'s Cynthia Drake -- on a mission to rid the world of naked gift cards -- presents three fun, simple ideas for jazzing up those gift cards this year. ... (See Video)

Video: 4 ways to know if it's time for a new credit card -- Just because an outfit looked great on you when you were 16 doesn't mean you'd be caught dead in it today, right? The same goes for your credit card. ... (See Video)

Video: Credit card torture test -- How much abuse can a credit card take and still work? Will it swipe after you bake it? Or if you use it as a shovel? News videographer Angela Grant puts some cards through a series of experiments and then tests them to see if they still function. ... (See Video)

Video: Should you enroll in overdraft protection? -- New federal rules require banks to get your permission before they enroll you overdraft protection. Should you opt in? Before you decide, watch this video explaining the ins and outs of overdraft protection and the advantages and disadvantages of opting into it. ... (See Video)

Video: Why you don't understand your credit card agreement -- A study found that the average U.S. credit card agreement is written on a 12th grade level. That means 4 in 5 Americans can't understand their agreement, since the average adult reads at a ninth grade level. Why are they so hard to read? Senior reporter Connie Prater explains. ... (See Credit card agreement)

Video: How a credit card is processed -- Find out what happens after you swipe your plastic with this animation showing the complex, multi-party operation that is credit card processing. ... (See Card processing)

Video: Consumers try in vain to read credit card agreements -- took to the streets of Austin, Texas, armed with a credit card agreement. Then we asked the people we met to read it. It wasn't pretty. ... (See Video)

Video: How to accept credit cards at your next garage sale -- Garage sales are usually old fashioned and low-tech, but if you're selling a high-priced item such as a flat screen TV or an elliptical machine, that might not be good enough. Here are some tips that can help you accept credit cards at your garage sale. ... (See Garage sale)

Video:'s mad legit rap video -- Just for fun, our Tyler Metzger and Anna Bleker put together a rap video about It's full of inside references about what goes on inside our company, but it's also catchy, clever and entertaining. ... (See Rap)

Credit scoring, reporting Q and A with Experian, part 1 -- The first in a six-part series replaying a credit scoring and reporting question and answer session held with Experian. ... (See Credit)

Credit scoring, reporting Q and A with Experian, part 2 -- The second in a six-part series replaying a credit scoring and reporting question and answer session held with Experian. ... (See Credit reporting)

Credit scoring, reporting Q and A with Experian, part 3 -- The third in a six-part series replaying a credit scoring and reporting question and answer session held with Experian. ... (See Credit reporting)

Credit scoring, reporting Q and A with Experian, part 4 -- The fourth in a six-part series replaying a credit scoring and reporting question and answer session held with Experian. ... (See Credit reporting)

Credit scoring, reporting Q and A with Experian, part 5 -- The fifth in a six-part series replaying a credit scoring and reporting question and answer session held with Experian. ... (See Credit reporting)

Credit scoring, reporting Q and A with Experian, part 6 -- The last in a six-part series replaying a credit scoring and reporting question and answer session held with Experian. ... (See Credit reporting)

Video: Replay of credit reporting, scoring Q and A with Experian -- On Thursday, May 6, 2010, Experian director of public education Rod Griffin answered your questions on credit scoring and credit reporting live via a video stream from the studio in Austin, Texas. The event is now over, but if you missed it or just want to see it again,watch it here. ... (See Credit reporting)

Video: 4 easy credit card crafts -- Don't throw out that old credit card, debit card or gift card -- make something with it.'s Cynthia Drake shows you how to make earrings, a bracelet and a guitar pick and a decorative pin out of those old pieces of plastic ... (See Crafts)

Can a magnet really make your credit card not work? -- Will your card become unreadable if it's exposed to magnets? In a previous story, we said yes, but many of you begged to differ. Seeing that, we took the challenge of clearing things up once and for all. The results surprised us. ... (See Magnet)

Video: Can magnets really make a credit card unreadable? -- If you expose your credit card to a magnet, will it still work? In an earlier video, Cynthia Drake with said that it would not, but some viewers disagreed. We set out to see what the truth really was. ... (See Magnets)

Video: White House town hall on credit card reform -- Austan Goolsbee of the President's Council of Economic Advisers answered questions on Feb. 22 about credit card reform and what it means to you. The questions were both submitted live and in advance through ... (See Town hall)

Video: New card law changes relationship between colleges, issuers -- The Credit CARD Act changes the once-secret agreements between card issuers and colleges by requiring schools to report any deals they make with card companies to the Federal Reserve Board. ... (See Campus)

Video: Big changes coming to bad-credit credit cards -- The new credit card law -- much of which takes effect on Feb. 22 -- has provisions that protect people with bad credit. Specifically, the law limits fees on subprime credit cards. What other changes will the law bring for those with poor credit? ... (See Bad credit)

Video: 5 smart moves to make before Feb. 22 -- Sweeping new credit card laws arrive on Feb. 22, 2010. But before that day, you might want to make one of these smart credit moves. ... (See Moves)

Video: 3 fun ways to wrap a gift card -- Spice up those impersonal gift cards this holiday season with some fun, creative gift wrapping suggestions. Cynthia Drake with offers some inexpensive and easy ways to make those presents more exciting. ... (See Video)

Credit card video: How to pick the right credit counseling agency -- Erica Sandberg, columnist for, explains what to expect when you visit a credit counseling agency. She also describes what you should look for in a credit counselor and how to find one that is right for you. ... (See Video)

Credit card video: How to avoid arguments when sharing credit -- Personal finance columnist Erica Sandberg discusses why there are problems when it comes to sharing credit. She also gives solutions for couples having problems and tips on what to discuss so you can avoid any arguments. ... (See Video)

Credit card video: College students react to new credit card laws -- Portions of a new law will affect how young adults get credit cards. The law, which will put age restrictions on credit cards and ban certain types of marketing from college campuses, takes affect February 2010. Our reporter talked to students at the University of Missouri and got their reactions. ... (See Students)

Credit card video: How many students have cards? How do they use them? -- College is a time when many young people are first introduced to credit cards. In this video sampling of students, some enjoy the advantages cards offer, others fret about debt traps. ... (See Video)

Credit card video: New rules for credit cards on campus -- talked to students at the University of Texas at Austin to get their reaction to upcoming laws that limit credit card access for people under 21 years of age. ... (See Video)

Video: Cutting up your card the right way -- Whether your card just has a magnetic stripe, or a chip as well, there is a correct way to get rid of your card and destroy its information ... (See Video)

Credit card video: The basics of credit scoring -- Jeremy Simon, staff reporter with, explains the ins and outs of credit scores and credit reports. ... (See Video)

Credit card video: Credit CARD Act to bring big changes -- Connie Prater, senior writer for, discusses a few of the major provisions in the Credit Card Act of 2009. ... (See Video)

Credit card video: How to opt out of an APR increase -- The Credit Guy -- Todd Ossenfort of Pioneer Credit Counseling -- explains how to opt out of changes to your credit card agreement, specifically changes to your APR ... (See Rate increase)

Videos: What people are saying about the Credit CARD Act -- A lot has happened since the Credit CARD Act of 2009 was introduced, and much of it recorded on video cameras. ... (See Credit CARD Act of 2009)

Credit card video: Balance transfers and your credit -- The Credit Guy -- Todd Ossenfort of Pioneer Credit Counseling -- explains what a balance transfer is and how it can affect your credit. ... (See Balance transfers)

Credit card video: How to improve your credit score --'s The Credit Guy, Todd Ossenfort of Pioneer Credit Counseling, explains the basics of a credit score and how to improve it. ... (See Video)

Credit card videos from -- The latest additions to's library of video clips are filled with helpful, practical tips to make you more knowledgeable about credit cards -- from rewards credit cards and student credit cards to identity theft and debt prevention. ... (See Credit card videos)

Video: The basics of debt settlement -- A credit counselor discusses what debt settlement is and how it can help or hurt you. ... (See Credit card video: The basics of debt settlement)

Credit card video: Preparing your finances for disaster -- Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and wildfires can happen when you least expect it. Prepare your finances before the storm hits. ... (See Disaster prep video)

Credit card video: Getting the most from rewards cards -- Want to get the most out of that rewards credit card but aren't sure how to do it? Credit counseling expert Gail Cunningham shares practical tips to help you do just that. ... (See Rewards card video)

Credit card video: 6 tips to protect yourself from ID theft -- Identity theft is a huge problem these days. Gail Cunningham, spokeswoman for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, offers helpful, practical tips to keep yourself safe. ... (See ID theft video)

Credit card video: Holiday shopping tips -- As the holidays approach, there are many ways consumers can prepare for shopping. Before hitting the malls, beware of debt regret, don't forget buying options such as layaway and make sure you call your credit card company to find out what warranties you may already have ... (See Holiday shopping video)

Credit card video: The perils of sharing a credit card -- Connie Prater, senior writer at, talks about the results of the 2008 Taking Charge survey, focusing on sharing credit cards. ... (See Credit card sharing video)

Credit card video: A look at student credit cards -- editors Dan Ray and Connie Prater talk about student credit cards. ... (See Student credit card video)

Credit card video: The basics -- College students discuss their understanding of basic credit card terms - APR, Interest Rate, what happens if you miss a payment and how long it would take to pay off a purchase. ... (See Credit card basics video)

Credit card video: Credit card rewards and incentives -- College students discuss credit card rewards programs including airline miles, free pizza, cash back offers, percentage off purchase, and more. ... (See Rewards cards vide)

Credit card video: Benefits of having a credit card -- College students discuss the benefits of owning a credit card, including convenience, as a backup source of money and for dealing with emergencies. ... (See Credit card benefits video)

Credit card video: What is a credit utilization ratio? -- A finance expert explains what a credit utilization ratio is and how it affects your credit score. ... (See Credit card videos)

Credit card video: Unusual items on your credit report --'s Jeremy Simon talks about how unexpected items such as library fines, cell phone bills and speeding tickets can appear on your credit report and hurt your credit score. ... (See Credit report video)