Credit card video: Credit card rewards and incentives

Credit card rewards and incentives

You know about rewards, right?

MAN 1: Cruises and stuff, or money back, other kind of deals? Yeah, I’m aware of that.

WOMAN 1: Yeah, and I belong to a few.

MAN 2: I do, I, uh, use one, uh, for REI right now.

WOMAN 2: Um, yes, and I once heard that to never get a credit card if it doesn’t give you something back, which I have two credit cards that don’t give me any rewards.

What enticed you to apply for your credit card?

MAN 1: Free pizza.

WOMAN 3: Airline rewards.

MAN 2: Uh, low interest rate.

WOMAN 1: Oh, zero percent APR for a full year. I take advantage of those things.

Ever sign up for a card just to get something for free?

MAN 3: I have not, but I have been tempted and [laughs], to do so, but it never seemed worth filling out all the paperwork to get, free pizza, or free t-shirt, or, whatever.

WOMAN 2: Yeah, actually, um, it was a Knicks card, or something, I don’t know, some guy stuff; a hat, and like, a mug. [laughs]

WOMAN 1: Well I got a DVD player once. It wasn’t that good, it broke very fast.

MAN 2: No, no, uh, I guess I’ve been at, like baseball games, like, “free t-shirt,” but I’ve never signed up for one before, no.

MAN 1: I signed the form, but I didn’t actually sign it for the card, no.

WOMAN 3: If I had signed up for the credit card, I got twenty percent off that day’s purchase, and I think I was purchasing, um, a vacuum cleaner or something. Yeah, um, it sounds terribly domestic [laughs], and I don’t usually buy [expletive]\u2026stuff like that, um, but, uh, it was a vacuum cleaner I think. [laughs]

Take charge of your credit cards.

College students discuss credit card rewards programs including airline miles, free pizza, cash back offers, percentage off purchase, and more.

Credit Card Rate Report Updated: August 21st, 2019
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