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Wedding costs can take a big bite out of your bank account, but if you use your credit cards wisely, you can score big rewards to help offset the cost and pay for the honeymoon

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Since you’ll be paying loads of money for your big day, you might as well score some large-size rewards to help offset the cost and potentially pay for your honeymoon.

Here are five ways to score rewards when paying for your wedding costs:

1. Get cash back for all of your purchases.

If money is more important to you than airline miles or hotel points, then a cash back card will come in very handy when you’re paying for big-ticket items such as wedding rings, wedding dress, catering and more. While cash back cards don’t typically come with massive sign-up bonuses (unlike travel cards, which can give you hundreds of dollars in travel when you meet the minimum spend), they can help you rack up money that you can use to offset wedding bills.

Find out your credit score and look for a cash back card you’ll likely qualify for that offers the highest percentage cash back for purchases. Since you’ll be using the card for more general purchases, avoid cards that only have good cash back offers for certain categories, such as restaurants or gas stations. Instead, opt for a cash back card that gives you a good deal for all the items you buy.

2. Pay off your bills interest-free over time.

If you’re not sure you can pay back all your wedding-related charges in full every month, don’t risk paying high interest rates on rolled-over balances. Any rewards you get won’t come close to making up for the money you’re paying in interest. Opt instead for a low or no-interest credit card that will give you at least a year to pay down your debt without incurring extra fees. This will allow you to tackle paying those wedding bills over a longer period.

Just be sure to pay off all your wedding-related debt within the interest-free time frame or you’ll start getting hit with high interest rates, which will make the honeymoon feel over much too soon.

3. Use a sign-up bonus to pay for your honeymoon.

Some of the biggest credit card sign-up bonuses are on travel credit cards. If you have the credit score to qualify for a premium card that offers a huge sign-up bonus, you can use that haul of points to pay for free flights and even hotel rooms for your honeymoon. The benefit you’ll get then will outweigh the annual fee for your travel card.

Even cards with low annual fees sometimes offer big bonuses. Make your travel plans and then look for the travel rewards card with the best offers for where you’re planning to go.

4. Ensure a smooth trip with your cards travel insurance.

In addition to the points that can pay for your honeymoon, many cards come with valuable perks such as trip cancellation insurance, concierge service (with more premium cards) and no foreign transaction fees. Make sure the card you sign up for offers these extra protections to help ensure you will have a worry-free honeymoon.

5. Protect yourself and your purchases.

When dealing with multiple vendors associated with your wedding, it’s a good idea to put as many costs on a credit card as you can, so you have proof of payment and some sort of recourse if a vendor doesn’t deliver as promised. With your credit card statement you also can easily track all the purchases you made. It might be good idea to use one card exclusively for wedding purchases so you have a clean log of your expenses.

While credit cards can offer some great perks, make sure you take full advantage of those extras by keeping in mind:

  • Travel blackout dates. Nothing is worse than counting on your card points for a honeymoon only to find out the airline isn’t accepting points during that period. Make sure the airline you plan to fly has no blackout dates during your desired travel time.
  • High-interest rates. If you’re not sure you’ll be able to make your card payments in full every month, do not sign up for a rewards card with high-interest rates and opt instead for a low or no-interest credit card.
  • Travel insurance. Find out for how long your travel insurance will cover you and under what conditions.

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