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Tribute MasterCard Gold Card

By Jeremy Simon


Consumers who are trying to build or repair their credit history may want to consider the Tribute MasterCard Gold Card, an unsecured credit card that is designed for those with bad credit.

With no application fee and a 30-second online response, applying for the Tribute MasterCard Gold Card is painless.  Delivery is speedy, too.  Most consumers who are approved can expect to receive their credit card within two weeks.

Approved applicants get an initial credit limit of $300.  Cardholders are charged an annual fee of $150 for their Tribute MasterCard, as well as monthly maintenance fee of $6.  There is no transaction fee for making purchases with the card.

After their first minimum monthly payment of $20 is received and processed, cardholders are able to activate and begin to use the account.

The Tribute MasterCard Gold Card is accepted anywhere that takes MasterCard credit cards.  In addition to using the card for purchases, cardholders can get cash advances.  Furthermore, the Tribute MasterCard Gold Card can be used at ATMs in the Plus and Honor networks.

Making payments on the card is easy, with the option of paying online. 

While the initial credit line offered to those with bad credit is limited, responsible use of the Tribute MasterCard has benefits.  Consumers that make payments on time are rewarded with an increase in their credit line within six months. 

Happy cardholders will be pleased to know that can also get a Tribute MasterCard Gold Card for a family member just by calling customer service, even if they have bad credit as well.  Bad credit credit cards like the Tribute MasterCard can be a good thing, especially as a first step in rebuilding bad credit.

Published: May 16, 2007

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