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It's not enough to just get a good credit card; you have to use it wisely, too. Learn how from these articles from the editorial team.

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Best Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping: 2018 -- Looking for the best card to use while grocery shopping? These options will help you score major savings in the form of cash back, regardless of your credit profile. ... (See Best credit cards for groceries)

7 everyday card questions that can leave you confused -- Here are the most common simple yet vexing questions regarding credit and debit cards, and how you can answer them with confidence. ... (See Everyday card questions)

Infographic: Cards, debt, delinquencies all on the rise -- The number of open credit cards, the share of cardholders with seriously delinquent accounts and the amount of debt are all on the rise, TransUnion finds ... (See Cards, debt and delinquencies)

Video: How to set up your mobile wallet -- Follow these steps to learn how to add your favorite credit cards to the mobile wallet on your smartphone. ... (See Video: Setting up your mobile wallet)

The solo traveler's guide to keep you and your cards safe -- As a solo traveler, you have to be extra cautious with the safety of your finances and lodging, because you don't have a backup. You should, however, have a backup credit card. ... (See Guide for solo travelers)

Headed abroad? Which US issuers offer chip-and-PIN cards -- Chip-and-signature cards may leave you in the dust at kiosks and terminals abroad, so arm yourself with a true chip-and-PIN card from one of these issuers. ... (See US chip-and-PIN cards)

It may soon be safer to type passwords on public Wi-Fi -- New privacy protocol, WPA3, will better secure your online browsing activity and Wi-Fi-connected gadgets. ... (See Safer public Wi-Fi)

When rotating categories don't match your spending habits -- Here's how you can rack up savings using the rotating categories on your cash back card when those categories don't match your lifestyle or spending habits. ... (See Cash back rotating categories hacks)

MileagePlus X: A unique, mobile way to earn miles on United -- United Airlines MileagePlus X is a unique app that lets you earn miles on everyday purchases. This step-by-step will help you master its use and score major reward miles. ... (See United MileagePlus X app)

Paying with cards at marijuana dispensaries? It's complicated -- Marijuana is legal in 29 states and D.C., but remains illegal under federal law, which has hindered dispensaries' access to card processing options. Still, some might let you pay with plastic. ... (See Cannabis and credit cards)

Infographic: Millennials, once credit-shy, have gotten over it -- Research from the Aite Group shows the under-36 crowd is eager for rewards ... (See Millennials get over credit shyness)

First credit card dilemma: Student card vs. secured card -- Student cards and secured cards are good options for first-time cardholders, but both have pros and cons. Here's how to decide between them. ... (See Student card vs. secured card)

EMV cards' common errors: A guide for confused cardholders -- Does your EMV chip card not work when you dip? Do you have to hold it in the payment terminal's slot? We asked experts about these common chip card errors. Here are their answers. ... (See Common EMV chip card failures)

The 3 types of rewards cards you must have in your wallet -- It can be tough to figure out which cards will be the best fit with your spending and lifestyle, but there are three main types you need in your wallet. ... (See Rewards cards)

More credit cardholders can count on concierges -- You no longer need be ultrarich, or even pay a fee, to obtain the customized services of a credit card concierge. ... (See Credit card concierge services)

Can I impose a minimum transaction of $10 for card purchases? -- If you're a small business wanting to impose a minimum transaction amount, know the rules the card companies have to avoid trouble ... (See Minimum transaction of $10 for cards)

How to set up the right 'default' card on your mobile wallet -- Default cards on digital wallets such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are the new "top of wallet" cards. Use these tips to set up and pick the right one to maximize rewards. ... (See Default cards and digital wallets)

Credit card comeback from recession nearly complete -- New card accounts have risen to the level just below 2007, says American Bankers Association data ... (See Credit card comeback)

How to use a cash back card as a savings tool -- With some planning and a strategy, you can save for emergencies or big expenses ... (See Using cash back card for savings)

Will mobile wallets make us poor? -- Mobile wallets are convenient, but hide the pain of parting with money. Will the new payment forms make us poor by making it easier to overspend? ... (See Digital wallets and overspending)

How cash back credit cards work -- Cash back credit cards offer a flat percentage back on every purchase, tiered rewards or bonuses in rotating spending categories. ... (See How cash back cards work)

Infographic: Plastic is America's favorite way to pay -- Debit plus credit swamp cash. As for checks, what are they again? ... (See Plastic rules payments)

Carrying debt while approaching retirement on the rise -- The number of people about to retire, but still carrying debt, is increasing, new research finds ... (See Preretirement debt)

Research: Sunny days increase credit card spending -- As the mercury rises, research shows we tend to spend a bit more carelessly ... (See How weather affects card spending)

EMV debit card payment prompts create confusion -- Customers face multiple payment options when paying with chipped debit cards ... (See EMV debit card confusion)

Financial setbacks common, and we expect to pay for them with credit -- Poll shows that people are more likely to reach for credit cards than savings if emergency hits ... (See Financial setbacks poll)

Product return assistance: a disappearing perk -- Credit card return assistance programs extend the window for refunds on products you've bought with the card. But they're more rare than in the past. ... (See Return assistance)

Chargeback rules for undelivered purchases -- Two federal laws protect consumers from being charged for items that never arrive as promised. ... (See Chargeback rules)

First-time fraud victims likely to be hit again -- With reload scams and sucker lists, some first-time fraud victims are fleeced over and over. ... (See Repeat fraud victims)

Infographic: Gen X most anxious about retirement -- Americans age 37-51 have the least confidence they will have enough money to last their lifetimes ... (See Gen)

Help! I used the company card for personal expenses by mistake -- What to do if you use your corporate credit card for a personal expense ... (See Corporate credit card)

Credit rules for new widows -- Credit cards pose unique risks for women who have lost a spouse ... (See Credit risks for widows)

How to organize your finances in the new year -- Tips to help you keep up with bills, avoid late fees, spot bogus charges, track spending, log card rewards and spend money right. ... (See Organize your finances )

Fed payments data: We're using credit cards for smaller purchases -- We pull out the credit card more often, and the average dollar amount per credit card transaction is shrinking ... (See Smaller purchases)

Parking your car? Garages and meters going cashless -- Increasingly, we dip cards or call up an app to pay for parking spots ... (See Parking and credit cards)

Credit card purchase protection benefits -- Everything you need to know about purchase protection benefits offered by your credit card. ... (See Credit card purchase protection benefits)

Texas law lets merchants ask cardholders to show ID -- A new Texas law lets merchants ask a customer paying with a credit or debit card for a government-issued photo ID to prove his or her identity. ... (See Texas cardholders may be asked to show ID)

Buying gift cards with credit cards is now easier -- EMV chip card readers have cut retailers' risk from fraudsters using counterfeit cards to buy gift cards. As a result there are fewer restrictions on gift card purchases. ... (See Buying gift cards with credit cards)

Gas pump and ATM skimmers: How to spot them -- How can you spot card skimmers? Use your eyes, your fingers, a free Android app and your common sense to cut your fraud risk, but nothing is foolproof. ... (See How to spot card skimmers)

Dan Ariely Q&A: Make saving, not spending, more visible -- Dan Ariely, co-author of "Dollars and Sense: How We Misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter," offers tips to minimize irrational money moves. ... (See Dan Ariely Q&A)

Infographic: Store card applications surge around the holidays -- The average number of cards jumps almost 50 percent in November and December, a TransUnion study finds. ... (See Retail card applications surge)

Even if you win a chargeback billing dispute, the merchant can still sue -- You must first make a 'good faith effort' to work it out with the store ... (See Card disputes and lawsuits)

When Santa is on a budget, what do you tell the kids? -- When Santa is on a budget, what do you tell the kids? Be honest with children, set gift limits and share more experiences, family financial experts say. ... (See When Santa is on a budget)

How to give the gift of travel -- Giving the gift of trip or getaway takes care and planning so as not to spoil the surprise. If you're not sure the recipient's availability to travel, an airline or hotel gift card offers flexibility. ... (See How to give the gift of travel)

Millennials opening credit cards for holiday spending -- The percentage of older millennials, age 25-34, saying they’ll open a new credit card to help with holiday spending is 22 percent, Experian finds. That compares to 11 percent for Americans overall. ... (See Millennials opening credit cards)

Save money in the new year with these 8 card tricks -- Want extra cash to spend in the coming year? Gaze into your bill and look for unnecessary charges ... (See Save money in 2018)

Help! I can't afford my child's wish list -- Teach your kids the value of money before you go broke trying to fulfill their wish list ... (See Avoiding holiday debt)

How to stack rewards to save big on purchases -- Googling for the best price isn't enough these days. The real deals go to savvy rewards stackers. ... (See How to stack rewards to save big on purchases)

For holiday spending, credit cards are top payment method -- Discover surveyed more than 2,000 U.S. adults about payment methods they’ll use most this holiday season. . ... (See Holiday spending and credit cards)

Multilevel marketing: How selling your way out of debt can sink you deeper -- Think companies such as Herbalife, LuLaRoe and AdvoCare can dissolve your card debt? If you're not careful, you might end up owing even more. ... (See Multilevel marketing and card debt)

Discover drops 5 benefits for shoppers, travelers -- Extended warranties, backup car insurance, purchase protection and return guarantee are among the rarely used benefits that Discover ended Feb. 27. 2018. ... (See Discover ended some card benefits)

Infographic: Hiccups at register slow mobile pay adoption -- Mobile payment usage is actually down compared to this time in 2016, new research shows ... (See Mobile pay adoption slows)

8 things to avoid when shopping for a rewards card -- Sometimes the best approach when deciding on a new rewards card is knowing what you don’t want. ... (See Rewards cards: What NOT to do)

You put WHAT on your credit card? 8 strange but true charges -- While typically used to finance life’s little emergencies, sometimes the transactions that occur are far outside the mainstream. ... (See Strange card charges)

Video: Holiday credit card perks -- As you splurge on holiday gifts for friends and family, be sure to take advantage of the extra credit cards perks available during the holiday season. ... (See Video: Holiday credit card perks)

Video: Planning for a baby with the right card -- Babies bring love, joy - and bills. Strategize early how you’ll pay those bills to make the transition easier and help you bank some much-needed credit card rewards in the process ... (See Video: baby planning and credit cards)

What rewards card should I get for holiday shopping? -- If you're planning on doing some major holiday shopping, you have a great chance to rack up rewards, but only if you don't carry a balance. ... (See Best cards for holiday shopping)

8 creative ways to meet a rewards card's minimum spend requirement -- Reaching the minimum spend requirement can be a challenge, so it pays to explore outside-the-box options. ... (See Minimum spend)

Infographic: How Gen Z wants to shop and pay -- Generation Z would like "just walk out" purchasing via an app and prefers to pay a store associate at a register, a 2017 survey by Adyen finds. ... (See Infographic: Gen Z and shopping)

How and why to stop paying your children’s debts -- Regularly parting with hefty sums can result in hardship for you and probably won’t do your children any long-term favors. ... (See Paying kids' debts)

5 credit card perks that save you money -- With perks such as concierge services, roadside assistance and price protection, your credit card perks can open doors, help you out when your car has a flat and save you money. ... (See Credit card perks that save you money)

How to get cash while traveling abroad, with no fees -- Bringing the right cards with you, knowing how to use them, and picking the right ATM will help you avoid unnecessary fees during your trip. ... (See How to get cash while abroad)

Holiday guide of credit card tips -- You'll be spending a lot on holiday shopping and travel. Here's how you can score holiday bonus points and extra cash back with your credit cards. ... (See Holiday guide of credit card tips)

2017 holiday card perks and rewards -- Card issuer holiday rewards and perks include bonus rewards on shopping portals, discounts on gift cards, access to exclusive events, extra cash back at popular retailers. ... (See Card issuer holiday rewards and perks)

Is it time for a holiday credit card swap? -- Between gifts, holiday travel and year-end expenses, the holidays are a good opportunity to score major rewards using the right credit card. Just make sure you meet minimum spends, avoid fees and don't carry a balance. ... (See Time for a holiday card swap?)

Giving Tuesday: How to maximize donations using credit cards -- The holiday season, including Giving Tuesday, maximize your donations to your favorite cause using rewards cards and points. ... (See Giving Tuesday and credit cards)

Cyber Monday 2017: 10 hacks to score great deals -- Pre-scout deals, get an electronic heads-up on special buys and scrub your computer before you shop. Now you're ready to save big on Cyber Monday 2017 ... (See Cyber Monday 2017)

Credit card perks to consider when holiday shopping -- While racking up miles and points are great, they shouldn't come first when deciding which credit cards to use for holiday shopping purchases. ... (See Credit card perks)

No signatures required: Mastercard, Discover, AmEx and now Visa ditch them -- Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Visa plan to ditch the signature requirement with credit and debit card payments in April 2018. ... (See Signatures not required)

7 easy ways to protect your credit while holiday shopping -- Fraudsters may be more likely to strike during the holiday season when consumer spending is high, so vigilance is especially important from November to January. ... (See Holiday fraud)

Contactless cards: How they work -- Contactless credit cards, already popular in Canada and the U.K., are starting to flow in the U.S. How do they work? ... (See Contactless cards)

Price protection ensures Black Friday's lowest prices now -- With price protection, you can skip the Black Friday madness. Shop now, and if your purchase gets a bigger discount later, your card will cover the difference. ... (See Price protection)

Go paperless without neglecting your card bills -- Help the environment, save money - but stay on top of your finances. Here's how ... (See Tips to go paperless)

Video: Black Friday survival guide -- Black Friday means deep discounts, large crowds, and hectic environments. Use these tips to help you survive the madness. ... (See Black Friday survival guide)

Do the math to compare reward points' values -- When weighing reward redemption possibilities, this simple calculation will help you derive relative points values. ... (See How to compare rewards options)

E-gift cards: 7 tips to pick the right digital present -- E-gift cards offer new ways to connect, save, shop and rack up rewards, but some of them might face restrictions. . ... (See E-gift cards: 7 things to know)

Are credit cards recyclable? It's complicated -- Credit cards are not as recyclable as they should be. But there are ways to reduce their footprint or dispose of them. ... (See Are credit cards recyclable?)

It’s the thought that counts: Americans plan holiday gift thrift -- Our new poll suggests consumers are buying modest, meaningful holiday gifts, not big-ticket items ... (See Holiday spending poll)

Earn holiday bonus miles on airline shopping portals -- Ring up bonus miles and points using American, Southwest, United shopping portals for early holiday shopping ... (See Holiday bonus rewards)

New Uber rewards card is the latest to target millennials -- The new Uber rewards credit card courts millennials with 4 percent cash back for dining and 2 percent for online services. Expect more cards to tailor rewards to consumers ages 20-35. ... (See Cards court millennials)

How financial well-being and physical health are linked -- The amount of credit card debt you’re coping with can affect your physical health ... (See Financial well-being and health)

Charged Up! podcast: The ex-NFL player who lives off $60K per year -- A self-taught investor, Broyles is an inspiration as he talks about how frugally he runs his life so he can secure a financial future for his family ... (See Charged Up! podcast with Ryan Broyles )

Pros, cons of using credit cards for everyday purchases -- Using a credit card for all your purchases has its upsides, as long as you aren't adding to your debt load ... (See Rewards for everyday purchases)

Should you use your card issuer's travel portal? -- Should you use your card issuer's travel portal? If you're redeeming points, you often can score some good deals on hotels or car rentals. If you're not redeeming points, shop around. ... (See Card issuer travel portals)

How everyday spending can charge up your rewards bank -- The less common or somewhat routine purchases you may not have thought of can make a difference in unlocking even more rewards ... (See Everyday spend)

Video: Reap rewards for holiday decorations -- From ghoulish ghosts to a wonderland of lights, if you plan to make your home shine bright this decorating season make sure your rewards cards pitch in with the cost. ... (See Video: holiday decorations and card rewards)

6 reasons to stop using cash and start using credit cards -- Replacing the use of cash with credit cards can help you improve your budgeting, safeguard your money and score major bonuses and rewards, all without picking up any germs. ... (See Cash)

Rate survey: Average card APR holds steady at 16.15 percent for sixth week -- Oct. 25, 2017: Interest rates on new card offers remained at a record high Wednesday, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rate report)

Choosing the right credit cards as your family grows -- From having a baby to sending kids off to college, each parenting stage comes not only with different expenses but also opportunities to earn rewards points or cash back ... (See Card needs change as kids grow)

Infographic: Holiday shopping checkout by device -- About 30 percent of millennial holiday shoppers expect to pay by smartphone, a PwC survey finds. Millennial dads are leading the way, with 49 percent saying they will check out via their digital device. ... (See Holiday checkout by device)

Overseas travel: Tips to use your credit card, mobile banking worry-free -- While geolocation, mobile apps and online tools have made it easy to use your credit card and bank account overseas, your card might still be declined. Follow these tips for a stress-free overseas card and banking experience ... (See Overseas travel)

Chart: 2017 Retail Store Card Survey data -- If you're looking for a retail card, look no further than our 2017 compilation of data. ... (See Chart: 2016 Retail Store Card Survey data)

2017 Retail Store Card Survey: Customers lured to high interest cards with more rewards -- Retailers are increasing rewards offerings on high-interest co-branded and store-only credit cards, according to a new report from ... (See 2017 Retail store card survey)

Credit, debit cards slowly losing ground to digital payments -- Young consumers adopt the technology, but retain a preference for cash ... (See Millennials, digital payments and cash)

Video: How closing your card affects your credit score -- With big sign-on bonuses tempting you towards new cards, you may wonder if it’s time to close out cards you no longer use. If you do plan on closing a credit card or two, be sure to follow these tips to keep your credit score in check ... (See Video: closing your credit card)

Indulging in food delivery without the debt -- They're convenient, but left unchecked, food delivery services can spoil your budget ... (See Food delivery)

Store credit cards: 6 ways to stay out of trouble -- A store card can be a good deal in the right situation, but the downside is interest rates of almost 30 percent ... (See Retail credit cards)

5 ways to earn airline miles – without an airline rewards card -- By using shopping portals, dining programs and other methods, you can add miles with everyday purchases ... (See Airline miles)

Mobile payments at register climb, but slowly -- Just 1 in 5 Americans made such a payment in past six months, and the projections call for slow growth ... (See Mobile payment projections)

Holiday travel: 7 ways to snag an early deal using card rewards -- If you start planning your holiday trip now, your credit card can help you score major savings and travel perks, if you use travel portals, card benefits and other online tools. ... (See Holiday travel and rewards)

Fashion meets mobile payments in the dressing room of the future -- Mastercard and Marie Claire are unveiling the dressing room of the future, where consumers will be able to shop and pay using a "smart mirror." ... (See Video: the dressing room of the future)

How to pay for experiences without going into debt -- The key to financing experiences is to plan ahead. Here are six steps to setting up a specific goal and strategies to paying for that dream bucket-list item. ... (See How to pay for experiences)

Should you get a store card after retailer files for bankruptcy? -- When a retailer like Toys R Us files for bankruptcy, it's often business as usual as the chain reorganizes. This includes credit cards and loyalty programs. ... (See Toys R Us credit card)

Paper credit card bills? OK. Mail back payments? Nah -- Study shows we still like to receive, but not return, bills by mail ... (See Paper credit card bills)

Video: 4 credit card reward hacks -- Here are four of our favorite hacks to help you get the most out of every dollar you spend. ... (See Video: Credit card reward hacks)

Gift cards: What to do when retailer files for bankruptcy -- If a retailer is on shaky financial ground, use that gift card while you can, experts say ... (See Gift cards and bankruptcy)

Banks make chargebacks easier -- To dispute a charge, often all it takes is the click of a button on the card issuer's website or app ... (See Chargebacks easier)

How credit cards take a bite out of gas prices -- Bonus points, cash back or cents off per gallon of gasoline add up ... (See Credit cards and fuel savings)

Big financial moves can add up to big rewards -- If you're looking to buy or sell a house or refinance, don't miss out on the thousands of points you could earn just by going with a bank offering a big promotion ... (See Rewards for mortgages, refis)

Poll shows people use their credit cards for everyday needs -- Using cards for to earn rewards and as an emergency cushion are also common ... (See Card use poll)

Scare up rewards miles, cash back on Halloween expenses -- Halloween is a perfect time to hone in on your miles and points-earning strategies ... (See Get to the Points)

How to undo fraud charges when thief is a family member -- When you don't want to file a police report on a family member who stole your card, you're stuck with the responsibility of paying the bill. ... (See Family fraud)

Fund your football fandom with credit card rewards -- Being a football fan can be pricey, but credit card rewards, cash back and other perks can help you save ... (See Football )

Wallets get thinner as U.S. consumers avoid cash -- With mobile apps gaining traction as an accepted way to pay bills and other people, cash is taking up residence in fewer and fewer wallets. ... (See Cashless survey)

6 reasons to put all your wedding expenses on one credit card -- By using one card for all wedding-related expenses, you can more easily stick to your budget and keep track of expenses. ... (See Wedding)

Poll: Americans spend more than $100 billion on sports -- Gyms, equipment and lots of sporting events can wallop the wallet ... (See Sports spending poll)

How couples can double up on card rewards -- If you’re part of a pair, consider marrying your rewards strategy along with other parts of your life ... (See Couples and rewards)

5 business expense card options for employers -- Owners should consider conveniences, rewards, frequency of employee purchases ... (See Expenses)

Is it time for a rewards card reboot? -- It makes no sense to rack up card rewards and pay high annual fees if you don't have a specific goal in mind in which to use them ... (See Reboot)

Infographic: Millennials' falling financial chops -- Money smarts fall among young adults, survey shows ... (See Money smarts )

Card debt a persistent obstacle to retirement savings -- After paying off the monthly bills, credit card debt is the biggest reason Americans don't save for retirement ... (See Retirement obstacle)

How many credit cards should you have? -- Wondering how many credit cards you should have? Experts say at least two, one from each card network, one from each type of rewards, and no more than you can handle ... (See Cards)

How to rack up rewards on your daily commute -- Commuting takes up a lot of the day. Now you can turn some of that transportation time into funds by using credit cards that speed up the rewards you earn ... (See Transportation rewards)

3 ways credit cards can help you achieve your fitness goals -- Credit card sign-up bonuses, special financing financing offers and discount stores with credit cards can help you finance your fitness gear. ... (See 3 ways credit cards can help you achieve your fitness goals)

3 ways credit can help ease the costs of pet ownership -- Credit card sign-up bonuses, pet store loyalty programs and special financing for medical emergencies can take a nip out of those pesky pet care costs. ... (See 3 ways credit can help ease the costs of pet ownership)

4 ways to use credit cards to save on your next beauty haul -- Credit card bonuses, coupons, loyalty programs and shopping online can help trim the costs of your beauty regime. ... (See 4 ways to use credit cards to save on your next beauty haul)

3 ways credit cards can save you money on home improvements -- Store cards, a sign-up bonus and category cash back cards can cut the costs of a kitchen remodel, home office or baby's nursery. ... (See Home)

4 unexpected ways to earn rewards from grocery shopping -- Here are four other ways than buying groceries to earn rewards ... (See Rewards)

Credit cards, rewards programs add up to savings at the grocery store -- Here are four ways to score points or cash back at the grocery store -- or even with delivery to your door ... (See Grocery)

How dining out can help you earn more rewards -- Here are four ways that dining out can help you earn more rewards ... (See Dining and points)

How credit card needs change as your kids grow up -- Over the years as your kids grow up, get the most rewards from your charging habits ... (See Cards)

Retailer gone bankrupt? What retail card holders should do -- You still owe any balances, even when the bankrupt retailer cancels its cards ... (See Retail cards and bankruptcy)

4 savvy rewards card lessons from America's teachers -- Credit card rewards help these educators score free travel and cash back for school supplies ... (See Lessons)

Chip cards bring new fraud trends -- The advent of EMV chips has curtailed fraud from lost and stolen cards, but online fraud continues to rise ... (See Fraud)

Poll: Recurring charges are easy to get into, hard to get out of -- Thirty-five percent of consumers signed up for accounts that enrolled them in auto-pay without them realizing it ... (See Poll)

Ways to rack up points for last-minute, back-to-school shopping -- Offset school supply buys using airline shopping portals and more tips ... (See School)

You may soon be able to buy lottery tickets at grocery checkout -- States have to approve shoppers using smartphones linked to credit or debit cards to purchase Powerball and Mega Millions chances. ... (See Lottery)

6 habits of successful card reward experts -- Taking your rewards game to "wow" levels requires a bit of ingenuity and skill ... (See Rewards)

Learn how to maximize card rewards for family fun, saving -- Family rewards expert Summer Hull recounts her free family summer fun ... (See Family)

6 reasons entrepreneurs should get a business card -- Benefits such as expanded buying power, spending rewards and tracking assistance can help fuel business growth ... (See Upgrade)

2017 Credit Card Fee Survey: Consumers catch a break -- Changes to credit card fees have decreased, foreign transaction fees are going away, and the rest can be avoided. ... (See Fee Survey)

When do credit card rewards, airline miles, hotel points expire? -- Your credit card rewards could have an expiration date, and if you ignore that deadline you could be throwing away money ... (See Expire)

How reimbursement works for airline miles purchases -- If you purchase airline miles for a business trip with your own card, how do you calculate the value for reimbursement ... (See Miles)

Merry holiday shopping: 6 ways to cut your costs now -- Back-to-school and summertime deals can lead to major savings if you start your holiday shopping early. First step: making a budget and a gift list. ... (See Holiday)

Infographic: We may pay with finger, face, eye or voice in 2027 -- A survey found that 80 percent of respondents support payment technologies such as fingerprint sensing, facial recognition and retinal scanning ... (See Payments)

8 strategies to resist impulse buying -- Buying something new gives you a buzz, but can break your budget if left unchecked ... (See Impulse buying)

2017 tax-free weekends for back-to-school shopping -- Sales tax holidays and rewards cards cut costs on clothes, shoes, computers ... (See Tax-free)

Alerting card issuers of travel plans may soon be obsolete -- New industry-leading fraud detection technology can recognize when card members are traveling, eliminating the need to notify card companies of travel plans ... (See Travel)

Infographic: How many households have at least one card? -- Your annual income and education level may indicate the chances of whether or not your household has a credit card ... (See Cards)

Charged Up! podcast: How to live debt-free -- Learn how to get out of the cycle of debt and start living a debt-free life, while still enjoying what matters most ... (See Podcast)

Back-to-school credit guide 2017 -- resources for shopping, learning about credit and managing debt during the back-to-school season. ... (See Tips)

3 ways to maximize rewards on back-to-school shopping -- Sign-up bonus, shopping portals and cash back can cut your costs ... (See Back-to-school)

5 apps to turbocharge back-to-school savings -- Mobile discount and coupon apps puts back-to-school savings at your fingertips ... (See Apps)

Infographic: In divorce, women's credit suffers more -- More than half of recently divorced women said their credit score tanked during marriage, compared to just 42 percent for men ... (See Divorce)

Poll reveals who are the best, worst tippers -- A Northeasterner with a credit card will likely make the wait staff smile ... (See Tipping poll)

Video: Saving on back-to-school shopping -- Back-to-school shopping can be hard on the pocketbook, but we have you covered with tips on how to save money and make the most of your credit card rewards ... (See Budget)

PayPal Credit: A guide to PayPal’s virtual credit line -- Sort of a cross between an installment loan and a credit card, PayPal Credit is a virtual credit line extended by PayPal. ... (See PayPal)

Maximizing card rewards after you've earned the sign-up bonus -- So, you've signed up for a bunch of rewards cards, now what? Even if you've already earned the sign-on bonus, there are still some strategies to getting every point available ... (See Rewards)

Should a business add a surcharge for card transactions? -- An app maker is looking to allow customers to pay for meals through their app, but wants to pass on the merchant processing fee for credit card transactions to the consumer ... (See Surcharge)

Guide to rising credit card interest rates -- This guide includes articles and resources that will help you deal with rising interest rates and smarten up your spending. ... (See Rates)

4 questions to ask to score the best secured card -- Know what to ask when shopping for a secured card to increase your chances to be approved while keeping your score intact ... (See Secured)

Infographic: Online shopping is in and stores are out -- Online and mobile shopping continue to grow. Nearly 80 percent of those surveyed said free delivery will sway them to purchase an item online instead of in a store. ... (See Shopping)

Rack up rewards by charging homebuying costs -- Here are six ways to earn credit card rewards while purchasing a home ... (See Home)

Bluesnarfing: newest card fraud at gas pumps, ATMs -- With a skimmer and Bluetooth technology, fraudsters can sit nearby and intercept your payment transaction details ... (See Bluesnarfing)

Infographic: Who uses digital wallets, and for what -- For now, they're the province of young urbanites with high incomes ... (See Digital wallets)

Moving? Use a credit card to rack up major points, rewards -- Get points and rewards by charging moving expenses on a rewards card, as long as you pay it your bill pronto ... (See Moving)

How not to go broke as a wedding guest -- A card's sign-up bonus, cashing in rewards can save you on wedding travel and gifts ... (See Wedding)

10 tips to simplify online shopping returns -- Unexpected return shipping cost and far away brick-and-mortar stores can make online shopping a headache. Here are tips from experts to make it less stressful ... (See Returns)

Cash back cards survey: Complex is out, simple is in -- Flat-rate offers now outnumber cards with tiered paybacks, a new survey finds ... (See Cash back )

Survey: Average card APR jumps to new record of 15.89 percent -- June 14, 2017: The national average APR for new card offers bounced to another all-time high this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rates)

Infographic: How small-business owners use business credit cards -- About half of U.S. small-business owners have a business credit card, and the leading expense on those cards is office supplies. ... (See Small businesses)

How does a merchant know my new card number? -- Oftentimes changing your card number won't stop a merchant from charging your account ... (See Charges)

Are in-car payments a deadly convenience? -- Voice-activated technology aims to reduce danger, but safety experts fear driver distraction ... (See Killer app)

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Rate survey: Average card APR holds steady at record 15.44% -- Feb. 8, 2017: The national average APR on new credit card offers remained at a record high this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rates)

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Safeguard accounts from card-stealing family member -- Keep cards safe and don't store details online to prevent fraudulent charges from happening ... (See Fraud)

Mailing goods to a customer? Require a signature -- For small businesses that send products by mail, a signed record will show it was delivered and avoid chargeback disputes ... (See Signature)

It's now harder to pay health insurance premiums via credit card -- Citing fees, Humana and some Blue Shield units have dropped the pay-by-credit-card option ... (See Payments)

Merchants hit by chargebacks look to hire help -- Frequent chargebacks cost time and money -- and for some merchants, it can make sense to hire professional help. ... (See Chargeback)

Rate survey: Average card APR doesn’t budge -- July 20, 2016: The average APR on new card offers remained locked in place this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rates)

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Why should I opt-in to credit card issuer text alerts? -- Mastercard and Visa require that all card issuers provide opt-in alert programs for potentially fraudulent transactions ... (See Alerts)

Lowering credit limit on new card can hurt scores -- The higher the credit line, the better, as long as balances stay low ... (See Scores)

Generations differ on spending extra money -- Millennials go for entertainment with discretionary dollars, Generation X pays off debt and boomers sock it into savings, new research says ... (See Spending extra dollars )

Rate survey: Average card APR remains unchanged at 15.18 percent -- June 22, 2016: Interest rates on new credit card offers held still this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rates)

Generation Debit: Parents dish out plastic instead of cash -- More teens and even preteens are opening checking accounts, using debit cards. It can teach money skills, but has risks ... (See Debit)

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Wal-Mart sues Visa over debit choice -- Retailing giant says it wants to require PIN transactions on debit cards to reduce fraud and transaction costs ... (See PIN vs. signature)

Infographic: Mobile payments quickly rising -- Smartphone payments are gaining traction among consumers -- and quickly ... (See Mobile payments rising)

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Getting a refund tougher if you buy with debit card -- Late or nondelivery refunds not fully guaranteed with debit purchases ... (See Dispute)

Video: Payment biometrics go beyond mobile fingerprint scanners -- The latest wave of biometrics incorporate voice authentication, face recognition and other technologies to keep your payments secure ... (See Biometrics)

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Paper or emailed credit card statements: Which are better? -- Electronic billing is convenient, saves trees -- but you might miss a payment ... (See Statements)

Fed: February card balances bounce back -- Consumers are adding to their credit card balances, as card debt increased 3.7 percent in February, the Federal Reserve said Thursday. ... (See Debt)

Details emerge on new Citi Costco card switch -- Warehouse giant will accept any Visa starting June 20, 2016 ... (See Costco)

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Can a state mandate businesses accept cards? -- No law requires a merchant to take credit or debit cards in payment, but businesses that spurn them risk losing customers ... (See Acceptance)

New technologies, analytics to battle online fraud -- With EMV chip cards expected to deter in-store fraud, card companies are turning to other ideas to secure online payments, too ... (See Fraud)

Secured card, patience needed to boost score -- Improving a credit score requires many cycles of consistently paying debt ... (See Score)

Poll: Pay with cash or card for $5 purchase? -- Millennials are most likely to use cards for small purchases, and they love debit cards, our poll reveals ... (See Poll)

6 ways stay-at-home parents ruin their credit -- Taking care of your kids also means taking care of your credit. Avoid these credit mistakes that parents often make ... (See Credit)

Millennials most likely to fall prey to scams -- Younger generation comfortable, but not always careful, with technology ... (See Scam)

More merchants adding credit card surcharges -- Surcharges for paying with cards appear to be on the rise ... (See Surcharges)

Activation sticker shock: New card may arrive already 'live' -- If you open a credit account, odds are your new card will need to be activated upon arrival. However, issuing bank practices vary. ... (See Activation)

What to do when kids charge $2,500 to your card for iTunes -- When kids use a card to rack up charges without your knowledge, you should dispute the bill ... (See iTunes)

Options dwindle for paying mortgage, car loan on credit -- It's possible, but requires 'manufactured spending' techniques that are both risky and complex ... (See Points)

Fed: Card balances fall first time in 10 months -- Credit card debt decreased 1.3 percent in January, the Federal Reserve said Monday, breaking a 10-month streak of expanding card balances. ... (See Fed)

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How top money experts fund their costly passions -- Even financial professionals can be lured into overspending ... (See Passions)

Fed: Card balances up for 10th straight month -- Credit card balances rose 7.5 percent in December, marking the 10th consecutive month of expanding credit card balances, the Federal Reserve said Friday. ... (See Consumer credit)

Poll: 13 million Americans commit financial infidelity -- In a survey, 5 percent of respondents in a committed relationship admit to keeping a secret bank account or credit card ... (See Financial infidelity)

Getting a new cellphone? Expect a credit check -- If you're signing up for a traditional cellphone contract, your credit will probably be checked. But if your credit isn't great, you have more options than before ... (See Credit check)

For tax purposes, card statements aren't detailed receipts -- Don't rely on your card statement if you want a precise record of spending; keep that original paper receipt ... (See Receipts)

7 ways to boost your partner's credit score -- An overhaul of your loved one's low credit score could save your finances and your relationship ... (See Partner's score)

Survey: 5 in 6 Americans admit to impulse buys -- More than half of consumers said they've spent $100 or more on an impulse buy ... (See Impulse buys)

Gas station skimmer theft rising -- Smaller devices, greater security elsewhere make fuel pumps a target ... (See Skimmers)

Guide to the lottery, credit cards and what winning means -- Giant lotto jackpots inspire big dreams of living large. Here's what you need to know about buying that ticket, and the ups and downs of actually winning ... (See Lottery guide)

EMV changing how we tip? Not so fast -- Even though the adoption of EMV payment technology in the U.S. is changing how we pay with cards, the standard paper receipt tipping method many are accustomed to doesn't need to change -- unless merchants want it to ... (See EMV cards and tipping)

Getting the most value for your hotel rewards points -- For the price of a night at a Des Moines airport hotel, you can stay three nights in a magical European property. We've compiled some of the most dramatic hotel rewards comparisons for you ... (See Hotel points value)

Targeted reward offers: What to do when they go bad -- Incentives to spend on a card can give big rewards, but make sure you take the right steps in case you don't receive what you're owed ... (See Targeted offers)

Tracking tools and tips for keeping financial resolutions -- Tracking your progress toward New Year's resolutions is crucial to succeeding with them. It helps to know a few tricks and technological tools ... (See Resolutions)

Costco card switches from American Express to Citi -- Warehouse giant switches from AmEx to Citi; key dates, what you need to know ... (See New Costco cards)

Merchant refund can create credit balance -- Yes, you can spend down that cushion, but wait until it's in hand ... (See Refund creates balance)

Video: EMV, RFID, NFC, WTF? -- You don't just hand over a piece of plastic anymore. You have EMV chips and NFC cards -- or is it RFID? What's the diff? We explain ... (See EMV, RFID, NFC, WTF?)

'Smart chip' debit cards transition going slowly -- Chips are coming to debit cards, too, but even slower. Here are the seven things you need to know about the transition. ... (See EMV debit cards)

Number of new cards soars, but credit limits tight -- An American Bankers Association survey finds subprime borrowers regaining access to credit, but not to a lot of it ... (See New accounts soar)

Putting a big-ticket item on a card: 7 questions -- Done right, a credit card can be the best tool for an expensive item. You can see whether it's right for you by answering these questions ... (See Big-ticket)

Poll: 1 in 5 debtors say they'll be in debt forever -- It's a debt dichotomy: More say they'll die in debt, yet an increasing number also say they're debt-free ... (See Debt forever)

EMV chip card tales from cashiers at the front line -- Cashiers and customers express their frustration with EMV chip cards ... (See Cashiers' chip card tales)

Fed: Card balances rise only 0.2 percent -- The expansion of credit card balances continued in October, marking eight straight months of growth, the Federal Reserve said Monday. ... (See Consumer credit report)

Charity gift cards let recipient donate to favorite cause -- They make philanthropy easy, but our survey finds many have large fees ... (See Charity gift cards)

Can I get away with maxing out my credit, filing for bankruptcy? -- Deliberatly maxing out cards with no intent to pay, then filing for bankruptcy could give a "fresh start." But it's a big risk, and morally dubious ... (See Max out)

Magnetic stripe begins its farewell tour -- Like paper maps and clamshell phones, the magnetic stripes on the back of credit cards have started sliding into obsolescence. How soon will they disappear? ... (See Farewell, magstripe)

Best ways to earn, redeem rewards points over the holidays -- Credit card rewards you've been earning all year can help defray the costs of the holidays. The season is a great time to boost your rewards earning potential, too ... (See Holiday rewards)

IRS won't care if you buy gift cards with reward points -- Even if you get a "cash back" reward card that you spend like cash, it's not considered income, so shop away! ... (See Rewards not taxable)

When buying gasoline for business, watch discounts, surcharges -- Depending on your state, gas stations may try to offset merchant processing costs by putting a surcharge on credit card sales, or offering a cash discount ... (See Gas)

Making sense of confusing credit card statements -- Spotting fraud is hard when so many businesses put unfamiliar, but legitimate, names on your billing statement ... (See Confusing card statements)

Card debt is under control for the 2015 holidays -- U.S. consumers show an appetite for borrowing but their balances and late payments are low, a report from the big credit bureau shows ... (See Card debt report)

Rating fraud: Not all security breaches are equal -- Different types of fraud have different risks involved. Knowing those risks might save you a headache ... (See Fraud risk)

How long to wait to apply for another rewards card -- Don’t apply too aggressively -- for the sake of your credit and budget ... (See Rewards)

7 secrets of extreme credit card owners -- How seekers of big rewards, discounts manage 10, 20, 30 cards ... (See Extreme cardholder secrets)

7 things you need to know about gift cards -- Some things have changed about gift cards over the years. Here's what to know about the No. 1 requested present ... (See Gift cards)

EMV rules for vending machine owners -- Vending machine owners face a small liability risk if their card-accepting machines are not EMV compatible ... (See EMV and vending machines)

Survey: Old mag stripe cards more secure than mobile pay -- Most people think the new chip cards are safer to use than mag stripe ones, but many say the old mag stripe card poses less risk than new mobile payment options. ... (See Mobile payment security)

'Coined' author Kabir Sehgal: Credit cards make money abstract -- Kabir Sehgal talks about the history of money and credit, and its relationship to humankind in his new book "Coined, The Rich Life of Money and How Its History Has Shaped Us" ... (See Kabir Sehgal Q&A)

Fraud risk minimal from contactless EMV cards -- A determined thief could intercept radio waves from a dual-interface credit card, but in practice it's not worth the bother ... (See Contactless EMV fraud)

Card-linked offers: Shopping deals you're not aware of -- Card-linked offers are automatic discounts applied when you use a certain credit card at a participating merchant ... (See Card-linked offers)

With low-limit cards, watch credit utilization closely -- Building your credit with a $300 limit card means if you buy a big-ticket item, don't wait, send in an extra payment ... (See Low limit card utilization)

Withholding a card payment: It's your right, but take care -- Withholding a payment in a billing or product dispute is legal, but you need to take these specific steps if you want it to stick ... (See Withholding payments)

Survey: Many fail at online security basics -- Simple steps, such as closing a Web browser when one is finished using an online account, can reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, the survey by Experian's ProtectMyID found ... (See Online security survey )

Balancing need to save against urge to earn rewards -- Consider your spending habits and self-discipline to create a plan that you can stick to ... (See Rewards)

Which cards are best for renting a car -- Save money by knowing your insurance needs, what your card covers ... (See Best car rental card)

Emancipated 17-year-old rejected for credit -- She can live independently, but banks won't issue her a card ... (See Rejected)

Retail card survey 2015: Average APRs inch up -- The average APR on the credit cards from America's largest retailers has risen to 23.43 percent, according a survey ... (See 2015 Retail Card Survey)

Chart: 2015 Retail Card Survey data -- In the market for a retail card? Our 2015 survey data offers store-by-store details to help you find the right one for you ... (See Retail card survey data )

Infographic: What is a chip card? How do I use it? -- What you need to know about how the chip is replacing the credit card's old magnetic stripe ... (See Chip card infographic)

Luxury reward perks: What you get for paying big annual fee -- Beyond free flights lies a world of exclusive privilege, if you're willing to pay the annual fees ... (See Luxury perks)

Poll finds craziest places people do online shopping -- North Americans are shopping online while on the job, in bed, at restaurants, in the shower, at weddings and at funerals, MasterCard's Psyche of Shopping survey found ... (See Crazy places we shop online)

Can I earn grocery rewards points at Wal-Mart? -- Merchant category code classifications matter when using rewards cards ... (See Merchant Category Codes)

7 merchant tips to understanding EMV fraud liability shift -- Merchants who can't process chip card payments may shoulder consumer fraud costs if an incident occurs and they're not "EMV-ready." Here's what you should know about the EMV fraud liability shift: ... (See EMV )

Poll: Most cardholders lack smart-chip cards, despite deadline -- No EMV card yet? You're not alone. Even as an Oct. 1 deadline looms, 6 in 10 cardholders don't have a chip card yet, our national survey shows ... (See EMV card poll)

With chip card switch upon us, who do I call about fraud? -- Retailers will start to shoulder some responsibility for fraudulent charges, but consumers will see few differences starting Oct. 1 ... (See EMV fraud)

Accepting international payments with Square -- For small business owners who use Square to accept credit cards, selling to overseas customers is allowed. But there are a few things you should know to make it easier on your customers and yourself ... (See International Square)

How to avoid big costs of deferred-interest financing deals -- No-interest financing is tricky, especially if you have more than one balance on the card. Here's how to avoid hefty costs for back interest ... (See Deferred interest)

How to squeeze the last dollar out of gift cards -- An estimated $750 million in unused gift card money was lost in 2014. Here is how you can avoid that fate ... (See Squeezing gift cards)

Retailers roll out layaway plans early for 2015 holidays -- Holiday layaway programs launched before Labor Day cookouts even started this year, and more retailers are moving layaway online to vie for business ... (See Layaway 2015)

Money epiphanies: Hearing, heeding the call to change -- People who were deep in debt or just needed to change describe their powerful money moments ... (See Money epiphanies)

My husband won't let me get an EMV chip card for our European trip! -- Many card issuers have switched to EMV chips, but some still have only magnetic stripes. Does it matter? ... (See EMV card )

Poll: 32 million adults have started shopping for the holidays -- The calendar still says summer, but millions of Americans have already started -- and a few have even finished -- their holiday shopping. ... (See Early holiday shopping poll)

Avoiding fraud in a post-EMV world -- Think you can breathe a sigh of relief as EMV technology takes off? Not so fast. ... (See EMV fraud)

Halt card spending until after mortgage closes -- Going on a card-spending binge before you close can jeopardize your home loan ... (See Credit cards and mortgages)

Beware: Rebate and promotional cards can expire quickly -- They may look like gift cards, but they don't enjoy the same protections ... (See Promotional cards)

FDIC: Store card issuer Comenity must refund $61.5 million -- Cardholders were misled over payment 'insurance' add-ons, agency says ... (See Comenity bank refund)

You did WHAT to pay off your debt? -- From selling plasma to leaving the country, these debt payoff stories should inspire ... (See Debt payoff)

Credit score impact of store card financing deals -- Financing a big-ticket item short-term shouldn't have long-term credit score impact ... (See Store card)

Author Carl Richards simplifies financial plans -- With his new book, "The One-Page Financial Plan," Carl Richards expands his Sharpie-and-a-napkin approach to financial management ... (See Financial plans)

Student card survey: Offers fewer but more generous -- The Credit CARD Act of 2009 imposed restrictions that thinned the ranks of student-oriented cards, but those that remain are pretty good, our survey finds ... (See Student card survey)

How average credit account age affects your FICO score -- The average age of the various types of credit plays a significant part in determining your credit score ... (See Age of credit accounts)

8 smart ways to fund gender reassignment costs -- Funding the transition from one gender to another requires careful planning ... (See Gender reassignment)

Buying a car with no credit: 6 things to know -- Even with bad or no credit it is possible to get a vehicle. Here are 6 keys to know before you make your purchase ... (See Car loan with no credit)

Personalized help for maximizing your rewards -- If you're not comfortable deciding which cards to purge and which to use, technology and professionals might help ... (See Rewards app)

If we go to biometric IDs, will hackers try to steal your face? -- Advocates of biometric identifiers say worries are overblown, but a GAO report says digitally stored records of fingerprints, palms, irises, faces raise ID theft and privacy questions ... (See Biometric hacks)

Rocky start for wallet-slimming 'universal cards' -- New devices promise to consolidate all your cards on one piece of plastic. But critics say they already are outdated ... (See Universal)

Help your score rebound after card issuer closes account -- Ways to recover your score after losing an open credit line ... (See Closed card)

What to do when your retail store card switches banks -- When a new bank issues your retail card, changes in the rewards and the card's terms can follow ... (See Retail card switch)

Get authorization for customer's card before delivering goods -- If you don't take time to get a customer's credit card purchase authorized before you deliver their purchase, you may have little recourse ... (See Authorization)

Video: Small-merchant guide to EMV credit cards -- Small businesses have been slow to upgrade to terminals that can read EMV chip cards. Here's what they need to know about making the switch ... (See EMV merchant)

EMV holdouts: Why merchants are slow to make chip-card switch -- With the EMV liability switch coming in October, many merchants are still in the dark on what is required of them ... (See EMV holdouts)

7 tips for using budget apps safely -- Banks usually would cover fraudulent charges if your information were stolen in a breach. But there are other risks in putting all your account information in one app ... (See Using budget apps safely)

Credit card use and availability statistics -- How available is credit for U.S. consumers and how are we using it? Our research team investigates the trends in statistics ... (See Card use statistics)

Rate survey: Average APR lodged at 15 percent for 6th straight week -- July 29, 2015: Interest rates on new credit card offers were left unchanged again this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rate report)

Privacy or rewards? Some card programs force you to choose -- Some banks won't let you fully participate in their rewards program if you opt out of them sharing your data ... (See Rewards vs. privacy)

Getting the best exchange rate abroad -- Credit and debit cards offer the best rates for purchases, but there are a few pitfalls to avoid ... (See Exchange rates)

3 tips for using credit card price protection -- Price protection is a little-known credit card perk that could save you hundreds of dollars. But you have to know how it works to take advantage ... (See Price protection plans)

5 tips for saving money on pet costs -- If the cost of your animal companion is draining your wallet, it's time to rethink how your pay for your precious pet's care. ... (See Saving on pet costs)

Push notifications: the future of bank communication -- Six reasons push notifications will dominate mobile banking in the future ... (See Push notifications)

What else can I buy to boost my reward points? -- There are ways to increase your rewards earnings by engaging in what's called "manufactured spending." But the time-consuming pursuit is not for everyone ... (See Manufactured spending for rewards)

Cross-device tracking raises privacy concerns -- With cross-device tracking, marketers are looking to connect your smartphone, tablet and computer Internet behavior ... (See Cross-device tracking)

6 ways to safeguard cards when shopping electronically -- Shopping online or via an app is convenient, but it can put your credit or debit card at risk. Here are ways to stay safe ... (See Shopping apps )

Don't be duped into signing up for a store credit card -- Protect your credit by refraining from spontaneous store sign-ups ... (See Retail card)

How to sign up for bank alerts on your cellphone (and why you should) -- Financial institutions don't make it easy, but financial alerts can stop fraud and help you stay on top of your personal finances ... (See Phone alerts)

How to dispute a debit card purchase -- The protections aren't the same as credit cards, but you may not be completely out of luck ... (See Debit dispute)

2015 April credit card balances rise -- Credit card balances shot up sharply in April, the Federal Reserve said Friday ... (See June 5, 2015, consumer credit report)

How finance companies differ from credit cards, banks -- Consumer finance companies offer an alternative way to pay for big-ticket items. But look before you leap. ... (See Finance companies)

What that 'free' airline award ticket will cost you -- We compare the airline fees typically found on tickets purchased with miles. It's no surprise the rewards programs have stopped calling them "free" ... (more)

Finally got a zero balance? Good! Now change credit strategy -- After paying off retail cards and shedding all debt, don't slam the door on credit. Keep accounts open and maybe use one occasionally to keep your score up ... (See Paid off)

Survey: Employees less likely to borrow on cards for necessities -- A fifth of employees have to borrow on their credit cards to pay for monthly necessities, a study by PwC shows, but overall, workers' financial wellness is improving ... (See Employees' financial wellness)

Video: Tips for using mobile gift cards -- Mobile gift cards can slim down your wallet while keeping your gift cards organized and safely password protected. They make great last-minute gifts, too ... (See Mobile gift card tips)

Poll: Fraud alert false alarms common -- As banks get more aggressive in combating fraud, about 7 in 10 Americans contacted about possible fraud received at least one alert in error ... (See False alerts)

PayPal lending arm fined for deception, abuses -- PayPal Credit, formerly known as Bill Me Later, misled customers and ratcheted up their costs with unfair practices, consumer bureau charges ... (See PayPal fine )

8 steps to fighting chargeback fraud -- Credit card chargeback fraud is an ongoing problem for small businesses, which can have dire consequences. Though it's hard to detect, there are ways to fight back ... (See Chargeback fraud)

How to combat 5 common female financial fears -- Female financial professionals describe the fiscal woes women typically shoulder and how they can be managed -- or avoided altogether ... (See Women's money fears)

NY Fed: Debt in collection shrinks -- The percentage of accounts in collections and the average size of those debts both shrank, according to new data from the New York Fed. ... (See Debt in collections)

Advances in fraud analytics promise to stop crooks, not you -- Geolocation technology and better analytics should help card issuers more accurately determine when it's a fraudster using your card and when it's you ... (See Anti-fraud technology)

On a foreign trip, should I use credit cards at ATMs? -- The cards you use in the U.S. will probably work fine for international travels, but here are your options ... (See Foreign ATMs)

How to shop (somewhat) anonymously -- Worried about your personal information falling into the hands of data brokers or ID thieves? You can protect it at least somewhat without having to resort to cash-only buying ... (See Shopping (somewhat) anonymously)

What ID thieves do with the financial data they steal -- High-tech hackers get all the headlines, but an analysis of identity theft claims data by Travelers show the most common way stolen data gets used is a low-tech one: Thieves snatch a card, then go out and use it ... (See Use of stolen card data)

Most issuers like to know your travel plans -- Most credit card companies want to know your travel plans to prevent fraud alerts. But you should also choose the right card and make sure you have different payment options ... (See Travel plan notification)

Retail card account opens at your first purchase -- After you use the card, get the discount and take home the merchandise, it's too late to change your mind -- the card has been activated ... (See Retail card activation)

Video: Protect your privacy while using mobile shopping apps -- If you use shopping apps on your smartphone, you may be sacrificing your privacy in ways you aren't even aware of. Here are four steps you can take to protect yourself ... (See Mobile apps and privacy)

Average APR on new card offers remains at 14.92 percent -- April 29, 2015: Interest rates on new card offers held steady Wednesday, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rates)

12 surefire ways to create money and credit problems -- Want to run perpetually short on funds, rack up massive debts and decimate your credit score? Do these things and you are sure to succeed ... (See Problems)

Saving for laptop trumps financing 'deals' -- With a little motivation and patience, you can save hundreds by saving for that new laptop purchase instead of opting for a financing deal ... (See Saving versus borrowing)

Video: Answers to your most-common EMV questions -- As credit cards with secure chips begin to roll out across the U.S., we address some of the most frequently asked questions about them in a video interview with Smart Card Alliance head Randy Vanderhoof ... (See EMV answers)

Video: Do I need a PIN for my EMV credit card? -- New credit cards containing secure computer chips are being rolled out in the U.S. These EMV cards are sometimes called chip-and-PIN cards, which is confusing because you probably won't actually use a PIN like they do in other countries ... (See EMV PIN video)

Video: Will EMV credit cards protect my online purchases? -- New credit cards containing so-called EMV chips offer enhanced security for in-store purchases but not online purchases. In our ongoing series of frequently asked questions about EMV cards, Randy Vanderhoof, head of the Smart Card Alliance, explains why ... (See EMV fraud video)

Video: Will EMV chip cards work in NFC mobile wallets? -- Banks are issuing credit cards with enhanced security, known as EMV or chip-and-PIN cards. But what happens to that security when you use them in a mobile wallet? We asked Smart Card Alliance chief Randy Vanderhoof ... (See EMV and mobile wallets)

Video: Do I need to swipe my EMV credit card? -- Banks are issuing new credit and debit cards with EMV chips, which enable more secure transactions than magnetic stripes. In the first of our four-part series on frequently asked questions about EMV, we discuss why you may still need to swipe your card ... (See EMV swipe video)

Financial heuristics: Creating money rules to live by -- We all have financial rules that are habits. Some help us save money, while others end up costing us. The key is to create rules that play into our financial end game. ... (See Financial heuristics)

6 credit-based conspiracy theories -- To some, credit doesn't exist just to make paying for stuff easy and safe. Rather, a not-so-innocent back story with covert players is involved ... (See Conspiracies)

Teen's secret charges discovered by parents -- His parents report more than $2,000 in unapproved card charges, but discover the culprit is their son. Is it too late to call off the investigation? ... (See Teen card fraud)

What kids should know about money, at what age -- Children as young as 3 can get started on a sound financial education. Following these milestones can help you guide them toward a financially healthy future ... (See Kids and money)

How 'microresolutions' can transform your finances -- 'Small Move, Big Change' author Caroline Arnold was tired of failing her New Year's resolutions, so she took a bold step to break them down in achievable actions ... (See Microresolutions)

Survey: More cards bid farewell to foreign transaction fees -- Consumers looking for a card that won't tack extra fees onto purchases when traveling abroad now have more than 60 cards to choose from, according to's 2015 foreign transaction fee survey ... (See Foreign fee survey)

Banks become more generous with card credit limits -- Credit card issuers are showing their confidence in consumers and the economy by boosting the number of card offers and the size of their credit limits, says a banking trade group report ... (See Credit limits increase)

Q&A 'Future Crimes' author Marc Goodman -- Technology is rapidly evolving and so is cybercrime. Marc Goodman, author of "Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable, and What We Can Do About It," explains ... (See Marc Goodman)

Complaints data show which cards pay refunds most, least often -- A look at 14,000 credit card complaints sent to the federal consumer bureau shows big differences in how cards solve disputes ... (See Cards complaints data)

Gas card survey finds pedestrian rewards -- When it comes to rewards, the most venerable of credit cards -- gas-brand cards -- remain stuck in the slow lane, with high APRs and limited paybacks. They remain useful for credit-building or a quick burst of savings ... (See Gas card survey)

Merchant guesses card expiration date to renew subscription -- No laws specifically prohibit subscription-based businesses from guessing a customer's card expiration date to auto-renew their payments, but the practice is iffy ... (See Card expiration)

5 financial tips for the newly engaged -- Planning your future finances should be equally as important as planning your nuptials, experts agree. Here are five money tips to remember when you and your partner start a life together ... (See Engaged finances)

Online and mobile payment statistics -- Once upon a time, a brick-and-mortar store was the center of the shopping universe. But online shopping has become the norm for many, and continues to grow ... (See Online payments statistics)

Poll: Public lukewarm about paying by cellphone -- Six months of buzz and media coverage around Apple Pay haven't moved the needle much: Public interest in paying by cellphone remains mild, says a new poll by ... (See Pay by phone)

6 steps to protect your business from ID theft -- Attention to security issues is often lacking among the self-employed and small-business owners. But protecting your company's and your clients' financial data is critical to avoiding a disaster that could tank your business dreams ... (See Business ID theft)

January 2015 G.19 report: Card balances down -- Credit card balances decreased at a 1.6 percent annual pace in January, the Federal Reserve said Friday ... (See Consumer credit)

Credit card interest rates stay at 14.87 percent -- March 4, 2015: Average rates on new card offers held steady Wednesday at 14.87 percent, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rate report)

Q&A with Ron Lieber: How to raise unspoiled kids -- New York Times personal finance columnist and "The Opposite of Spoiled" author Ron Lieber touts the benefits of teaching financial decision-making at an early age ... (See Ron Lieber Q&A)

No 2-in-1 card for tax-exempt organizations -- Nonprofits are exempt from sales tax, and retailers have programs to accommodate them, but no all-in-one card avoids sales taxes at point of sale ... (See Tax-exempt)

Poll: Wealthy getting EMV cards first -- Chip-bearing EMV cards, and the extra fraud protection that goes with them, are being issued first to wealthier cardholders, a poll shows ... (See EMV cards)

Financing a new laptop? Do the math first -- A 0-percent finance deal to buy a new computer is almost too good to pass up for one consumer. But being new to credit, this might not be the best way to go ... (See Financing)

Judge: Merchants can steer you to lower-cost card -- Merchants should be allowed to offer consumers discounts or perks to use a lower-cost credit card, a federal court ruled ... (See American Express anitrust ruling)

Poll: Wealthy prefer cash-back rewards on their cards -- Three out of five wealthy Americans prefer cash-back rewards, choosing them over free hotel stays, concierge services and even frequent flier miles ... (See Cash back)

What to do when a new gift card shows zero balance -- You give (or get) a new gift card, and the first time it's used, pfft! It's empty. Whether the problem is fraud or simple human error, follow these steps to retrieve its value ... (See $0 balance gift cards)

Earning rewards on foreign purchases -- Charging in another currency still yields reward points, but make sure you have a card that has an EMV chip, but doesn't have foreign transaction fees ... (See Foreign currency purchases)

Student loan debt regret: 12 do-over wishes from college grads -- Now saddled with heavy student loan debts, 12 grads share their regrets and offer tips on how future students can avoid the same big-ticket mistakes ... (See Student loan debt regrets)

6 bad reasons to open a new card -- Take a look at six of the worst rationalizations for opening a credit card, and learn how to be a prudent plastic user. ... (See Bad reasons to open card)

Poll: Wealthy cardholders prefer cash-back rewards -- Getting cash back is by far the favorite credit card reward, according to a new survey of cardholders with at least $100,000 in investable assets ... (See Cash-back survey)

December 2014 G-19 report: Card balances up -- Credit card balances were on the rise once again in December, the Federal Reserve said Friday. ... (See Fed G.19 consumer spending report)

How to get back overage on card accounts -- You charged an item, paid the card bill, but then returned your purchase, leaving a credit on your card. Do you just spend it or can you get that cash back? ... (See Card overpayment)

Beware auto-renewals' endless charges -- Signing up for magazine subscriptions or a free trial could haunt you for months or years, ringing up endless charges on your credit card through automatic renewals ... (See Auto-renew)

A day in the life of a common credit card crook -- Those who make, buy and use stolen credit cards have workdays like the rest of us. See what the daily grind is for the crooks who would profit from your card data ... (See Card crook workday)

Know your fraudster: 8 types of card criminals -- Card fraud has become a big industry, with criminals specializing in each stage of the crime, from malware coders to skimmer installers to mules ... (See Know your fraudster)

Road to rewards redemption gets easier -- Cardholders lose millions of dollars in rewards, but that could be changing after one big issuer lowers hurdles to claiming cash back ... (See Rewards redemption)

Strategies to maximize cash-back rewards -- Most cashback cards pay about 1 percent in rewards; a couple of cards pay a flat 2 percent. But you may want to consider using a flat-rate card and a card with higher rewards rates on rotating categories ... (See Cash back)

6 steps to getting a credit card chargeback -- A chargeback from your credit card issuer gives you a refund when the retailer won't. Here's how to navigate the sometimes confusing chargeback rules ... (See Chargebacks)

7 times to put yourself in credit card timeout -- There are key moments in life when putting away the cards and paying off any balances can be the best moves for your financial future ... (See Card timeout)

Surviving high costs of doomsday prepping -- Preparing for dire scenarios, be they man-made or natural, can be an expensive endeavor, but doesn't have to be reserved for just the rich ... (See Doomsday prep costs)

6 ways to give a charitable donation by credit card -- Choices abound for giving to charities by credit cards, but make sure you watch the fees and get your tax deduction ... (See Charity donations by credit card)

Rates remain at 14.92 percent for 2nd week: Weekly Credit Card Rate Report -- Dec. 24, 2014: Average rates on new credit card offers held steady this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Weekly Rate Report)

Mobile shopping apps raise privacy and security issues -- A investigation reveals that mobile shopping apps may be accessing your phone's camera, text messages, flashlight and more, and collecting data you're not be aware of ... (See Shopping app privacy )

4 ways to evaluate mobile shopping app privacy, security -- While app developers, security experts and the federal government debate how to regulate mobile data collection, there are a number of steps consumers can take to protect their privacy and increase data security while using mobile shopping apps ... (See Mobile app privacy)

Apple vs. Android: Which platform's apps are more secure? -- While Android and Apple devices collect data and grant permissions in different ways, that doesn't necessarily mean one platform protects consumer privacy more than the other. Experts explain the differences ... (See Apple vs. Android)

Lifting Cuba restrictions means easier credit, debit use -- Consumers will find it easier to pay for things in Cuba after President Obama lifts restrictions on use of U.S.-issued credit, debit cards there ... (See Cuba)

Card borrowing lags while student, auto loans soar -- Consumers are borrowing more to finance cards and college degrees, while credit card borrowing is stuck at 2003 levels, a Federal Reserve Bank of New York report shows ... (See Borrowing)

Credit card interest rates decrease to 14.92 percent -- December 17, 2014: Average rates on new credit card offers decline slightly to 14.92 percent this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rate report)

7 high-tech holiday scams -- As they attempt to spoil your holidays, crooks are turning to technology, using email, apps and phony online surveys in service of their cons ... (See Holiday scams)

Biometrics: Your body could be your next password -- Call it body language: Finger prints, vein scans, voiceprints and other unique biological means of authenticating a person’s identity for credit card purchases are closer to reality than they are to the Jetsons ... (See Biometrics)

Average card rates rest at 14.95 percent: Weekly Credit Card Rate Report -- December 10, 2014: Average rates on new credit card offers held at 14.95 percent this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report ... (See Rate report)

Poll: More Americans expect to be in debt forever -- A new survey conducted by asks Americans when they expect to get out of debt; 18 percent of those in debt say "never" ... (See In debt until death)

Holiday buying 2014: more savings and gift cards, less credit -- Fewer Americans plan to holiday shop with credit cards in 2014, while more have set aside money or will use gift cards for their purchases, an Accenture study finds ... (See Holiday buying 2014)

8 tips for merchants to avoid credit card chargebacks -- Chargebacks are a costly and unfortunate fact of life for many small businesses that accept credit cards. However, there are ways you can protect yourself against unfair chargebacks ... (See Chargebacks)

9 tips for using mobile gift cards safely -- A growing number of mobile gift cards and apps let you give, receive and use gift cards all on your smartphone -- no traditional wallet needed. Convenient, right? But they also present new security issues ... (See Mobile gift cards)

Poll: If given $1,000 in miles or cash back, most would splurge, not save -- At least 83 percent of Americans said they would splurge in some fashion if they received $1,000 in travel miles or credit card cash rewards, a poll from Capital One found ... (See Rewards splurge)

'Webrooming' trend reduces online shipping costs, problems -- This holiday season, shoppers are more likely to price compare online, then head to the store to buy, to avoid shipping costs, delivery problems ... (See Webrooming)

Survey: 3 in 4 Americans make impulse purchases -- A national survey by of 1,000 adults found more than three out of four Americans confess to making impulse purchases ... (See Impulse)

4 tips to minimize impulse buying -- Impulse buying is a popular habit, but not always a good one. If you're an impulsive buyer wondering how to avoid making another unplanned purchase, here's how to help keep your spending in check. ... (See Impulse buying tips)

Online fraud may surge after EMV chip card rollout -- U.S. issuers are replacing traditional magnetic stripe credit cards with cards containing counterfeit-resistant EMV chips. But fraudsters are expected to adapt, turning to online and other forms of fraud ... (See Online fraud surge)

How trauma leads to destructive financial choices -- Child abuse. Warfare. Assault. If you have endured a life-threatening event, you may be more likely to make poor money decisions. ... (See Trauma)

New rules aim to tame prepaid cards -- The fee-laden cards, gaining in popularity, would have to disclose more about those fees under rules unveiled by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ... (See Prepaid rules)

Retailer beacons track your phone as you shop, raising privacy issues -- Retailers increasingly are using electronic beacons that track consumers' smartphones to analyze shopping behavior, improve service and offer customized deals. But the technology also raises privacy concerns ... (See Beacons)

Fed: Card balances rise once again in September 2014 -- Credit card balances rose at a 2 percent annual pace in September after a short-lived balance decline in August, the Federal Reserve said Friday ... (See September G.19 consumer credit report)

Use of reloadable cards surging among millennials -- Ownership of of general-purpose, reloadable cards climbed 11 percent from 2011 to 2013 among younger adults, a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia finds ... (See Millennials and prepaid cards)

Currency changes to aid blind slow to take shape -- New technology and phone apps have made it easier for blind consumers to discern cash, despite delays in physically changing the currency ... (See Blind)

6 steps to using credit cards to manage caregiving costs -- When it comes to managing caregiving costs for a loved one among family members, credit cards can help, but only if everyone plays by the rules ... (See Caregiver)

Poll: Many cardholders will avoid stores hit by data breaches -- As retail data breaches become more common, nearly half of 985 U.S. cardholders polled by say they're likely this holiday season to avoid stores that have been hit ... (See Breach poll)

Retail cards, the Rodney Dangerfields of credit, deserve respect -- Store cards get a bad rap. But closing even an unused retail card can hurt credit utilization and lower your credit score ... (See Retail cards)

Credit card interest rates hold steady at 15.07 percent -- Oct. 15, 2014: Average rates on new card offers didn't budge this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report ... (See Rate report)

7 tricks retailers use to get you to spend more -- Learn how to break the spell retailers cast through tricks such as 'nibbling,' end-cap enticements, overly familiar salespeople and 'specials' that aren't ... (See Retail tricks)

Your rights if a merchant charges you but delays shipping -- You ordered your item and your card was charged, but the merchant takes forever to ship. Do you have any rights to demand faster shipping? ... (See Delayed shipping)

Using rewards to buy a new car -- Some credit cards earn you rewards that can be used as an auto down payment, but consider alternatives such as cash-back cards, too ... (See Down payment rewards)

Buy now, pay forever: Beware negative option plans -- Free trials that aren't free, automatic renewals and other types of "negative option" offers that end up on charging your credit card ... (See Negative options)

Small businesses slow in converting to EMV card readers -- With a year to go before retailers hit a major deadline for upgrading their credit card machines, experts warn that many are unlikely to complete the switch in time. As a result, they may find themselves suddenly liable for card-related fraud ... (See EMV)

Retailers roll out layaway plans early for 2014 holidays -- Holiday layaway programs are popping up earlier every year. Some retailers are even moving layaway online to vie for consumer business ... (See Layaway 2014)

6 ways to thwart pickpockets -- Cybercriminals and data breaches get all the headlines today, but don't forget low-tech, fast-fingered pickpockets are still out there, blending in the crowd, eager to snatch your wallet ... (See Pickpockets)

Don't be 'breakage' -- 7 tips to avoid losing gift card value -- About $1 billion worth of gift cards will go unused in 2014. The industry calls that lost value "breakage" or "spillage" and it means big profits for them and lost money for you ... (See Breakage)

6 ways to outsmart data brokers -- You can't stop data brokers from harvesting information on what you buy, how much you make and even how healthy you are. But you can limit what they see ... (See Data)

Buying a car with a credit card often an uphill fight -- Using a credit card to buy a car could give you consumer protections and perks. But most dealers hate the fees that go with accepting plastic, so you might have to wheel and deal ... (See Buying a car on credit card)

Renting a car? Know whether your card adds insurance -- Renting a car can put your credit card benefits into play, but only if you know what's covered and avoid the exclusions ... (See Insurance)

Maxed out cards? Don't open another one -- She's maxed out five credit cards and can't pay what she owes on them, but asks if it's OK if she can use the new credit card she got ... (See Maxed out)

Understanding credit limits and how they work -- Understanding how charging and repayments work with your first card can save you from financial headaches in the future ... (See Credit limits)

2014 retail credit card survey data -- Compare interest rates, rewards and more from this detailed comparison of 61 cards issued by 36 retailers. Part of's 2014 Retail Store Card Survey ... (See Retail card data)

Retail card survey 2014: APRs higher, rewards complicated -- The cost of borrowing from your favorite retailer has gone up: The average APR on the credit cards from America's largest retailers has climbed more than 2 percentage points to 23.23 percent, according a new survey. ... (See 2014 retail card survey)

Did Macy's ruin my credit when it closed, reopened my card account? -- A shopper is concerned that her credit score is ruined when Macy's closed her old card after issuing her a new one. Don't worry, Sally says ... (See Closed credit card)

6 strategies to fight 'frugal fatigue' -- When penny pinching starts to hurt, "frugal fatigue" can set in. Here are six strategies to keep your savings on track ... (See Frugal fatigue)

Poll: Americans say they are careful with money -- While Americans say they are careful with their money, they are also saying they have bought more at the store than they meant to ... (See Saving money)

How America pays: Fed study paints big picture of card trends -- How many credit cards are there? How many debit cards? How many checks do we write? The Federal Reserve's new payments study paints a statistical portrait of how we spend ... (See Payments study)

Study: Data breaches pose a greater risk -- It used to be that just 1 in 9 victims of a data breach had the hacked info used against them. Now the odds are 1 in 3, says a new study ... (See Breach)

Anatomy of a credit card -- With the coming of chip cards, the anatomy of a credit card has become even more crowded. Do you know what all the parts are and what they do? ... (See Card anatomy)

How Sam's Club card changes affect business users -- As Sam's Club is transitioning to a new card with new cash-back rewards, it's time for businesses to look at whether to stick with them ... (See Business cash back)

8 FAQs about EMV credit cards -- The way you use a credit card is changing as the U.S. catches up with the rest of the world and moves to cards. Here, in Q&A format, is what you need to know about the transition ... (See EMV FAQ)

Fed: Card balances extend growth -- Balances on credit cards grew again in May, extending April's record-setting surge, the Federal Reserve said ... (See Consumer credit report, July 8, 2014)

Is a smart-chip card needed when I travel to Europe? -- European countries added EMV chips to credit cards years ago. U.S. issuers are just now catching up with the anti-fraud technology. But is an EMV card a must for European travel? ... (See Chip card)

Do predictive scores violate your privacy? -- Marketers are combining vast stores of data into predictive scores that help them decide what offers you see -- to the concern of privacy advocates ... (See Predictive scores)

P.F. Chang's goes old school to combat fraud -- P.F. Chang's China Bistro restaurants in the U.S. have dusted off old-school manual card readers to use while the chain investigates a potentially large-scale data breach ... (See P.F. Chang's)

Can businesses charge large test payments? -- Gas stations and restaurants add temporary "holds" on credit card bills until they know the final balance, but other merchants should avoid this tactic ... (See Test charges)

Lower credit limit surprise nearly spoils a sale -- The checkout counter is a bad place to find out your card's credit limit has been dropped to $100. Good payment habits should prevent such surprises ... (See Credit limit)

Kit Yarrow Q & A: Decoding the hidden cues that make you buy -- Retailers use many cues to lure consumers into buying items. In her book, 'Decoding the New Consumer Mind,' psychologist and consumer researcher Kit Yarrow reveals how to find these budget bombs ... (See Decoding)

Wal-Mart store card switch gives consumers reason to compare -- If you're a Wal-Mart or Sam's Club co-branded credit card holder, you're about to get a new credit card -- and with it comes a new reason to check up on the benefits of holding a co-branded card. ... (See Wal-Mart card switch)

YOLO: When is it OK to splurge? -- You max out your 401(k), never carry a card balance and have an emergency fund. When is it OK to blow the budget on a you-only-live-once moment? ... (See YOLO)

Secure, or not? Assess the risk before sending credit card info -- We asked Internet security experts to rate the common methods of sending credit card information to see which pose the greatest risks ... (See Data risk)

Healing your inner financial child -- If you’ve been struggling to break certain financial habits, the problem may not be your budget, but rather your childhood ... (See Habits)

Does more 'stuff' really make you happy? -- Buying stuff gives you a quick high, but that doesn't last for long, says "Stuffocation" author James Wallman. By focusing your time and money resources on experiences instead, you’ll find joy while also avoiding depressing debt. ... (See Stuff)

Who's responsible for kids' unauthorized card charges? -- You're not responsible for unauthorized purchases, but when the unauthorized purchaser is right under your own roof, things can get fuzzy ... (See Unauthorized kids)

9 signs your spouse is a financial bully -- Many couples argue over money, but what if your spouse takes away your credit cards or demands you turn over your paycheck? Watch out: you might be married to a financial bully ... (See Bully)

Too late for a refund? Return assistance programs may help -- Credit card return assistance programs extend the window for refunds on products you've bought with the card. But you'll find lots of exclusions in the fine print ... (See Return assistance)

Savings clubs: Not just for Christmas anymore -- Small banks and credit unions have extended the Christmas Club tradition to encourage savings for both good times and bad ... (See Savings clubs)

Poll: Who Americans blame for data breaches -- As data breaches mount and put personal information at risk, a poll finds most Americans lay the blame on laxness by retailers ... (See Data breach blame)

Surprise! Many credit card agreements allow repossession -- An analysis of the federal database of credit cards finds dozens include a 'security interest' clause that leaves the door open to the repo man ... (See Repossession)

Q&A with Dave Barry: A perpetual adolescent looks at parenting -- As his daughter matures, the comedy writer doesn't, but is thankful his wife can confront credit card-wielding parents of Bieber worshipers ... (See Dave Barry Q&A)

8 savvy habits of high-volume credit card users -- Some cardholders have learned how to charge and pay off massive sums on their credit cards while always coming out ahead. Here's what they're doing right ... (See Savvy habits)

Closing excess cards without hurting credit score -- With a wallet full of retail cards, just how do you go about closing the extraneous ones without incurring too much credit score damage? ... (See Closing cards)

The financial power of negative thinking -- Optimism may feel good, but pessimism is sometimes more helpful in building wealth. Here are six times it pays to have a more pessimistic financial outlook ... (See Negative thinking)

Infographic: What were 2013's biggest budget busters? -- For about one in five Americans, meals at restaurants were the biggest threat to their budgets in 2013, according to a survey ... (See Budget busters)

Eldar Shafir Q&A: Money worries lead to poor financial decisions -- Constant concern about money makes you prone to poor financial decisions, says "Scarcity" co-author Eldar Shafir ... (See Broke)

Curses! Foiled again! FBI warns of tinfoil 'feed horn' scheme -- Federal officials are warning merchants -- and credit card customers whose cards have been stolen -- of a new, decidedly low-tech scam called the "Feed Horn Scheme" ... (See Feed horn scam)

Video: How to use EMV smart chip credit cards -- U.S. financial institutions are finally issuing credit cards with EMV computer chips, which are widespread in other parts of the world. They promise to be more secure than traditional magnetic stripe cards ... (See EMV cards)

Data breach protection: 10 tips -- When your card data may have been stolen by hackers in a data breach, it's no time to panic, but do be vigilant and ready to take action if unauthorized charges show up ... (See Data breach protection)

3 ways to minimize holiday returns without losing customers -- A spate of post-holiday returns can make a real dent in your profits. There are ways for even small businesses to minimize returns without offending customers used to generous policies from retail giants ... (See Holiday returns)

Charity gift cards let recipient donate to favorite cause -- School a foreign student? Sure. Feed orphaned chimps? Of course. Support local artists? Why not. For a fee, charity gift cards let recipients choose a favorite cause to support ... (See Charity gift cards)

Former 'credit junkie' Beverly Harzog comes clean -- Personal finance expert Beverly Harzog unveils her secret addiction to credit in a new book, "Confessions of a Credit Junkie" ... (See Credit junkie)

Major retailers' return and receipt policies -- Our survey of 12 large retailers' policies regarding returning items without a receipt shows most allow it -- within limits ... (See Return policies at 12 major retailers)

Holiday card rewards 2013 -- If you want to save a little money while using credit cards at the holidays, card issuers have some deals for you ... (See Holiday rewards)

Infographic: 56 percent of parents willing to rack up holiday debt for kids -- Is that first post-holiday credit card statement worth it to see your kids' eyes light up at the spread under the tree? More than half of parents with kids under 18 say it is ... (See Holiday debt)

Mysterious 'Tips for Jesus' leaves behind enormous tips -- Wait staffs across the United States are hoping for a visit from an anonymous customer with a credit card and a taste for outrageous generosity ... (See Tips for Jesus)

Can retailers ask for ID with your credit card? -- If you have signed your card, you may not be required to show your ID to make a purchase ... (See ID requests)

Gift card scammers skirt security with new tricks -- With security surrounding gift cards improving, scammers are resorting to new tactics, including old-fashioned trickery and new technology ... (See Scams)

Credit card perks can save you cash this Christmas -- From special rewards rates to price protection programs, a number of credit card perks can smooth your holiday shopping ... (See Holiday perks)

Using gift card exchange sites to stretch your holiday budget -- Gift cards have become so popular that a secondary market is booming. While you probably wouldn't give mom a used sweater for the holidays, you might be able to save money by buying other people’s unwanted gift cards at a discount ... (See Discount gift cards)

No thanks; 12 gifts that cost too much to receive -- Tablet, iPhone, a new puppy? Sometimes your best intentions to fulfill your loved ones' wishes can end up costing them a lot more than what you intended ... (See Too-pricey gifts)

GAO: Information resellers quickly invading personal lives -- Data collectors know and resell your buying preferences, investments, ailments, favorite sports, hobbies and political leanings -- and need to be reined in, the government agency says in a report ... (See Information resellers)

Gift cards 2013: Reload, please -- Our exclusive survey of all the top gift card sellers shows this year's trend is that they'd really like you to get you to register your card and reload (and reload) it ... (See 2013 gift card survey)

Gift cards chart 2013 -- We've researched the terms and features of the cards of major banks and dozens of retailers to let you make a side-by-side comparison ... (See Gift card survey 2013 comparison chart)

8 creative ways to wrap gift cards -- Worried your gift card is too impersonal? With a little wit and a little inspiration, you can turn that shiny plastic into a whimsical gift ... (See Wrap gift cards)

Layaway 2013: Survives recession's end, but evolves -- Compare fees and policies for the old-fashioned holiday financial helper, which enjoyed a revival during the recession and shows every sign of sticking around ... (See Layaway)

2013 airline gift card comparison chart -- While most airlines offer gift cards, their terms and conditions vary. Make sure you know what you're getting before you buy ... (See Airline gift card)

Infographic: Young people more likely to freely swap plastic -- While older people are more likely to hold tight to their credit and debit cards, younger generations are more liberal about sharing them with others, a survey says ... (See Borrowing credit cards)

Beware: 7 retailer tricks that make you spend more -- From jumbo-sized carts to BOGO deals, retailers employ all sorts of tactics to nudge you into buying products that aren't on your list ... (See Retailer tricks)

Infographic: Preferred payment methods vary by location -- Buying groceries? You'll pay by debit card. Online? It's credit cards or PayPal. Grabbing a burger? You'll fork over cash, says a study of preferred payment methods ... (See Preferred payment methods)

3 ways to curb pre-holiday money stress -- Ah, the holidays. From Halloween to New Year's Eve, it's common to experience the financial freak out. Must you, though? No, say the experts ... (See Holiday spending)

Infographic: The cost of Halloween -- Those celebrating Halloween will spend an average of $107 this year. Our infographic shows the traditions and treats that will cost Americans an arm and a leg -- and perhaps various other body parts ... (See Halloween spending)

FTC to Aaron's: Shut down your rental computers' peephole webcams -- Consumers who rented Aaron's Inc. computers were subject to a nasty privacy invasion: spyware that captured their every activity at home, including what the FTC terms 'intimate activities' ... (See Spycams)

7 ways to prep for a lean holiday season -- Avoid buyer's remorse this season by checking out these expert tips for keeping your spending frugal but festive ... (See Holiday spending)

Becoming disloyal: 6 reasons to quit a loyalty program -- Yes, you love your perks and discounts, but at some point, your loyalty may cost you too much time and headaches to be worthwhile ... (See Loyalty programs)

Controversy erupts over credit card payments for guns -- A credit card processing company's decision to stop authorizing legal gun sales from a large North Carolina gun shop has ignited a full-bore controversy over firearms and freedom ... (See Guns)

Will closing a new, unused card hurt my score? -- If you just got new plastic, but a more attractive offer comes in the mail, would it be OK to cancel the first card and apply for the second? ... (See New card)

Options for accepting overseas payments expand for small business -- It's easier than ever to expand your business by pursuing international customers. But accepting payments is sometimes a hitch. New services -- as well as old standbys -- can help you get paid ... (See Sales)

12 creepy details data collectors know about you -- Think you can keep your rendezvous to Montreal a secret between you and your sweetie? Not anymore. Personal data is no longer considered your own private business ... (See Data)

Fiancee leaves ex with big pre-wedding debts -- He gave her his credit card to buy a $3,600 dress and financed a $9,000 ring. Then she left the country, taking it all with her. What's a jilted lover to do? ... (See Wedding debt)

5 things people fail to budget for -- If you're constantly pulling out your credit card because you couldn't stick to your budget, your problem probably isn't willpower. You're overlooking key expenses ... (See Budget fails)

Better off broke: Why some choose poverty over wealth -- Not everyone craves a high-powered job, big house, luxury vacations and stockpiled cash. In fact, some prefer to both earn and spend far below their capability ... (See Broke)

When does a merchant account make financial sense? -- If you accept payments by credit card only occasionally, Square or PayPal are viable options, but above a certain sales volume, merchant accounts make sense ... (See Card payments)

Subprime borrowers have easier time getting car loans -- Unlike with credit cards, auto loans are becoming more available for borrowers with blemished credit ... (See Auto loans)

Are squiggly finger signatures legally binding? -- As more retailers move to hand-held payment systems, signing with your finger is the new norm. But is that squiggly, often illegible, scribble really legally binding? ... (See Finger signatures)

Rent-to-own vs. credit cards: Which costs less? -- What if you need a new TV, sofa or even a set of tires but you're broke? Do you turn to plastic or a rent-to-own store? Consumer advocates weigh in ... (See RTO)

Can a minor be sued for using an adult's credit card? -- When a young person is given an adult's card to make purchases, but then the adult cries foul and threatens to sue, is the child liable for the charges? ... (See Minor)

You can now #buy through social media -- but do you really want to? -- In-stream purchasing lets you buy products through social media by posting a simple hashtag or set of words. It's quick, convenient -- and potentially dangerous ... (See Social media)

Steps to protect finances of those with Alzheimer's -- If a loved one is having trouble remembering to pay the credit card bill or spending money recklessly as a result of Alzheimer's disease, there are steps you can take to protect his or her credit and financial security ... (See Alzheimer's and finances)

Can I impose a max on credit card customers? -- If your business sells high-ticket items, credit card swipe fees can add up. The law won't keeping you from imposing limits on card spend but consider other options before you take that route ... (See Limits)

Is sharing your credit card ever OK? -- Have you ever lent your credit card to a relative or friend to make a purchase on your behalf? Most times, these actions are harmless, but sometimes they can backfire ... (See Sharing credit cards)

Is a card account open if it isn't activated? -- If you apply for a card, get it in the mail and then choose not to activate it, does the account still get listed on your credit report? ... (See Unactivated card)

Many pay an unexpected price for deferred-interest deals -- About 1 in 5 people who sign up for deferred interest deals on big-ticket items actually wind up owing finance charges ... (See Deferred interest trap)

Deferred-interest, 0-percent financing 'deals' costly for many -- About 1 in 5 people who sign up for 0-percent, deferred interest deals wind up owing accumulated finance charges ... (See Deferred interest)

Survey: Card satisfaction hits 7-year high -- Though impenetrable financial terms and opaque rewards programs still plague cardholders, we are increasingly satisfied with our plastic ... (See J.D. Power)

Certegy fined $3.5 million for violating Fair Credit Reporting Act -- The FTC has accused credit reporting agency Certegy of maintaining and reporting inaccurate information about thousands of check-paying customers, resulting in a $3.5 million fine. ... (See Certegy)

What's the better hotel credit card -- Hyatt or Marriott? -- Choosing the best hotel card is a matter of weighing each card's perks against your travel needs, as evaluating the pros and cons of each is an apples-to-oranges comparison ... (See Hotel cards)

Infographic: Consumers cutting back -- but also spending more -- Consumers are pinching pennies when it comes to small purchases, while opening their wallets for bigger ones, according to July 2013 research from Harris Interactive ... (See Saving while spending)

Pay off card charges before bill arrives -- If you budgeted for an item you put on plastic, pay it off right away instead of waiting for the bill to arrive. That way, you'll reduce any interest adding to the balance ... (See Interest charges)

Using money to self-medicate? -- Fallen into the emotional money trap? Recognizing the feelings behind impulsive spending can help reduce excessive consumption ... (See Curb the splurge)

How 'mindfulness' can curb impulse spending -- By pausing to reflect, you can take a step back and make choices about what you're going to buy based on reason, rather than impulse ... (See Mindfulness)

Infographic: Early shoppers push up back-to-school season -- Families are getting an increasingly early start on back-to-school shopping, according to a survey from the National Retail Federation ... (See Back to school)

Summer vacation mistakes that can cost you -- Daydreaming about a lazy day at the beach? Just make sure you don't make a vacation planning mistake that could set your finances back for months to come ... (See Vacation mistakes)

Husband won't stop charging on joint card -- Sharing a joint credit card can be hard if one spouse uses the card too often and can't pay off the balance. Do they kill the card or get will that make things worse? ... (See Joint credit)

Tattoo debt: Body art can create red ink -- Tattoos can come with surprising costs, both on the front and the back end. The best artists aren't cheap, and the worst can produce pricey mistakes ... (See Tattoo debt)

Getting your deposit back when a company goes bankrupt -- Your catering company has gone belly-up just before your wedding, taking your deposit with it. All's not lost, if you used a credit card, but beware -- those refunds can be time-consuming and tricky to reclaim ... (See Post-bankruptcy deposit refunds)

Didn't make that donation to charity? Watch out for fraud -- If you see a small donation to a charity on your credit card but don't remember making the gift, you may be a victim of fraud. Small transactions like these are often tests to see if a stolen card number is working ... (See Charity donation scam)

Infographic: Those who don't haggle are missing out -- Although fewer than half of shoppers haggle, those who do are rewarded, according to a survey from Consumer Reports ... (See Haggling)

4 signs your teen isn't ready for credit cards -- Getting your teen behind the wheel of a car was scary enough, so do you think your kid is ready to handle the responsibility of a credit card? ... (See Teens and credit)

Groceries bought at Wal-Mart, Costco don't earn extra rewards -- Generally, processors do not count big-box stores (Target and Wal-Mart) or warehouse clubs (Costco) as grocery stores. If you do the bulk of your stocking up with those retailers, you'd be better off with a rewards card co-branded with one of them ... (See Rewards)

Are your finances ready for a 'babymoon'? -- Need a little alone time before that bundle of joy arrives? Time to start planning your "babymoon" -- just make sure you don't add to your stress by spending too much ... (See Babymoon planning)

Infographic: How we spend our gift cards -- Gift cards don’t tend to gather much dust in your wallet, according to a June 18 survey from the Retail Gift Card Association. ... (See Gift cards)

Stretching a food budget to the extreme -- Stretching out a food budget of only $100 to feed a family of three for a month will require you to admit you need help, and then throw every trick in the cookbook at the problem ... (See Extreme food budget stretching)

How to spend money to buy happiness -- "Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending" co-author Michael Norton says you can buy happiness if you know what to buy ... (See Happy Money)

A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables needn't eat up your budget -- Working more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet is healthy, but it need not be expensive, if you shop seasonally and buy carefully ... (See Frugal veggies)

Should you charge that new pet? -- Pet regret? If you put that new furry friend on plastic, you may be able to get a refund, but it all depends on exactly where you bought it and what went wrong ... (See Pets)

10 tips for having a frugal wedding -- Start by deciding on one or two items most important to you both. Splurge on those, scrimp on the rest and you'll avoid a runaway bridal budget ... (See Frugal wedding)

7 tips for saving time, money when shopping online -- As online shopping has evolved, so have the ways in which you can use the tool wisely. These seven tips will keep time on the clock and money in your wallet ... (See 7 online shopping tips)

Scared of Big Brother? Too late, says 'Big Data' co-author -- As more companies tap into the huge amounts of data to measure consumer behavior, "Big Data" co-author Viktor Mayer-Schonberger says it's not really a bad thing ... (See Big Data)

Will canceling cards hurt a great credit score? -- Her credit score is 790, but with seven credit cards open, she wonders if she can cancel some without hurting her score ... (See Canceling cards)

Getting your family to eat generic grocery store brands -- When your family already likes the taste of a name brand, switching to a generic store brand isn't easy. But with some sleuthing, you can improve your odds ... (See Store brands)

Late fees inflate balance of forgotten card -- She opened a card, charged $100 and then Hurricane Sandy hit and she forgot all about it. Now it's in a collector's hands and the balance is $300 ... (See Card default)

3 keys to successful yard sales: prepare, advertise, organize -- If If you just want to clean clutter, do the minimum. But to make above-average dough, you need to create a better-than-average yard sale ... (See Yard sale tips)

Infographic: Consumers prefer mobile banking to mobile payments -- Proponents of mobile payment technology tout the convenience of leaving your wallet at home. Yet, while consumers are eager to bank by phone, they're not sold on buying by phone ... (See Mobile payments)

6 wedding expenses you should put on your credit card -- Wedding-related mishaps can turn any mild-mannered bride into a bridezilla, but sometimes your credit card can come to the rescue ... (See Wedding)

9 tips for traveling with credit cards -- There's more to smooth travel than just keeping your cards working. Here are 10 tips to make your travels with plastic cheaper, easier and more enjoyable ... (See Traveling with credit)

Frugal freezer tips for proper meat storage -- Buying meat in bulk and freezing it can save you hundreds of dollars in food costs, but beware the dreaded freezer burn. Here's how to avoid ite ... (See Freezing meat)

Vacay layaway: Pay now, enjoy later plans spread to vacations -- Cruises, airlines and travel agencies turn to layaway financing options so dreams of faraway places can come true, debt-free ... (See Vaction layaway)

11 hidden credit card perks -- The phrase "credit card fine print" is usually associated with unpleasant, expensive gotchas, but these hidden surprises bring good news to your wallet ... (See 11 credit card perks)

'Pound Foolish' author Helaine Olen takes on personal finance 'gurus' -- In her book, the self-confessed former money dummy skewers the dispensers of personal finance advice for their ill-fitting generic "wisdom" ... (See Helaine Olen)

Compare credit card extended product warranties -- Most credit cards offer to extend manufacturers' warranties, but you'll have to meet a laundry list of requirements to qualify. (Hint: Keep receipts.) ... (See Extended warranties)

Tips for setting up a teen's clothing allowance -- With their own allowances, teens make their own choices -- and some will be doozies -- but you'll reduce friction and sneak in a financial lesson or two ... (See Teen allowance)

American, US Airways merger could launch credit card battle -- While American Airlines and US Airways struck notes of love and harmony when announcing their merger, the union could set up a battle between two major banks over who can offer credit cards to customers of the world’s largest airline ... (See Airline merger rewards fallout)

13 inexpensive Valentine's Day ideas -- Popular culture invites you to judge your mate's devotion based on how much they spend. Consider these 13 ideas and avoid an unfrugal accident ... (See Valentine ideas)

How to boost rewards for Valentine's Day gifts -- If you play your credit cards right, you can score points from your honey and for yourself by using a rewards card running a Valentine's Day promotion ... (See Sweetheart deals)

BBB, NFL warn: Super Bowl scams can injure unwary 49er, Ravens fans -- This year's Super Bowl is a hot ticket, but the BBB and NFL merchants warn of rip-offs that can put a big hit on your wallet ... (See Beware Super scams)

How to keep the costs low on a kitchen remodeling -- This common home improvement job can be costly, so choose materials carefully and consider doing some of the job yourself ... (See Low-cost kitchen)

Credit card surcharges now allowed, but retailers hesitate -- A court settlement gives retailers the right to recover "swipe fees" by charging extra for credit card use starting Jan. 27, but will they? ... (See Credit card surcharges)

Infographic: Will credit card surcharges take hold in the U.S.? -- Australia's experience with credit card surcharges may hold some clues for what's in store for U.S. merchants and customers ... (See Surcharges)

Mmmm, cheap: Finding frugal food, recipes -- When you come home tired with hungry mouths to feed, it's easy to take the prepared meal route. A bit of research and planning will yield less costly and more healthy results ... (See Cheap food)

5 credit lessons all parents should teach their daughters -- Home schooling about credit is especially important for daughters, because women with low levels of financial literacy do worse with credit than their male counterparts. So teach these five lessons to your daughters before they leave home ... (See Teach your girls)

Couch worn out? Less expensive alternatives to buying a new sofa -- Is your old couch about to give up the ghost? From deep cleaning to slipcovers to reupholstering, you have options other than to buy another ... (See Replacing old sofa)

Please help me - I spent too much on Christmas -- She budgeted for holiday gifts, but went way over for the kids. And then, kablooey! There went the car, and here come the bills. Now what? ... (See Holiday budget blues)

Infographic: Gift cards seen as more valuable than higher-priced gifts -- Consumers place high value on the flexibility gift cards bring, according to a December 2012 survey by payment processing company First Data ... (See Gift cards)

How credit cards can improve daily deals -- Daily deal offers are getting a fresh boost from credit cards. Here are three ways the new combos make deal-snatching easier ... (See Better daily deals)

Using credit, debit instead of cash can make you fat -- Dieters, watch out: paying with plastic at the grocery store can make you more likely to load up your cart with donuts, ice cream, potato chips and other fattening foods ... (See Plastic versus cash)

Financial resolutions that stick -- Want to get your financial house in order in the new year? There are some tricks you can use to make sure you will achieve your goals this time around. ... (See Sticky money resolutions)

9 smartphone tips to ease holiday shopping stress -- Ease your holiday shopping experience by employing these handy dandy apps and tips that can save you time and money while preventing headaches ... (See 11 smartphone tips, apps)

Antidepressant use can spur spending sprees -- An unexpected and financially devastating side effect of antidepressants: irrational shopping sprees, gambling jaunts and reckless investments ... (See Antidepressants and spending)

Infographic: Holiday shoppers use rewards to travel, offset expenses -- The holidays can be an opportunity to rack up credit card rewards points, miles and cash back. So how will cardholders put their rewards to work after the holidays this year? ... (See Rewards)

12 ways to wrap gift cards -- With a little ingenuity and a few extra bucks, you can turn that 3-1/8x2-1/8 piece of plastic into a thoughtful and guaranteed-to-bring-a-smile present ... (See Gift cards)

Cards increase VIP experience programs -- Card companies are stepping up their special offers for cardholders, using their leverage as event sponsors to extend VIP-type perks to more mainstream customers ... (See VIP experiences)

Card issuers roll out special, limited-time offers for 2012 holiday season -- By knowing which card to use for which gift, holiday shoppers can stretch their budgets with these special, limited-time discounts and deals ... (See Holiday promotions)

7 money tips for stressed-out moms -- With seven of 10 moms feeling overwhelmed by financial burdens, some mother's little financial helpers can come to the rescue in relieving stress ... (See Mom money tips)

Chart: 2012 gift card survey -- A survey of the top 63 gift cards reveals a changing landscape as issuers and retailers cater to consumer demand ... (See Gift cards 2012)

2012 gift card survey -- Despite their reputation for being thoughtless gifts, gift cards continue to grow in popularity -- with many using them more as budgeting tools ... (See Gift card survey)

Which is best for holiday shopping: Layaway or credit cards? -- She wants to get a leg up on her holiday shopping, but wonders if layaway or using her credit card is a better choice ... (See Layaway or credit?)

When buying airline miles is worth the investment -- Buying airline miles usually doesn't pay off, but with some of the soon-to-expire deals, now could be a good time to top off your balance ... (See Buying miles)

Survey: Holiday budgets fall in popularity -- For the fourth year in a row, holiday shoppers are less likely to cut back spending or create a budget, a USAA survey finds ... (See Infographic: Holiday spending makes a comeback)

Lunch isn't free, but these tips can hold down its cost -- Invest in the right containers and plan ahead to avoid the dreaded 'sandwich burnout,' advises New Frugal You columnist Gary Foreman ... (See Cheap lunch ideas)

Charge-backs: How to win disputes over services you didn't receive -- There are steps to follow when disputing a charge on your credit card, including keeping a paper trail of receipts and promises made by merchants ... (See Credit card charge-backs)

Basic frequent flier perks shrinking as airlines push top-tier programs -- Airlines are now more interested in luring us to second-level elite status (50,000 EQMs), so they're taking some goodies away from base-level elite members ... (See Frequent flier perks)

4 ways your credit card can boost happiness -- If your credit card doesn't make you happy, you're not doing it right, says new research. So forget a big-screen TV; go for experiences ... (See Credit cards and happiness)

Using and signing spouse's credit card is fraud -- An ex-wife is saddled with the credit card debt that caused her divorce, but now her ex wants to sue her for fraud for using his credit cards ... (See Credit card fraud)

Thinking about getting a dog for Christmas? Consider all the costs -- Expect to pay $1,580 to pay for a dog's first-year costs, so be sure you can afford one before you get emotionally attached ... (See Pet care costs)

Debt-free makeovers: Beauty without breaking the bank -- Keeping up with the Kardashians as they get gorgeous is no frugal feat. While celebrities have deep pockets for tucks and tweaks, what's the average Josephine to do? ... (See Beauty and the bank)

4 ways your signature can cause financial trouble -- Chances are your spouse won't bust you for signing your name on a purchase using his card, but it's still illegal. And whatever you do, don't use red ink ... (See Don't sign that!)

How romance can ruin your finances -- Love is free, but sealing the deal may cost you. Know when the pursuit is hurting your bottom line and when it might be better to back off ... (See Love and money)

Cleaning up your credit score before a house purchase -- Forget the myth that no debt translates to a bad credit score. The fact is the less debt you have, the more a potential mortgage lender will like you ... (See FICO score)

Highest credit scores in Wisconsin, study says -- It seems the Midwest stayed strong during the economic downturn, but the credit scores of folks in the South leave something to be desired ... (See Credit scores by area)

Drunken shopping: How drinking can pickle your finances -- Buying under the influence, shopping after chardonnay or drunk shopping. No matter what you call it, shopping after sucking back some spirits can do a number on your budget ... (See Drunken shopping)

Your credit card purchase protection plan: Will it cover your loss? -- You drop your new Nexus in the tub or have your iPhone pilfered from your gym locker. Out of luck? Not if your credit card can reimburse you ... (See Purchase protection )

Spending now and saving later are the financial hallmarks of singles -- Singles have a buy-now-save-later attitude when it comes to spending, and although attitudes are tough to change, changes in how they go about spending could bring them financial stability ... (See Spending and singles)

Church treasurer seeks credit card for purchases -- Nonprofits can benefit from well-managed credit cards, but what type of plastic would serve those type of organizations best? ... (See Church credit card)

How to set prices on your craft and hobby creations -- How do you decide how much to charge for your crafts? First, decide if you want to treat that hobby as a business, or if you just want to have some fun ... (See Set hobby/craft prices)

Redeem reward miles for in-flight meals and entertainment? McCarthy -- Some travelers would rather fly more comfortably than more often. Can they use accumulated miles for in-flight expenses such as food, movies and drinks? ... (See Miles as in-flight cash)

American shoppers emphatically say 'no' to credit card surcharges -- Nearly two in three Americans say they would stop using their credit cards if retailers start tacking on extra fees for paying with plastic, according to a new poll ... (See Credit card surcharges)

What is the credit score impact of canceling an unused credit card? -- A reader regrets that he opened a retail card and now wants to cancel it before he activates it. How much will that cancellation hurt his credit score? ... (See Cancel a credit card)

Credit card management 101 for new college students -- A high school student getting ready for college wants to know exactly how to manage her first credit card without getting into debt ... (See First credit card)

Million Dollar Listing's Josh Altman's reality check -- Reality TV Realtor Josh Altman shares his financial secrets for first-time homebuyers in a ever-changing real estate market ... (See Josh Altman)

'Upcycling' turns credit cards into jewelry, trash into fashion -- Sure, you've purchased jewelry with a card. But have you ever worn jewelry made from a card? If so, trendy one, you've discovered 'upcycling' ... (See Credit card fashion)

Congress probes whether data brokers invade consumers' privacy -- Congress and regulators are taking a look at data brokers and the privacy concerns raised by the huge volumes of consumer data they amass in the shadows ... (See Data brokers)

6 tips to keep your family from busting your budget -- You strive to stay on budget, but certain family members are always pressuring you to spend more than you have. What are your options? ... (See Money, family pressure)

How budgets fail (and how to make yours succeed) -- Attempts at budgeting flop because they're poorly designed, unrealistic or was a poor match for the person using it. But you can make yours work ... (See Budgeting)

Bad credit no longer keeping consumers out of the driver’s seat -- In the market for a new car but worry that your iffy credit score will put the brakes on getting a good deal? Take heart, a new report shows that you might be able to snag those keys after all. ... (See Bad credit car loans)

With six cards already in your wallet, would another one hurt? -- A 25-year-old with six credit cards in her wallet already wants to know if adding yet another card to the mix will help or hurt her credit score ... (See How many credit cards?)

8 ways to keep your cards safe during vacation travels -- Travel season is theft season, so here are eight ways to safeguard your cards from Australian spielers, German langfingers, Brazilian ladrãos or not-so-good ol' American crooks ... (See Keeping cards safe)

Renters' tips for reducing summer cooling bills: Gary Foreman -- Just because you don't own your home doesn't mean you have to swelter in your shelter. These tips will help you chill without big bills ... (See Renter's tips cool summer)

3 trends shaping today's rewards credit cards -- No doubt that there are lots of good deals on rewards cards out there, but resign yourself: Maximizing your payoff will take some work ... (See Rewards cards: 3 trends)

Turning miles into cash gains favor -- After years of talking about it, the credit card loyalty program industry is poised to launch several programs where rewards points can be converted into cash ... (See Cash for miles, points)

Q&A with Holly McCall, champion of the stay-at-home parent -- Turned down for a Target card because issuers cannot consider household income anymore, McCall got so mad she's campaigning for change ... (See Holly McCall)

Is it time to hire a daily money manager? -- Overweight? Hire a personal trainer. Dirty house? Get a cleaning service. But to whom do you turn to get a grip on overspending and debt? A daily money manager ... (See Daily money manager)

Gary Foreman: How to price garage sale items -- Pricing garage sale items isn't an exact science. But if you consult pricing guidelines, know your market and group like items together, you'll do well ... (See Pricing garage sale items)

The latest privacy invasion: retailer tracking -- Credit and debit card purchases leave a surprisingly detailed purchase trail. What can you do to protect your privacy? ... (See Consumer privacy)

6 reasons to avoid payday loans -- With all the bad press payday loans get, you'd think people would steer clear of them. But the lure of fast cash keeps them coming ... (See Payday loans)

Cathleen McCarthy: Is trading credit card reward points for product a good deal? -- Keeping up with rotating rewards points programs takes time and energy, so is buying stuff with your points instead a better option? ... (See Cashing in rewards points)

Survey: Costs of prepaid cards vary widely -- As more consumers turn to prepaid cards for budgeting and flexibility, our 2012 survey reveals that fees for these cards vary greatly ... (See 2012 prepaid card survey)

Q&A with Charles Duhigg: diagnosing, restructing bad money habits -- "The Power of Habit" author Charles Duhigg discovered surprising keys to permanently changing his life by diagnosing and reconstructing his habits ... (See Charles Duhigg)

Study: Women get stuck with higher credit card interest rates -- Women not only are more likely to carry a balance, but they're less likely to comparison shop for credit cards, says a study ... (See Credit card interest rates)

'Mad Men' money: Credit in the smoking era -- Inspired by the hit TV series, "Mad Men," to revive the three-martini lunch? Some ways of life in the midcentury were definitely healthier than others, including how consumers managed money and credit ... (See Mad Men money and credit)

Erica Sandberg: Rules for using your first credit card -- Your first credit card can be an opportunity to build good credit or create a financial disaster. Follow these guidelines and avoid getting in over your head ... (See First credit card)

How to combat 'financial cyberchondria' -- If your finances are floundering or your credit score is crashing, Twitter and Facebook could be to blame. Turns out reading tweets, Facebook status updates and Google+ posts can create a whole new kind of stress beyond 'is my former high school flame still single?' ... (See Financial cyberchondria)

Cathleen McCarthy: Is airport lounge access a true credit card perk? -- A newbie business traveler questions the value of airport lounge access if she decides to apply for a new frequent flier credit card ... (See Airport lounges)

More consumers ditch rewards, go with plain vanilla credit cards -- Basic credit cards won’t help you rack up free flights, wads of cash or gift cards. But new research shows they’re back in a big way, and they’re especially popular with young, financially savvy consumers ... (See Plain vanilla credit cards)

Convenience fees: When is it OK to charge extra to use a credit card? -- Paying with a credit card often yields rewards. But in certain situations those benefits come at a cost, not just through interest, but in the form of convenience fees ... (See Convenience fees)

4 ways to survive the Money Hunger Games -- Being a victor when it comes to money and credit management requires skill, maximizing your resources and playing to win ... (See Money Hunger Games)

Survey: We'll put refunds into savings, pay off debt, or buy electronics -- A survey says most of us will dutifully save this year's refunds or pay off debts, but another big chunk of us will head to the mall to satisfy our cravings for electronics ... (See Tax refunds)

Cathleen McCarthy: Do you lose rewards on returned purchases? -- You racked up a boatload of points on that new TV, but now you're having second thoughts? Be prepared for bad news ... (See Points and returned purchases)

High-tech ways to rent out your stuff -- You're happy to let your best friend borrow your mountain bike. But would you be willing to loan it out to a total stranger if you could make some money off the arrangement? ... (See High-tech rentals)

5 reasons you don't really want to win the lottery -- While it's fun to daydream about it, winning a lottery, fortune comes with risks, responsibilities and a flood of moochers, fakers and false friends ... (See Win the lottery? No thanks)

Credit cards' rate ranges make comparison shopping difficult -- Today's card offers have such wide APR ranges it's impossible to tell which rate you'll get and whether it's a good deal until the card arrives ... (See APR ranges)

Erica Sandberg: What to do when a family member uses your credit card without your permission -- When family members help themselves to your credit cards without your knowledge, you have every right to report that as a theft to the police ... (See Family credit card theft)

8 ways to save money without feeling (much) pain -- Unless your name is Trump or Kardashian, you're looking for ways to economize. These eight ways will trim costs without hacking away at your lifestyle ... (See 8 ways to save)

Gary Foreman: Buying a first band instrument? Think used to avoid the blues -- A child's first band instrument can change a life -- or drain a wallet if you pay top dollar for what turns out to be an adolescent's momentary whim ... (See Shopping for a first band instrument)

How credit cards can help -- or hurt -- you at tax time -- Are credit card rewards taxable? When should and shouldn't you put taxes on a card? Our tax package answers these questions and more ... (See Credit cards and taxes)

Cards with no foreign transaction fees surge -- Competing for well-heeled travelers, an increasing number of credit card issuers have reduced or even dropped foreign transaction fees ... (See Foreign transaction fees )

Gary Foreman: Follow the rules carefully to claim your rebate -- Consumer forgetfulness plus difficult forms mean half of all rebates go unclaImed, but if you're diligent, you can be on the 'good' half. ... (See Get your rebate)

Erica Sandberg: First credit card? Follow these best practices -- Managing your first credit card the right way can set the stage for building up great credit. Used wrongly and you may spend years fixing your mistakes ... (See First credit card)

Infographic: Mobile payments now widely accepted among retailers -- Mobile payments are now as widely accepted as online payments among the nation's top 10 retailers, according to a survey released in February 2012 by First Annapolis Consulting ... (See Mobile payments)

Infographic: The high cost of love -- When it comes to love, 2012 is going to be pricey and disappointing for many Americans. In a Valentine's Day-inspired survey, American Express looked at couples' spending habits and even their future plans for their relationships ... (See Cost of love)

9 things you should know about your credit card receipt -- They're those annoying scraps of paper that litter your purse or flutter from your wallet at inopportune moments, but receipts for credit card transactions are actually worth paying attention to ... (See Credit card receipts)

Gary Foreman: 8 questions to ask to make sure of wise buying decisions -- Ask these eight questions before you pull out your wallet and you'll be sure that you're buying the right thing at the right time at the right price ... (See 8 questions before buying)

Can your social network protect against fraud? -- Social network authentication -- it's the latest tool banks and merchants will be using to verify that you are who you really are before they hand over the goods ... (See Social network authentication)

5 holiday scams to watch out for this season -- You may be filled with a joyous spirit, but don't let your guard down. This is the high season for scammers, too ... (See Holiday scams)

14 fun credit card crafts -- from high art to kitsch -- If the exploding popularity of do-it-yourself craft blogs and sites such as Etsy and Pinterest is any indication, the world is DIY-crazed, furiously crafting objets d'art out of anything we can get our hands on -- and the credit card is no exception ... (See Credit card crafts)

6 credit mistakes that can ruin your holidays -- Credit cards can make holiday shopping a breeze. A few missteps, though, and that breeze can turn into a storm of financial headaches. Here are six credit slip-ups to avoid this holiday season ... (See Holiday credit mistakes)

Credit card concierges offer last-minute holiday shopping help -- If you’re panicking about how to finish your holiday shopping this year, help may be as close as your credit card concierge ... (See Card concierge holiday help)

How to save on debit card foreign transaction fees -- We've researched what each major debit card issuer charges in foreign transaction fees -- and give you tips for avoiding them ... (See Foreign transaction fees)

'Continuity billing' scams cause continuous credit card pain -- It's an increasingly common credit card scam: You agree to one small purchase and then get billed over and over ... (See Continuity billing scams)

8 wise ways to rack up rewards while holiday shopping -- Does racking up rewards while shopping for gifts make you naughty or nice? It depends on how you manage your spending ... (See Holiday shopping rewards)

Erica Sandberg: Choosing the right credit card for a new business -- Our expert outlines common money mistakes new business owners make when starting a new business on credit ... (See First business credit card)

Secrets of professional pickpocket Bob Arno -- Time magazine called Bob Arno the world's foremost expert on pickpocketing. Arno shares some secrets on how best to protect your wallet this holiday season ... (See Bob Arno)

Christmas clubs: Start saving now to avoid card debt next holiday -- These old-fashioned savings tools are still around at smaller banks and credit unions, and they can be a useful, fun part of an overall savings strategy ... (See Christmas clubs)

Gary Foreman: Broke? Bad credit? Recent bankruptcy? Say humbug to lousy holiday loans -- If you're recovering from hard times, don't succumb to the lousy loan choices you have available. Find frugal ways to enjoy the season ... (See Bad credit and holidays)

8 tips to keep your cards safe while shopping online -- There are a few Webby tricks to learn, but the basic ideas for shopping online safely are the same as at the mall: Keep your wallet safe, don't talk to strangers and stick to places you know and trust ... (See Online shopping safety tips)

2011 credit card holiday gift promotions -- If your gift list includes the promotional items offered by the card issuers, you could get discounts or boost your own rewards ... (See Special holiday bargains)

Chart: 2011 holiday credit card promotions, special deals -- This chart helps you find details of the special credit card promotions, special deals and bargains that seven major card issuers have offered for the 2011 holiday season ... (See Holiday credit card promotions)

Infographic: Americans to boost holiday spending, but do so wisely -- A November 2011 report says that Americans plan to ramp up their holiday spending nearly 20 percent from 2010. However, the report from American Express says that consumers also intend to be smarter about their purchases ... (See 2011 holiday spending)

Q&A with 'Smart Thinking' author Art Markman -- Art Markman, author of the upcoming 'Smart Thinking' and a psychology professor at the University of Texas, explains what psychology can teach us about making better personal financial decisions ... (See Art Markman)

More stores moving to digital receipts -- With the holidays approaching, more retailers are rolling out digital receipts in an attempt to streamline the inevitable glut of post-holiday returns. But not everyone is happy about it ... (See Digital receipts)

Bust a cheater by checking his (or her) card activity -- Sooner or later, most cheaters get caught, but not all are tripped by lipstick stains on collars, but their fishy charging and spending habits ... (See Credit cards and infidelity)

Gary Foreman: Beyond couponing - How big families can cut their food budgets -- A mother of a family of five who's already couponing wants to know how to trim her food budget further. Gary Foreman gives her an array of tips ... (See Big family food budgeting)

7 reasons why your next cellphone should have an NFC chip -- After years of promises, contactless mobile phone payment technology is finally here. Here’s why you might want it for your next -- or current -- smartphone ... (See Contactless payments)

10 creative ways to present gift cards -- Simplify your holiday gift shopping this year by dressing up a plain old gift card to give it that personal touch ... (See Wrapping gift cards)

Mobile gift cards: the 'cooler' gift card -- Mobile gift cards are the cooler, more sophisticated and smarter cousin to the plastic gift card -- and retailers are jumping on the bandwagon ... (See Mobile gift cards)

Gift card scams: How to spot them, how to avoid being a victim -- As gift cards have become popular, they've attracted the attention of unsavory characters who use both simple and complex techniques to drain their values ... (See Gift card scams)

Predictive analytics: Issuers' crystal ball into card spending patterns -- Card issuers turn to algorithms to determine if you are about to leave them or are having trouble paying your bills -- and allows them to step in to turn the tide ... (See Credit card predictive analytics)

10 things you can't (easily) buy with credit cards -- From mutual funds to lap dances, there are some things your credit card company just won't let you put on your plastic ... (See 10 things you can't buy with credit cards)

4 types of money pros: What they are, how to find the right one for you -- Most of the time, a do-it-yourself ethic is all you need to keep your finances in line. But even the smartest amateurs can use some expert advice from time to time ... (See Money professionals)

Gary Foreman: Why every student needs a bit of economics -- You may not become an economist, but everyone needs to have basic knowledge of how they spend today impacts their saving for tomorrow ... (See Economics and spending)

Busting 7 common credit myths -- These common credit myths can lead to the same financial mess you would have if you were to spend your life savings looking for the Loch Ness monster ... (See 7 common credit myths)

How financial troubles sometimes actually help relationships -- Sometimes it takes an extreme situation to bring people together -- an illness, accident or even an act of terrorism. But what about a financial crisis? ... (See Financial troubles and relationships)

Walmart continues layaway's revival, but will deferred gratification payment -- The layaway concept -- paying over time without incurring debt -- works in the current economic environment, but does it have lasting power? ... (See Layaway plans)

Buying online via credit card? FTC proposes quicker refunds -- Rules written before the Internet existed are due for an update, the agency says, including a change that will get credit card users faster refunds for merchandise ... (See Quicker credit card refunds)

9 ways to avoid debit card usage fees -- Experts say consumers can avoid paying big banks' new monthly debit card fees by switching to a smaller bank, using credit cards or mobile payments, or pulling out that old-fashioned green paper -- cash ... (See Debit card use fees)

QA with 'Frugalista' Natalie McNeal -- Single, 32, in serious debt and in a precarious job, blogger Natalie McNeal transformed her high-spending ways into a "frugalista" lifestyle ... (See Natalie McNeal)

MCC codes unveil consumer shopping habits -- Merchant Category Codes reveal where you use your plastic and are tracked by your card issuers. Want to keep your purchases secret? Use cash ... (See MCC codes)

How to avoid credit card security overkill -- While protecting your credit and money is important, it’s also possible to go to unnecessary extremes, causing undue stress and hypervigilance ... (See Security)

Reduce gas pump pain with retailer reward cards -- With consumers spending an ever-larger chunk of income on fuel, it helps to know that some grocers can lessen the pain with gas-incentive card programs ... (See Retailers' gas card rewards)

Refer-a-friend programs catch on for credit cards, prepaid cards -- Current customers, friends can get discounts for signing up, and some programs use social media to spread the word ... (See Refer-a-friend programs)

Sally Herigstad: When good gift cards go bad -- Retailers, like people, go bankrupt, leaving creditors holding the bag. So when it comes to gift cards, limiting your exposure may be best ... (See Gift cards and bankruptcy)

Buying airline miles: Is it worth the cost? -- The offers can be tempting: buying airline miles to boost your mileage account. But how do you know you're getting a good deal and not just adding to the airlines' bottom line? ... (See Buying airline miles)

A new fee for accessing your own money: Banks debut debit card activity fees -- Wells Fargo has sent notices to customers that starting Oct. 14, it will cost them $3 a month to use a debit card. The activity fees are a way for banks to recoup lost revenue from new caps on "swipe fees" ... (See $ fee for debit use)

5 places with the highest ATM fees -- Need cash and your bank's ATMs are nowhere to be found? If you're stuck in one of these places, be prepared to spend up to $20 for a withdrawal ... (See High ATM fees)

How to keep credit, debit card blocking from ruining your vacation -- Before you even pull the flip-flops out of your suitcase for your week of vacation, your available credit may appear as though you've already paid for the whole trip. Blame it on credit or debit card blocking ... (See Credit card blocking)

6 ways to cut groomsman costs -- Bridesmaids get all the press, but groomsmen rack up their fair share of financial burden -- anywhere from $500 to $1,500 or more. Follow these tips to help cut costs. ... (See Groomsman costs)

How to detect and prevent elderly financial abuse -- Tragically, there are those who take economic advantage of the elderly. Be aware of the warning signs and the profiles of these perpetrators ... (See Elderly financial abuse)

No more 'no receipt, no return'? -- In an era of paperless billing and smartphone payments, a paper receipt seems passe. While some companies embrace no-receipt returns, others staunchly hold to their “no receipt; no return” policies ... (See No-receipt return policies)

Mint bans $1 coin trick that let rewards credit card holders rack up big points -- A favorite frequent flier points-building scheme -- buying coins from the Mint on credit cards, returning the metal but pocketing rewards, is no longer allowed ... (See U.S. Mint)

What reality TV teaches us about credit and spending -- A slew of reality TV shows are tapping into our collective concern about saving money, spending it, turning clutter into cash and dealing with debt ... (See Reality TV money lessons)

Infographic: How much do you buy when you shop? -- More than 60 percent of shopping trips in the U.S. are made for small or immediate needs, according to a study from The Nielsen Company ... (See Shopping)

Toddlers, tiaras -- and debt: the costs of child beauty pageants -- Is your adorable child ready for the spotlight? Perhaps pageant life awaits, but be forewarned, overall costs of these beauty contests can be downright ugly ... (See Beauty pageant debt)

5 signs of a rip-off beauty pageant -- Not all beauty pageants are legitimate enterprises. Heed these 5 warning signs before you hand over big bucks for nothing in return ... (See Beauty pageant scams)

Gary Foreman: How to figure out how much rent you can afford -- Renting? The rule of thumb is spend no more than 33 percent of your after-tax income on housing; these money-saving tips will help you get there and into a home you can afford ... (See Renting: How much?)

Frugality's about value, not about being cheap -- For both practical and personal reasons, on some items, it's OK to go ahead and splurge ... (See Spend it, frugally)

Sally Herigstad: Stopping an adult daughter abusing mom's credit -- What steps do you take when your sibling won't stop racking up charges on your elderly mom's credit card without approval? ... (See Elderly abuse)

Pet debt: How animals cost you -- The cost of feeding and maintaining our beloved furry, feathered or other nonhuman friends can land pet owners in the financial doghouse ... (See Pet debt)

13 tips to cut your pet's veterinary bills -- Although your pet is precious to you, when it comes to veterinary services, don't let emotions blind you to costs. Comparison shop and ask questions ... (See Vet bills)

7 tips for managing your online spending -- From Amazon to Groupon offers, it is easier than ever before to inadvertently rack up big balances on your credit cards ... (See Managing online spending)

7 tips for maximizing use of a digital gift card -- The market for digital gift cards has tripled in three years. While similar to their plastic counterpart, there are some differences you need to be aware of ... (See Digital gift cards)

6 credit card problems that can ruin your summer vacation -- Here are some credit-related problems that can wreak havoc on your well-deserved holiday, and some tips on what you can do to avoid them, well before you board the plane or pull the car out of the garage. ... (See Summer vacation)

FTC: was $275 million ripoff. Site shuttered, multimillion dollar con alleged -- allegedly served as the enforcer for other dishonest websites in a multimillion dollar scam. Its business model: to shut up ripped-off credit card holders by threatening them with blacklistling ... (See BadCustomer, big scam)

Sign-up bonuses for rewards credit cards become more generous -- As cards make a comeback from the recession, issuers chasing new customers are becoming more generous with sign-up bonuses ... (See Reward card bonuses)

7 big post-divorce money mistakes -- Breaking up is not only hard to do, it can be brutal on your finances -- especially if you commit one of these big financial goof ups ... (See Divorce and money)

With all the airline fees, can you afford that 'free' flight? -- At last, you've earned enough frequent flier rewards for a free trip to your dream spot. But with all the fees, 'free' isn't what it used to be ... (See "Free" flight fees)

Credit card application rejected? 3 steps to getting next one approved -- Rejected for a new credit card? Take these steps to make sure that the next time you apply for new plastic you are approved ... (See Credit rejection)

Nontraditional ways to seek financial guidance -- At the end of your rope with money issues? Maybe you should turn to a psychic, hypnotist or kinesiologist to help you work through your hurdles ... (See Financial guidance)

5 mental money traps to avoid -- Turning your finances around is never easy, and these five mental money traps can keep you from making much progress ... (See Money traps)

Online layaway: Old-fashioned payment system gets new digital life -- During the recession, the old-fashioned concept of layaway came roaring back to life. Now it even has an online twist ... (See Online layaway)

6 steps to handle a sudden financial windfall -- While a surprise cash infusion is almost always welcomed, it raises questions about the most effective ways to use those funds ... (See Financial windfall)

Horsing around with credit card debt: a cautionary tale --'s Erica Sandberg relays a story about one memorable encounter she had as a credit counselor with someone who needed a reality check about her finances. See what you can learn from her story about Mary and her daughter's horse riding lessons ... (See Credit card debt)

7 questions to ask when choosing a secured credit card -- If you're shopping for a secured credit card, chances are you can't afford to make a mistake. These questions will help you find a good one ... (See Secured credit cards)

6 types of purchases you should always charge on your credit card -- There are times you shouldn't charge, but sometimes a credit card's features can save you a load of grief ... (See 6 times to always use a credit card)

What info can you be asked for when using a credit card? -- When you pay by credit card and a merchant asks you for personal information, do you have to show it? In most cases, no. In some instances, asking for personal information may violate store policy, credit card merchant agreements, and even state law. ... (See Personal info)

Travelers to U.S. may face credit card compatibility hurdles -- If European card issuers remove the magnetic stripe from their chip-and-PIN cards, then how would international travelers use their cards here? ... (See Chip-and-PIN cards)

Gary Foreman: With gas prices skyrocketing, will an electric car save money? -- Thinking about ditching your gas guzzler and going electric? Here's how to make a compare by calculating your overall cost per mile ... (See Buying a car)

What your dreams tell you about your money -- Money got you down? Don't be surprised if certain recurring themes show up in your dreams -- revealing increased levels of anxiety ... (See Money dreams)

Pull the plug to save some money on a little-used refrigerator -- A fridge is your most expensive appliance because it consumes a lot of power, but it's made to be turned on and off ... (See Appliance costs)

Play now, pay later: Sports teams, theme parks roll out payment plans -- Your favorite theme park or pro sports team wants you back, even if you have to pay for your fun over time ... (See Entertainment payment plans)

Gary Foreman: Want grocery store bargains? It's easy: Look high and low -- Grocery stores study their shoppers, so they know most customers grab first for the name brands at eye level. Want bargains? Look at the top and bottom shelves ... (See Grocery store bargains)

Money disorders: Financial enabling is help that hurts -- If you’re repeatedly giving money to an adult child, he may not be the only one with a problem. Part 2 of's series on money disorders ... (See Financial enabling)

Buying a car? Know your budget, save up, buy what you can afford -- Car shopping is the most fun, but it should be the final step. Knowing what you can afford (and not just the monthly payment) is the first ... (See Car-buying plan)

6 key questions to ask before buying an online coupon deal -- Hit the "buy" button too quickly, and deal-a-day websites can quickly turn into credit card debt. Ask yourself these six questions before you take the plunge ... (See Online coupons)

When being frugal becomes an obsession -- Do you or someone you know go beyond being a cheapskate? If so, you may have a money disorder -- one that financial therapists call “underspending” ... (See Money disorders)

Tipping your waiter or waitress? Ditch the credit card, pay with cash -- Although tipping with either cash or credit cards offers advantages, restaurant and hotel experts say that to make sure your generosity swiftly reaches its intended target, tip with cash ... (See Tips with cash)

Credit cards magnetic stripes get smarter -- The humble credit card is about to get smart with buttons and displays to keep you on a budget and protect you from fraud ... (See Magnetic stripes)

8 tips to stop banking app fraud -- Having an app from your bank on a smart phone or tablet computer is incredibly convenient, but is it safe? Learn how to protect your mobile device ... (See Mobile banking app tips)

How your girlfriends can ruin your credit -- Advice from gal pals is a good thing, but maybe not so much if they encourage you to spend yourself into debt ... (See Friends and your credit)

Medical marijuana sellers can't take their 420 money to the bank -- Pot merchants, selling legally under state laws, are shunned by major credit card banks, but a few entrepreneurs see a budding opportunity ... (See Medical marijuana: 420 money is shunned by banks)

3 options for dealing with the February financial freak-out -- February is often the month of reckoning for people losing their grip on credit card debt: Your January bill may have been bloated with holiday spending and debt realities ignored during the holidays are emerging. So where do you turn first? ... (See February financial freak-out)

How much it costs to attend Super Bowl XLV -- You won't see any credit card Super Bowl ads in 2011, but they'll be everywhere -- mainly because it costs so much you couldn't carry enough cash ... (See Super Bowl XLV prices)

Cookies and credit: Card issuers watch how you shop for credit cards, customize offers -- Shopping online for a credit card? Some issuers have begun to use high-tech marketing techniques to vary their offers based on what they think they know about you from your online behavior ... (See Card issuers' online techniques)

6 expenses you should never put on a credit card -- There are some things experts say you should never put on a credit card -- because they're frivolous, can land you deep in debt or because there's a better alternative ... (See Things not to charge)

QA: Liz Weston's new money commandments -- To help consumers navigate through this new financial climate, money expert Liz Weston talks about her new book, “The 10 Commandments of Money: Survive and Thrive in the New Economy.” ... (See Liz Weston)

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Prepaid city cards boost 'shop local' campaigns -- The introduction of "city cards" boosts support and shopping for town and cities who want to keep more dollars local ... (See Prepaid city cards)

Careless-spending celebrities lose sympathy with American public -- High-spending celebrities take note: If you’re in debt because of your poor money choices, don’t look for much empathy from the rest of us. ... (See Celebrity spending)

6 ways you can still enjoy unwanted gift cards -- Your friend, co-worker or loved one had the best of intentions, but they gave you gift cards you don't want. Smile, say thank you -- and then try these methods for getting something else with them ... (See Unwanted gift cards)

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11 buying, spending tips:: Your holiday credit card self-defense guide -- If you don't do your homework and take the time to protect yourself -- not just from fraudsters, but from yourself and your own compulsions -- your holiday bills could go sky-high. These 11 tips can help ... (See Holiday credit card shopping)

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Retail credit cards 2010: Higher APRs, reduced rewards -- 2010 was not kind to retail credit cardholders. However, as the economy stabilizes, relief from higher APRs could be in the cards. ... (See Retail credit cards)

Going mobile to make payments? You could be losing protection of consumer laws -- When it comes to mobile commerce, all payment methods are not created equal. Transactions linked to prepaid cards offer the least protection against unauthorized use and billing disputes ... (See Mobile payment protections)

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Credit card lending standards loosen for 1st time in 3 years -- It got easier to get a credit card in the second quarter of 2010, according to data released by the Federal Reserve on Monday ... (See Survey)

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Bill allowing online gambling - but not by credit card - passes House test -- Online gambling may make a comeback: A law that would permit it passed a House panel, but credit cards are still barred from the poker table ... (See Online gambling bill)

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How to find your credit card security code -- Every credit card has a card security code printed on it. It may be called a CSC, a card verification value (CVV or CV2), card verification code (CVC) or card code verification (CCV), but you need to know what -- and more importantly, where -- it is ... (See Security code)

Credit lessons from the soap operas: One Life to Live -- Part I: You only have 'One Life to Live,' so don't share money with an evil twin - you know, the one who's always spending your money ... (See Credit lessons from soap operas: 'One Life to Live')

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Credit card charge-backs can land consumers on blacklist -- A customer database servicing retailers is blacklisting consumers seeking charge-backs for credit card purchases. ... (See Blacklist)

Look to credit reports to understand loan denials -- A reader wondering why he was rejected for a credit card loan should turn to his credit report to understand why the lender made the move ... (See Credit reports)

Debit card rewards offers grow in diversity, not so much in generosity -- Though their rewards remain meager compared those of credit cards, debit rewards grow in popularity, type ... (See Debit rewards)

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Visa tackles deceptive online 'data pass' marketing -- In an effort to tone down aggressive sales tactics used by some Internet-based businesses, Visa announced it will require its merchants to more actively warn their customers of external offers made during online transactions ... (See Data pass tactics)

Blippy's blooper: Social networking site leaks consumers' card data -- The social networking site's goof rekindles a debate over how much private data should be public ... (See Credit card data breach)

Credit card industry searches in vain for a 'green' card to replace PVC plastic -- Roughly 6 billion credit cards are produced each year by card manufacturers worldwide. Can they be made from something besides plastic? ... (See Green cards)

5 Earth-friendly credit card moves you can make now -- You may not be able to immediately ditch your plastic card, but there are several moves you can make to soften its eco-impact ... (See Eco-friendly credit card moves)

Travelers checks decline in use: Most leave home without them -- Once you wouldn't leave home without travelers checks. Now they're fading from use ... (See Travelers checks)

DIY, credit card style: Issuers roll out 'do it yourself' cards -- More companies are rolling out tools on the Internet that give consumers greater control over the features of their cards ... (See DIY cards)

8 crafty ways to recycle, reuse old credit cards -- Don't want to clutter a landfill with all of the plastic in your wallet? Turn your old, expired cards into clever new creations ... (See Card crafts)

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Lost your credit card? Your credit report can help -- If you lose all your information about one of your credit cards, don't panic. All the answers you need likely can easily be found in your credit report. ... (See Lost credit card)

Gift card rules mean fewer fees, more time to use cards -- Concerned that your old gift cards may become little more than worthless plastic before you get the chance to use them? Exhale. That's much less likely than it used to be. ... (See Gift card rules)

10 places NOT to use your debit card -- They may look just like credit cards, but debit cards have different protections and uses. Sometimes they're not the best choice ... (See 10 places NOT to use your debit card)

Consumers shying away from credit cards when shopping online -- The poor economy and consumers' growing aversion to carrying large credit card balances may be why more alternative forms of payment are being used for online purchases. ... (See Shop online)

Chart: Compare credit cards' rental car insurance policies -- It's no longer wise to automatically refuse extra coverage at rental counter. This chart will help you compare policies among major card companies. ... (See Chart)

Don't always refuse rental car insurance coverage; credit card protections become iffy -- It used to be a no-brainer -- credit card holders refused costly additional insurance policies offered by car rental agencies. Now it's not: The rental agencies charge new fees and the card issuers' policies aren't uniform or universal. ... (See Car rental insurance)

Consumers gain right to dispute credit report errors directly with merchants -- As of the summer of 2010, if a merchant puts inaccurate information on your credit report, you can force them to investigate the problem. But you have to do it right ... (See Fix credit report errors)

Video: White House town hall on credit card reform -- Austan Goolsbee of the President's Council of Economic Advisers answered questions on Feb. 22 about credit card reform and what it means to you. The questions were both submitted live and in advance through ... (See Town hall)

Video: New card law changes relationship between colleges, issuers -- The Credit CARD Act changes the once-secret agreements between card issuers and colleges by requiring schools to report any deals they make with card companies to the Federal Reserve Board. ... (See Campus)

No payments, no interest -- not anymore! -- Traditional 'no interest, no payment' plans are going the way of the cassette tape, done in by a change in federal law that went into effect Feb. 22, 2010 ... (See Interest)

Video: Big changes coming to bad-credit credit cards -- The new credit card law -- much of which takes effect on Feb. 22 -- has provisions that protect people with bad credit. Specifically, the law limits fees on subprime credit cards. What other changes will the law bring for those with poor credit? ... (See Bad credit)

White House to answer consumer questions about Credit CARD Act -- The White House will answer Americans' questions about the new credit card reform law during a live online town hall at 2 p.m. EST Feb. 22. ... (See White House credit card town hall)

Video: 5 smart moves to make before Feb. 22 -- Sweeping new credit card laws arrive on Feb. 22, 2010. But before that day, you might want to make one of these smart credit moves. ... (See Moves)

Visa expands 'no signature' credit card transactions program -- That once-familiar credit card ritual -- signing for your purchases -- will become a rarity for purchases under $25 once Visa expands its no-sign program in July. ... (See Credit card signatures)

5 dumbest money moves that love makes you do -- They can seem oh-so-right at the time, but these five financial blunders linger long after your other is no longer significant. ... (See Oops)

Tuning into your finances: How music impacts your money -- There's no denying music can rev up a workout routine, but did you know that music can have a significant impact on your finances, too? ... (See Tunes)

Credit card revenge spending: When love goes wrong, the hurt go shopping -- Getting burned by the one you love can inspire the desire to get back by charging up credit accounts. The ultimate cost, however, may be borne by you. ... (See Burned)

7 ways to protect against being a victim of credit card revenge -- Just suffered a break-up from a revenge-seeking ex? Here's how to make sure your credit is safe. ... (See Revenge)

Poll: Americans grumpy after parking their plastic over the holiday -- The holiday shopping season was a grumpy affair for many Americans who were struggling to downsize their credit card debt ... (See Poll)

Choose a credit card that matches your life stage -- Your finances change as you march through stages of life; shouldn't your credit card choice change, too? ... (See Life)

Credit card penalty rates can top 30 percent; how to avoid them -- Think it costs a lot to use your credit card now? Make a late payment and your interest rate could jump to more than 30 percent. ... (See Rates)

Lee Eisenberg, author of 'Shoptimism' on why we shop -- Cheer up, says Lee Eisenberg, author of 'Shoptimism,' a new book on why we shop. Americans are going to shop our way back to prosperity just as we have for centuries. ... (See Shopping)

Credit card reform arrives in the form of the Credit CARD Act -- The most sweeping credit card changes ever are being imposed on credit card issuers, which in the course of complying, are making dramatic changes in consumers' credit card accounts -- not all of them welcome ... (See Credit card reform law goes in effect)

Take steps to prevent bipolar card splurges -- One of the symptoms of bipolar disorder can be overspending. To prevent rampant shopping, there are obstacles you can set up to derail your urge to splurge. ... (See Bipolar)

How the Credit CARD Act affects gift cards -- Americans -- and retailers -- have grown to love the convenience of gift cards. Their terms have not always been consumer-friendly, though, and the law takes aim at some of them. ... (See Credit CARD Act of 2009)

Interest rates keep rising as credit card reform looms -- As new credit card legislation draws closer, interest rates continue to rise, according to's Weekly Rate Report. ... (See Credit card interest rates)

New credit card fee: Pay $1 to get your own monthly billing statement -- Pay a buck to get a bill sent to you? That's what users of credit cards from Ann Taylor, Victoria's Secret, Beall's and some 90 other retailers will have do. ... (See $1)

Think twice before lending your credit card -- or it will cost you big -- If you let someone -- such as your underage daughter -- borrow your credit card, watch their spending carefully. If they go overboard, you're likely responsible. ... (See Beware)

Bulk up your thin credit in 4 easy steps -- When getting started with credit, the key is to start small, then build up gradually over time. These four easy steps can get you on your way. ... (See Thin credit)

Fed report: Credit card balances plummet by nearly $14 billion -- Americans dumped a record $14 billion in credit card debt in November, according to Federal Reserve data, and experts say the debt shedding won't end anytime soon. ... (See G.19)

Cleaning up holiday credit card mess -- The fun's over. Come January, that holiday joy turns into debt regret. It's important to shed this debt quickly, and to learn how to prevent the same troubles next year. ... (See Mess)

Personal finance predictions for 2010: Your credit card -- Expect dramatic change in an industry roiled by recession, reform. Whether the net is good for consumers is unclear. ... (See personal finance)

Personal finance predictions for 2010: consumer spending -- In experts' views, the worst of the recession is behind us. But so, too, is America's nonchalance toward spending willy-nilly. ... (See Predictions)

Personal finance predictions for 2010: Your debit card -- As credit cards continue to retreat, debit cards will evolve, advance ... (See personal finance debit card)

Giving charity gift cards? Mind the fine print -- Whether you're looking for a tax write-off, a meaningful gift for a loved one or just a way to do a good deed, you may want to consider a charity gift card. But be warned: These cards' fine print can hold terms that are, well, less than charitable. ... (See Charity cards)

Personal finance predictions for 2010: Rewards cards -- For years, card companies footed the bill for these expensive programs. In 2010, rewards will go on a diet of fees and frugality. ... (See personal finance reward cards)

Personal finance predictions for 2010: Phones become payment tools -- We may look back on 2010 as the year our cell phone became a pay phone. ... (See personal finance phone payments)

Personal finance predictions for 2010: Your paycheck -- One day, perhaps this year, your paycheck may disappear -- replaced by a prepaid card. ... (See Predictions)

Personal finance predictions for 2010: Housing's comeback -- Delinquencies predicted to level off, finally ending the bleeding that took us into a steep recession. ... (See personal finance housing)

Personal finance predictions for 2010: Your mail -- Credit card offers fell precipitously in the recession, but experts see a renewed flow in 2010. ... (See Predictions)

Personal finance predictions for 2010: ID theft -- Like wolves to injured prey, identity thieves are out to turn the recession struggles of average Americans to their own advantage. ... (See personal finance ID Theft)

Personal finance predictions for 2010: Your kids -- The CARD Act crackdown on campus card promotions will likely have a chilling effect on how young adults obtain credit. ... (See Predictions)

Keeping New Year's resolutions: experts' tips -- Three in four Americans will make a financial-related New Year's resolution for 2010, a survey says. But will they keep it? We speak with four experts who offer tips for making -- and sticking to -- your goals for the new year. ... (See 2010)

Instant in-store credit card offers in jeopardy -- Retailers say instant credit card offers won't be possible if consumers have to provide paycheck stubs or other income information at the cash register. ... (See Instant cards)

Adult son racks up $20,000 on mom's cards -- When an adult child abuses a parent's trust and charges more than $20,000 on joint cards, it's time to get tough and start selling his stuff. ... (See $20,000)

Don't be 'breakage' -- Tips to avoid losing gift card value -- About $1 billion worth of gift cards will go unused in 2014. The industry calls that lost value "breakage" or "spillage" and it means big profits for them and lost money for you ... (See Breakage)

Tori Spelling, Ed McMahon, Kim Kardashian, Courtney Love: Celebrity credit card lessons -- If we had the kind of money celebrities had, we'd do a better job managing our credit card debt, right? Judging by these celebrity credit card stories, maybe not. ... (See Lessons)

Frugality: Just a fad? Or will consumers keep saving after the recession? -- The tanking economy brought us recession chic. It became cool to clip coupons, throw potlucks and swap used items, but how long will it last? ... (See Spendthrifts)

Buyers' guide to gift cards: 5 questions to ask before buying -- Want to save money on gift card purchases? Ask yourself some key question and do a bit of homework; your extra effort can mean cash left over in your pocket. ... (See Gift card questions) survey: Retail credit cards boost rates, cut rewards -- Even more hard-hit than regular credit cards, retail cards are reducing reward programs and raising rates to compensate for their higher charge-off rates. ... (See survey) 2010 retail credit card chart: Compare interest rates, rewards -- The retail credit card landscape changed quite a bit from 2009 to 2010, with retailers boosting APRs on their credit cards and reducing rewards. ... (See Retail credit cards)

2009 retail credit card chart: Compare interest rates, rewards -- This year was tough for all credit card companies, but retail credit card issuers experienced greater losses than their general market counterparts. ... (See Retail credit cards)

Video: 3 fun ways to wrap a gift card -- Spice up those impersonal gift cards this holiday season with some fun, creative gift wrapping suggestions. Cynthia Drake with offers some inexpensive and easy ways to make those presents more exciting. ... (See Video)

2009 gift card comparison table -- Times are tough, but gift cards will continue to be a popular present during the 2009 holiday season. Use this chart to find the gift card that's best for you. ... (See Gift cards)

Identity theft booms, even as thieves rely on old-fashioned methods -- Identity theft is booming again for the first time in years, and fraudsters are staying old fashioned and opting to go after your wallet or laptop, insurance giant Travelers reported. ... (See identity theft)

How many credit cards do you need? There's no perfect answer -- There's no single, easy answer for how many credit cards someone should have. After all, It's not the number of cards you have, it's what you do with them that matters the most ... (See How many credit cards?)

Collectible gift cards can be both practical and fun -- Although the holidays this year are expected to be heavy on practical presents, giving gift cards can still be fun -- including those featuring 'Twilight' and 'Star Trek' themes. ... (See Robert Pattinson)

11 golden rules of practical gift card giving -- Pampering at the spa? Expensive round of golf? Out. Practical gifts are in this holiday season, and that goes for gift cards, too. ... (See Practical)

The high price of cash-advance convenience checks -- The checks put instant cash just a signature away, but convenience costs: Watch out for fees, high interest rates and ID thieves ... (See Convenience checks)

Avoid headaches with this 5-step plan for traveling with credit cards -- Most people don't consider their credit cards when they're traveling overseas. That's a mistake. These 5 steps will get you and your cards abroad and back safely. ... (See Travel)

6 ways to prevent bank overdraft fees -- Banks and credit unions collected nearly $24 billion in overdraft fees last year. Find out how you can help keep some of that money in your pocket. ... (See Overdraft tips)

Jon and Kate's 8 plus-size money mistakes -- The paparazzi-pursued loco parental units of reality TV, the Gosselins, set an example, say money experts -- of what NOT to do financially. ... (See Plus-size mistakes)

10 flu-fighting credit card tips -- Cards can carry germs, but with these precautions, you can be an inhospitable host for flu and other bugs. ... (See 10 tips)

Getting an iPhone, other fancy cell phone? Mind that other number: your credit score -- If you want to get the latest iPhone or other fancy cell phone, you may find your credit score is a key number. A bad one turns your phone into an expensive connection. ... (See Dialing dollars)'s guide to online holiday shopping 2009 -- The sour economy will push more people online to do their shopping this year; these steps will help keep your experience free of cybergrinches. ... (See Shopping)

As Americans tighten their belts, they adjust attitudes toward credit -- If buying on credit today were a card game, it would be Texas Hold 'Em. Consumers keep their credit cards close to their vests, leaving merchants to wonder if the newfound frugality is a fad or a bluff. ... (See Consumers)

Study: Consumers get more frugal, practical with buying gift cards -- Even though more consumers are purchasing gift cards this year, they're being purchased in smaller amounts and used for more practical items, a new study reveals. ... (See Gift cards)

States with laws requiring consumer notification of ID theft -- Until recently, if ID thieves stole your credit card data, you were kept in the dark. But a host of new state laws force firms to reveal what they used to keep secret ... (See Data breach notification)

Piggybacking, meant to jump-start credit, can backfire -- Becoming an authorized user on a parent, guardian or other adult's credit card account can have pitfalls as well as rewards ... (See Piggybacking)

Prepaid cards replace checks as rebate payment of choice -- The next time you're due a rebate or refund, don't expect to receive a paper check. An increasing number of stores and manufacturers are opting to issue prepaid debit cards instead, and some consumers aren't happy about it. ... (See Rebates)

Consumers expecting holiday season to be a bit jollier -- Though consumers are less anxious about the recession hampering holiday festivities, analysts expect most will attempt to keep spending in check. ... (See Spending)

Banks' checking and debit overdraft policies draw scrutiny -- Banking overdraft fees are the subject of studies and scrutiny as consumers, legislators and industry officials weigh in on the controversial practice. ... (See Fees)

Wealthiest consumers still unwilling to spend -- Americans are still hesitant to spend. Even consumers earning some of the highest incomes are unwilling to reopen their wallets. ... (See Consumer spending)

How cell phone technology is helping combat credit card fraud -- Mobile phone technology is fast becoming the latest crime-fighting tool against credit card fraud ... (See Mobile detective)

How to safely, securely destroy a credit card: 6 tips -- With credit card fraud and identity theft on the rise, a single scissor snip won't cut it anymore. ... (See Destroy)

Consumer credit plunges record $21.5 billion in July -- Consumer debt fell by an unprecedented $21.5 billion in July, according to new Federal Reserve data, as consumers continued to shy away from borrowing in the recession. ... (See G.19)

Consumers' economic confidence grows, but nervousness lingers -- The latest Discover U.S. Spending Monitor survey says that although consumer economic confidence grew in August, more than half of consumers say they plan to cut back on unnecessary spending -- such as going out to dinner and movies -- in the month ahead. ... (See Confidence)

Study: Prepaid cards full of hidden dangers -- Though touted as a way to stay debt-free, the use of prepaid cards may subject consumers to high fees -- and the money may not be safe. ... (See Fees)

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Implantable credit card RFID chips: convenient, but creepy -- Forget the science of it -- and yes, it does work remarkably well. Forget the convenience of it. Forget that similar identifying technologies, from bar codes to mag stripes, overcame similar obstacles and are now ubiquitous. RFID implants face a hurdle the others did not: It's icky. ... (See RFID)

Americans rank high for credit card frugality -- Americans ranked highest among eight major countries in terms of limiting credit card purchases in an attempt to save. ... (See American thriftiness)

Do credit card rewards make people spend more? -- Study: The allure of credit card rewards is one contributing factor that may lead to increased card debt. ... (See Credit card rewards)

Study: Credit cards face bleak future -- New research indicates that consumers may never return to their old charging habits, jeopardizing the future of the credit card industry. ... (See Future)

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Most rental car companies accept debit cards, survey finds -- While it's easier to use a credit card than a debit card to rent a car, nearly all agencies allow debit, a survey shows. ... (See Rental cars)

Summary chart: Restrictions rental agencies impose to rent car with debit card -- Renting a car with no credit card? It can be done, but rental car agencies impose many restrictions and extra demands on debit card users. ... (See Car rentals)

Is your credit card making you sick? Swine (H1N1) flu germs and plastic -- It may not be just that late fee that's making you feel ill: Flu viruses can last for hours -- even weeks -- on plastic surfaces. ... (See Sick)

Personal loan vs. credit card cash advance to pay for wedding -- For one-time events such as a wedding, go with the loan -- the rates are usually much cheaper. ... (See Loan)

Shopping and credit cards: Don't let a convenience become a curse -- For some, a mall and a credit card are a financially toxic mix. It need not be so. These tips will help you become a savvier shopper -- and maybe even save some money. ... (See Shopping)

How to shop your way to a better credit score -- Credit card issuers increasingly use complicated formulas to analyze their cardholders' purchasing patterns for signs of increased risk. ... (See Score)

Credit card foreign transaction fees going up - but a few issuers drop them -- The general trend is up for foreign transaction fees, but a few issuers have bucked the trend and dropped the fee from top-end rewards cards ... (See Foreign transaction fees)

ATM provider releases list of safety tips -- ATM service provider PULSE released a list of tips for protecting customers while using debit cards at ATMS and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. ... (See ATM safety)

'Free trial' offers can bring unwanted credit card charges -- Ever fall for the "order now and receive a free trial offer" on the latest energy booster or anti-aging cream? You're not alone. Here's how to avoid getting scammed. ... (See Scams)

Study: Credit cards don't increase spending -- Paying with credit cards instead of cash may in fact not cause consumers to spend more, according to a new study from Carnegie Mellon University. The study goes against current popular theory that people who buy with plastic tend to overspend. ... (See Study)

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Your credit card has a carbon footprint -- A credit card's footprint is roughly the CO2 equivalent of five bank checks, 13 dollar bills -- or the gas to drive a Hummer 150 feet. ... (See Carbon)

If pandemic strikes, will banks, credit cards still work? -- If the swine flu goes pandemic, will your credit card issuer be ready? If it's not, it could mean empty ATMs, disrupted customer service and other such headaches for consumers. For banks, failure to prepare could mean losses of billions of dollars. ... (See Pandemic)

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Study: 'The war on phishing is far from over' -- More consumers were victims of phishing attacks in 2008 -- a 39.8 percent increase from a year earlier -- but the average amount lost decreased, according to a survey conducted by technology research company Gartner. ... (See Fraud)

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Ad campaign fights credit card interchange fees -- American households pay hundreds of dollars a year in hidden credit card fees called interchange fees each year, a practice that a business coalition has vowed to fight to eliminate. ... (See Interchange fee ads)

Heartland data breach damages still mounting -- More than two months after the announcement of the Heartland Payment Systems security breach, the processor has continued to draw fire from merchants and issuers. ... (See Breach)

Calling Dick Tracy: Credit card watches debut -- The wristwatch-credit card combo is fashionable, keeps good time and has a $10,000 credit limit. ... (See Watch)

Tricks and tips to keep frequent flier miles from expiring -- You don't have to book a ticket to keep your frequent flier miles from expiring -- you just have to shop. ... (See Expiration)

Credit card video: Holiday shopping tips -- As the holidays approach, there are many ways consumers can prepare for shopping. Before hitting the malls, beware of debt regret, don't forget buying options such as layaway and make sure you call your credit card company to find out what warranties you may already have ... (See Holiday shopping video)

Credit card biometrics making its way from the movies to the marketplace -- Credit cards with biometric security features may no longer be the stuff of spy movies, but a mainstream alternative to sloppy signatures and forgotten passwords. ... (See ID theft)

'Tokenization' touted as a new way to increase credit card data security -- Rather than spend more making credit card data hackproof, a new concept would prevent ID theft by never having merchants store the data in the first place. ... (See ID theft)

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Poll: Holiday spending less pleasant for consumers -- A new poll shows two out of five Americans report less pleasant holiday shopping than last year. ... (See Shopping)

Too much fast food can be hazardous to your credit -- No, where you eat doesn't have an impact on your credit score, but that's not the full story. While paying plastic for that Big Mac won't hurt your credit score, it might just make issuers think that you're a credit risk. ... (See Fast food)

How to replace a lost, stolen or unwanted gift card -- The reason so many of us love gift cards -- they're a lot like cash -- is also the reason they can be hard to replace when they're stolen or lost. ... (See Replacing lost/stolen gift cards)

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Card issuers, customers 'maxed-out' in frustrating holiday season -- Credit card issuers cutting credit lines. Cardholders strapped for cash. Both sides of the credit card equation are being squeezed, causing some uncomfortable situations at the cash register this holiday season. ... (See Maxed out)

Specialty gift cards and comparison chart -- Bird lover? Chocoholic? As a holiday gift-giver, it might be nice to give a specialty gift card that will encourage recipients to temporarily forgo frugality, despite the glum economy. ... (See Gifting)

Giving the gift of flight with airline gift cards -- Anyone considering giving an airline gift card should make sure all the terms and conditions won't prevent redemption ... (See Airline)

2017 credit card special holiday promotions -- Credit card issuers are sweetening their deals at the end of 2017 by adding rewards and special limited-time offers from merchants. ... (See Holiday promotions)

Gifts that give twice: Charitable gift cards -- Give more meaning and economize your holiday gift giving by purchasing gifts that give twice -- charity gift cards. ... (See Charity)

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Gift card malls cut time, gas costs and money for holiday shopping -- The country's continuing economic downturn has created an atmosphere ripe for the one-stop shopping convenience of gift card malls. ... (See Malls)

Store credit cards still offered, but approvals become stricter -- While it may sound enticing to save 15 percent off your purchase at the checkout counter by applying for that retail credit card, your chances of getting approved for a store credit card are getting slimmer. ... (See Store cards)

Compare credit card rental car insurance coverage: Policies vary widely -- Credit card companies' policies vary sharply, so don't always be quick to turn down rental car agencies' optional coverage. ... (See Rental car)

U.S. retail store credit card comparison -- There are two types of retail store cards. ... (more)

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How to buy a car with a credit card -- and when not to -- Not all car dealers let you, but for those with rewards cards and faith in their ability to repay, buying a car with a credit card can make sense. ... (See New wheels)

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10 questions to ask about layaway plans -- Looking to layaway? Here are 10 questions to ask that will help you find a good layaway plan -- and avoid those that should be thrown away ... (See 10 layaway questions)

Layaway enjoying small revival for the holidays -- Layaway, largely erased by the rise of credit cards, is making a minor comeback in time for the holidays. ... (See Comeback)

Should you write 'See ID,' not sign, back of credit cards? -- If your strategy for protecting yourself against card fraud is to not sign your cards and write "See ID" instead, your game plan is both ineffective and outdated ... (See See ID)

Back-to-school credit card advice for students, parents -- Tips for financing the school year, dealing with credit wisely and learning how to finance post-graduation life. ... (See Credit education)

Good dog, bad bill: Veterinary care financing options -- Pet owners have more veterinary treatment choices than ever, which is good for pets, but can strain finances. We review the payment options. ... (See Pay the vet)

Even credit card purchases at home may now trigger 'international' fee -- Credit card purchases may be 'international,' even if you aren't. ... (See Not so foreign)

Many airlines now accepting plastic for in-flight purchases -- Weary travelers, take heart. On most airlines, you are now free to pay for your in-flight Heineken or Harry Potter movie with your credit card. ... (See In-flight charges)

6 tips for financing a funeral -- Planning a funeral on the heels of a loved one's passing -- especially when the loss is unexpected -- is one of the toughest things you can go through. Still, despite the time crunch and emotional upset, there are steps you can take to control your costs. ... (See Funeral costs)

Financing a funeral: All options have pluses, minuses -- What is the best way to pay for funeral expenses? All the methods of paying have pluses and minuses. ... (See Funeral financing)

Foreign transaction fees and rules for the top credit card issuers -- Here are the foreign transaction fees, also known as currency conversion fees, charged by top American credit card issuers to consumers who travel abroad. ... (See Foreign transaction fees)

Chargebacks and how to dispute a credit card purchase -- Dissatisfied with a merchant's product or service? If you do it right, your credit card issuer may step in to help ... (See Dispute merchant credit card charges)

Auto manufacturer reward credit cards: a car deal on wheels? -- Many of today’s credit cardholders aren't interested in just any old rewards -- they're holding out for perks that come in the form of brand-new, all-leather-interior, fully loaded, shiny status symbols to adorn their driveways. ... (See Auto manufacturer credit cards)

Artists recycle credit cards into craft creations -- Some creative crafts people are happy to breathe new life into old cards -- and are doing their part to keep that plastic from heading to the landfill. ... (See Recycled credit cards)

4 ways to safeguard personal information online -- As Internet criminals grow smarter and sneakier, it's increasingly difficult to keep your credit card and personal information safe. Here are four fundamental tips. ... (See Credit card fraud)

Buying pirated music with credit cards: potentially risky -- Those who use their credit cards to buy songs from controversial Russian-based Web sites may be engaging in international piracy. ... (See Charging pirated music )

Despite lingering online fears, virtual credit cards stall -- Although the paranoia that spawned them and the hoopla that accompanied their birth have died down, virtual credit cards are still available for those who want extra assurance ... (See Virtual credit cards)

Car's too small, loan's upside down -- A woman who needs a bigger car but who is upside down on her car loan should focus on paying down the debt before looking at bigger vehicles, says The Credit Guy. ... (more)

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Cellphone plus contactless credit card equals Yak, wave, buy -- What do you get when you add contactless credit capabilities to your cellphone? A single device for making calls and credit card purchases. You yak, you wave, you buy ... (more)

Disclosures would increase on subprime credit card fees -- Subprime cards carry upfront fees that the Federal Reserve board contends are not clearly disclosed to customers. ... (more)

Regulation Z amendments would require changes in credit card terms -- Regulation Z amendments would require changes in credit card terms to be displayed in a table for easy reading. ... (more)

Rules for credit card periodic statement disclosures -- Under proposed federal rule changes, monthly credit card statements would include tables to clearly disclose fees, interest, purchases and other details. ... (more)

Regulation amendments propose fixed rate credit cards -- Fixed credit card rates would actually be fixed under Regulation Z amendments. ... (more)

Reg Z proposes credit card notice of term changes to 45 days -- Changes in terms of credit card contracts would need 45 days' advance notice. ... (more)

How the public feels about Regulation Z proposed changes to credit card disclosure rules -- Comments from consumers, credit grantors, payment processors and others on proposed changes to credit card disclosure rules ... (more)

Taking a credit card on a foreign vacation: 10 tips -- On balance, bringing your credit card on vacation is a smart decision, but expect extra fees and take precautions. ... (more)

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Be cautious about opening store credit card accounts during the holidays -- Store credit cards may be appealing to shoppers looking to save money, but there are a number of reasons that initial 10% savings may not be enough to make having such a card a winning proposition. ... (more)

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Buying a car with a credit card -- Using a low interest credit card rather than a car loan to finance a car could be an option, as long as you are aware of what could trigger an increase in the card's APR. ... (more)

Visa reports weak end to 2006 holiday sales -- Visa said that sales for holiday 2006 appear to have fallen short of its earlier outlook. ... (more)

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MasterCard credit cards to be accepted at Sam's Club -- Sam's Club now accepting MasterCard Credit Card instead of Visa. Read about it at ... (more)

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Credit card spam charges involve smaller, less noticeable theft -- Credit card users need to look out for spam charges -- smaller unauthorized transactions which thieves hope to sneak by on credit card bills. ... (more)

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Instant credit card approval: What it really means -- Does instant credit card approval mean you can use your card right away? Not necessarily. ... (See What instant approval means)

Online credit card applications: FAQ about and your card application -- If you're wondering whether it's safe or smart to apply for a credit card here at, it's both. Here are answers to frequently asked questions ... (more)