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What's the right card for you?

Credit cards used to be plain-vanilla, simple financial products. In recent years, though, they have become bewilderingly complex. How do you know which one is right for you? This quiz should help you sort out the choices.

You'll get one point for each correct answer, and there's a bonus point or two scattered around. Good luck!

1. If you want a card that's going to be accepted at the most possible places, you should choose:

American Express.
They're all the same.

2. If you're carrying a big balance and a crazy-high interest rate on your credit card and want to lower that interest rate, which of these cards would be the best fit?

A rewards card
A balance transfer credit card
A retail store credit card
A charge card

3. If you're only going to use the credit card for emergencies, which of these features would be important? Choose all the answers that apply.

Low interest rate
Big-time rewards
A card that gives big discounts on gas prices
The ability to put a favorite family photo on the card
Low annual fees
The no-swipe, "tap-and-go" feature

4. Which of these is NOT a mistake you can make when managing your credit card?

Making minimum payments
Ignoring your monthly statement
Buying things you don't need
Comparison shopping for credit cards
Exceeding your credit limit

5. How many credit cards should you have?

Four. One each from Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express
Five. A low-rate balance transfer card to transfer balances into and reduce payments. A gas card to hold down gas prices. A department store card to save with your favorite retailer. An airlines reward card for travel. And finally, ageneral purpose points-back rewards card for -- duh -- rewards.
Two: One low-rate card for carrying balances, one "clean" card for an emergency
There's no single right answer.

6. True or false: If your credit card has an introductory interest rate of 0 percent for six months, nothing can happen in those six months to make it increase.

True. Under the Truth in Lending Act, card issuers must honor these introductory rates, for the period they're offered.
False. Card issuers may change any terms of your credit card agreement at any time, with 45 days' notice.

7. Which of these types of cards will NOT have any impact on your credit score?

Charge cards, which must be paid back monthly.
Prepaid debit cards
Retail store credit cards, but only those from retailers who have stores in just one state.
Secured credit cards.

8. True or false: If you get an American Express credit card, you are not allowed to carry a balance from month to month.

True. American Express issues only charge cards, a type of credit card in which you can't carry a balance, but must pay it off every month.
False. You can get a credit card from American Express that lets you carry a balance.

9. Which of these conditions will hurt your credit score? Multiple answers OK; choose all that are correct.

Going over your credit limit
Using more than 50 percent of your available credit
Letting your checking account balance fall below $1,000
Missing payments.
Paying a utility bill late

10. Which one of these is NOT a typical fee found on a credit card?

Rewards accrual fee
Over-limit fee
Cash advance fee
Annual fee