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Quiz: Do you think like a millionaire?

Ever dream of being a millionaire?

It's the ultimate Hollywood fantasy. One day, you're stretching to meet the bills. The next day, the sky's the limit, and you're sunning yourself beside a sparkling pool, quaffing champagne and slurping truffles.

But, short of winning the lottery, millionaires don't get to be millionaires by accident. They are big on planning. And those who've studied the breed have discovered that those who've managed to accumulate at least seven figures share certain habits, traits and attitudes, especially where it pertains to the green stuff.

Think you have the mindset to become a millionaire? Take your theory for a test drive. You might be surprised by the results:

1. When it comes to drafting a budget, millionaires:

Need one, just like the rest of us.
Don't need one. The rich aren't like you and me.
Can take it or leave it. But they're really more focused on earning that next dollar.
Fall into different classes. Past a certain point, no one needs a budget.

2. If you suddenly found yourself with millions, you'd have how many credit cards in your wallet?

Only as many as I needed.
The more the merrier. (If I can pay the bills, what difference does it make?)
None. I'd carry a big wad of cash and make sure everyone saw it.
Doesn't matter. If I was a millionaire, other people would be picking up the check.

3. You hit the winning number on the lottery. For the first time in your life, you're rolling in dough. You:

Funnel all your money toward investments that will produce more money.
Buy a $400,000 luxury car, a million-dollar yacht and a house that Angelina Jolie would be happy to call home.
Buy yourself one or two special items, invest the rest and do work that you enjoy.
Move, change your name and stop answering the phone.

4. You carry credit cards so that you can:

Buy something when you just don't have cash.
Don't have to carry cash. Cards are safer and simpler.
Spread payments over time.
Both B and C.

5. People who amass millions and manage to maintain it, have what kind of relationship with their money:

Love/hate. Being rich is a pain, but it beats the alternative.
Stressful. It takes a lot of worry, time and energy to make at least seven figures and keep it.
Relaxed and healthy. Money is a natural part of life, and managing it is just another life skill.
Fear-based. Once you've been comfortable, you don't want to go back.

6. Important tool(s) for accumulating a cool million (check all that apply):

Impulse control.
Networking skills.
An all-encompassing love of the green stuff.
$2 million.
B and C.

7. Debt:

Is good.
Is bad.
Can be good or bad, depending on the debt.
Is not a concern for the very wealthy.

8. Once I've made my millions:

I'm going to spend without care.
I'm still going to consider how my spending will affect my future comfort.
I'm going to take advantage of bargains at a higher level.
Both B and C.