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Are you smarter than a 15-year-old about money?

See how you stack up against the world's teens by taking our quiz. Fifteen-year-olds from around the world are given a financial literacy test by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The quiz below includes modified versions of the OECD's sample questions, which were part of a field test to prepare for the organization's main 2012 assessment.

The questions measure basic money concepts using examples from the fictional country of Zedland.

1. Claire and her friends are moving into an apartment. They have all been working for two months and they do not have any savings. They are paid monthly and have just received their wages. They have made this "To do" list:

Get cable TV
Pay rent
Buy outdoor furniture

Which of the tasks on the list are likely to need urgent attention from Claire and her friends? There may be more than one answer.

Get cable TV.
Pay rent.
Buy outdoor furniture.

2. Natasha works in a restaurant three evenings each week. She works four hours each evening and earns 10 zeds per hour.

Natasha also earns 80 zeds each week in tips. She saves exactly half of the total amount of money she earns each week.

Natasha wants to save 600 zeds for a holiday. How many weeks will it take her to earn that much?

10 weeks
60 weeks
6 weeks

3. Mrs. Jones has a loan of 8,000 zeds with FirstZed Finance. The annual interest rate on the loan is 15 percent. Her repayments each month are 150 zeds. After one year Mrs. Jones still owes 7,400 zeds.

Another finance company called Zedbest will give Mrs. Jones a loan of 10,000 zeds with an annual interest rate of 13 percent. Her repayments each month would also be 150 zeds. What are possible negative financial consequences for Mrs. Jones if she agrees to the Zedbest loan? There may be more than one answer.

She will have more debt.
She will pay more total interest.
It will take her longer to pay off the debt.
She will pay a higher interest rate.

4. Each month, Jane's employer pays money into Jane's bank account. This is Jane's payslip for July:

Position: Manager July 1 to July 31
Gross salary: 2,800 zeds
Deductions: 300 zeds
Net salary: 2,500 zeds
Gross salary to date this year: 19,600

How much money did Jane's employer pay into Jane's bank account on July 31?

300 zeds
2,500 zeds
2,800 zeds
19,600 zeds

5. David received this email from his bank, ZedBank:

"Dear ZedBank member,
There has been an error on the ZedBank server and your Internet login details have been lost. As a result, you have no access to Internet banking. Most importantly, your account is no longer secure. Please click on this link ( and follow the instructions to restore access. You will be asked to provide your Internet banking details."

Which of these statements would be good advice for David? There may be more than one answer.

Reply to the email message and provide his Internet banking details.
Contact his bank to inquire about the email message.
If the link is the same as his bank's website address, click on the link and follow the instructions.

6. Lisa receives a new bank card in the mail, and the following day she receives a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the card. What should Lisa do with the PIN?

Write the PIN on notepaper and keep it in her wallet.
Tell the PIN to her friends.
Write the PIN on the back of the card.
Memorize the PIN.