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Online bill payment: Credit overtakes debit as preferred payment method -- Since 2016, consumers have preferred credit over debit for online retail, travel and digital media. A new study shows paying bills online is now on that list. ... (See Credit vs. debit )

Paying at the pump: Most drivers swipe debit instead of credit -- While credit cards seem an obvious choice for pay-at-the-pump convenience while also potentially earning rewards, more drivers are swiping a debit card for their fill-ups. ... (See Paying at the pump)

Credit card debt: Millennials most likely to take a hit from non-essential spending -- Americans have plenty of expenses they consider non-essential these days. And for millennials, those discretionary purchases are taking a big bite out of their budget. ... (See Credit card debt)

Data breaches dropped in 2018, but more personal information was exposed -- The number of data breaches dropped 24 percent in 2018, but the number of sensitive records involved in those breaches more than doubled, for a whopping 126 percent increase. ... (See Data breaches)

Debit payments surge, but more money is spent on credit cards -- If you've been using your debit card more often than you did last year, but charging more dollars to your credit card, your pattern matches the findings of a new study by the Fed. ... (See Study: credit vs. debit)

Millennials most candid when discussing money with future spouses -- A new survey shows millennial couples consistently reporting greater transparency and more candid discussion with their future spouses on a number of financial fronts than older adults. ... (See Marriage and money)

Credit vs. debit: Older millennials prefer debit, unlike other groups under 55 -- A recent survey shows older millennials stand alone among the under-55 crowd in preferring to pay with debit over credit. However, Gen Z is evenly split between the two. ... (See Credit vs. debit )

Credit card signature requirements getting dropped by retailers -- No-signature retailers may be more common than signature retailers within the next year, according to a new study. ... (See Credit card signature requirements )

Millennial mobile payment users display costly card habits -- Millennial mobile payment users have more assets, higher incomes and higher levels of education than non-users, but they're also more likely to pay only the minimum on their cards and incur late fees, new research shows. ... (See Millennials and mobile payments )

Credit card theft: Most stolen card numbers come from EMV-enabled plastic -- A new study shows that the majority of stolen card numbers for sale on the dark web are still coming from "card-present" transactions, and almost all of them involve chip cards. ... (See Credit card theft )

Millennials more likely to discuss credit card debt than older adults -- More than three-quarters of Americans say card debt is something they keep under wraps. However, millennials are more chatty about it than older adults. ... (See Millennials most likely to discuss card debt)

Holiday shopping: Many consumers would give up their data for discounts -- A new survey shows the share of U.S. consumers who are reluctant to give up their data to a store for a holiday discount has fallen since last year, despite high-profile data breaches. ... (See Holiday shopping security)

Millennials manage spending, debt better than older generations -- A new study shows millennials are outdoing their parents' and grandparents' generations when it comes to keeping spending and debt in check. ... (See Millennials' money habits)

Many millennials check their credit scores on their phones -- Nearly half of U.S. millennials use their smartphones to check their credit scores. And a majority of young adults use their phones for a variety of other financial activities. ... (See Millennials' mobile money management )

AARP study: Consumers putting themselves at risk of fraud -- A new study by AARP finds only 4 in 10 American adults have set up online access to all their bank accounts, and only 57 percent have done so with their credit card accounts ... (See AARP digital risk survey )

College football fans would cut back on dining, coffee to fund fandom -- A new survey by SunTrust Banks reveals nearly half of college football fans would stop dining out in order to fund one season of fandom ... (See College football fandom )

Credit scores and car insurance: Bad credit means a higher premium -- Residents of some states may pay double or triple for auto insurance if they have poor credit, compared to drivers with excellent credit ... (See Credit scores and car insurance)

South Dakota, North Carolina lead nation in new card accounts -- New data from Experian shows card balances grew 6.6 percent year-over-year in the second quarter, and new credit card accounts grew even faster ... (See States' card debt )

Millennials taking their credit building seriously -- Seventy percent of millennials checked their credit scores in the past 12 months - more than older age groups ... (See Millennial credit )

About half of parents talk to their kids about money -- While more than 8 in 10 American parents say it's never too early to teach a child about money, just more than half follow through and have those conversations, a Chase survey finds. ... (See Parents, kids and money)

2018 tax-free weekends for back-to-school shopping -- Sales tax holidays and rewards cards cut costs on clothes, shoes, computers ... (See Tax-free holidays)

Credit card bills are first to go unpaid, Fed finds -- When bills must go unpaid now, credit cards are at the top of the list, a Federal Reserve survey finds. That changed during the recession, when credit card bills were paid because they were viewed as a financial lifeline. ... (See Card bills unpaid)

Small businesses often rely on credit cards, Fed study finds -- Credit cards play a major role in financing small businesses, a new Fed survey finds. More than half of small businesses surveyed (51 percent) reported using credit cards for their operations on a regular basis. ... (See Small businesses and credit cards)

Who rolls over card debt and pays late? Study finds surprises -- Among cardholders who roll over their debt from month to month, age and other financial obligations -- not income and education -- are factors in who pays on time and who pays late, a new Auriemma Consulting Group study finds. ... (See Late payments study)

JD Power survey: American Express credit card mobile app ranks No. 1 -- The survey measures mobile apps on ease of navigation, appearance, clarity of information, range of services, and availability of key information. ... (See Credit card issuer mobile apps)

Americans are more focused on their waistlines than their bottom line -- Americans are more focused on their waistlines than their bottom lines, a TD Bank survey finds. Millennials, though, buck the trend. They put financial goals ahead of health goals. ... (See Health and financial goals)

Millennials redeem card rewards for travel the most; silent generation the least -- Millennials are the biggest travel rewards redeemers, a Discover survey finds. The silent generation redeems rewards for travel the least. ... (See Travel rewards and generations)

Fewer Americans stick to financial lessons of Great Recession -- Fewer Americans are sticking to the financial lessons they learned in the Great Recession, the American Institute of CPAs finds. ... (See Great Recession financial lessons)

Those with financial plans make other smart money moves -- If you write down a financial plan, you're much more likely to have an emergency fund and pay off your credit card bills monthly, Charles Schwab research shows ... (See Financial planners)

Credit card losses from synthetic identity fraud jump -- Synthetic identity fraud, in which thieves create identities for bogus people, is increasing, Aite Group finds. And losses from the fraud are expected to rise another 53 percent by 2020. ... (See Synthetic identity fraud)

Child ID breaches rampant, usually caused by a familiar face -- In most cases, a family member or friend steals the child's data ... (See Child ID breaches)

Millennials most likely to carry card balances, survey says -- A generational survey of credit card debt finds that grandma probably doesn't carry a balance, but Junior does. ... (See Generations and card debt)

Chip cards are more popular three years after introduction -- Chip cards are increasingly viewed as faster and more convenient than magnetic strip cards, a Fiserv survey finds ... (See Chip cards)

More millennials have credit card debt than student loans -- More millennials have credit card debt than student loans, a NBC News/GenForward survey finds. ... (See Millennials and credit card debt)

Americans going cashless varies by age and region -- While three in 10 Americans say they never or rarely carry cash anymore, millennial women in the the Southeast and Southwest are leading the way, a Capital One study finds. ... (See Americans are going cashless)

Cardholders desire security features from their mobile wallets -- The No. 1 desired mobile wallet feature: A "No, I didn't buy that" button. ... (See Mobile wallet security)

Half of new credit accounts are opened online -- Half of new credit accounts are opened online, but the percentage differs by generation, a Jumio survey finds. For example, millennials lead in starting and completing a credit application by smartphone. ... (See How we open credit accounts)

Millennials most likely to fall for financial scams, FTC finds -- Millennials are more likely to fall for financial scams, the Federal Trade Commission finds. Seniors, however, lose more money to fraudsters. ... (See Millennials and financial scams)

Almost half of Americans plan to use tax refund to boost savings -- As tax refunds arrive, almost half of Americans say they will use some or all of their windfall to boost savings, a National Retail Federation study finds. About a third say they'll use their refund to pay down debt. ... (See Tax refunds: Save or pay down debt?)

Consumer trust in Equifax sinks after data breach -- Consumer trust in Equifax sank after its 2017 data breach. Confidence in other credit bureaus is above 70 percent, for Equifax it's 60 percent. ... (See Consumer trust in Equifax sinks)

Infographic: Cards, debt, delinquencies all on the rise -- The number of open credit cards, the share of cardholders with seriously delinquent accounts and the amount of debt are all on the rise, TransUnion finds ... (See Cards, debt and delinquencies)

Study: ID theft hits an all-time high again -- ID theft incidents are spreading to many different account types, a Javelin study finds ... (See ID theft)

Infographic: Millennials, once credit-shy, have gotten over it -- Research from the Aite Group shows the under-36 crowd is eager for rewards ... (See Millennials get over credit shyness)

Most U.S. cardholders carry at least one balance -- Most U.S. consumers have both general purpose and private label credit cards, and a majority carry a balance on at least one of their cards, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finds. ... (See Most cardholder carry at least one balance)

Credit card comeback from recession nearly complete -- New card accounts have risen to the level just below 2007, says American Bankers Association data ... (See Credit card comeback)

Millennials are less financially stressed now -- Millennials' stress about savings, student loans, credit card debt and other financial issues has eased in the past three years, a Bank of America survey finds. ... (See Millennials and financial stress)

Infographic: Plastic is America's favorite way to pay -- Debit plus credit swamp cash. As for checks, what are they again? ... (See Plastic rules payments)

Carrying debt while approaching retirement on the rise -- The number of people about to retire, but still carrying debt, is increasing, new research finds ... (See Preretirement debt)

Financial setbacks common, and we expect to pay for them with credit -- Poll shows that people are more likely to reach for credit cards than savings if emergency hits ... (See Financial setbacks poll)

Infographic: Gen X most anxious about retirement -- Americans age 37-51 have the least confidence they will have enough money to last their lifetimes ... (See Gen)

Fed payments data: We're using credit cards for smaller purchases -- We pull out the credit card more often, and the average dollar amount per credit card transaction is shrinking ... (See Smaller purchases)

Infographic: Late payment reminder preferences -- If a credit card payment is late, most Americans would prefer a nudge by email or text alert, a FICO study finds. Currently, most late payment notices are sent via email or U.S. mail. ... (See Late payment alert preferences)

Infographic: Store card applications surge around the holidays -- The average number of cards jumps almost 50 percent in November and December, a TransUnion study finds. ... (See Retail card applications surge)

Millennials opening credit cards for holiday spending -- The percentage of older millennials, age 25-34, saying they?ll open a new credit card to help with holiday spending is 22 percent, Experian finds. That compares to 11 percent for Americans overall. ... (See Millennials opening credit cards)

Infographic: Mobile payment use bounces up, down -- The use of mobile payments by consumers who have a compatible smartphone and a credit card has yo-yoed between 25 and 30 percent over the last year and a half, according to Auriemma Consulting Group. ... (See Mobile pay adoption)

For holiday spending, credit cards are top payment method -- Discover surveyed more than 2,000 U.S. adults about payment methods they?ll use most this holiday season. . ... (See Holiday spending and credit cards)

Infographic: Hiccups at register slow mobile pay adoption -- Mobile payment usage is actually down compared to this time in 2016, new research shows ... (See Mobile pay adoption slows)

Infographic: How Gen Z wants to shop and pay -- Generation Z would like "just walk out" purchasing via an app and prefers to pay a store associate at a register, a 2017 survey by Adyen finds. ... (See Infographic: Gen Z and shopping)

Accomplished savers pay debts before boosting retirement -- Tackling mortgage and credit card debt come first, says a PNC survey ... (See Retirement and debt survey)

Millennials most likely to earn, lose and donate rewards -- Millennials are most likely to earn, lose or donate their credit rewards, a TD Bank survey finds. Boomers are much less likely to let rewards expire or give away their points. ... (See Millennials and card rewards)

Online and mobile banking grows, branch banking withers -- Online and mobile banking is growing, and branch banking is withering, American Bankers Association research finds. ... (See Online, mobile and branch banking by generations)

Infographic: Cards, not student loans, is most-common debt for millennials -- When you think of millennials and debt, student loans come to mind. But a new survey says card debt is actually more common. ... (See Card debt and millennials)

Consumers grow more fearful they will miss a payment -- Consumers are more fearful they will miss a payment. For the third month in a row, New York Fed survey finds increased anxiety. ... (See Infographic: Fear of missing payment grows)

Infographic: Holiday shopping checkout by device -- About 30 percent of millennial holiday shoppers expect to pay by smartphone, a PwC survey finds. Millennial dads are leading the way, with 49 percent saying they will check out via their digital device. ... (See Holiday checkout by device)

Chart: 2017 Retail Store Card Survey data -- If you're looking for a retail card, look no further than our 2017 compilation of data. ... (See Chart: 2016 Retail Store Card Survey data)

Credit, debit cards slowly losing ground to digital payments -- Young consumers adopt the technology, but retain a preference for cash ... (See Millennials, digital payments and cash)

Mobile payments at register climb, but slowly -- Just 1 in 5 Americans made such a payment in past six months, and the projections call for slow growth ... (See Mobile payment projections)

Paper credit card bills? OK. Mail back payments? Nah -- Study shows we still like to receive, but not return, bills by mail ... (See Paper credit card bills)

ID thieves covet SSNs over credit card data -- Social Security number breaches are outnumbering credit card data breaches 4 to 1 ... (See ID thieves go for the SSNs )

Poll shows people use their credit cards for everyday needs -- Using cards for to earn rewards and as an emergency cushion are also common ... (See Card use poll)

Wallets get thinner as U.S. consumers avoid cash -- With mobile apps gaining traction as an accepted way to pay bills and other people, cash is taking up residence in fewer and fewer wallets. ... (See Cashless survey)

Infographic: Millennials' falling financial chops -- Money smarts fall among young adults, survey shows ... (See Money smarts )

Card debt a persistent obstacle to retirement savings -- After paying off the monthly bills, credit card debt is the biggest reason Americans don't save for retirement ... (See Retirement obstacle)

Chip cards bring new fraud trends -- The advent of EMV chips has curtailed fraud from lost and stolen cards, but online fraud continues to rise ... (See Fraud)

Millennials most likely to monitor credit scores, plan to improve them -- The younger generation is more active in keeping tabs on this important financial barometer ... (See Score)

Merchants say mobile wallets coming but won't cut fraud -- Most retailers and e-tailers believe mobile wallets will be widely adopted in the next five years, but only about a third think mobile payments will cut fraud ... (See Mobile wallet)

Infographic: We may pay with finger, face, eye or voice in 2027 -- A survey found that 80 percent of respondents support payment technologies such as fingerprint sensing, facial recognition and retinal scanning ... (See Payments)

Breaking the budget to go on vacation -- Millennials most likely to take on debt for a summer experience ... (See Vacation)

Infographic: How many households have at least one card? -- Your annual income and education level may indicate the chances of whether or not your household has a credit card ... (See Cards)

Infographic: In divorce, women's credit suffers more -- More than half of recently divorced women said their credit score tanked during marriage, compared to just 42 percent for men ... (See Divorce)

Gen Z getting a head start using credit cards -- Almost a fifth of teens 13-17 are authorized users on an adult's card, a TransUnion study finds ... (See Gen Z)

Infographic: Online shopping is in and stores are out -- Online and mobile shopping continue to grow. Nearly 80 percent of those surveyed said free delivery will sway them to purchase an item online instead of in a store. ... (See Shopping)

Infographic: Who uses digital wallets, and for what -- For now, they're the province of young urbanites with high incomes ... (See Digital wallets)

Infographic: How small-business owners use business credit cards -- About half of U.S. small-business owners have a business credit card, and the leading expense on those cards is office supplies. ... (See Small businesses)

Infographic: Higher fraud numbers can mislead -- Card-not-present fraud increasing in dollar amounts but not necessarily in quantity of fraud instances ... (See Fraud)

Infographic: Employees increasingly off the hook for travel card expenses -- Employers today rarely put responsibility on employees for travel card expenses ... (See Travel cards)

Credit card issuer complaints rose 20 percent in 2016 -- Complaints about credit cards rose by 20 percent in 2016, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, along with a surge of dissatisfaction with reward programs. American Express, Barclays PLC and Citibank topped the gripes list ... (See Card complaints)

Infographic: Card market continues climb but subprime still in hole -- Americans now have more cards open than at the end of 2008 ... (See Card market)

Young consumers most cautious about online payments -- A survey shows that showing that young consumers are the most cautious when paying for their purchases ... (See Cautious)

Digital wallets: Merchants to pave the way for consumer acceptance -- Despite security concerns, more Americans are willing to use digital wallets, if merchants oblige ... (See Digital wallets)

Infographic: Debit, credit cards still killing off checks -- The Fed?s 2015 shows checks account for only 12 percent of U.S. noncash transactions compared to 16 percent in 2012 ... (See Cash and checks)

Infographic: The growing ways we e-pay -- More and more Americans are discovering how handy e-payments can be ... (See E-payments grow)

Infographic: Identity fraud victims at record high -- A report has found that the number of U.S. identity fraud victims increased 17.6 percent, from 13.1 million Americans in 2015 to 15.4 million in 2016 ... (See ID theft report)

Percentage of credit cards with balances rises -- 'Revolvers' increase to a 4-year high ... (See Revolvers)

Infographic: Plastic finally overtakes cash -- Money spent on debit and credit cards around the world totaled more than the money paid in cash ... (See Cards overtake cash)

Card resolutions abound for 2017 -- Paying credit card debt weighs on many Americans' minds ... (See Resolutions)

Online fraud surges after EMV chip cards hit the US -- Crooks switch to where cards are still vulnerable ... (See Online fraud)

Millennials strongly prefer cards -- Except for when they?re directly paying another person, millennials are overwhelmingly choosing a debit or credit card ... (See Millennials)

Card delinquency hits 15-year low -- It's another sign of U.S. consumers' improving finances ... (See Delinquency)

Smartphones shift holiday gift-buying to the bedroom, bathroom -- Millennials most likely to holiday shop while prone or on the throne, survey finds ... (See Smartphone shopping)

Infographic: Contactless cards set to hit US -- Next generation of chip cards may speed adoption of tap-and-go payments ... (See Contactless)

Millennials boosting retail 'un-gift' card sales -- Millennials are driving significant growth in retailer-specific gift cards, but they're ignoring the gifting part and using the cards themselves ... (See Un-gift cards)

New card accounts rise to near pre-recession levels -- Number of new accounts at 85 million, up 11 percent in the past year ... (See Accounts rise)

Small-business owners are more credit savvy than consumers -- Small-business owners beat consumers in managing credit ... (See Business )

Infographic: 'Us' cards versus 'me' cards -- In a new survey, 47 percent of Americans reported sharing all of their credit cards, while 37 percent indicated they only have separate cards ... (See Sharing cards)

Infographic: What's most financially important when -- A new survey shows that for 3 in 10 millennials, putting money into savings is their top financial concern ... (See Millennial savings)

Credit card delinquencies rise but remain near historic lows -- Cardholders have learned their lesson and pay down card debts, says the American Bankers Association ... (See Debt)

Poll: Holiday retail season starts too darn early -- Most are annoyed at ever-earlier store decorations, but millions have begun shopping ... (See Too early)

Credit card debt down across the board -- Regardless of age, education or income, we dropped debt ... (See Debt down)

Infographic: Online banking still tops, but mobile surges -- Nearly 60 percent of Americans used mobile banking at least once per month ... (See Online banking)

Readability battle: card agreements versus Harry Potter -- See how card agreements stack up in readability against familiar documents, from novels to nursery rhymes to the U.S. Constitution ... (See Card agreements versus Harry Potter)

Infographic: Credit card use among the college set -- Two-thirds of college students have a credit card, and most are using their cards regularly, according to data from Equifax ... (See College cards)

Infographic: Most Americans OK with going cashless -- Millennials are cool with leaving the house sans bills or coins, a Gallup Poll says ... (See Cashless)

Security concerns keep consumers away from mobile payments -- Older consumers site security concerns, privacy and lack of necessity as reason they don't use mobile payments ... (See Mobile payment concerns)

Satisfaction rises for most cardholders -- Discover comes out on top in J.D. Power's annual satisfaction survey ... (See Satisfaction)

We'll reach chip card saturation in 2020 -- Mercator Advisory Group forecasts that EMV chip card penetration will hit 95 percent by 2017, and 100 percent three years later ... (See Chip card saturation)

New card accounts continue to rise sharply -- Subprime cards are up 160 percent in the past five years ... (See New card accounts)

Infographic: The face of senior card debt -- Medical bills take up most of the debt of the seinor citizen community, while credit card debt is a close second ... (See Senior debt)

Positive card habits up, negative ones down -- Americans pay their credit card bills in full more often, and avoid costly behavior, a six-year survey series finds ... (See Card behavior)

Infographic: Credit card love from older millennials -- Millennials do, too, like credit cards, research shows. In fact, older millennials covet them more than any other age group ... (See Millennials)

Infographic: Card delinquencies hold near record lows -- At 2.47 percent, late payers are half the number they were during the recession ... (See Delinquency)

Generations differ on spending extra money -- Millennials go for entertainment with discretionary dollars, Generation X pays off debt and boomers sock it into savings, new research says ... (See Spending extra dollars )

Many prefer debit for everyday buys, credit for the big ones -- For many, debit cards lead credit cards as a primary payment method, a TD Bank survey finds. But for big-ticket items, nearly all groups prefer credit cards ... (See Debit versus credit)

Infographic: Cards gain ground as payment method -- Fewer Americans are using paper-based payments in 2016, while almost all plastic and electronic forms are on the rise ... (See Payments)

Infographic: The financially happy now outnumber the unhappy -- For the first time since before the Great Recession, the majority of Americans feel cheerful about their finances ... (See Financially happy)

Infographic: Mobile payments quickly rising -- Smartphone payments are gaining traction among consumers -- and quickly ... (See Mobile payments rising)

Infographic: 2016 sees card debt, delinquency uptick -- Though the number of people who fail to pay debt is not as high as it was in the Great Recession, it has started to increase in 2016 ... (See Delinquency rates)

Infographic: Security tops all factors in choosing a card -- Security from identity theft leads factors in choosing a card, with rewards being a closed second ... (See Security)

Infographic: Female college students edge males in credit smarts -- Female students do a bit better in handling credit, says a Sallie Mae study ... (See College student credit smarts)

Infographic: How generations view financially 'making it' -- Views across generations of what "making it" financially means to them ... (See Generation finances)

Infographic: Credit card complaint rates -- Some credit lenders manage to lessen the number of complains lodged against them in 2015, compared to 2014 ... (See Complaints)

Infographic: Spigot held tight on subprime credit -- Credit limits for subprime consumers are down from a year ago ... (See Subprime credit)

Tax refunds: Urges to save it, spend it clash -- Study shows that most who spend it on needed items or paying down debt feel better rather than those who saved it ... (See Tax refund)

Infographic: Gen Z leads in use of mobile payments -- Americans ages 18 to 24 are twice as likely to make a mobile payment, a GfK study finds ... (See Gen Z mobile payments)

Women edging men in the battle of credit smarts -- A new study found that despite the fact that women have more credit cards open then men, they rack up less debt ... (See Gender and credit)

Married, single people differ in views on relationships, money -- Everyone cares about money, but married people tend to see more financial red flags, a new survey finds ... (See Money and relationships)

Infographic: Millennial money perspectives -- Millennials want to avoid debt and they attribute debt with credit cards according to a new study ... (See Graphic: millennials)

Infographic: Average card balances by age 2003-2015 -- Seniors have more credit card debt, other age groups less ... (See Card debt by age)

Infographic: Data breaches grow more personal -- The theft of personal information accounted for 53 percent of 2015 data breaches. ... (more)

Infographic: The life cycle of a credit card -- A Boston Federal Reserve study shows how credit card debts and credit limits rise and then fall over the course of the average consumer's lifetime ... (See Life cycle of a credit card)

EMV chip card rollout in US to peak in 2016 -- While the number of EMV chip cards shipped in the U.S. surged in 2015, that flow hasn't turned to a trickle. Far from it ... (See Chip card rollout)

Infographic: The demise of over-limit fees -- Credit card customers unanimously opt out of once-common fee ... (See Over-limit fee)

Infographic: Life is financially fragile for millennials -- Young adults tend to carry credit card balances, fret about repaying student loans and don't have an emergency fund ... (See Financial literacy and millennials)

Infographic: Bad financial habits Americans most want to break -- Saving more and paying down credit card debt are among the more popular New Year's resolutions of 2016 ... (See 2016 money resolutions)

Financial goals report card: Maybe a C+ -- A Capital One survey finds mixed results among those who set money goals for 2015. Some did well, others failed completely ... (See Financial goals report card)

Quarter-point interest rate calculator -- How a quarter-point increase in interest rates raises the cost of carrying a given credit card balance ... (See Quarter point rate calculator)

Number of new cards soars, but credit limits tight -- An American Bankers Association survey finds subprime borrowers regaining access to credit, but not to a lot of it ... (See New accounts soar)

4 in 10 Americans see credit cards as their emergency fund -- About 49 percent say they'd use credit cards to pay at least part of a surprise $2,000 emergency expense, according to a Pew survey ... (See Emergency fund)

Survey: Slower EMV chip card transactions irk shoppers -- Nearly one in five respondents said using the more secure cards takes too long, and frustration is likely to grow during the holiday shopping season. ... (See Slow chip cards)

Billing disputes lead list of credit complaints -- Billing disputes lead list of credit complaints in latest monthly survey from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ... (See Billing disputes)

Younger borrowers closing delinquency gap -- Younger people have higher expectations of missing a debt payment, survey finds ... (See Young borrowers' delinquency )

Survey: Old mag stripe cards more secure than mobile pay -- Most people think the new chip cards are safer to use than mag stripe ones, but many say the old mag stripe card poses less risk than new mobile payment options. ... (See Mobile payment security)

Survey: Many fail at online security basics -- Simple steps, such as closing a Web browser when one is finished using an online account, can reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, the survey by Experian's ProtectMyID found ... (See Online security survey )

Infographic: What is a chip card? How do I use it? -- What you need to know about how the chip is replacing the credit card's old magnetic stripe ... (See Chip card infographic)

Poll finds craziest places people do online shopping -- North Americans are shopping online while on the job, in bed, at restaurants, in the shower, at weddings and at funerals, MasterCard's Psyche of Shopping survey found ... (See Crazy places we shop online)

New subprime accounts power credit card growth -- New subprime accounts, driven by millennials, power growth ... (See New credit accounts)

Study: We underestimate our credit card debt -- We accurately recall other types of debt, but not card debt, says a newly updated Federal Reserve report ... (See Underestimate card debt)

Mobile banking becoming a consumer favorite -- As banking by cellphone takes off, branches are falling out of favor as American consumers' favorite way to do their financial business ... (See Mobile banking survey)

Study: 8 in 10 Americans saddled with some form of debt -- Findings of a study by the Pew Charitable Trusts suggest younger generations are growing more wary of borrowing ... (See Pew debt study)

Credit card delinquencies improve despite economic chill -- U.S. consumers improved their on-time payment performance on credit card bills during the first quarter, despite shrinkage in the economy ... (See Delinquency statistics)

Volume of credit cards finally back up near pre-recession levels -- As of the fourth quarter of 2014, the total number of open credit card accounts, and the volume of new cards being issued, are both nearing the 2008 levels ... (See Credit card volume)

Survey: Employees less likely to borrow on cards for necessities -- A fifth of employees have to borrow on their credit cards to pay for monthly necessities, a study by PwC shows, but overall, workers' financial wellness is improving ... (See Employees' financial wellness)

NY Fed: Debt in collection shrinks -- The percentage of accounts in collections and the average size of those debts both shrank, according to new data from the New York Fed. ... (See Debt in collections)

What ID thieves do with the financial data they steal -- High-tech hackers get all the headlines, but an analysis of identity theft claims data by Travelers show the most common way stolen data gets used is a low-tech one: Thieves snatch a card, then go out and use it ... (See Use of stolen card data)

ABA study: Card delinquency stays low -- Despite an uptick at the end of 2014, delinquencies for credit cards issued by banks remained well below the 15-year average, American Bankers Association research shows ... (See Card delinquency)

Banks become more generous with card credit limits -- Credit card issuers are showing their confidence in consumers and the economy by boosting the number of card offers and the size of their credit limits, says a banking trade group report ... (See Credit limits increase)

Consumers trust their own bank to safeguard personal info -- Americans trust their banks the most and social networking the least to keep their personal information secure, a Gallup poll finds ... (See Information security)

Banks still rely on branches to start accounts -- While banks long ago embraced online banking transactions, they still rely on branches to originate most types of accounts, research by Celent finds ... (See Online financial products)

Poll: Wealthy prefer cash-back rewards on their cards -- Three out of five wealthy Americans prefer cash-back rewards, choosing them over free hotel stays, concierge services and even frequent flier miles ... (See Cash back)

44% of Americans mistakenly say credit score, credit report are the same -- Almost half of Americans believe a credit score and a credit report are basically the same thing, just different terms, a survey from American Bankers Association shows ... (See Credit score)

Balance transfer promotional rates on the rise -- Balance transfer promotional rates are getting more generous, with more cards offering lengthy interest-free promotional periods, according to the 2015 Creditcards.com Balance Transfer Survey ... (See Balance transfer survey infographic)

Credit card delinquency rates rise slightly in 2014 -- Delinquent credit card balances rose slightly in the third quarter of 2014, but remain far below the 15 year average, says the American Bankers Association ... (See Credit card delinquency rates)

ABA study: 'Revolver' card holders down, 'transactors' rise -- Fewer cardholders carried balances, while more cardholders paid in full each month in the second quarter of 2014, the American Bankers Association found ... (See Study: 'Transactors' rise)

Card borrowing lags while student, auto loans soar -- Consumers are borrowing more to finance cards and college degrees, while credit card borrowing is stuck at 2003 levels, a Federal Reserve Bank of New York report shows ... (See Borrowing)

Holiday buying 2014: more savings and gift cards, less credit -- Fewer Americans plan to holiday shop with credit cards in 2014, while more have set aside money or will use gift cards for their purchases, an Accenture study finds ... (See Holiday buying 2014)

Poll: If given $1,000 in miles or cash back, most would splurge, not save -- At least 83 percent of Americans said they would splurge in some fashion if they received $1,000 in travel miles or credit card cash rewards, a poll from Capital One found ... (See Rewards splurge)

Study: Online accounts often go unchecked for fraud -- Americans regularly check their bank account and credit card statements for suspicious activity, but less than a third check various online accounts at least once a month, a study by credit bureau Experian finds ... (more)

Use of reloadable cards surging among millennials -- Ownership of of general-purpose, reloadable cards climbed 11 percent from 2011 to 2013 among younger adults, a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia finds ... (See Millennials and prepaid cards)

Study: More young consumers with good credit have cards -- A widening divide is developing among young consumers, as those with good credit are increasingly taking on credit cards, while those with bad credit are taking on less, according to a TransUnion study ... (See Young consumers)

Study: Rewards cards have taken over the market -- Rewards cards increasingly dominate the credit card market, a study by the American Bankers Association shows ... (See Rewards cards)

Student loans up 84 percent, while other loans drop -- While the dollar amounts of mortgages and credit cards have dropped since 2008, student loans have climbed, an Experian study has found ... (See Student loans)

Study: 7 percent of employees have wages garnished -- About 7 percent of workers had wages garnished in 2013, and workers age 35-44 are most likely to endure that stressful and sometimes humiliating fate ... (See Wage garnishment study)

Where do we bank? Wherever we want, says poll -- A smaller percentage of consumers prefer Internet banking in 2014 compared to the previous year ... (See Banking preferences poll)

Cardholder delinquency at lowest level in at least 7 years -- Just 1.16 percent of American cardholders were 90 days delinquent, according to quarterly data from the credit bureau TransUnion ... (See Delinquent cardholders)

Big buys go on our credit cards, little ones on prepaid cards -- We are more likely to use credit cards for bigger charges, and prepaid cards for smaller purchases, according to a 2013 report by the Federal Reserve System ... (See Card charges)

Customers with overdraft protection pay quadruple in fees -- People who opt for overdraft protection on their debit transactions pay a lot more in total fees than other checking account users ... (See Overdraft protection fees)

Americans' choice in noncash payment has become debit cards -- Americans are increasingly opting for electronic payments and debit cards, a study by the Federal Reserve System shows ... (See Noncash payments)

Poll: Americans say they are careful with money -- While Americans say they are careful with their money, they are also saying they have bought more at the store than they meant to ... (See Saving money)

Fewer Americans are delinquent on their bank cards -- Consumers' bank card delinquencies, already at historically low levels, dropped further in the first quarter of 2014. The American Bankers Association says it's a sign that more people are using cards as transaction tools instead of debt instruments ... (See Card delinquencies)

Biggest financial worries differ for millennials, boomers -- Almost a third of millennials said in a Wells Fargo poll that student loans were their biggest financial worry, while retirement was the biggest concern of baby boomers ... (See Boomers, millennials money worries)

Married women find financial responsibility attractive -- Married women consider financial responsibility sexier than men do, an Experian poll finds. ... (See Marriage and credit)

Invaders of personal space cause biggest travel headache -- Invasion of personal space tops the list of headache-causing habits of travelers, according to a Capital One survey of 1,000 rewards cardsholders ... (See Annoying travelers)

Poll: Millennials know less than others about credit scores -- The 35-and-younger crowd knows less about credit scores than other American adults, a survey from the Consumer Federation of America and VantageScore Solutions shows ... (See Millennials and credit scores)

Survey: Lack of education goes with credit card debt -- Households without credit card debt tend to be more educated than those with credit card debt, according to a study by public policy organization Demos ... (See Education and card debt)

Americans rely less on credit cards, says Gallup survey -- Almost a third of Americans don't have a credit card, the most since Gallup began conducting surveys on the issue in 2001 ... (See Rely less on credit cards)

Poll: Americans say they'd rather save than spend -- An April 2014 Gallup poll shows that Americans state they would rather save than spend, a desire that has increased for the third year. ... (See Save vs. spend poll )

Bankers predict an increase in credit-line requests -- A poll of risk managers at banks in the United States and Canada shows most believe credit-line increase requests will rise in 2014 ... (See Credit line survey)

Survey: Bad financial habits creeping back -- A U.S. poll shows that fewer adults have a budget and more adults are increasing their spending. ... (See Fewer budget, more spending)

Business card use rises in 2013 -- Small-business owners reported increased card use in 2013, according to a National Small Business Association study ... (See Business card use)

What financial advice do millennials say they need? -- Millennials are confident about their financial knowledge, but they want advice about savings, budgeting and credit cards in particular ... (See Millennials and financial advice)

Card fees, not interest, dominate revenue -- Credit card fees, and not interest, continued to dominate card issuers' revenue in 2013. ... (See Card fees)

Personal finance tops dreaded talks -- Wells Fargo poll shows that people hate talking about personal finances more than death, politics or religion. ... (See Personal finance)

How 'jamming' cleans your credit report -- temporarily -- The scam called jamming throws a wrench into a beleaguered credit report dispute process, making it harder for the big three credit bureaus to keep up with legitimate disputes ... (See Jamming)

Poll: Who Americans blame for data breaches -- As data breaches mount and put personal information at risk, a poll finds most Americans lay the blame on laxness by retailers ... (See Data breach blame)

Households are borrowing money again -- A new federal report shows U.S. consumers are steadily building debt once again, with the end of 2013 seeing the first annual increase in debt since the Great Recession ... (See Consumer debt increases)

In-person smartphone payments? No thanks, most say -- Most of us say "meh" to the idea of paying by smartphone, though young people, particularly men, show more interest in mobile payments ... (See Payments by smartphone poll)

ID theft disconnect: We fear it but still engage in risky behavior -- A survey conducted by Experian's ProtectMyID found that consumers are increasingly worried about the threat of identity theft, but are not doing much to protect themselves ... (See ID theft: Fear vs. actions)

Infographic:Rewards program use declines across all ages -- Study by Mercator Advisory Group finds consumers less interested in reward programs, more interested in tailored credit card advantages ... (See Rewards program use declines)

Infographic: Consumers expect credit to stay tight -- A few hopeful consumers predict credit accessibility will get easier -- but most think it will get tougher or stay the same ... (See Credit accessibility)

Infographic: Credit card delinquencies inch up after three-year slide -- While consumers are paying many of their loans on time, late credit card payments saw an uptick in the third quarter of 2013, according to the American Bankers Association ... (See Delinquencies)

Infographic: Baby boomers have the most credit pride -- Baby boomers have more credit confidence than younger generations, according to a survey ... (See Credit pride)

Infographic: What were 2013's biggest budget busters? -- For about one in five Americans, meals at restaurants were the biggest threat to their budgets in 2013, according to a survey ... (See Budget busters)

Infographic: Identity theft takes an expensive, emotional toll -- Imagine the populations of Illinois and Oklahoma all falling victim to identity theft, and you'll have an idea of this crime's annual scope ... (See Identity theft)

Infographic: 56 percent of parents willing to rack up holiday debt for kids -- Is that first post-holiday credit card statement worth it to see your kids' eyes light up at the spread under the tree? More than half of parents with kids under 18 say it is ... (See Holiday debt)

Regretting your recent cash advance? You're not alone -- More than half of those who have taken a cash advance on a credit card say they have regretted that decision, according to a new CreditCards.com poll ... (See Cash advance poll)

Infographic: 10 percent think debt dies with them -- Many consumers aren't aware their unpaid debts could haunt their survivors, according to a survey from Securian Financial Group ... (See Debt after death)

Infographic: Millennials have unhealthy credit habits -- Millennials could stand to learn a few credit-management habits from older generations, according to research from Experian ... (See Millennial credit habits)

Infographic: Lack of savings more worrisome than card debt -- Although credit card debt is more stressful than either health care or living costs, what's most likely to keep you up at night is a lack of savings for the future ... (See Money worries: No savings outstresses debt)

Infographic: Young people more likely to freely swap plastic -- While older people are more likely to hold tight to their credit and debit cards, younger generations are more liberal about sharing them with others, a survey says ... (See Borrowing credit cards)

Infographic: Preferred payment methods vary by location -- Buying groceries? You'll pay by debit card. Online? It's credit cards or PayPal. Grabbing a burger? You'll fork over cash, says a study of preferred payment methods ... (See Preferred payment methods)

Infographic: The cost of Halloween -- Those celebrating Halloween will spend an average of $107 this year. Our infographic shows the traditions and treats that will cost Americans an arm and a leg -- and perhaps various other body parts ... (See Halloween spending)

Infographic: Mobile banking coming up from behind -- For the first time, mobile banking has outstripped more old-fashioned methods of account maintenance, such as telephone and mail ... (See Mobile banking)

Infographic: Unemployment makes consumers critical of debt -- Those struggling to find work are more likely to look down their noses at your credit card debt, survey says ... (See Debt anxiety)

Infographic: Good credit? Issuers want you -- If you have good credit, hold out for the best deal on a new credit card, because there's a lot of competition for your business ... (See Good credit)

Infographic: Recession survivors are tackling debt -- While those shaken by the recession are still stalling on paying down debt, those who weathered the storm are quickly recovering ... (See Recession survivors)

Infographic: Women seek good credit, financial stability in long-term partners -- When it comes to a long-term partner's finances and credit scores, women may be more choosey than men ... (See Credit scores and romance)

Infographic: Cardlessness among young people up nearly 80 percent -- All age groups are increasingly shedding credit cards, according to June 2013 data from FICO. Yet no age group is ditching them faster than young people ... (See Young people going credit-cardless)

Infographic: Allowances for kids? So old-fashioned -- Allowances may die out as millennials become parents, according to an August 2013 survey from financial services firm Country Financial. ... (See Allowance)

Your map through Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy -- If you've decided that bankruptcy might be the solution for you, you need to be prepared for the stops along the way for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies ... (See Bankruptcy map)

Infographic: Gen Y embraces mobile bill pay, boomers like mail -- When it comes to paying bills, consumers -- especially young ones -- are embracing mobile, according to an August 2013 survey from Western Union. Yet more "old-fashioned" methods of payment still remain popular among all age groups ... (See Bill payment by generations)

Infographic: Consumers cutting back -- but also spending more -- Consumers are pinching pennies when it comes to small purchases, while opening their wallets for bigger ones, according to July 2013 research from Harris Interactive ... (See Saving while spending)

Infographic: Early shoppers push up back-to-school season -- Families are getting an increasingly early start on back-to-school shopping, according to a survey from the National Retail Federation ... (See Back to school)

Infographic: Men and women rate each other's financial strengths -- A survey from FleishmanHillard and Hearst Magazines asked men and women to rate each other's financial strengths. And the genders didn't always see eye to eye ... (See Rating the genders)

Infographic: Parents shelling out more on kids' summer fun -- Parents are willing to pay up to keep their children busy this summer, according to July's American Express Spending & Saving Tracker ... (See Summer spending)

Infographic: Who?s checking your credit score? -- When it comes to which types of companies may check your credit score before approving you for their products or services, many consumers are in the dark. ... (See Credit score)

Infographic: Those who don't haggle are missing out -- Although fewer than half of shoppers haggle, those who do are rewarded, according to a survey from Consumer Reports ... (See Haggling)

Infographic: Millennials swap credit cards for student loans -- More young consumers are turning their backs on credit cards and piling on student loan debt, according to research from FICO ... (See Millennials ditch credit cards, pile on student loans)

Infographic: How we spend our gift cards -- Gift cards don?t tend to gather much dust in your wallet, according to a June 18 survey from the Retail Gift Card Association. ... (See Gift cards)

Infographic: Best, worst states for credit card delinquencies -- In what could be a sign of economic recovery, bank card lending is on the rise, according to numbers from credit bureau Experian ... (See Card delinquencies)

Infographic: Americans pick computers over financial planners -- When it comes to financial planning, Americans are turning to computer programs over living, breathing financial advisers, a Gallup poll has found ... (See Computers reign over financial planners)

Infographic: New grads wish they'd saved more for college -- The high cost of college has given the class of 2013 some financial perspective, a survey has found ... (See College costs)

Infographic: Young adults most optimistic about finances -- Americans from age 18 to 29 have an optimistic outlook on their financial futures. Things look significantly gloomier to older Americans, however ... (See Financial outlook)

Infographic: How Robo-signing works in credit card debt -- When creditors mechanically and automatically certify that credit card debt is real without any documentary evidence, it's called robo-signing, and the practice is both widespread and controversial ... (See Robo-signing credit card debt)

Infographic: The money topics your kids wish you'd talk about -- Most parents say they talk about money regularly with their kids. Their children, however, don't think these conversations are enough ... (See Family finances)

Infographic: Financial crisis inspired better money habits -- The financial crisis that started in 2007 may have forced many investors to learn things the hard way, according to research from Fidelity Investments ... (See Recession lessons)

Infographic: Most people won't discuss credit card debt -- Credit card debt is the subject people least want to discuss with a stranger, according to a CreditCards.com poll ... (See Credit card debt)

Infographic: ATM fees on the rise -- ATM surcharges are on the rise, but consumers are pretty adept at avoiding them, according to an April 2013 report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office. ... (See ATM surcharges)

Infographic: Consumers prefer mobile banking to mobile payments -- Proponents of mobile payment technology tout the convenience of leaving your wallet at home. Yet, while consumers are eager to bank by phone, they're not sold on buying by phone ... (See Mobile payments)

Infographic: More taxpayers reaching for credit cards -- Most Americans will use checking or savings accounts to pay their taxes this year. But more are reaching for credit cards ... (See Paying taxes)

Infographic: Lack of savings consumers' biggest financial worry -- To kick off Financial Literacy Month, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling asked consumers which money matters worry them most ... (See Money worries)

Infographic: Young adults ditch homeownership, rack up student loans -- While young people's post-recession lifestyles include fewer homes, fewer cars and less credit card debt, their student loan debt has skyrocketed ... (See Young adult debt)

Infographic: Debt clouds retirement optimism -- Large amounts of debt has workers feeling pessimistic about their ability to retire in financial security ... (See Retirement)

Infographic: How men, women divide money-related chores -- A 2013 TD Ameritrade survey finds that when couples tackle the household finances, women tend to do the day-to-day chores, men the long-terms plans ... (See Couples and money)

Infographic: ID theft tops FTC complaints list -- Identity thieves are shifting strategies, as evidenced by a surge in tax refund fraud, according to the Federal Trade Commission ... (See Identity theft)

Infographic: Issuers stingier with credit post-CARD Act -- Since the CARD Act went into effect in early 2010, you need a higher credit score to get more measly credit limits, according to the American Bankers Association ... (See Credit after CARD Act)

Infographic: Credit report errors hit less-educated the hardest -- Are those with less education more likely to be victimized by credit report errors? That's what a report issued by the Federal Trade Commission suggests ... (See Credit report errors)

Infographic: In tough job market, student debt grows -- Recent grads are caving under the weight of their student loans, a TransUnion study has found ... (See Student loans)

Infographic: Women more likely than men to break up over money -- Poor money management skills and heavy debt are a turn-off, especially for women, a CreditCards.com survey has found ... (See Love and money)

FTC: Debt collectors often have skimpy info -- About 1 million U.S. consumers a year dispute debts, says a new FTC report, and no wonder: Collectors often have little info on what is owed ... (See Collectors' skimpy info)

Heavy debt a major turnoff, especially for women, CreditCards.com survey finds -- Attitudes regarding debt loom large over any relationship, and that's especially true for women, who find heavy debt a huge turnoff, says a CreditCards.com survey ... (See Debt's a turnoff)

Infographic: Will credit card surcharges take hold in the U.S.? -- Australia's experience with credit card surcharges may hold some clues for what's in store for U.S. merchants and customers ... (See Surcharges)

Infographic: Buying by mobile phone hits critical mass -- Mobile payments made some headway toward the mainstream in 2012, according to research from IDC Financial Insights ... (See Mobile payments)

Infographic: Bankers predict thirst for credit in 2013 -- Consumers are going to be eating up more of their credit and asking lenders for more, according to a December 2012 survey ... (See Credit outlook)

Infographic: Groceries top list of most popular rewards programs -- When it comes to credit card rewards most desired by consumers, grocery rewards eat everyone else's lunch, according to research from American Express ... (See Grocery rewards programs)

Infographic: Credit card delinquencies on the decline -- Delinquent payments on credit cards hit an 18-year low in the third quarter of 2012, according to numbers from the American Bankers Association ... (See Delinquencies)

Infographic: 12 days of trauma injuries have devastating cost -- Holiday-related injuries fill emergency rooms -- and can be financially devastating for families who are often already spread thing this time of year ... (See Trauma injury costs)

Infographic: Gift cards seen as more valuable than higher-priced gifts -- Consumers place high value on the flexibility gift cards bring, according to a December 2012 survey by payment processing company First Data ... (See Gift cards)

Infographic: Money-related resolutions hit record high -- Saving more, shedding debt are at the top of consumers' New Year's resolution lists ... (See New Year's resolutions)

Infographic: Holiday shoppers use rewards to travel, offset expenses -- The holidays can be an opportunity to rack up credit card rewards points, miles and cash back. So how will cardholders put their rewards to work after the holidays this year? ... (See Rewards)

Fiscal cliff calculator: figure your income tax hit -- This calculator lets you see what your federal income and Social Security taxes are now, and what they will be if we fall off the 'fiscal cliff' ... (See Fiscal cliff calculator)

Infographic: Bill pay goes mobile -- More consumers are using their mobile phones to pay their bills, a study has found ... (See Mobile bill pay)

Survey: Holiday budgets fall in popularity -- For the fourth year in a row, holiday shoppers are less likely to cut back spending or create a budget, a USAA survey finds ... (See Infographic: Holiday spending makes a comeback)

Survey: Younger couples keep more credit card secrets -- Younger couples may be less financially honest than older couples, according to September 2012 data from AARP. ... (See Secret debt)

Areas struggling from recession still cautious with credit debt -- According to data from Experian, cardholders' willingness to pull out the plastic is partly determined geography -- specifically, by whether an area has recovered from the recessoin ... (See Credit card debt)

Infographic: Fewer credit cards among college students -- College students may be getting smarter -- about personal finance, that is; their overall credit card ownership has dropped in the last two years. ... (See Student credit)

Infographic: Mobile banking on the rise for young and old -- A quarterly survey conducted by Citi revealed that consumers who bank using their mobile device is growing, even among older age groups. ... (See Mobile banking rising)

Infographic: Who uses small-dollar loans? -- Fifteen million Americans used small-dollar credit products in 2011, from outfits such as pawnshops, payday lenders and auto title outfits. Who borrows, why and what do they spend their loans on? ... (See Graphic: Small-dollar loans)

Debit card fraud is up -- As debit card use has risen, so has debit card fraud -- key targets are atms, grocery stores and gasoline pumps. ... (See Debit card fraud)

Infographic: Top US cities all improving on paying back debt -- New data shows huge decreases in default rates, and a couple of big U.S. city's residents deserve a pat on the back ... (See Declining credit default rates )

Survey: Where credit cards are most accepted in the world -- A MasterCard study reveals where business credit cards are most likely -- and least likely -- to be accepted internationally. ... (See Worldwide card acceptance)

Infographic: College graduates make little progress in paying off debt -- Students who have graduated from college are slow to pay back on their debt, according to a Rutgers report. ... (See Student debt)

Infographic: Americans shed credit cards and debt post-recession -- American families are ditching their credit cards -- and their debt -- since the recession, according to a Fed survey. ... (See Credit card debt)

Infographic: Credit card mail offers hit a 25 month low in April -- Credit card mail offers are plummeting, according to recent data. Will the dive that began in December 2011 continue? ... (See Credit card mailings)

Infographic: Credit card numbers still top thieves' wish lists -- When it comes to data breaches, credit card numbers remain the No. 1 stolen item, according to Javelin Strategy & Research's 2012 Identity Fraud Report ... (See Credit card fraud)

Infographic: After 'I do,' financial skeletons emerge from the closet -- Now you tell me: Nearly half of divorced or separated adults participating in a survey said they found financial skeletons in the closet of their spouse, but not until after marriage. ... (See Secret debt)

Infographic: Post-recession shifts in credit scores -- Americans' post-recession credit scores have shifted, says FICO, with fewer people clustered at the ends of the scale and more people in the middle ... (See Credit scores)

Credit card companies at bottom of pack in 'forgiveness' -- American consumers find credit card issuers to be the least forgivable industry, according to an April 2012 survey ... (See Forgiven debt)

Infographic: College graduates afraid of not finding job -- Respondents to an online survey say that of their worries after college, they are most afraid of not finding a job ... (See Student money woes)

Infographic: Brazil top nation for financial literacy, Visa survey finds -- In an April 2012 international survey of 25,000 people, Visa ranks countries in order of financial literacy. Brazil topped the list, and the U.S. finished just out of the medal round ... (See Financial literacy)

Fed: Consumers wary of mobile payment security -- Americans are embracing using cellphones to conduct financial business, says a March 2012 report from the Federal Reserve, but concerns about security hare holding back adoption ... (See Mobile payments)

Infographic: Americans growing more confident about economy -- After years of economic gloom and doom, nearly one in three Americans now believe that the U.S. economy is on the mend, according to a February 2012 report from Discover ... (See Consumer confidence)

Infographic: Mobile payments now widely accepted among retailers -- Mobile payments are now as widely accepted as online payments among the nation's top 10 retailers, according to a survey released in February 2012 by First Annapolis Consulting ... (See Mobile payments)

Infographic: Who handles the family budget? Both men, women say they do -- An American Express survey found the sexes largely in agreement that men handle most of the financial duties in the household. However, when it comes to handling the household budget, it appears both sides are taking credit ... (See The sexes and money)

Infographic: The high cost of love -- When it comes to love, 2012 is going to be pricey and disappointing for many Americans. In a Valentine's Day-inspired survey, American Express looked at couples' spending habits and even their future plans for their relationships ... (See Cost of love)

Infographic: Bankers predict more credit cards, more delinquencies -- The next six months will likely see more people becoming delinquent with their credit -- and seeking more credit at the same time, according to a January 2012 survey by the Professional Risk Managers' International Association ... (See Bank predictions)

Infographic: 1 in 5 say better money management is top 2012 goal -- Handling money better is always one of the top New Year's resolutions, and 2012 is no different, according to a January 2012 poll from Chase ... (See Money management)

Infographic: Medical bill trouble often part of larger money woes, survey says -- Have trouble paying your medical bills? Chances are that other aspects of your finances are suffering, too. That's according to a December 2011 survey from the Center For Studying Health System Change ... (See Medical bill woes)

Infographic: ID theft reports jump 33 percent in 5 years -- Identity theft reports jumped by a third (33 percent) in five years, according to a report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Most of that growth comes from the misuse or attempted misuse of an existing credit card account. ... (See ID theft)

Infographic: Business credit card delinquencies keep falling -- Propelled by the recession, the delinquency rate for business credit cards skyrocketed in 2008 and 2009. However, a November 2011 report shows that things have changed ... (See Infographic)

Infographic: Americans to boost holiday spending, but do so wisely -- A November 2011 report says that Americans plan to ramp up their holiday spending nearly 20 percent from 2010. However, the report from American Express says that consumers also intend to be smarter about their purchases ... (See 2011 holiday spending)

Infographic: Americans ramp up gift giving for 2011 holiday season -- After years of recession-fueled frugality, more Americans are feeling the holiday gift-giving spirit in 2011, according to a survey from USAA ... (See Gift giving 2011)

Infographic: Consumers feel card issuers are treating them better, survey says -- After enduring account closures, slashed credit limits, rejected applications and other bad treatment from credit card issuers in the throes of the recession, things got better in 2011, according to a November 2011 survey from Consumer Reports ... (See Credit card issuers)

Infographic: Americans fear running out of retirement money, survey says -- When it comes to retirement, nothing scares Americans like the thought of not having enough money, according to a survey from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies ... (See Retirement fears)

Infographic: Most couples talk money before wedding, survey says -- Nearly nine in 10 couples talk about money before getting married, according to a survey released in July 2011 by the National Endowment for Financial Education ... (See Weddings and money)

Infographic: Millennials shedding credit card debt, survey says -- In the recession's wake, every generation has shed credit card debt -- but the youngest generation has been most aggressive about it, says a new survey from Auriemma Consulting Group ... (See Generations and credit card balances)

Infographic: Alaska, N. Carolina are top states for credit card debt -- When it comes to credit card debt, no state can touch Alaska. According to a report from TransUnion, the state's average credit card debt per borrower in the second quarter of 2011 was $6,926 ... (See State credit card debt)

Infographic: Credit card issuers still paying big bucks to colleges -- The Credit CARD Act of 2009 changed the rules of the game, but credit card companies are still paying colleges and alumni groups big bucks to market to their students ... (See Colleges and credit cards)

Infographic: Americans' biggest financial worries -- According to a July 2011 Gallup survey, a lack of money and low wages are the issues causing consumers the most concern, followed by health care costs and too much debt ... (See Infographic)

Infographic: How much do you buy when you shop? -- More than 60 percent of shopping trips in the U.S. are made for small or immediate needs, according to a study from The Nielsen Company ... (See Shopping)

Infographic: What most consumers know about credit scores -- The average American isn't exactly a credit scoring expert, but there are some basic elements of credit scoring that most Americans do know, according to a survey by the Consumer Federation of America ... (See Credit score)

Infographic: Women more focused than men on saving, cutting card debt -- When the Javelin Strategy & Research team polled men and women about their top financial goals in 2011, women were more frugal-minded ... (See Men, women and money)

Infographic: The rise and fall of credit card accounts -- Compared to all other financial products, credit card accounts rose faster before the recession and fell harder during and after it, according to New York Federal Reserve data ... (See Credit card accounts)

Infographic: Debt causes financial distress -- People with debt woes suffer in more ways than one, according to a recent study from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling ... (See Financial stress)

Infographic: Bank card delinquencies keep falling, says report -- A May 2011 report from credit bureau TransUnion shows that the percentage of cardholders who are at least 90 days late with a payment to a bank-issued credit card continues to slide ... (See Delinquencies)

Infographic: Most parents financially support their adult kids -- A May 2011 survey from the National Endowment for Financial Education finds 59 percent of parents are providing, or have provided, financial support to their adult children when they've finished school ... (See Parents supporting kids)

Credit card statistics, infographic: Americans' top 8 financial worries -- Americans are far more worried about their retirement funds (or lack thereof) than about their ability to make credit card payments, according to a poll by Gallup ... (See Money worries)

Graphic: Statistics of ATM use in the United States -- The amount and use of ATMs in the United States has grown slowly since 1999. Check out this graphic that breaks down the amount of monthly transactions, total stand-alone and total machines and total transactions. ... (See ATM stats)