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Fly-and-drive: Road trip options using rewards, points -- A twist on an old classic, fly-and-drives offer the fun of a road trip without the grueling hours to reach your destination. And you can make it happen using rewards points. Here's how. ... (See Fly-and-drive road trips on points)

International getaways: How to get, stay there on miles, points -- Ready for a weekend getaway to a sunny destination? Go overseas using card rewards, points and miles. These four tips will help you score a quick international trip. ... (See Have Cards, Will Travel: International getaways)

Southwest Companion Pass: Best travel options using sign-up bonus miles -- An unforgettable 2x1 getaway to Cabo, Belize, Aruba or Punta Cana is within reach by leveraging Southwest's current promotion ? here's how. ... (See Southwest Companion Pass travel tips)

Tropical destinations: 4 exotic islands to escape winter using points -- Cold, frosty winter days call for sunny afternoons in far-off destinations. Here are four exotic islands you can escape to by using miles and points from your rewards credit cards. ... (See 4 exotic winter destinations on points)

Travel resolutions: Travel better using rewards credit cards in 2019 -- Is one of your new year?s resolutions to travel far and wide? Follow these tips to upgrade your bucket list, hack elite benefits and make your wildest travel dreams come true in 2019 using your rewards credit cards. ... (See Travel better in 2019 using card rewards)

Maximize rewards points using your card's transfer partners -- Transferring your credit card reward points to an airline or hotel partner can sometimes be your secret weapon to unlock maximum value. ... (See Maximize rewards points using card transfer partners)

Book travel through your card's portal: 5 times it makes sense -- Booking directly through your credit card's travel portal may be your best option when you're looking to redeem points in certain situations. ... (See Booking travel through card's travel portal)

Hard-to-reach destinations: How to travel using rewards points -- If you think you can't use rewards points to fund a trip to a hard-to-reach destination, think again. You can offset the cost of far-off travel by getting creative when planning your trip. ... (See Hard-to-reach destinations using points)

High-annual-fee credit card: To renew or not to renew -- Premium rewards credit cards with a slew of benefits ? and steep annual fees. Do the math to see if the perks you're using offset the cost of renewing the card. ... (See To renew or not to renew)

Credit card rewards: 5 things to do before the year ends -- The last quarter of the year is the time to make sure you're maximizing your rewards cards' annual earning potential. This to-do list will help you take advantage of all the bonuses and perks your cards can offer. ... (See Card rewards to-do list)

Booking flights: When to pay cash, when to redeem miles -- How do you decide when it is worth spending miles on airfare rather than paying cash? Here are three reasons to pay a flight with cash, three to redeem miles instead, and three scenarios where paying with miles and cash is the way to go. ... (See Pay airfare with cash versus miles)

Hotel stays: When to pay cash, when to redeem points -- How do you decide when it is worth spending points on a hotel stay rather than paying cash? Here are three reasons to pay a hotel room with cash, and three scenarios where redeeming points may make more sense. ... (See Paying hotel stay cash versus redeeming points)

All-inclusive vacations: How to book with rewards points -- Ready to check in and relax at a resort without having to worry about paying for any extras? Here's everything you need to know about booking a stay at an all-inclusive hotel using rewards points. ... (See All-inclusive stays using rewards)

Travel rewards: Use your hobbies to earn miles, points -- If travel is your main passion but you also have other hobbies, why not put them to good use to earn miles, points and rewards? ... (See Fund travel with hobbies)

Diversify your rewards cards to pay for bucket list trips -- When planning bucket list trips, it helps to have a mix of rewards cards -- airline, hotel, cash back and flexible travel card -- to cover all of your costs. ... (See Cards for bucket list trips)

3 times when it's worth it to buy miles, points -- When you are offered a chance to purchase airline miles or hotel points at a discount, it's usually best to say no. But not always ... (See Buying points or miles)

Chase Ultimate Rewards: How to redeem for travel -- You can either book directly through the Chase travel portal or transfer your points to a partner airline or hotel program and book your travel there. Each option has pluses and minuses. ... (See Chase Ultimate Rewards points)

How to plan your summer rewards travel with or without points -- If you have a mound of points, great. If you don't, you can score a heap of points or a companion fare with a credit card sign-up bonus ... (See How to plan rewards summer travel now)

How to earn an exotic vacation at the grocery store -- You can earn an exotic vacation by using the right credit card when you fill your shopping cart at the grocery store. Start with a goal, and use the card that will help you achieve it. ... (See Earn a vacation at the grocery store)

Why savvy points earners always pick up the check -- In the world of credit card rewards, there are literally hundreds of points on the table every single time you dine out ... (See Pick up the check to earn rewards)

Guide to flying with children and unaccompanied minors rules -- When buying airfare for an unaccompanied minor, you may be able to pay with your card points and use a premium card's travel credits to cover the added fees. ... (See Save on airfare for unaccompanied minors)

How points and miles can make first-class flights affordable -- Credit card points and miles can make first-class flights affordable. ... (See Points, miles and flying first class)

How rewards can help you earn status matches or challenges -- Some rewards cards give you hotel status when you sign up or when you hit a spending threshold. Status matches and status challenges are a way to climb elite ranks. ... (See Status matches and challenges)

3 ways many rewards cards give you hotel status -- You may get hotel status at sign-up, a points boost with your card or a higher elite grade with a spending milestone ... (See Rewards cards and hotel status)