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Credit card billing cycles: How long can they be? -- There's not a limit to the number of days a monthly billing period can have, so you may end up having unusually long billing cycles. However, that doesn't mean you'll pay more interest in a year. ... (See Long billing cycles)

Cash advance: Can interest charges continue indefinitely? -- If you don't want to pay interest on a cash advance indefinitely, make sure to pay the cash advance balance on your monthly statement in addition to the minimum payment. ... (See Cash advance interest charges)

Crowdfunding credit card debt: Pros, cons -- You can crowdfund your credit card debt online, but the success rates are low and there are quite a few rules and risks to consider. ... (See Crowdfunding credit card debt)

Paying off credit card in full by mistake: Can you get a refund? -- If you paid your credit card balance in full accidentally, card issuers will generally refund the amount over the minimum payment due -- but the refund may take longer than you'd like. ... (See Paid card balance in full by mistake)

Credit card company asking for my income: Why, what you should do -- Telling your income is mandatory on a card application, but voluntary once you have been approved. However, card issuers need income information to offer you a credit limit increase under Credit CARD Act rules. ... (See Card company questions about income)

Payment allocation: How to make a card payment and a purchase the same day -- A payment that comes in the same day as a purchase should be applied to the purchase, if the purchase balance has the highest interest rate. ... (See Make card payment and purchase the same day)

Credit card payments: How quickly they should be reflected on your account -- Bank regulations dictate that banks should post your payment on the day they receive it. However, payment methods and bank policies determine how quickly that can happen. ... (See Credit card payments)

Skip credit card payments: These are your options -- Can you skip a credit card payment when there's a temporary loss of income? Most issuers might offer you a payment reduction instead, depending on your payment history. These are your options. ... (See Skip credit card payment)

Credit card issuers supervised by the CFPB -- Concerned about anti-consumer practices related to your credit card? Rest assured ? if your card was issued by a major institution, it is supervised by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. ... (See Banks supervised by CFPB)

The Fine Print: Can a credit card charge interest after death? -- A credit card issuer can continue to charge interest after death. However there are specific rules in place for estate that protect heirs. ... (See Credit card interest after death)

Minimum payment: How it appears on credit card statements -- On a statement, the interest-plus-1-percent formula might look like interest is counted twice -- but it actually speeds up repayment ... (See Minimum payment formula)

Here's what to do if Amazon packages go missing -- What can you do if your Amazon packages go missing? You have three layers of protection (including your credit cards) from porch pirates nabbing boxes. ... (See Amazon deliveries)

Surcharges grow more common, even in states where they're banned -- Surcharges for paying with a credit card are growing, even in states where these fees to cover 'swipe fees' are banned by law. ... (See Credit card surcharges)

How to avoid credit card sign-up bonus bait and switch -- Just because a card company invites you to apply for a card and approves your application does not necessarily mean it will give you the sign-up bonus that comes with the offer. ... (See Avoiding sign-up bonus bait and switch)

When is a charge on a credit card unauthorized? -- Unauthorized charges on credit cards are forbidden, but what happens when the charge was made by a company you deal with on an ongoing basis? ... (See Unauthorized credit card charges)

Can you cancel your Amazon Prime, Costco memberships and keep using their cards? -- If you cancel a retailer's membership, can you keep using a credit card issued by them? We analyzed two cases: Amazon Prime and Costco. ... (See Retailer membership and credit cards)

Should I get my favorite brand's credit card? -- If you're a fan of a certain brand, you may be tempted to sign-up for their credit card to earn points toward future purchases. But, many of the big brand cards don't offer as much in rewards as a straight travel or cash back card ... (See Big brands and credit card rewards)

4 fine-print traps to watch out for in credit card rewards programs -- Making assumptions on how your rewards card program works can lead to disappointing discoveries. ... (See Fine print)

Study: Credit card agreements unreadable to most Americans -- Despite a U.S. campaign for simplicity, contracts remain indecipherable, written at a grade level beyond the Average American's understanding ... (See Unreadable)

Video: Credit card agreement -- Quick guide -- Your credit card terms and conditions can be a little overwhelming. But when signing up for a new card, it's important to know what you're getting into. We've created this short list of the most important terms to watch for ... (See Terms and conditions video)