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24 hours of credit card tweets on Twitter


To find out what Internet users think about plastic, read and evaluated 24 hours’ worth of tweets about credit cards on the social networking site Twitter.

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Credit cards on Twitter

If you wonder what people are saying about credit cards, you need only to listen in on cardholders’ conversations.

Talking about debt and credit issues might be difficult face to face, but that reluctance disappears online. Recognizing this, some credit card issuers are  dipping their toes in the social media waters. To find out what Internet users think about plastic, took note of what people were saying about credit cards on popular social media website Twitter. Sometimes labeled a “microblog,” the site allows users to share what they’re doing, thinking or feeling in short, 140-character messages known to Twitter users as “tweets.”

We searched the site for all tweets containing the phrase”credit card” posted in the 24 hours that ended at 2 p.m. Central time on July 1.

Turns out people like to tweet a lot about credit cards. Between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m., for instance, credit cards were mentioned at 68 times. The credit card-related tweets tended to fall into categories:

Here are some of the Twitter highlights — and lowlights — that appeared over the course of 24 hours.

(NOTE: These tweets below are unedited, except to remove expletives and external links.)

Tweet about credit cards from acornhatComplaints
@nyoder: since when do i not get sent a new credit card before the old one expires? i actually had to call for one. don’t you want my money?

@saxophone_freak: stupid Obama with his stupid credit card restrictions!!!

@mgrocki: I am a 34 yr old family man with a stable job: Every time I pay my credit card bills online, I give my 21inch screen two middle fingers.

@MoFuller: I really hate credit card junk mail. Had real bill in shredding pile. Late fee. Pissed. Should be a law – wait – too many laws…. #tcot

@40andoverblog: I am on the phone canceling a service on my credit card. What happened to customer service? I don’t want attitude; I want service. Grr

@ajaikarran: @BofA_help Thanks for raising my APR due to changes in your business practice. Reason enough to not use my BofA credit card ever again.

@@bellanyc1: it just took me 40 minutes to cancel a credit card. lets go ppl, this isnt the stone age.

@acorn_hat: ok, it’s 4:10. if i’m still on the phone w/the credit card company at 4:30, someone’s gonna die.

Tweet about credit cards from DiscoStu101Compliments
@zyncl19: Thanks EmigrantDirect for waiving a late fee when I thought I had a credit card payment scheduled and didn’t.

@ChrisEConroy: just realized that my credit card interest rate is lower than my federal student loan. sweet?

@discostu101: Woo! My credit card’s been approved and mailed! I can’t wait to get into hideous amounts of debt!

@evilbeet: Dude, Citi just lowered my credit card interest rate 5 percentage points after I called and asked. BIG HELP! THANK YOU!

Debt regret
@Maroonsista: I really wish I would’ve listened to my father over my mother and never gotten a credit card. Those things are addictive and put you in debt

@douglasl9: Selling my ROTH IRA and 401k to payoff my credit card debt. I have been getting [expletive] returns on them anyways. I think I made a total loss

@amalomer: i’m really hoping i’m reading my credit card bill wrong.

Tweet about credit cards from beccadabbottDeep thoughts
@S3_jstanderfer: Solution to NYC budget crisis – install device in cabs that auto debits cab driver’s credit card everytime they honk.

@GLM1: Gem #5 Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a college kid with a maxed out credit card.

@madmke: Life is a credit card. But its OK to max that one out!

@beccadabbott: Things left in montauk: toothbrush, credit card, dignity

Fraud and ID theft
@crazylikeafox11: Last 24 have sucked. Work sucked yesterday. Had change thrown at my moving vehicle. Checked on my credit card and had fraudulent charges. 🙁

@vampinthecity: Its official. I am the latest victim of credit card fraud. Now I know how it feels to be molested financially! Growl.

@punkyguy: Argh! I found out my credit card account has been compromised and then on the phone w/that I stubbed my little toe and broke it. Barstards!

@mistajam: Yah Yah registering his new credit card on the fone v.loudly. Cue all the geezers copying his cc details as he reads them out ovr the fone.

Free from debt
@SLWhitesell: Credit card: conquered. Next, the loans.

@FreelanceCynic: Paid off the credit card! Party, party, party!

Going high-tech (or low-tech)
@lovingmysummer: Boston cabs have these great screens and ez credit card payment from back seat. Love it.

@bankerbradford: Just exited from a Dallas office tower parking lot: they DON’T take cash; credit (or debit) card only! What if I only use cash?

@SarsLeigh: Really enjoyed using a credit card to remove frost off my car this morning!

Tweet about credit cards from noot54Jokes
@Noot54: @sargedunn1 My wife’s credit card was stolen but the police advised me to take no further action — the thief was spending less than she was.

@shonalim: Found ourselves in the path of a scary charging cow. Luckily i thought fast and took away his credit card.

Kids and cards
@tsandler: Barclays just sent an exclusive credit card offer to both of my kids (7 & 5) to sign up for the US Airways Mastercard. Marketing gone wild.

@hillrat: My four year old just a solicitation for a credit card. Is that some kind of record?

@ThatJincy: Daddy was NOT happy about the credit card bill this month. Will jincy get a…budget??! ::gasp::

@trishvegas: seriously the day i turn 18 i’m applying for a credit card. life will be so much easier

@kaylaalovee: 1,800th update goes to my grandma!! She lets me use her credit card. LMAO Love you Grams xD

Pop culture
@Aninchay: watching “Golden Girls” and LMAO — Blanche is talking about “natures credit card” and how she never leaves home without it! G-nite…

@IianNeill: The blowing up of the credit card companies, at the end, represents not the success but the failure of Fight Club.

@jbrocks141: @Team_J_Brothers Hey! i’m a HUGE Jonas Brothers fan!:) do i have 2 use a credit card 2 join Team Jonas?! PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!:D

Tweet about credit cards from tommygunz694Relationships
@JaneDoeChicago: My friend is showing me her new [breasts] that she charged to her ex-husband’s credit card. “He pays, someone else plays.” Nice!

@sandyviv76: My husband is going to kill me got to tear up this credit card before i dig this hole any bigger.:(

@tommygunz694: The devil wears prada I know cuz she used my credit card

@k38zg5r0mft5: Looking for a date this weekend? No Credit Card Required. Check out the web hottest members for FREE: [URL removed]

@kstriyhon: my brother just got a 5500 dollars credit card by telling a few white lies, i guess i will say a lot of those to get more money.

@filmigirl: Just a note to DC interns: living off of Daddy’s credit card one summer doesn’t uniquely qualify you to know what’s best for poor people.

@sips01: Oh snap! my boss gave me his credit card and said get him food and get whatever i want…

@Frankole: @xSavantx I ordered some shoes online using the credit card you left me to pay for the pizza with. Thanks buddy!! 🙂

Tweet about credit cards from _crematedShopping
@aluniquen: Yay Credit Card arrived today! Gonna have fun with this bad boy

@leslialison: it happened again – I got charged twice for the same item on my credit card – this always happens to me! The spa charged me twice!

@kangaroobabe: Don’t get a Sam’s Club Discover credit card. They have terrible business practices and horrible customer service.

@cremated_: shopped till I dropped and made the credit card scream out for mercy

@DivineSummers: My grandma just told me that she has a Cato’s card 4 emergencies. Um, how could a clothing store credit card help you in an emergency? LOL!!

@diaadoll: I want credit card earings, idk why, but I want them sooo bad! But how would I wear them and not look insane? Hmmm, Can I ever not though!?

@heyitsgarrett: Picasso used to pay for stuff with his signature. I do too, it’s just attached to a credit card receipt. He’s not so great.

Now that you know what other people are saying online about credit cards, you can follow on Twitter and even offer some credit card tweets of your own. Let’s hear what you have to add to the growing credit card conversation.

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