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Lunch with co-workers: Is it OK to use company's credit card? -- Charging lunch with co-workers on a company card might not be considered misuse of company funds if it was business-related. But make sure to know your employer's policy before charging. ... (See Charging lunch on company's card)

International getaways: How to get, stay there on miles, points -- Ready for a weekend getaway to a sunny destination? Go overseas using card rewards, points and miles. These four tips will help you score a quick international trip. ... (See Have Cards, Will Travel: International getaways)

Travel hacks guide: How to become a points hacker using credit cards -- Enticed by the prospect of earning and redeeming rewards but intimidated by the rules? Fret not. Travel experts shared their tips for becoming a 'points hacker.' Here's how to do it. ... (See Rewards guide: From clueless cardholder to points hacker)

Spring break deals: How to save on travel using credit cards -- Want to travel to a popular destination this spring break but your budget's tight? Fret not. These booking and credit card tips will help you save money. ... (See Spring break: Tips for traveling for less using credit cards)

All-inclusive vacations: Resort cards versus travel rewards cards -- Considering a resort card for an all-inclusive vacation? You may be better off with a travel rewards card as they can offer more flexibility and better benefits and terms. ... (See Resort cards versus travel rewards cards)

Mastercard Black Card: Is it worth it? -- The Mastercard Black Card bills itself as a luxury card charged with premium benefits ? and a hefty annual fee. Is it worth it? Read on to see if the Mastercard Black Card is right for you. ... (See Mastercard Black Card: Is it worth it?)

Tropical destinations: 4 exotic islands to escape winter using points -- Cold, frosty winter days call for sunny afternoons in far-off destinations. Here are four exotic islands you can escape to by using miles and points from your rewards credit cards. ... (See 4 exotic winter destinations on points)

Summer vacation: Plan early using rewards points -- Looking forward to a summer vacation? January is the perfect time to start exploring destination options, looking for great deals -- and planning your credit card rewards strategy to fund your trip. ... (See Summer vacations: How to plan early)

Citi Prestige card: Is the updated offer worth it? -- Citi Prestige, one of the premium cards in the market, has an updated offer that includes 5x points on air travel and dining. Read on to see if the card is right for you. ... (See Citi Prestige update: Is it worth it?)

Business credit card tips: How to boost savings, rewards in the new year -- Want to review your business's finances in the new year? Your credit card is a good place to start. Take advantage of the January blues to fine-tune your budget, up your rewards game and explore balance transfer opportunities. ... (See Business card tips for the new year)

Best credit cards for cruises -- Looking for the best credit cards for cruises? Look no further. From co-branded cruise line-specific cards to flexible travel rewards cards, these are your best options. ... (See Best credit cards for cruises)

Business Platinum Card from American Express: Are the new perks worth it? -- The Business Platinum Card from American Express will offer new perks ? including access to WeWork ? starting February 2019, but will also charge a higher annual fee. Is it worth it? ... (See Is Amex Business Platinum card worth it?)

Small Business Profile: More to Love -- Credit cards have been a game changer for entrepreneur Rachel Estapa, who is using them to grow her award-winning business: A yoga studio that embraces people of all sizes. ... (See Small Business Profile: More to Love)

Tipping guide: Who, when, how much to tip ? and save using card rewards -- If you're wondering who, when, why and how much to tip, fret not. This guide includes everything you need to know about tipping ? plus a few tips on how to use card rewards to save. ... (See Tipping guide)

Best credit cards for nonprofit organizations -- The right business credit card can help nonprofit organizations working with limited resources save money on multiple expenses, from purchasing supplies to organizing fundraisers. ... (See Best cards for nonprofits)

Business tax deductions: How to maximize year-end rewards -- Year-end spending can help your business maximize tax deductions and rewards earning at the same time ? if you do it wisely. These tips can help. ... (See Year-end tax deductions and rewards)

Best ways to redeem rewards points over the holidays -- From traveling to exotic destinations on points to upping their gift game using cash back, five cardholders share how they earn and redeem rewards around the holidays. ... (See Redeem rewards around the holidays)

Carrying money abroad: Why take cash, credit, or debit cards -- Ready to leave cash behind while traveling abroad, relying only on credit cards and mobile apps? Not so fast. Here's why you still need to bring along some good old cash. ... (See Traveling abroad money needs)

Earn up to 50,000 bonus miles with Capital One Spark Miles for Business cards -- See how the new bonus on Capital One Spark Miles for Business cards can maximize rewards in the first year. ... (See Spark Miles Bonus)

Lost your credit card overseas?: Here are your next steps -- Do you know what to do if your credit card is stolen or lost while traveling abroad? Fret not. These tips will help you reduce the impact of losing your card overseas and obtain a card replacement. ... (See Lost, stolen credit card while traveling abroad)

Luxury hotel collections guide -- Luxury hotel collections associated with certain travel credit cards offer perks like free room upgrades and meals or late checkout. Here's how these hotel collections work and what cards you can use to unlock their benefits. ... (See Luxury hotel collections guide)

Free breakfast, free dinner: Hotels that offer them, card tips to get them -- You can score major savings on your next trip by staying at a hotel that offers free breakfast ? and dinner. Here's the list of hotels and rewards credit cards that give you access to free meals. ... (See Free breakfast and dinner at hotels)

Last-minute holiday travel: Dos, don'ts, rewards cards tips -- If you waited till the last minute to plan a holiday vacation, here's how to score the best deals and use card rewards and loyalty programs on last-minute holiday travel. ... (See Last-minute holiday travel)

Booking through a travel portal: Avoid these mistakes -- Third-party travel sites are convenient and may offer great rates, but they might not always offer the best price or let you earn travel rewards. Avoid these booking mistakes by shop comparison first. ... (See Travel portal mistakes)

How to prepare for a trip to a hurricane-prone area -- Fall is a great time to travel, but you could end up in the path of a hurricane depending on where you go. Here's how to prepare for an emergency and how credit card perks can help you adjust your plans ... (See Hurricane travel preparations)

Weekend getaway guide: Make the most of a quick trip using credit cards -- Looking forward a weekend getaway? Start by picking the right time and destination and take advantage of the rewards and perks offered by your credit cards for a perfect trip. ... (See Weekend getaway guide)

Business cards: 3 reasons you need them, 3 you don't -- Reasons you need a business card include you travel a lot. Reasons you don't include your finances are already stretched thin. ... (See Business credit cards)

Running a business from home: How to save using business credit cards -- Are you a freelancer, blogger, consultant or entrepreneur working from home? The right business credit card can help you save hundreds of dollars a year in expenses. ... (See Running a business from home: Credit card tips)

Traveling with kids: Tips for maximizing card rewards, hotel points, miles -- Traveling with children in tow isn't always a picnic. Fortunately, you can take advantage of card rewards, frequent flyer programs and hotel loyalty programs to make that family vacation a breeze. ... (See Traveling with kids: Card rewards tips)

Travel tips for cash back cardholders: Earn cash back on travel -- If you'd like to earn travel rewards but prefer the simplicity of a cash back card, we have you covered. These tips will help you save on travel by using the right cash back cards. ... (See Cash back for travel)

Baggage delay, trip delay: Credit card tips for maximizing benefits -- Baggage delay and trip delay insurance are two credit card benefits that can save you hundreds of dollars on your trip. Here's how to make the most of both perks. ... (See Baggage, trip delay credit card tips)

Low-fare flights: When fees are charged for paying with credit card -- If you buy a low-cost flight through an online travel agency, you might be charged a fee for paying with credit card -- even if the agency claims to have no "hidden" fees. ... (See Card fees on low-cost flights)

Employee gas expenses: How to reduce charges on company card -- If you run a small business and your employees are charging gas on the company card more than they should, you have options. Here are three ways to encourage employees to spend less on gas. ... (See Employee gas expenses on company card)

All-inclusive vacations: How to book with rewards points -- Ready to check in and relax at a resort without having to worry about paying for any extras? Here's everything you need to know about booking a stay at an all-inclusive hotel using rewards points. ... (See All-inclusive stays using rewards)

Delta SkyBonus, United PerksPlus and other business frequent flyer programs: How they work -- Business frequent flyer programs such as Delta SkyBonus, United PerksPlus and American Airlines Business Extra, among others, can unlock valuable savings on flights for your company. Here's how they work. ... (See Business frequent flyer programs)

Best credit cards for Airbnb -- Are you an Airbnb loyalist looking to earn rewards points on your stays? Look no more. These are the best credit cards to use on Airbnb. ... (See Best credit cards for Airbnb)

Best Credit Cards for Free Checked Bags -- Checking a bag on your flight? You might be able to do so for free using the right credit card ? or card benefit. Here's how to get free checked bags on your next flight. ... (See Free checked bags)

Bumped from a flight? Credit card tips to keep your seat -- Credit card benefits like priority boarding can help you keep your seat in case your flight is overbooked. If you're bumped, we've got you covered with these travel tips. ... (See Bumped from flight: Credit card tips)

First-time job seeker tips for credit cards -- Looking for your first job? How recent graduates can save money by using the right credit card to offset networking and job interview expenses. ... (See First job card tips)

Charge card vs. business charge credit card: Which is best? -- Business charge cards come with spending flexibility and superior rewards, but are they right for your business? Here's what you should consider to make a decision ... (See Business charge cards vs business credit cards)

Multiply card rewards on business purchases -- Using a rewards credit card for business expenses is an easy way to pile up money-saving miles, points or cash back. Combine it with these tools to maximize savings. ... (See Multiply business savings using rewards cards)

Sharing miles with friends, family: These airlines allow it -- Want to pool miles with friends, family? These frequent flyer programs allow you to share miles. Here's how to do it. ... (See Pooling miles with friends, family)

Which credit card rewards programs allow you to share points? -- Want to pool credit card rewards points with friends, family? These credit card programs allow you to share points. Here's how to do it. ... (See Sharing card rewards points with friends, family)

7 hotel rewards mistakes you should avoid -- From booking on the wrong website to overlooking resort fees, these rewards errors can cost you on your next hotel stay. ... (See Hotel rewards mistakes)

Ways to keep airline elite status when you are flying less -- Frequent flyers with elite airline status can struggle to keep that status if family or business changes mean you're flying less. Charging everyday spending on an airline card and using status matches and challenges can add miles to your bank. ... (See How to keep elite status)

Delta Air Lines credit cards: Which is best for you? -- Whether you're a frequent flyer or just travel with your family once a year, these are the best credit card options for Delta Airlines loyalists. ... (See Best Delta Air Lines cards)

Sharing hotel points? These loyalty programs allow it -- Want to pool hotel points with friends and family? These hotel loyalty programs allow you to share points. Here's how to do it. ... (See Pooling hotel points with friends, family)

Time to upgrade your business credit card? Here's how to decide -- You might be missing out on better rewards, higher credit limit and lower APR by pledging loyalty to your old business credit card. Here's how to decide if it's time for an upgrade. ... (See Time to upgrade your business credit card?)

Best United Airlines credit cards -- Whether you're a frequent or occasional flyer, these are the United Airlines credit card options you should consider ... (See United Airlines credit cards)

Chase Ultimate Rewards: How to redeem for travel -- You can either book directly through the Chase travel portal or transfer your points to a partner airline or hotel program and book your travel there. Each option has pluses and minuses. ... (See Chase Ultimate Rewards points)

Your guide to travel insurance ahead of your next trip -- As you plan your next trip, check your credit cards for their travel insurance benefits. This guide features what's included in travel insurance and how to assess what coverage you need based on your trip type, destination and length of trip. ... (See Guide to travel insurance)

Ultimate guide to airport security options -- Airport security is a hassle, but trusted traveler programs can speed your through TSA checkpoints. Here's what you need to know about TSA Precheck, Global Entry, CLEAR and cards that include travel credits to cover their costs. ... (See Airport security guide)

Headed to a convention or conference? Don't forget rewards credit cards -- Attending a conference or convention can come with a hefty price tag. Here's how you can leverage rewards credit cards to save on lodging, meals and transportation expenses ... (See Convention expenses and credit cards)

The best business credit card perks you're probably not using -- From cellphone protection to airport lounge access, here are some of the best business card perks you might have been overlooking ... (See Little-known business credit card perks)

Best credit cards for travel insurance -- From trip cancellation and travel accident to baggage delay and rental car protection, these credit cards' travel insurance perks have you covered. ... (See Best cards for travel insurance)

Corporate or personal card for business expenses? -- Should you accept a corporate card for business expenses or use your personal card and get reimbursed? Key factors to weigh: Who pays the annual fee and who gets the rewards. ... (See Corporate or personal card?)

Best American Airlines credit cards of 2018 -- Whether you're a frequent flyer or just travel with your family once a year, these are the American Airlines cards with the best perks and rewards bonuses. ... (See Best American Airlines cards)

TSA Precheck, Global Entry credits now offered on lower-annual-fee cards -- Credits for TSA Precheck and Global Entry that used to be offered only on premium rewards cards are now available with a handful of $85-$95 annual fee travel credit cards. ... (See TSA Precheck, Global Entry credits)

How to earn elite status with airlines -- Three ways business people can earn elite status with airlines: Pick an airline to focus your points-earning, sign up for a credit card offered by that airline, and don't forget to sign up for business points programs. ... (See How to earn elite status)

?Cash and points? can cut the cost of hotel rooms -- When you don't have enough points to get a free room, 'cash and points? lets you shave some of the costs of your room ... (See 'Cash and points' at hotels)

Best credit cards for airport lounge access -- Relax or work away from the crowds while you wait for your flight. These cards offer complimentary access to airport lounges around the world. ... (See Best cards for airport lounges)

Earn up to 80,000 bonus points with the Chase Ink Business cards -- If you?re a small business owner looking to earn a generous rewards rate on company purchases, the Ink cards from Chase may be your answer. ... (See Chase Ink)

Small-business card perk: Mastercard Easy Savings vs. Visa SavingsEdge -- Are you a business cardholder looking to maintain a positive cash flow? Two rewards programs, Mastercard Easy Savings and Visa SavingsEdge, can help. ... (See Rewards for business cardholders)

How to get free Wi-Fi while traveling -- If you travel for business or pleasure and need to stay connected while in the air or on the ground, check out which cards offer free vouchers before paying expensive fees. ... (See In-flight Wi-Fi)

How to spend your next long airport layover -- Who said getting stuck at an airport for a few hours in between flights has to be a drag? These travel-expert tips, and your card perks, have you covered. ... (See Tips for a long layover)

Avoiding big surcharges when booking award flights -- If you plan on using award points to book a free flight on American Airlines' partner airlines, British Airways and Iberia, beware of hefty surcharges that can make your ticket feel anything but free ... (See Airline surcharges)

Airport lounge access for the whole family takes planning -- If you're choosing a card or lounge membership for your business travel, consider signing up for one that will allow you also bring your family when you're on the road for a personal vacation ... (See Airport lounge membership)

How to earn more points booking business travel -- If you're a small-business owner on the road, learn how to use loyalty programs and credit cards to maximize the points you earn ... (See Business travel points)

Card or cash? When traveling abroad, you often need both -- Credit card or cash? When you travel abroad, you need both plastic and local currency, as some places take cards and some are cash only ... (See Cards or cash for travel abroad?)

8 expenses you should never charge on a business credit card -- From excessive client entertainment to payroll, there are some expenses you should not charge on your business credit card. ... (See Unwise business card charges)

When you should use points for business or first-class flights -- If you like luxury, upgrades might be worth the points. But, in some cases you can't use points to upgrade ... (See Points for upgrades)

Charged Up! podcast: Tips for the business traveler -- Get tips on strategizing rewards for business travel ... (See Business travel reward strategies)