Author: Tyler Metzger

Tyler Metzger

One note. That’s all it takes. One note. One note and my plastic is running fast, smooth through the machine and one moment later I have the record in my hand and one moment later it is blasting and one moment later nothing matters. Like that my credit card use began. I am kind of a music junkie and live to have funk and jazz replace the silent spaces in my life. Consequently I can do nothing but burn money in a music store. So I do, when I have it, and when I don’t, I charge it. I arrived in Austin in September 2008 with my music, my debt and a journalism degree from the University of Missouri. During my college “episode,” as some family members put it, I worked as a reporter and later as a graphic designer for the “Columbia Missourian.” I then traveled to Argentina where I reported for “The Argentimes” in Buenos Aires. I returned sunburnt and jet-lagged and completed my studies while working as a music editor for “Vox Magazine.” Tyler Metzger is a former multimedia producer for