Toni Husbands

Toni Husbands

Toni Husbands is a freelance writer who focuses on personal finances, because to her, it is personal. After repaying $107,000 of consumer debt, she shines a light on healthy money management tips so others can break their cycle of debt, too. When she is not tracking down sources for stories for, she hangs out online with debt-dumping enthusiasts at 

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Meet hip-hop artist Dee-1 who raps about financial literacy -- This 28-year-old, former middle school teacher turned recording artist raps about embracing a lifestyle of hard work, mature choices and fiscal responsibility ... (See Rap)

How couples can recover from financial infidelity -- Healing the relationship takes time, effort and care – and sometimes the help of a professional ... (See Infidelity)

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Debt-fighting expats find success abroad -- A rising number of Americans are moving abroad not to dodge debt, but to deal with it. They trim cost of living and save ... (See Saving abroad)

Fight back against debt by FOMO -- Suffering from the fear of missing out? Focus on your goals and budget to tune out social media pressures to spend ... (See Fighting FOMO)

Gen Xers: 4 steps for tackling your debt -- Americans born between the mid-1960s and early 1980s have more debt but less wealth than parents did at the same age. Here's what to do if you're one of them ... (See Gen X)

5 strategies for single parents to tackle credit card debt -- With time short and only one income to stretch, single parents face unique challenges in digging out of debt ... (See Single)

An 'accountability team' can support your debt payoff efforts -- Sharing your debt payoff plan with others can help you stay on track while you tackle that financial goal ... (See Accountability team)

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Updated: 11-24-2017