Ted Rossman

Ted Rossman

Ted Rossman is the industry analyst at CreditCards.com. He has been interviewed by hundreds of media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, NBC Nightly News, CBS News, CNBC and Fox Business. Ted writes the "Wealth and Wants" column for CreditCards.com, which focuses on cash back cards. He previously spent seven years as a member of the award-winning communications department at CreditCards.com and its sister sites The Points Guy and Bankrate.

Ted Rossman's stories at CreditCards.com

Best flat-rate cash back credit cards -- If you want to keep it simple and use the same cash back credit card for all of your transactions, which one should you get? These are the best options among flat-rate cash back cards. ... (See Flat-rate cash back cards)

Couples and credit: Managing cards and rewards with a less-interested spouse -- Just like most couples have a spender and a saver, I suspect many relationships include one person who plays the rewards game and another who isn't nearly as interested. ... (See Couples and credit )

Best cash back cards for parents -- Parents with young children can maximize their cash back earnings by identifying where they spend the most with credit cards. For many families, it's the supermarket and the gas station. ... (See Best cash back cards for parents)

Disney trip: How my family saved on our vacation to the 'Magic Kingdom' -- My wife, daughter and I recently enjoyed a "magical" trip to Disney World. We saved a lot by purchasing a hotel, dining and parks package, and we also earned lots of rewards by using a cash back card for all of our spending. ... (See Disney World)

Summer travel: These cards can help you book a free vacation -- While snow and cold are gripping much of the country, it's a perfect time to think ahead to a summer vacation. And right now is the perfect time to apply for a credit card with a handsome sign-up bonus. ... (See Summer travel )

Card-linked offers: How I plan to use them to multiply my savings this year -- Card-linked offers don't always jump out at me, but I plan to pay more attention to them this year. They can be paired with store discounts and card rewards to multiply your savings. ... (See Card-linked offers)

What would my ideal cash back card look like? -- I was disappointed by my return on ongoing spending with my cash back cards last year. Here's how I would create the ideal cash back card, based on different rewards rates, earnings categories and sign-up bonuses. ... (See Cash back cards)

My credit score is 776 ? and 815 ? and 828?! -- There have been huge changes to the credit scoring landscape in the past 15 years, and the average credit score is now at an all-time high. But I worry it's that way not because Americans are more creditworthy. ... (See Credit scores )

Cash back: How I boosted my earnings in 2018 -- I redeemed over $1,600 in cash back in 2018, which amounts to about eight weeks of my family's typical grocery spending. It's a reminder that credit card rewards can really add up. ... (more)

Wells Fargo, Bank of America top my list of favorite card offers in 2018 -- Many issuers revamped their cards to offer even more enticing rewards in 2018. Here are my favorites. ... (See Favorite cards of 2018)

My take on Bank of America?s updated Cash Rewards card -- The Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card allows you to earn extra cash back on many everyday expenses, if you have a well-stocked bank account with Bank of America or Merrill Lynch. ... (See Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card)

Credit card bonus categories: What's ahead for 2019 -- Two of the most popular cash back cards offer 5 percent bonus categories that rotate every quarter. With the calendar soon to roll over into 2019, it's a great time to re-examine them. ... (See Credit card bonus categories)

Cash back: A look at the policies of four different issuers -- Different credit card issuers apply cash back rewards in very different ways. Here's a look at the policies of cards from Wells Fargo, American Express, Chase and Capital One. ... (See Cash back policies )

Rewards cards: Check category codes to ensure earning bonuses -- Several of my recent credit card transactions were recorded in ways I didn't expect, and I missed out on some rewards. These missed opportunities may be a cautionary tale for you, particularly if you're buying expensive items. ... (See Rewards cards and merchant category codes )

Dining rewards: Food is the hottest thing in credit card rewards -- In the credit card space, 2018 has been the year of food. With so many dining rewards credit cards out there, what's a food lover to do? ... (See Dining rewards )

Credit score drop: How a new card briefly weighed down my score -- In September, I applied for a new credit card and only made a few purchases with it. Soon after, my credit score was 41 points lower than it had been less than two months before. What gives? ... (See Wealth and Wants with Ted Rossman)

60,000-mile sign-up bonus: An enticing piece of snail mail -- I recently received an interesting offer for an airline credit card with a 60,000-mile sign-up bonus. But after researching flights and reviewing my existing cards, I decided to pass on it. ... (See Wealth and Wants with Ted Rossman)

0 percent card offers: A treat, not a trick -- If you have credit card debt, you shouldn't worry about rewards. You should instead focus on paying off your debt, and a balance transfer card with a 0 percent interest offer can help. ... (See Balance transfers )

How my spouse one-upped me on her cards rewards strategy -- Once reluctant to join in on card rewards, my wife made some savvy cards rewards moves on a recent weekend getaway. ... (See Card rewards strategy)

Why I wish I had a card with better travel protections -- After being stranded in the early morning hours due to a canceled flight, having a card with stronger travel protections would have come in handy. ... (See Travel protections)

Americans love their cash back credit cards -- A new CreditCards.com survey reveals 43 percent of rewards card holders prefer cash back cards. ... (See Cash back rewards)

Why credit card annual fees scare me -- Many cash back cards give you free money without having to worry about a surprise annual fee added to your balance. ... (See Credit card annual fees)

Why Amazon Prime isn't worth the fee -- Our $3,000 annual Amazon spend would reap us a whopping $33 in cash back after paying the Prime fee if we have the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card. ... (See Amazon Prime)

How to freeze your credit now that's it's free -- Starting Sept. 21, credit freezes will be free in all 50 states. Here's how to put the ice on potential fraudsters. ... (See How to do a credit freeze)

Young adults shouldn't wait too long to get started with credit -- Waiting until you're 25 to apply for your first card can slow down the path to adulthood, such as qualifying for a car loan or apartment lease. ... (See Getting started with credit)

Easy ways to save money with your credit cards -- Taking an extra minute or two to browse through your card's online shopping portal can yield even more cash back. ... (See Easy ways to save money)

Free credit freezes for all 50 states -- A credit freeze means you can stop anyone from opening new credit in your name and soon it won?t cost you a penny. ... (See Free credit freezes)

How one-time expenses can blow your budget -- Don't let those one-time expenses torpedo your budget. One way to keep track of the extraneous purchases is through your credit card statements. ... (See One-time expenses)

What's in my wallet? My cash-back strategy -- CreditCards.com's industry analyst Ted Rossman shares his cash-back strategy and what cards he may add to his wallet next. ... (See Cash-back strategy)

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Updated: 04-25-2019