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Taylor Tompkins

Taylor Tompkins is a staff reporter at CreditCards.com. She has worked at newspapers and publications across Texas, covering everything from business and agriculture to local government. She is a native Texan and graduate of Texas State, where she received a bachelor of science degree in journalism.

Taylor Tompkins' stories on CreditCards.com

Fraudsters target video games for credit card fraud -- When it comes to gaming, your credit card can be compromised in a variety of ways, including account takeover, phishing and card theft through in-app purchases. ... (See Video game card fraud)

American Express reclaims top spot in J.D. Power ranking -- American Express reclaimed the top spot in this year's J.D. Power ranking survey. Customer satisfaction with credit card issuers improved overall, spurred by the proliferation of rewards benefits. ... (See Survey)

2017 Credit Card Fee Survey: Consumers catch a break -- Changes to credit card fees have decreased, foreign transaction fees are going away, and the rest can be avoided. ... (See Fee Survey)

The history of credit cards -- From charge plates to Apple Pay, here's a look back at the many iterations of the credit card over the past 150 years. ... (See History)

Cash back cards survey: Complex is out, simple is in -- Flat-rate offers now outnumber cards with tiered paybacks, a new CreditCards.com survey finds ... (See Cash back )

Startups use tech to put cardholders in charge of security -- With data beaches on the rise, startup companies are developing new options that help consumers minimize their exposure to a possible hack. ... (See Security)

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Updated: 09-22-2017

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