Rebecca Lake

Rebecca Lake

Rebecca Lake is a freelance financial journalist based on the southeastern coast of North Carolina. She covers credit cards, finance, investing and small business for publications such as U.S .News & World Report, Investopedia and The Balance.

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Time to upgrade your business credit card? Here's how to decide -- You might be missing out on better rewards, higher credit limit and lower APR by pledging loyalty to your old business credit card. Here's how to decide if it's time for an upgrade. ... (See Time to upgrade your business credit card?)

Headed to a convention or conference? Don't forget rewards credit cards -- Attending a conference or convention can come with a hefty price tag. Here's how you can leverage rewards credit cards to save on lodging, meals and transportation expenses ... (See Convention expenses and credit cards)

The best business credit card perks you're probably not using -- From cellphone protection to airport lounge access, here are some of the best business card perks you might have been overlooking ... (See Little-known business credit card perks)

Holiday shopping in summer: Use your cards to rack up savings -- Use the right card and these tips to maximize savings on holiday shopping in the summer months. ... (See Holiday shopping in summer)

Hurricane season preparedness: How to minimize prep costs -- Hurricane preparedness can be stressful and expensive. These tips and your cards can help you be ready in case disaster hits close to home. ... (See Hurricane season preparedness)

Small-business card perk: Mastercard Easy Savings vs. Visa SavingsEdge -- Are you a business cardholder looking to maintain a positive cash flow? Two rewards programs, Mastercard Easy Savings and Visa SavingsEdge, can help. ... (See Rewards for business cardholders)

Summer holiday sales: Card reward tips to maximize savings -- Retailers are rolling out Memorial Day weekend deals – do you have the right card to maximize savings? ... (See Memorial Day weekend sales)

Shopping for a new credit card? Don't overlook smaller banks -- In the market for a new credit card? Consider cards from smaller banks – fewer fees, low APRs, decent rewards make them a real option. ... (See Smaller bank credit cards)

Last-minute summer travel: Your rewards cards can help score savings -- There’s still time to line up a summer getaway even if you’re late to the planning game. Rewards credit cards can help score savings on flights and hotel stays ... (See Last-minute summer getaway)

'FOMO,' 'likes' and card debt: How Facebook might lead you to overspend -- Facebook's business model makes it easy for advertisers to know almost everything about you, increasing the chances you overspend. Here's what you can do. ... (See Facebook and overspending)

Terms and benefits checkup: Assess your credit card's value periodically -- The card you signed up for might not be the same card now in your pocket. Reviewing its terms and conditions can help you discard it or make it your go-to card. ... (See Terms and conditions checkup)

Score summer festival savings using your rewards credit card -- Music festivals are super fun – and super pricey – but your rewards card can hep. Use the right card the right way to score major savings at music festivals this summer. ... (See Summer festival credit card savings)

10 common travel credit card mistakes you need to avoid -- Redeeming points for cash back or letting your miles expire are two of 10 common mistakes you should avoid. ... (See Common travel card mistakes)

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Updated: 07-15-2018