Madison Blancaflor

Madison Blancaflor

Madison Blancaflor is a content writer for multiple personal finance sites including Bankrate, The Simple Dollar, and, specializing in in-depth guides and resource content for readers. An Arkansas native, Madison graduated with a background in strategic content development and communication from Arkansas State University..

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Guide to donating to HIV/AIDS awareness -- With World AIDS day coming up on December 1 and Trump?s recent budget cut proposals in the news, the spotlight on HIV and AIDS awareness has returned, causing many people to consider how they can donate this holiday season. ... (more)

Emergency funds and retirement: How to prepare for unexpected expenses -- Retirees living on a fixed income could be at risk in the event of an emergency expense. Here are some of your options if you don't currently have an emergency savings account. ... (See Emergency funds)

Debt's impact on mental health: How to rebuild your finances -- Debt and mental health issues can spiral into a dangerous cycle. Here?s what you can do to help boost your financial and overall health. ... (See Mental health and deb)

Hurricane Florence: How you can help -- Not sure how you can help in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence? Here are local and national organizations you cardholders can help through donations. ... (See Hurricane Florence: How you can help )

Managing the costs of women's preventative healthcare -- With insurance coverage for women?s healthcare a hit or miss depending on your location, insurance provider and employer, many women are wondering what the potential costs could be if they aren?t covered. ... (See Managing health care costs)

Guide to responsible credit card use in college -- Responsible credit card use in college can help ensure a more secure financial future. ... (See Credit card use in college )

Single woman?s guide to a mortgage-worthy credit profile -- A strong credit profile is critical to your financial independence. Here's how you can build credit and get it in the best shape to secure a home loan ... (See Single woman's credit guide)

The complete guide to saving money on landscaping -- Our ultimate guide to saving money on landscaping looks at the costs and benefits of flood- and drought-resistant projects, urban landscaping and gardening and how you loyalty programs and credit card rewards can cut your costs. ... (See Ultimate guide to landscaping)

Guide: How quitting smoking can improve your finances -- Quitting smoking can improve your financial health. If you stop spending $10 a pack on cigarettes, you can put that money in savings, toward college costs or even pay for a car or a home. Plus, you'll spend less on health care and insurance costs. ... (See Financial costs of smoking)

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Updated: 06-27-2019