Lyn Mettler

Lyn Mettler

Lyn Mettler is a freelance travel and food journalist, who also writes for,, US News & World Report and her own blog. She frequently writes about the simplest methods to travel free by collecting miles and points, as well as top destinations and travel trends. Mettler and her family love to fly Southwest Airlines on their adventure travels and will explain to anyone who will listen how to earn the Southwest Companion Pass! She is a graduate of Butler University and calls Zionsville, Indiana, home where she lives with her husband, two active boys and a beagle.

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8 crazy ways to earn miles and points -- If you're a miles and points collector, you probably know the basics of earning free travel. But you may not be as familiar with these out-of-the-ordinary ways to earn points that can boost your balance in a hurry. ... (See Earning miles and points: 8 crazy hacks)

Valentine's Day: Use miles and points for these 5 romantic destinations -- Here are five romantic destinations where you and your sweetheart can sneak away for some quiet time, and how you can get there using miles and points. ... (See Valentine's Day)

Southwest Companion Pass: Use it to visit these warm weather spots -- Southwest Airlines is offering its Companion Pass as a sign-up bonus on its credit cards through early February. Here are some great warm weather destinations you can fly to using your pass. ... (See Southwest Companion Pass)

Sick on vacation? Credit cards can help you survive -- You might not think of travel credit cards as a helpful resource when you fall ill on vacation. But there are a variety of surprising ways they can lend a helping hand before you make it back home to the comfort of your own bed. ... (See Sick on vacation)

How to save when booking boutique hotels -- Boutique hotels offer a personalized and unique experience, but you typically can't book them with your big chain loyalty points. Here's how to use other loyalty and rewards programs and travel cards to book a unique stay. ... (See Boutique hotel booking )

Santa Claus, Indiana, and other great Christmas destinations -- Here are some of the most festive small towns in the U.S. when it comes to all things Christmas, and some advice for how to get there on your favorite airline. ... (See Holiday travel )

Holiday travel: How to save on a trip to New York City -- It's tough to beat the Big Apple when it comes to holiday cheer. Here's how you can book a holiday trip to New York City without cutting into your gift-buying budget. ... (See New York City holiday trip)

Great winter destinations: How to get there with rewards -- Credit card rewards can help you get some wintertime sunshine or enjoy snowy outdoor activities. Here's how. ... (See Winter destinations)

Airline shopping portals that earn extra holiday miles -- If you do most of your shopping during the holiday season, airline shopping portals can help you earn extra miles and points to fund next year's vacation. ... (See Airline shopping portals )

5 great Thanksgiving trips, and how to save on them with rewards -- Want to take a family vacation instead of the traditional dinner at home this Thanksgiving? Here are five great destinations, and how you can save on travel costs with credit card rewards. ... (See Thanksgiving travel )

How to prepare for a trip to a hurricane-prone area -- Fall is a great time to travel, but you could end up in the path of a hurricane depending on where you go. Here's how to prepare for an emergency and how credit card perks can help you adjust your plans ... (See Hurricane travel preparations)

Airline dining programs: How to earn the most miles while dining out -- Dining programs are an often-overlooked technique to earn airlines miles. Here's how to earn the most miles while you dine out. ... (See Use dining programs for airline miles)

Fall destinations: Where to go, how to fly for free with points -- You can find cheap flights to great destinations in the fall, and use points to travel nearly for free ... (See Best places to travel in fall )

Best cards for free flights to Europe in fall -- If you're lucky enough to be able to travel to Europe during the fall, these travel cards can help you get there nearly for free ... (See Fall travel to Europe)

5 great no-annual-fee cards for travel -- There are several no-annual-fee rewards cards that offer cash back on travel-related spending or can help you rack up points for future trips ... (See No-annual-fee cards for travel )

How to stack your rewards at the gas station -- Charging your fill-ups earns credit card rewards points or cash back, and when you add fuel rewards programs and gift cards you can save even more at gas stations. ... (See Stack your rewards at gas stations)

Multi-attraction passes help you save on big city travel -- Multi-attraction passes in places such as New York City, Rome and Southern California can help you save money and skip long ticket lines. ... (See Multi-attraction passes)

No-annual-fee cards that make it easy to earn rewards for travel -- These five low-maintenance no-annual-fee cards have no annual fee and require little or no work to earn steady rewards. ... (See Low-maintenance cards)

Summer activities you can pay for with a $150 sign-up bonus -- How can you spend a cash back credit card's $150 sign-up bonus? Let me count the ways, including taking the family to the ballpark or purchasing a couple of discounted tickets to a Broadway show. ... (See Summer activities)

Great cards for a summer road trip -- Before your family hits the road this summer, pick a credit card to earn bonus rewards on your gas and restaurant purchases. ... (See Great card for a road trip)

5 great credit cards to save on gas now -- As gas prices rise, these five credit cards will reduce your pain at the pump. ... (See Credit cards to cut gas prices)

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