Kristin Wong

Kristin Wong is a freelance writer, blogger and online video producer. She has written for MSN, and is a regular contributor at Lifehacker. In 2013, she won an award from the Society of Professional Journalists for her work with MSN. Wong frequently covers financial topics, from personal money management to economic policy. She has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Houston. 

Kristin Wong's stories for

Charged Up! podcast: Save money without sacrifice -- Find out how to negotiate down your bills, get your credit score up fast and create a budget you'll actually follow in this podcast episode ... (See Podcast on money hacks)

Video: How your credit mix and new credit affect your score -- Your FICO score is determined by five main factors, including your new credit and your credit mix. Find out what these terms mean and how you can take control of your credit score ... (See Credit score)

Video: What is your credit utilization ratio? -- Your credit utilization is how much credit is available to you versus how much of it you actually use. ... (See Utilization)

Video: How payment history affects your credit score -- Financial mistakes can haunt you and your FICO score ... (See Payment history)

Video: Credit card payment due dates explained -- There is more to your credit card payment due date than you may realize. Kristin Wong explains three things to keep in mind ... (See Video: Credit card due dates)

Video: Secured credit cards, explained -- If your credit score is low, you can build your credit by using a secured credit card ... (See Score)

Video: 3 things to know about credit card minimum payments -- Find out what a minimum payment is, how it's calculated and how it affects your debt -- in about a minute. ... (See Payment)

Video: Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 bankruptcy -- If you?re considering filing for bankruptcy, knowing the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 is essential. ... (See Video)

Video: FICO's 5 credit score factors -- FICO is the king of credit scores, used in the most lending decisions. So what factors matter most in its scoring formula? ... (See FICO)

Video: Credit card agreement -- Quick guide -- Your credit card terms and conditions can be a little overwhelming. But when signing up for a new card, it's important to know what you're getting into. We've created this short list of the most important terms to watch for ... (See Terms and conditions video)

Video: Overcoming financial infidelity -- Couples who keep secrets about money may also be hiding other issues. Take these steps to avoid and overcome financial infidelity ... (See Financial infidelity)

Video: 4 young adult money mistakes to avoid -- We all make mistakes in our 20s. But when it comes to your money and your credit, you can end up paying for those mistakes well into your 30s -- and beyond. Avoid these four common errors of youth ... (See 4 money mistakes)

Video: Anatomy of a credit card account number -- Those numbers on the front of your credit card? They aren't just random. They give away specific information about your card and where it comes from ... (See Account number )

Video: Why was my credit card application denied? -- Ever had your credit card application denied? No one likes rejection, but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of being approved ... (See Rejected)

Video: How to dispute errors on your credit report -- It's important to check your credit report periodically to know where you stand and check for errors. If you see something wrong, here's how to get it corrected ... (See Credit report)

Video: 5 steps to secure smartphone data -- Your smartphone may be lost, stolen or hacked ? and along with it goes your financial and personal data. To secure personal data on your smartphone, take these five simple steps ... (See Mobile data security)

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Updated: 06-24-2019