Author: Kristie Aronow

Kristie Aronow

It was May of 2010, mere weeks before I graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in journalism, and I found myself in Banana Republic’s dressing room growing dizzy from sticker shock. I needed a suit for job interviews, and at least a week’s worth of work attire. So, as I approached checkout, I made peace with the fact that in order to afford my lavish, new wardrobe I’d be eating ramen for the next few months. But at the counter something magical happened. The clerk offered me a credit card. And thus began my battle with debt. Thankfully, I’ve put my impulse card sign-up habit behind me. Today, I’m a staff reporter for I have also worked as an assistant editor for two regional magazines in Naples, Fla., and as a freelance reporter in the finance field for various websites.