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John Egan is a writer, editor and content strategist in Austin, Texas. Aside from, his work has been published by Bankrate, HuffPost, Credit Karma, LendingTree, PolicyGenius, Vitacost, SpareFoot, LawnStarter and other online outlets. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Kansas and a master’s degree in communications from Southern New Hampshire University.

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No signatures required: Mastercard, Discover, AmEx ditch them -- Mastercard, Discover and American Express plan to ditch the signature with credit and debit card payments in April 2018. Visa is expected to follow suit, payments experts and retail groups say. ... (See Signatures not required)

Sex addiction, credit card debt often go together -- Sex addicts often use secret credit cards or pad business accounts to hide trysts, online porn purchases experts say. ... (See Sex addiction and credit card debt)

How financial well-being and physical health are linked -- The amount of credit card debt you’re coping with can affect your physical health ... (See Financial well-being and health)

Why utilities charge convenience fees to pay by credit card -- As credit and debit use increase and payments by check dwindle, utility convenience fees remain ... (See Utility payment convenience fees)

Gift cards: What to do when retailer files for bankruptcy -- If a retailer is on shaky financial ground, use that gift card while you can, experts say ... (See Gift cards)

Poll: Americans spend more than $100 billion on sports -- Gyms, equipment and lots of sporting events can wallop the wallet ... (See Sports spending poll)

After Hurricane Harvey: How cardholders can help -- Rewards can be cashed in or charges can earn points, but beware of scams Meanwhile, some big card issuers with sites to make it easier to donate are having some technical issues. ... (See Help)

How credit card needs change as your kids grow up -- Over the years as your kids grow up, get the most rewards from your charging habits ... (See Cards)

How dining out can help you earn more rewards -- Here are four ways that dining out can help you earn more rewards ... (See Dining and points)

4 unexpected ways to earn rewards from grocery shopping -- Here are four other ways than buying groceries to earn rewards ... (See Rewards)

Credit cards, rewards programs add up to savings at the grocery store -- Here are four ways to score points or cash back at the grocery store -- or even with delivery to your door ... (See Grocery)

How to rack up rewards on your daily commute -- Commuting takes up a lot of the day. Now you can turn some of that transportation time into funds by using credit cards that speed up the rewards you earn ... (See Transportation rewards)

You may soon be able to buy lottery tickets at grocery checkout -- States have to approve shoppers using smartphones linked to credit or debit cards to purchase Powerball and Mega Millions chances. ... (See Lottery)

Low body image linked to overspending and debt -- Researchers, for the first time, find a correlation between how we view ourselves and our spending. ... (See Debt)

Happy 50th birthday, ATM, you've come a long way -- Inventor of money dispenser says idea came to him in the bathtub. ... (See ATM)

Are in-car payments a deadly convenience? -- Voice-activated technology aims to reduce danger, but safety experts fear driver distraction ... (See Killer app)

Business credit cards: 5 ways to avoid being stung -- Compared to business loans, credit cards are easy to get. But that makes them easy to abuse, too. Here are 5 ways to avoid getting stung. ... (See Business credit cards)

10 wacky ways to spend 'stimulus' money -- Anyone can be responsible with the windfall from the economic stimulus package. But can you creatively blow the money? We could. Here are 10 ideas. ... (more)

10 wise ways to spend 'stimulus' money -- Here's 10 suggestions from experts for smart ways to spend the windfall from Uncle Sam's economic stimulus package. ... (more)

Americans say they'll take rebate money and pay off debt -- The economic stimulus windfall is on its way and Americans tell pollsters they'll use it pay off debt. Yeah. Sure. ... (more)

United Way links card use to donations -- One of the country's best-known nonprofits is trying to raise money from the rise in Americans' use of credit and debit cards. ... (more)

11 steps to help older debtors get out of credit card debt -- Experts list 11 ways for middle-age adults to get finances in order and pay off credit card debt. ... (more)

Older Americans' credit card debt rising -- Bankruptcy filings up among older credit card users, but experts offer quick ways to rein in debt. ... (more)

9 ways to avoid the subprime spillover problems -- The tightening of credit in the mortgage world has had limited effects so far among credit card issuers, but there are ways to make sure it won't hit you at all, experts say. ... (more)

Subprime mortgage mess eludes credit cardholders, so far -- The credit tightening caused by the subprime mortgage meltdown has so far only singed credit cardholders. ... (more)

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Updated: 12-13-2017