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Jeremy M. Simon

Jeremy M. Simon is a former staff reporter for Before joining, he wrote about equity markets for Thomson Financial in New York City. Since moving to Texas, he has interned in Texas Monthly magazine's editorial department, written for a variety of publications and websites and become a barbecue snob.

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VantageScore turns 10: What it is, why it matters -- VantageScore, launched as a more consumer-friendly alternative to the dominant FICO credit score, has slowly gained acceptance ... (See VantageScore)

Why closing a credit card can damage your credit -- After the bank hiked the annual fee on his credit card, a reader reacted by closing the account, which lowered his credit score. Our expert explains why that happened ... (See Closing a credit card)

Fed: Consumer credit demand up, even as debt falls -- Consumers may have increased access to credit cards, but they nevertheless continue to cut debt levels, a pair of new Federal Reserve reports show ... (See Consumer credit)

Downbeat Federal Reserve leaves rates alone -- The Federal Reserve kept interest rates as-is on Wednesday, as the central bank weighed other options for stimulating a weak U.S. economy ... (See Fed rates)

Jeremy M. Simon: In honor of 100th column, Jeremy M. Simon's 3 favorite credit scoring questions -- For my 100th column addressing reader questions on credit scores and reports, I've taken a look back at some of emails that most surprised, challenged or amused me. ... (See Credit Score Report)

TransUnion asked to stop selling credit reports to employers -- A coalition of consumer advocacy groups has called on credit bureau TransUnion to end the sale of credit reports to employers. ... (See Credit scores and employment)

Jeremy M. Simon: Mending a credit score hurt by a student loan default -- A reader who defaulted on a co-signed student loan wonders whether a debt settlement is the best path to rebuilding her high credit score ... (See Student loan default)

Jeremy M. Simon: In U.K., unheeded court order can clobber your credit -- A U.K. reader learns that a county court judgment that wasn't repaid within one month can tarnish his credit for years ... (See UK credit)

Jeremy M. Simon: Divorce doesn't dissolve credit card contracts -- A reader who shared a credit card with her ex-husband finds out the existing card contract means divorce isn't enough to get her name taken off that account ... (See Credit cards and divorce)

Consumer credit card balances fell in August -- Credit card balances fell in August, new data from the Federal Reserve show, as consumers kept their cards in their wallets for the second straight month ... (See Consumer credit card debt)

Experian gets personal to teach about credit, but it'll cost you -- Got a question about your credit report? A major credit bureau is now offering consumers the chance to have their questions answered over the phone by a real, live person -- for a price ... (See Experian Credit Educator service)

Jeremy M. Simon: Authorized user's bad credit won't hurt primary cardholder -- A reader with bad credit worries that becoming an authorized user on her friend's credit card with lower her friend's credit score. ... (See Authorized users)

Jeremy M. Simon: Canceling credit cards may sound wise, but is it? -- A mortgage lender's recommendation that a reader close his unused credit cards may have helped him obtain a mortgage, but it could hurt his credit score -- and his chances with future lenders. ... (See Canceling credit cards)

Study: ID protection tools work, but you'd better comparison shop -- Looking to purchase ID protection services? Rather than go with the products sold by banks and credit bureaus, a recent report suggests consumers may want to choose offerings from less-known, third-party vendors ... (See ID protection)

Federal Reserve leaves rates alone, but with a twist -- The Federal Reserve didn't change interest rates on Wednesday, but it did say, "Come on, baby, let's do the Twist" ... (See Fed rates)

Jeremy M. Simon: Don't let bad credit keep you from landing a job -- Although some employers consider job applicants' credit histories when making hiring decisions, bad credit doesn't have to keep you from finding work ... (See Credit scores and jobs)

Jeremy M. Simon: A late payment doesn't always mean a lower credit score -- If you're just a little late with a payment, your credit score may not take a hit. Just don't make a habit of it ... (See Late payments)

Consumer credit card balances fall sharply in July -- A two-month surge in credit card spending screeched to a halt in July, as Americans shed more than $3 billion in card debt, according to new data from the Federal Reserve ... (See Consumer credit card debt)

Credit mix: Diversity helps your credit score -- Want a top-notch FICO score? Mix your credit up by using cards and different types of loans ... (See Mix of credit)

Jeremy M. Simon: In credit scoring, a good payment history trumps all -- Don't worry about removing an old delinquent account from your credit report, our expert says. It's more important to have a strong payment history than a long one ... (See Payment history and FICO scores)

Jeremy M. Simon: No longer want to be an authorized user? Just ask -- It's simple to be removed as an authorized user on a credit card. Just don't expect it to come off your credit report easily ... (See Authorized user)

New credit: A small but important credit score factor -- Taking on new credit can help or hurt your credit score, depending on what else is in your credit history ... (See New credit)

Jeremy M. Simon: Beware of interest charged on closed accounts in debt collection -- Collection agencies are allowed to charge you interest on debts in closed credit card accounts -- unless your card contract or state law says otherwise ... (See Interest on debt)

Consumers warily embracing credit cards again, Fed reports show -- Like two old friends trying to rebuild a fractured relationship, banks and credit card users appear to be taking tentative steps toward reconciling, according to a pair of new Federal Reserve reports ... (See Consumers, cards courting again)

Fed pledges no interest rate hikes for at least 2 years -- Worried by all those headlines about higher credit card interest rates coming? If your rates do increase, it won't be because of the Fed -- at least for now ... (See Interest rates)

Jeremy M. Simon: Unfamiliar names on credit report could signal ID theft -- The presence of unfamiliar names on your credit report could have a simple explanation, such as your use of a nickname or some type of error -- or it could be the result of identity theft ... (See Check your credit report)

Consumer credit card balances surge in June -- Consumer credit card balances grew by more than $5 billion in June, according to new data from the Federal Reserve, marking the first back-to-back monthly gains in three years ... (See Consumer credit)

Jeremy M. Simon: Can you remove a bankruptcy from your credit report? -- If you do a strategic bankruptcy filing -- but the move is never completed -- you may be able to have any mention of it removed from your credit report, but it won't be easy ... (See Bankruptcy)

New medical FICO score sparks controversy, questions -- Within the next 12 months, like it or not, about 10 million Americans are expected to be scored -- much like a credit score -- on how likely they are to fill a prescription and take all the pills, on schedule ... (See Medical score)

Jeremy M. Simon: Credit report history seem too short? Contact your issuer -- Credit history can be a tricky thing, especially if you're not the primary person on a credit card account. But if you're ever unclear, don't hesitate to call the issuer, our expert says ... (See Authorized users' credit history)

Jeremy M. Simon: Why closing your oldest credit card may be a bad idea -- Considering closing an old card and getting a newer, cheaper one? You may be doing yourself -- and your credit score -- a disservice ... (See Closing a credit card)

Report highlights consumer confusion about credit scores -- In a report released Tuesday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau protection agency acknowledged that consumers have good reason to feel confused about their credit scores. ... (See Credit report confusion)

Jeremy M. Simon: Will unpaid restitution slam ex-con's credit? -- A reader is concerned that his nephew -- who was recently released from prison -- can't make restitution payments, which could end up damaging the nephew's credit history ... (See Prison and credit)

Length of credit history: What it means to your score -- Age and experience typically prove beneficial to maximize your credit score ... (See Length of credit history)

Consumer credit card balances see biggest jump in nearly 3 years -- Consumer credit card balances saw their biggest percentage jump in nearly three years -- going up more than 5 percent -- according to data released Friday by the Federal Reserve. ... (See Consumer credit)

New Fed, FTC rules mean more free credit scores for consumers -- Final rules issued by the Federal Reserve and Federal Trade Commission mean more credit applicants will be receiving free credit scores starting later this month. ... (See Free credit scores)

Jeremy M. Simon: Frequent car rentals with debit card shouldn't clobber credit -- Renting a car with a debit card may result in a credit check that lowers your credit score. But industry experts say borrowing cars from the same rental agency more than once a month shouldn't increase the damage ... (See Renting a car with debit card)

How FICO scores work: Credit utilization -- If you want to earn a good credit score, you'll need to pay attention to your amounts owed. This credit utilization ratio goes by many names, and it's the second-most important factor used to calculate a borrower's FICO score ... (See Credit utilization )

Jeremy M. Simon: Want accurate, negative info off your credit report? Good luck -- A reader wonders if she could request that she could have some negative information removed from her credit report. Not likely, if the data is accurate. ... (See Credit report)

Cardholders, relax: Fed leaves interest rates unchanged -- Credit card holders concerned about a sudden increase in their APRs can breathe easy following the latest Federal Reserve announcement on monetary policy. ... (See Interest rates)

Payment history: The most important credit score component -- If you never miss a payment, your credit score will remain in good shape ... (See Credit score payment history)

Jeremy M. Simon: No Social Security number, no credit reporting? -- A woman made her son an authorized user on a card, but didn't provide his Social Security number and wonders if the card will still appear on his credit report ... (See Credit scores)

Consumer credit card debt drops slightly in April, Fed data shows -- Consumer credit card balances fell in April, according to new data from the Federal Reserve, as Americans remained hesitant to carry excess debt ... (See Consumer credit)

Jeremy M. Simon: Canceling a card with a balance doesn't have to hurt -- A reader asks how much credit score damage she can expect after closing a credit card that still has an outstanding balance ... (See Cancel credit card)

Jeremy M. Simon: Who's to blame for mom's falling FICO? -- A mother thinks her falling FICO score may be the fault of her financially troubled daughter. But a look at the mom's credit reports will confirm who's really to blame. ... (See Credit score)

QA with Adam Baker of Man Vs. Debt -- Blogger Adam Baker shares his journey from a traditional, credit card-driven lifestyle to one where he and his wife owe no one ... (See Adam Baker)

Jeremy M. Simon: How to shrink debt-to-income ratio while on Social Security -- A reader on Social Security wants to improve her debt-to-income ratio in order to qualify for a home loan. Can it be done? ... (See Debt-to-income ratio)

Jeremy M. Simon: Lost a court case? Your credit score could take a hit -- A reader facing a lawsuit after a car accident needs to protect herself from the credit score impact from any resulting judgment against her ... (See Lawsuits and credit scores)

Credit card limits jump for 1st time since 2008, Fed says -- For the first time since the economic crisis began, consumer credit card limits are increasing, according to new data from the Federal Reserve. ... (See Credit card limits)

Consumer credit card debt jumps in March, Fed says -- Consumer credit card balances rose in March, according to the Federal Reserve, as consumers finally began to shed their reluctance to make purchases on plastic. ... (See Consumer credit)

Jeremy M. Simon: Scheming to ruin an ex's credit score isn't wise -- A woman with lousy credit wants to ruin her ex-boyfriend's good credit by adding him as an authorized user on her card account. But should she reconsider her plan? ... (See Piggybacking scheme)

Fed says credit cards easier to get, but does anyone want one? -- Banks were more willing to approve credit card applications in the first three months of 2011, according to a new survey from the Federal Reserve, but it was less than clear whether consumers really want them. ... (See Credit card lending)

FICO reveals credit score damage from paying mortgage late and foreclosure -- Data shared by credit scoring giant FICO shows the point damage -- and length of recovery time -- that can follow several types of mortgage payment mishaps ... (See Mortgages and credit scores)

Federal Reserve leaves interest rates alone again -- The Federal Reserve once again left interest rates unchanged, protecting most consumer credit card holders from sudden increases in their annual percentage rates. But that doesn't mean the Fed has nothing new to offer. ... (See Federal Reserve)

Jeremy M. Simon: Want a new card? Focus on the 3 keys to building good credit -- A reader wants to improve his chances of getting approved for a new credit card. But is closing older accounts and leaving balances unpaid the right approach? ... (See Good credit)

Jeremy M. Simon: Credit card bill lost in the mail? You still have to pay it -- A postal service mistake doesn't relieve you of the duty to pay your bills, but those who pay faithfully can often catch a break -- before the goof damages their credit scores ... (See Bill lost in the mail)

Jeremy M. Simon: Experian aims to make credit reports more readable -- A reader asks about some language he hadn't seen on his credit report before. Our expert says it's part of a tweak that one major credit bureau recently finished ... (See Experian credit report)

Federal Reserve: Credit card balances fall in February -- Credit card holders continued to scale back their use of plastic in February, causing revolving debt balances to decline, based on the latest consumer credit data from the Federal Reserve. ... (See Consumer credit)

Jeremy M. Simon: Credit check by car rental firm won't hurt score for long -- Car rental agencies may run a credit check when you rent a vehicle with a debit card, but don't worry: It won't do much damage to your credit score ... (See Debit rental credit check)

Jeremy M. Simon: What to expect when you're made an authorized user on a credit card -- A mother wonders whether making her teenage son an authorized user on her credit card will help pass on her good credit score to her teen ... (See Authorized users)

Jeremy M. Simon: What to do with an inaccurate address on a credit report -- A reader whose credit reports list addresses associated with her ex-husband shouldn't worry, but she should take action. Our expert lays out what she should do ... (See Credit report)

Jeremy M. Simon: Don't fear credit score drop when applying for new card -- Applying for a new card may trim a few points from your credit score, but it shouldn't last -- as long as you use the new card wisely ... (See Credit score drop)

Tipping your waiter or waitress? Ditch the credit card, pay with cash -- Although tipping with either cash or credit cards offers advantages, restaurant and hotel experts say that to make sure your generosity swiftly reaches its intended target, tip with cash ... (See Tips with cash)

Jeremy M. Simon: Angry about the credit scoring system? Here's who to complain to -- Consumers with complaints about the U.S. credit scoring system -- and there are many -- will soon be getting a powerful new ally in the form of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Just don't expect a miracle overnight ... (See Credit scoring system)

Consumer credit card balances drop in January -- Consumer credit card balances declined in January, according to the latest Federal Reserve data, resuming their fall after posting one month of gains at the end of 2010. ... (See Consumer credit)

Jeremy M. Simon: Requesting a teen's credit report isn't child's play -- A mom looking to get a copy of her teenage son's credit report finds that the process can be quite a challenge ... (See Obtaining a teenager's credit report)

Consumers lack basic credit score knowledge, survey shows -- According to a new survey from VantageScore and the Consumer Federation of America, two of every three Americans believe -- incorrectly -- that a consumer's age is a factor used in calculating a credit score. But that's not the only misconception. ... (See Credit score)

Jeremy M. Simon: Rent-to-own home payments unlikely to aid credit score -- A wife looking to improve her and her husband's credit scores shouldn't rely only on the rent-to-own payments for her new house ... (See Rent-to-own and credit)

Help! The bank keeps cutting my card's credit limit -- A cardholder who racked up a large amount of debt wants to know why the bank keeps lowering his credit limit ... (See Credit limits)

Consumer credit card ownership sees 1st jump since 2008, Fed says -- The number of credit cards held by consumers increased for the first time since early 2008, according to data released by the Federal Reserve on Monday ... (See Credit card ownership jumps)

Jeremy M. Simon: How loan applications hurt your credit score -- When applying for a loan, be prepared for a small ding to your credit score as lenders check your creditworthiness ... (See Hard inquiry)

Consumer credit card debt grows for 1st time since 2008, Fed says -- Consumer credit card debt has increased for the first time in more than two years, according to new data from the Federal Reserve, lifted by a surge in holiday spending ... (See Consumer credit )

Banks continue to ease lending standards, Federal Reserve's Quarterly Senior Loan Officer Survey shows -- Banks continued to make it easier for consumers to get a credit card in late 2010, a new Federal Reserve survey shows. The news wasn't as good for current credit card holders, though ... (See Fed survey)

Federal Reserve leaves interest rates alone in first meeting of 2011 -- The Federal Reserve decided Wednesday to start 2011 in the same place it has spent the past two years -- on the sidelines. Its rate-setting committee voted to leave interest rates alone ... (See Interest rates)

Jeremy M. Simon: Apartment security deposit dispute stains renter's credit report -- A renter learns that removing apartment damage fees from his credit report will require a solid case and good negotiating skills. ... (See Credit report damage)

Jeremy M. Simon: How late is too late for a credit card payment? -- A one-day late payment shouldn't appear on a borrower's credit report, but the bank may not be so forgiving of future delinquencies ... (See Late payment)

Jeremy M. Simon: Will an unwanted card hurt your credit? -- A reader seeking an "exclusive" Chase credit card doesn't want his score to be affected by closing an unwanted version of the card ... (See Closing card accounts)

Consumer credit card debt falls further in November -- Credit card balances continued their long decline in November, but analysts say a strong holiday season could soon turn things around. ... (See Consumer credit)

Jeremy M. Simon: Unused, old cards can help your credit score -- A reader worries -- unnecessarily -- that an old credit card from his college days could be hurting his credit. ... (See Unused credit cards)

Weekly Credit Card Rate Report:Barclays, Cap One moves send credit card interest rates higher -- Credit card interest rates rose for the first time in six weeks after Barclays and Capital One adjusted card offers. ... (See Rate report)

Discover test credit card offers draw criticism -- The test offers Discover made skirt the edges of federal regulations requiring complete disclosure of terms, say consumer advocates ... (See Discover)

Weekly Credit Card Rate Report: Interest rates unchanged despite move from Chase -- A Chase interest rate tweak plus a Federal Reserve announcement still added up to zero movement in the average APR on new credit card offers this week. ... (See Rate report)

Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged again -- In its final meeting of the year, the Federal Reserve again left its lending rates unchanged, and experts say to expect more of the same through 2011. ... (See Fed)

Jeremy M. Simon: No quick fixes for removing late payment from credit report -- A loan applicant wants to know how he can delete a late payment from his credit report in an effort to boost his credit score. ... (See Late payment)

Weekly Credit Card Rate Report: Credit card interest rates drop on Capital One changes -- Interest rates on new credit card offers continue to head lower, thanks to changes from Capital One, but that doesn't mean borrowing has become a breeze. ... (See Rate report)

Consumer credit card balances continue to decline in October -- Credit card balances declined further in October, marking the 26th straight month that Americans' credit card debt has shrunk. ... (See G.19)

Jeremy M. Simon: Relocating overseas can cause major credit headaches -- After returning to India, a cardholder wants to maintain his credit history in the States with some new U.S. plastic ... (See U.S. credit history)

Unemployed? You can get an extra free credit report -- Federal law guarantees unemployed U.S. workers the right to an extra free credit report to assist in their job search. The problem? Nobody seems to be telling out-of-work consumers ... (See Unemployed credit report)

Weekly Credit Card Rate Report: Credit card interest rates unchanged after Thanksgiving holiday -- Banks, apparently still shaking off their tryptophan drowsiness, left interest rates on credit card offers unchanged this week ... (See Rate report)

Weekly Credit Card Rate Report: Credit card APRs fall for second straight week -- Credit card interest rates continued to fall this week, pushed lower by a business credit card. ... (See Rate report)

Jeremy M. Simon: Can you freeze an individual credit card? -- While a credit freeze will restrict the opening of new accounts in a borrower's name, it takes a different approach to temporarily prevent the use of an existing accoun ... (See Credit freeze)

Credit card interest rates fall from record highs -- Credit card interest rates finally fell from record highs this week, but it's far too early for borrowers to celebrate. ... (See APRs)

Jeremy M. Simon: 3 reasons you and your lender may disagree on your credit score -- A reader in the process of refinancing wants to know why his bank has selected a 'fishy' credit score for its lending decision. ... (See Credit scores)

Credit card interest rates hit another record high -- If it seems like credit card interest rates are higher than they've been in a long while, you're not imagining things. This week, the national average APR on new credit cards hit another record high, according to's database of card offer information. ... (See APRs)

Jeremy M. Simon: 20-year-old debt should not come back to haunt you -- While credit histories typically benefit from repaying debts, in the case of 20 year old credit card account, it may be better to ignore a creditor's request for payment ... (See Old debt)

Banks loosen credit card lending standards, Fed report says -- For the second straight quarter, banks made it a little bit easier to get a new credit card, the Federal Reserve said Monday. However, data also showed it remains a tough time to be an existing cardholder ... (See Lending)

Consumer credit card balances plunge more than $8 billion -- Consumer credit card debt levels plummeted more than $8 billion in September, says the Federal Reserve's latest G.19 consumer credit report, marking a 25th straight month of decline ... (See Consumer credit)

Walmart rate hike sends credit card APRs to record high -- Interest rates on new credit card offers leaped to record highs this week, following a rate hike on Walmart's Discover card ... (See Weekly rate report)

Federal Reserve's policy changes won't impact cardholders -- The Federal Reserve announced steps Wednesday to support a fragile U.S. economy, but unlike more traditional changes to monetary policy, those moves won't directly impact credit cardholders. ... (See Fed)

Insuring your car or home? Your credit history can cost you -- Insurers are increasingly using scoring models that incorporate data from policyholders' credit reports to determine the cost of coverage ... (See Credit scores and insurance)

Credit card APRs surge on First Premier card change -- Credit card interest rates neared record levels, after First Premier began charging the higher of two APRs to all of its new Centennial Classic cardholders. ... (See Weekly rate report)

Jeremy M. Simon: Correcting credit report errors is crucial, but not always easy -- A reader vents about his struggles to get some errors fixed on his credit report. While fixing these mistakes can be burdensome, doing so will pay dividends in the long run ... (See Fix credit report mistakes)

Credit card interest rates rise on Chase, Cap One changes -- Interest rates on new credit card offers inched up this week, following after rate hikes from Capital One and Chase. ... (See Rate report)

Jeremy M. Simon: Can quickly repaying a car loan help to rebuild credit? -- A reader asks whether quickly repaying a car loan will not only save money but also help her to rebuild credit in time for a home purchase. ... (See Car loan and credit)

Credit card interest rates flat despite Chase changes -- Interest rates on new credit card offers were unchanged this week, despite several APR changes from Chase. ... (See Chase)

Jeremy M. Simon: Canceled credit cards don't leave your credit report quickly -- A reader wants to remove some old, rarely-used credit card accounts from her credit report. Our expert tells her why that's not always a good idea. ... (See Canceling credit cards)

Consumer credit card balances fall 7 percent, marking 2 full years of decline -- Consumer credit card debt has now fallen for two full years, according to the Federal Reserve's latest G.19 consumer credit report, as continuing economic troubles have made banks and borrowers unwilling to carry too much debt. ... (See Revolving debt)

Jeremy M. Simon: When a parent's 'favor' can ruin your credit -- A reader is an authorized user on his dad's small business card. However, his credit is taking a hit as dad's business has fallen on hard times. Our expert says the reader should remove himself from that account ASAP. ... (See Authorized user) weekly survey: Interest rates jump following Capital One APR hikes -- Interest rates on new credit card offers offers jumped this week, after Capital One increased rates on seven of its cards. ... (See Rate report)

Jeremy M. Simon: More than retail cards needed for an excellent FICO score -- Retail credit cards, if used responsibly, can earn the cardholder a good -- but not great -- credit score. To take your score higher, you'll need a mix of cards ... (See Raise your FICO score) weekly survey: Interest rates fall after Sony Card returns -- Credit card interest rates fall this week after the Sony Card made its return ... (See Rate report)

Federal Reserve's FOMC again leaves interest rates alone -- The U.S. central bank's Federal Open Market again left interest rates alone, meaning most cardholders are safe from APR increases in the immediate future ... (See Fed)

Jeremy M. Simon: F-words foul up the process of getting a FICO score -- A reader may be lost in a sea of acronyms when he confuses the Freedom of Information Act with FCRA, FACTA and FICO. ... (See FICO score) weekly survey: Interest rates remain unchanged for second-straight week -- Credit card interest rates held steady this week at their lowest levels since mid-May ... (See Rate report)

Jeremy M. Simon: Cardholders must fight to correct credit report errors -- Consumers need to take advantage of consumer protection law by disputing credit reporting errors with both the bank and credit bureau. ... (See Credit report errors) survey: 1 in 4 credit cards have annual fee, but issuers may waive it for you -- One in four U.S. credit cards has an annual fee, but that doesn't mean borrowers have to pay them ... (See Annual fees)

Consumer credit card debt shrinks again in July -- Consumer credit card debt fell by more than $4 billion in July, a record 22nd straight monthly drop, according to the latest Federal Reserve data. ... (See Consumer credit)

Credit card interest rates unchanged despite NFL card's return -- Interest rates on new credit card offers were unchanged, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, following the return of the NFL Extra Points Rewards credit card. ... (See Rate report)

Capital One's moves send credit card interest rates falling -- Interest rates on new credit card offers fell this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, after Capital One introduced lower rates on several of its cards. ... (See Rate report)

Jeremy M. Simon: Charge card balances won't impact a FICO credit score -- Although the balances on credit cards are used in the calculation of credit scores, that isn't the case for charge card accounts. ... (See Charge cards)

Interest rates stay steady, but 59.9 percent APR reappears on First Premier card -- The national average interest rate on new credit card offers was unchanged this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, even as one issuer reintroduced an extremely high rate. ... (See Rate report)

Credit Card FAQ: Jeremy M. Simon: Will canceling a credit card hurt your credit score? -- Each day this week, our columnists will answer one of our readers' most frequently asked questions. Our series continues with a focus on credit scoring. ... (See Cancel a credit card)

FTC proposes changes to credit reporting summary of rights documents -- When you get a copy of your credit report, it comes with a document that lists your rights. Now, the Federal Trade Commission is working to make those disclosures much easier to read. ... (See Disclosure)

Wells Fargo interest rate increase sends credit card APRs higher -- Interest rates on new credit card offers rose slightly this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, after Wells Fargo increased the rate on a card ... (See Rate report)

Jeremy M. Simon: Different websites provide very different credit scores -- Very different credit scores from two separate websites lead a reader to question the credit scoring system. ... (See Credit scores)

Credit card lending standards loosen for 1st time in 3 years -- It got easier to get a credit card in the second quarter of 2010, according to data released by the Federal Reserve on Monday ... (See Survey)

Capital One APR decrease sends credit card interest rates to 3rd drop in 4 weeks -- Interest rates on new credit card offers fell for the third time in four weeks, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, after Capital One lowered the rate on a card product. ... (See Rates)

Amid economic uncertainty, Federal Reserve leaves interest rates alone -- Amid signs that the economic recovery is in doubt, the Federal Reserve on Tuesday kept interest rates unchanged, leaving the majority of credit cardholders protected from sudden increases in their annual percentage rates ... (See Fed)

Consumer credit card debt shrinks further in June -- Consumer credit card debt slumped by $4.5 billion in June, marking a record 21st straight monthly drop, according to the latest Federal Reserve data. ... (See Consumer credit)

Interest rates fall after Walmart card makes online return -- Interest rates on new credit card offers fall after G.E. Money brings back its Walmart Discover card. ... (See Rates)

What 'prescreened' card offers are, how they work -- When you get a credit card offer that says that it's "prescreened," it means that you've been targeted for a special offer based on your credit report and such. But does it mean that the deal is guaranteed? ... (See Screen)

Jeremy M. Simon: What exactly is a 'pre-screened' or 'pre-approved' credit card offer? -- The term "pre-screened" describes card offers that banks have targeted to certain consumers based on their borrowing histories and other personal information ... (See Pre-screened)

Obscure 'attrition risk' credit scoring tool may get you a better deal on your card -- Bitter about your bank? Irritated with your insurer? Your actions -- as measured by so-called "attrition-risk scores" -- could signal to those businesses that you are preparing to try the competition ... (See Risk scores)

Interest rates rise after Chase adjusts card offer -- Credit card interest rates increased following Chase's adjustment of a card offer. ... (See Rate report)

Bank of America stops disclosing default APRs -- Despite regulations aimed at making credit card agreements more consumer friendly, new cardholders carrying plastic from the No. 2 U.S. bank won't know the exact cost of making a borrowing mistake until it's too late. ... (See Penalty rates)

Refinancing won't do lasting credit score damage -- A responsible borrower who refinances his properties is unlikely to see lasting credit score damage ... (See Refinancing)

Credit card Interest rates fall for first time since May -- Credit card interest rates fell last week for the first time in more than two months, according to's Weekly Rate Report. ... (See Rate report)

Authorized user can't be legally responsible for tax payment -- Though it may be a noble idea, an authorized cardholder who got into debt trouble can't take on the tax burden for the friend whose credit he damaged. ... (See 1099-C)

Credit card interest rates hold steady for 2nd straight week -- Interest rates on new credit card offers were unchanged for the second straight week, as banks left their card products alone. ... (See Rate report)

Pay off your balance each month? Your credit report may not show it -- A family's conscientious but high-charging ways could be bad for their credit scores. ... (See Credit scores and balances)

Consumer credit card debt falls for 20th straight month -- Consumer credit card debt declined by more than $7 billion in May, marking a record 20th straight monthly drop, according to the latest Federal Reserve data. ... (See Consumer credit)

Husband's card defaults don't need to weigh on wife's credit -- Although a husband's debt defaults show up on his wife's credit report, she should be able to clear those negative items ... (See Ex-spouse's credit default)

Interest rates advance for fifth consecutive week -- Credit card APRs increased for the fifth straight week, the longest increase in nearly three years. ... (See Rate report)

Taking on more credit won't hurt a good credit score -- A responsible borrower's good credit score won't be hurt -- and might even improve -- when taking on additional credit. ... (See How adding credit affects your score)

Proposed Treasury rules take hard line against prepaid card fraud -- New rules aimed at fighting crime and terror financing could impact gift card buyers, experts warn. ... (See Prepaid cards)

Nervous Fed continues to hold interest rates steady -- The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged once again Wednesday, meaning the bulk of credit cardholders can rest assured that their credit cards' APRs won't be going up anytime soon. ... (See Interest rates)

Credit card interest rates rise for fourth straight week -- Interest rates on new credit card offers tiptoed higher this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, marking the fourth consecutive weekly increase. ... (See Rate report)

Free FICO scores exist, but aren't easy to come by -- Free credit scores do exist and are relatively easy to find, but the tricky part is getting the scores lenders actually use ... (See Free credit score)

Capital One move pushes APRs higher for 3rd straight week -- Another week brought with it another interest rate move by Capital One, sending credit card APRs still higher. ... (See Cap One)

Cap One's moves push credit card interest rates higher -- Interest rates on new credit card offers surged higher this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, following card adjustments by Capital One. ... (See Rates)

Unpaid traffic citations can lower drivers' credit scores -- If you think you can ignore an out-of-state traffic ticket, it can hurt in an unexpected way: damage to your credit score ... (See Unpaid tickets hurt credit score)

Consumer credit card balances plummet in April -- Consumer credit card balances plummeted by $8.5 billion in April, marking a record 19th straight month of decline, according to data released Monday by the Federal Reserve. ... (See Consumer credit)

Capital One's rate hikes send credit card interest rates higher -- Interest rates on new credit card offers rose this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, spurred by rate increases from Capital One. ... (See Rate report)

Even barely late payments can impact your credit score -- If you're late with a payment -- but fewer than 30 days late -- does your credit score take a hit? The answer's not so simple. ... (See Late payments and credit scores)

Credit card interest rates remain unchanged -- Interest rates on new credit card offers were unchanged this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, after banks largely refrained from adjusting their card offers. ... (See Rate report)

Nonactivated cards can still impact a credit score -- A credit card that hasn't been activated may represent a security threat, but in the calculation of your credit score, an inactive card account's existence -- or its closure -- isn't treated differently than any other credit card ... (See Inactive credit card)

Credit card interest rates end record run of declines -- Interest rates on new credit card offers rose this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, ending a record string of declines. ... (See Rate report)

Responsible borrowing can protect credit score from limit cuts -- When the bank cuts a cardholder's line of credit -- a common occurence in recent years -- a history of responsible borrowing can protect against credit scoring damage. ... (See Credit scores)

Credit card interest rates' slide continues -- Interest rates on new credit card offers declined for a record fifth straight week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, after Citi lowered rates on a card product. ... (See Interest rates)

Look to credit reports to understand loan denials -- A reader wondering why he was rejected for a credit card loan should turn to his credit report to understand why the lender made the move ... (See Credit reports)

Credit card interest rates fall for record 4th straight week -- Card rates continue to be volatile, with cards entering and exiting the market as the industry -- faced with the recession and new regulations -- rapidly changes ... (See Rate report)

To preserve credit score, don't leave credit cards unused -- If maintaining your credit score is a primary concern, don't leave credit cards unused. ... (See Credit score)

Credit card lending standards keep tightening, Fed report says -- It became tougher to get a credit card in early 2010, according to the latest data from the Federal Reserve, even as banks were more willing to offer other types of loans. ... (See Lending)

Target's moves send credit card interest rates to 3rd straight decline -- Credit card interest rates fell again, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, spurred by Target's recent move to eliminate its Visa credit card. ... (See Rate report)

Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged again -- Credit cardholders in good standing likely won't see their interest rates go up anytime soon, thanks to a key decision by the Federal Reserve on Wednesday. ... (See Fed)

States stepping up to limit pre-employment credit checks -- If you're unemployed and suffering from bad credit, a growing number of states' lawmakers want to remove one barrier between you and a new job: a credit check ... (See Credit checks)

Focus on finances -- not your credit score -- when repaying a loan -- The decision to repay a loan rapidly should be more about your finances than your credit score. ... (See Early repayment plan)

Citi's moves send interest rates down for 2nd straight week -- Interest rates on new credit card offers fell for the second straight week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, amid signs the consumer lending environment may be improving. ... (See Rate report)

'Hard' inquiries have limited credit score impact -- Lenders' inquiries into a borrowers' credit history can drop their credit score -- but not by much. ... (See Credit score)

Interest rates fall as issuers modify credit card offers -- Interest rates on new credit card offers fell this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, after issuers tweaked the rates on several card products. ... (See Rate report)

Credit score suffers from being caught in 'balance chasing' loop -- "Balance chasing" by banks can leave borrowers with lower credit limits and credit scores ... (See Credit score)

New rules could provide millions with free credit scores -- Rules announced by the Federal Reserve and FTC mean that, starting in 2011, millions of U.S. borrowers could get free copies of their credit scores. ... (See Credit scores)

Interest rates rise as credit card issuers tweak offers -- The industry continues to writhe and adjust as card issuers learn to cope with the Great Recession and new regulation ... (See Rate report)

Credit card balances free fall in February -- Americans resumed their efforts to trim card balances last month according to newly released Fed data ... (See G.19)

Parents shouldn't pay for child's late card payments -- Parents who are listed as authorized users on their child's credit card account shouldn't have to suffer credit score damage when the child makes late payments. ... (See Score damage)

Bad credit card issuer's moves send interest rates lower -- Interest rates on new credit card offers fell this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, after subprime issuer Credit One tweaked some of its card offers ... (See Rate report)

High balance on just one card can hurt credit score -- Check your credit score and keep all your cards' balances low or you could upset your attempt to refinance a home ... (See Balance hurts refi odds)

Capital One's business card moves send interest rates higher -- Interest rates on new credit card offers rose this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, spurred by changes in Capital One's business card offerings. ... (See Rate report)

Gift card rules mean fewer fees, more time to use cards -- Concerned that your old gift cards may become little more than worthless plastic before you get the chance to use them? Exhale. That's much less likely than it used to be. ... (See Gift card rules)

Canceling a card can hurt your credit score -- Forced to choose between paying a new fee on your credit card or closing the account? Consider the impact on your credit score. ... (See Canceling a card)

Credit card interest rates fall after Wells Fargo cuts APRs -- In what it called a "competitive pricing" move, Wells Fargo drove down the average rates on new credit cards this week by lowering the rates on four of its credit cards. ... (See Rate report)

Federal Reserve leaves interest rates at historic lows -- Smile, credit cardholders. A decision Tuesday by the Federal Reserve means that, barring a big mistake on your part, your credit card's interest rate won't be increasing anytime soon. ... (See FOMC)

Piggybacking's just one step en route to a better credit score -- Borrowers who want to boost their credit scores need to examine their own credit reports first before becoming authorized cardholders on other accounts. ... (See Piggyback)

Credit card interest rates jump, approach record highs -- Credit card interest rates reached their second-highest level on record after U.S. Bank raised rates on several of its cards. ... (See Rate report)

When refinancing, closing credit card accounts can cost you -- When in the midst of a home refinancing and considering an account closure, experts say the price of credit score damage is likely to outweigh the cost of any potential annual fees. ... (See Loan)

Consumer credit card balances fall for 16th straight month -- Americans increased their overall consumer debt in January for the first time in a year, even as continuing to trim their credit card balances. ... (See G.19)

Interest rates fall as 59.9% APR credit card goes away -- Interest rates pulled back from record levels this week, although cardholders may not have much reason to cheer. ... (See Rate report)

Sharing a roof with a parent doesn't mean sharing their bankruptcy -- Adult children who share an address with a parent don't also need to share the credit score damage when that parent files for bankruptcy. ... (See Bankruptcy)

Consumer credit complaints see huge jump, FTC says -- Identity theft again topped the list of consumer complaints made to the Federal Trade Commission in 2009, but the number of Americans ticked off about their credit showed the sharpest increase. ... (See FTC)

Interest rates surge higher as credit card reform arrives -- Banks jacked interest rates to record levels this week, getting in their final licks against consumers ahead of the new credit card regulations. ... (See Rate report)

Interest rates edge lower just ahead of CARD Act implementation -- With the Credit CARD Act's implementation just days away, experts say competition for prime borrowers may help keep rates steady. ... (See Rate report)

Business mistakes can appear on personal credit report -- Business mistakes shouldn't impact your personal credit -- unless you've provided your personal guarantee. ... (See Credit)

Interest rates mostly steady as credit card reform nears -- Interest rates on new credit card offers were little changed this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, as the countdown continued toward implementation of major credit card industry reforms. ... (See Rate report)

Young adults slow to spot ID theft, survey shows -- The latest identity theft poll from Javelin Strategy & Research shows that despite their Web savvy, so-called millenials -- young adults between 18 and 24 -- take longer than other age groups to identity and resolves instances of ID fraud. ... (See Fraud)

Consider these options before co-signing for a card -- Considering co-signing for your son or daughter's credit card? Know that if you do, you'll bear as much legal responsibility for paying that debt off as he or she will. ... (See Co-signing)

Fed report: Consumer credit card balances keep plummeting -- Consumers slashed their credit card debt levels by more than $1,600 in 2009, according to the latest Federal Reserve data, and experts say a down economy will continue to leave borrowers with a distaste for debt. ... (See G.19)

Credit card interest rates soar; bad-credit borrowers hit hardest -- If you've got bad credit, brace yourself: The average interest rate for a new subprime credit card just shot sky high ... (See Rate Report)

Piggybacking is still an option, but proceed with caution -- If you're looking to help boost a FICO score, piggybacking as an authorized user on a spouse's credit card account remains an option. But if you're looking to pay to do it, you might be out of luck. ... (See Piggybacking)

Lending standards show signs of easing, Fed report says -- Having spent much of 2009 making it tougher for consumers to get credit, banks largely stood pat in the final three months of the year, according to data released Monday by the Federal Reserve. ... (See Lending)

No change in credit card APRs this week -- Credit card interest rates were unchanged this week, as banks paused after pushing rates to heights not seen in more than two years. ... (See Interest rates)

Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged again -- The Federal Reserve once again kept lending rates unchanged on Wednesday, as the central bank waits for clear signals the U.S. economic recovery has begun to accelerate. ... (See FOMC)

Affluent are more often victims of ID theft, report shows -- Wealthy consumers who enjoy leisure activities such as tennis, skiing and international vacations are top targets for identity thieves, according to a new report. ... (See Theft)

Credit card penalty rates can top 30 percent; how to avoid them -- Think it costs a lot to use your credit card now? Make a late payment and your interest rate could jump to more than 30 percent. ... (See Rates)

Looking to disappear? Deleting your credit history is far from easy -- Erasing your existing credit report is nearly impossible, although you can try to delete parts of your borrowing history. ... (See Erase)

Interest rates keep rising as credit card reform looms -- As new credit card legislation draws closer, interest rates continue to rise, according to's Weekly Rate Report. ... (See Credit card interest rates)

How your credit utilization ratio is calculated -- The calculation of your credit score combines a wide-angle view of your total combined credit utilization -- including any authorized credit card accounts -- with a close-up view of each individual credit card account. ... (See Credit utilization)

Credit card interest rates hit highest level since 2007 -- The holiday from rate hikes has ended -- in a big way. Interest rates on new credit card offers skyrocketed this week to their highest levels since October 2007, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rate report)

New arrivals to U.S. need to rebuild credit history -- Credit history from a foreign country won't follow you to the United States, although existing financial relationships can help you begin to build a U.S. credit history. ... (See Rebuild)

Fed report: Credit card balances plummet by nearly $14 billion -- Americans dumped a record $14 billion in credit card debt in November, according to Federal Reserve data, and experts say the debt shedding won't end anytime soon. ... (See G.19)

Credit card interest rates drop once again -- Interest rates on new credit card offers fell again this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, but the typical borrower may not benefit. ... (See Rate report)

Cardholders' mistakes can bring down authorized users' credit score -- When you're an authorized user on someone else's credit card account, you pay the price for other's credit mistakes. Luckily, you can take steps to minimize the damage. ... (See Piggybacking)

Credit card rates dip again, but more hikes likely coming soon -- Interest rates on new credit card offers declined slightly this week, although experts say that dip doesn't mean cardholders should expect borrowing on plastic to get cheaper anytime soon. ... (See Rate report)

How fast does your credit score recover from your goofs? -- If you make smart decisions, those old credit goofs will hurt your score less and less over time. How much less? Well, that's still a bit of a mystery. ... (See Recovery)

Credit card interest rates keep climbing higher -- Interest rates on new credit card offers climbed higher this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, as banks continue to charge cardholders more to carry a balance. ... (See Rate report)

Federal Reserve again leaves interest rates unchanged -- The Federal Reserve left its lending rates unchanged again on Wednesday, and experts say it's likely to continue that plan until sizable numbers of unemployed Americans begin finding work. ... (See Fed)

Improving a great credit score comes down to timing -- Bad timing can hurt even high credit scores. But if you watch when you pay your bills, that may help bump up your score a bit. ... (See Timing)

Credit card interest rates continue moving higher -- Credit card interest rates jumped slightly again this week, as banks continued to make it more and more costly for consumers to use their plastic. ... (See Rate report)

Don't expect to see cellphone payment history on your credit report -- Don't look for your cellphone provider to report your payment history -- good or bad -- to credit bureaus, unless you're so late with payments that they opt to close your account. ... (See Cellphone payments and your credit)

Consumer credit card balances fall again, Fed says -- Credit card balances fell for the 13th straight month in October, according to Federal Reserve data. ... (See g.19)

Consumer credit card balances fall again in October, Fed says -- Credit card balances fell again in October, according to Federal Reserve data, leaving the average card-carrying American household with nearly $1,000 less in credit card debt than it had a year ago. ... (See g.19)

Credit card interest rates unchanged after holiday -- Credit card issuers took a holiday from raising interest rates this week, as experts began to see signs that consumers' access to credit may be starting to ease. ... (See Rate Report)

Decade-old credit mistakes shouldn't appear on your report -- A delinquent loan should no longer appear on your credit report if the loan's more than seven years old. But if it does, take steps to remove it ASAP. ... (See Mistakes)

BofA rate hikes push national average credit card APR higher -- Annual percentage rates on new credit card offers rose slightly this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, as Bank of America increased rates on two of its cards. ... (See Rate report)

How going to jail impacts your credit -- Having zero-balance credit cards go unused during an 18-month prison sentence shouldn't cause a cardholder's credit to suffer -- unless the issuer decides to close the idle account. ... (See Jail)

Credit card APRs fall sharply, but you shouldn't get too excited -- Annual percentage rates on new credit card offers fell sharply this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, but don't expect your APR to drop, too. ... (See Rate report)

FICO reveals how common credit mistakes affect scores -- For the first time, the credit scoring firm discloses how many points a score will fall due to late payments or other errors. ... (See FICO score)

Credit card rates' ascent shows no sign of slowing -- It just keeps getting more and more expensive to be a credit card holder -- and analysts say there's little change in sight. ... (See Rate report)

How many credit cards do you need? There's no perfect answer -- There's no single, easy answer for how many credit cards someone should have. After all, It's not the number of cards you have, it's what you do with them that matters the most ... (See How many credit cards?)

Banks continue to tighten credit card lending standards, Fed report says -- When it comes to tightening lending, the Fed survey of senior loan officers shows credit card issuers have gone from death grip to light squeeze. ... (See Survey)

Credit card balances fall sharply again -- Consumers have spent the past year living frugally, new Federal Reserve data shows -- and analysts say an anti-debt mindset isn't likely to change anytime soon. ... (See G.19)

Collectible gift cards can be both practical and fun -- Although the holidays this year are expected to be heavy on practical presents, giving gift cards can still be fun -- including those featuring 'Twilight' and 'Star Trek' themes. ... (See Robert Pattinson)

11 golden rules of practical gift card giving -- Pampering at the spa? Expensive round of golf? Out. Practical gifts are in this holiday season, and that goes for gift cards, too. ... (See Practical)

Rates steady this week, but banks keep tweaking other terms -- Banks may have left rates unchanged this week, but they nevertheless made some changes behind the scenes that could impact cardholders' pocketbooks ... (See Rate report)

Fed leaves rates unchanged again, stays positive about economy -- The Federal Reserve left its lending rates unchanged again on Wednesday, even as the central bank reiterated that the economy is on the mend. ... (See Fed)

Opting out of APR increase doesn't have to impact your credit -- It's a common question these days: Will opting out of a rate increase hurt my credit? The answer isn't so clear-cut. ... (See Score)

Credit card interest rates push higher again -- APRs on new credit card offers inched up to 12.64 percent this week, says the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. This continues recent trends of rising interest rates this year, as banks continue to make moves ahead of a new card law. ... (See Rate report)

Want a better FICO score? Step No. 1: Pay bills on time -- Paying your bills on time every time is vital, but it's just the start to building a good credit score. ... (See FICO)

Credit card rates flat as banks look for other ways to boost profits -- Interest rates may be flat, but don't cheer yet: Banks are simply shifting their money-making strategies, experts say. ... (See Rate report)

Credit card APRs fall slightly, reversing recent rate-hike trend -- Credit card interest rates dropped slightly this week, after several banks made a commitment to abstaining from additional rate hikes. ... (See Rate report)

How to make sure your credit score is a FICO score -- Credit score seem just a bit too high? You may not have bought the ever-popular FICO score. But don't feel bad, our expert says. It's an easy mistake to make. ... (See FICO)

Major issuers' rate hikes send national average card APR higher -- Several credit card issuers raised interest rates this week, driving the national average annual percentage rate on new credit card offers upward for the third straight week to 12.64 percent, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rate report)

Credit card balances fall by nearly $10 billion in August -- Credit card balances plunged by nearly $10 billion in August, according to new Federal Reserve data, marking the 11th straight month of decline amid an ongoing change in consumer and lender attitudes toward plastic. ... (See G.19)

10 ways to protect yourself from data breaches -- Massive breaches of personal data can leave you feeling helpless, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself and prepare for the worst. ... (See ID theft)

Want a free FICO score? You're out of luck -- If you think you'll get a free FICO score with your free credit report at, you're mistaken. If you want your FICO score, you'll have to pay. ... (See FICO)

States with laws requiring consumer notification of ID theft -- Until recently, if ID thieves stole your credit card data, you were kept in the dark. But a host of new state laws force firms to reveal what they used to keep secret ... (See Data breach notification)

American Express boosts national average credit card interest rate -- American Express this week raised annual percentage rates on several of its card offers, pushing the national average APR higher for the third time in four weeks. ... (See Rate report)

APRs rise, even after Fed leaves rates unchanged -- The Federal Reserve chose to leave lending rates unchanged earlier this week, but credit card issuers didn't follow suit. ... (See Rate report)

Fed keeps rates steady again, waits for stronger economic recovery -- The Federal Reserve once again left interest rates unchanged, as the central bank waits for the economic recovery to become more pronounced before taking up the battle against inflation. ... (See Fed)

Credit card rates steady as banks struggle with uncertain economy -- Amid mixed economic signals, banks kept interest rates unchanged on credit cards offers this week at 12.28 percent, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rate report)

After a pause, credit card interest rates resume upward march -- After staying flat the previous week, the national average interest rate on new credit card offers rose to 12.28 percent, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rate report)

Consumer credit plunges record $21.5 billion in July -- Consumer debt fell by an unprecedented $21.5 billion in July, according to new Federal Reserve data, as consumers continued to shy away from borrowing in the recession. ... (See G.19)

Credit card APRs steady, though banks are tweaking other terms -- Even as banks continue to tinker with their business models in reaction to new credit card legislation, the national average annual percentage rate on new credit card offers was unchanged this week at 12.17 percent, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rate report)

Consumers' economic confidence grows, but nervousness lingers -- The latest Discover U.S. Spending Monitor survey says that although consumer economic confidence grew in August, more than half of consumers say they plan to cut back on unnecessary spending -- such as going out to dinner and movies -- in the month ahead. ... (See Confidence)

After run of rate hikes, banks leave APRs unchanged -- Banks paused this week following a recent run of interest rate increases, leaving the national average annual percentage rate on new credit cards unchanged at 12.17 percent, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rate report)

Fed again leaves interest rates at historic low -- In an effort to preserve what analysts deem a fragile recovery, the Federal Reserve has again left interest rates unchanged. ... (See Fed)

Consumer credit card balances plummet -- Credit card balances fell once again in June, according to the latest data from the Federal Reserve, as consumer spending and access to credit remained under pressure. ... (See G.19)

Will there be a global credit score someday? -- Imagine all the people of the world united -- under a single credit scoring model. Depending on whom you ask, the concept of a global credit score is either a far-fetched pipe dream or an eventual reality. ... (See Global)

How credit scoring varies around the world -- Dominant in the U.S., the FICO credit score doesn't hold the same status worldwide. That leaves many international lenders looking to local versions of credit scoring models to help judge risk. And the differences from nation to nation can be great ... (See Scoring)

Decline in credit card mailings slows -- After months of decline, recent data show banks have begun reconsidering card offers. Synovate, which tracks credit card direct mail, reports that U.S. households received 349.1 million offers in the second quarter -- down just 6 percent from the first quarter ... (See Credit card mailings)

Credit card APRs jump for 4th time in 5 weeks -- Following a brief pause last week, the national average annual percentage rate on new credit card offers rose for the fourth time in the past five weeks to 12.06 percent, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. ... (See Rate report)

After weeks of increases, credit card APRs finally stand still -- Ending a streak of three straight weekly APR increases, the national average interest rate on new credit card offers held steady this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. Just don't expect it to last. ... (See Rate report)

Credit card APRs rise for third straight week -- Borrowing money on a new credit card continues to become increasingly expensive, as banks work to protect themselves from a weak economy. ... (See Rate report)

Credit card interest rates keep moving higher -- The cost of using credit cards continues to rise, giving consumers yet another reason to keep their plastic in their wallets. ... (See Rate report)

Credit card balances keep falling, Fed says in May's G.19 report on consumer credit -- Credit card balances continued their downward spiral in May, according to the latest data from the Federal Reserve, as cardholders remained hesitant to carry any unnecessary debt during the ongoing recession. ... (See G.19)

24 hours of credit card tweets on Twitter -- To find out what Internet users think about plastic, read and evaluated 24 hours' worth of tweets about credit cards on the social networking site Twitter. ... (See Twitter)

Credit card interest rates rise ahead of new law -- Regulations plus recession make card issuers pull the APR trigger and hike cardholders' rates. ... (See Rates rise)

New federal guidelines help consumers dispute credit report errors -- Under a set of newly introduced guidelines, consumers gain the right to take up disputes over credit report inaccuracies diirectly with the businesses that supplied the faulty data. ... (See Disputes)'s Weekly Rate Report: Rates barely lower -- The national average annual percentage rate on new credit card offers edged barely lower this week, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, but analysts expect interest rates to rise in the not-too-distant future. ... (See Rate report)

Fed again holds rates steady, but change may come soon -- Although, as expected, the Federal Reserve didn't boost interest rates with its latest monetary policy announcement, analysts say it is only a matter of time before the Fed hikes its key lending rate. ... (See Fed)'s Weekly Rate Report: Rates unchanged -- Credit card interest rates didn't move this week, but experts say recently introduced laws and an eventual economic recovery likely mean higher credit card APRs in the not-too-distant future. ... (See Rate report)

Experian: High credit score increases likelihood of ID theft -- Having a high credit score makes it easier -- and cheaper -- for you to borrow money. But according to a new report from credit bureau Experian, that high score also makes it easier for identity thieves to secure stolen credit in your name. ... (See ID theft)

Fed G.19 consumer credit report shows spending falls again -- As the recession and layoffs continue to take their toll, consumers respond by ditching debt. ... (See Credit)

Big credit card losses continue to dog U.S. banks -- The banking industry has 3.4 billion reasons why credit card debt is proving to be a major pain in its neck. ... (See Debt)

No more free pizza? Law will alter cozy relationship between credit card issuers, colleges -- New credit card legislation will change the cozy relationships between banks and colleges -- and mean less free pizza for students. ... (See Students)

Job fears keep credit card balances falling -- Credit card balances fell further in March, based on the latest data from the Federal Reserve, as cardholders opted to save their money rather than spend on plastic. ... (See G.19)

Lending standards keep tightening, Fed says -- It didn't get any easier to borrow on credit cards at the start of this year, based on the Federal Reserve's quarterly loan officers' survey released today. ... (See Loan survey)

If pandemic strikes, will banks, credit cards still work? -- If the swine flu goes pandemic, will your credit card issuer be ready? If it's not, it could mean empty ATMs, disrupted customer service and other such headaches for consumers. For banks, failure to prepare could mean losses of billions of dollars. ... (See Pandemic)

Latest Fed statement offers little relief to credit cardholders -- The latest Federal Reserve announcement provided little fresh support to cardholders hoping for a break from higher interest rates and fees. ... (See Fed)

Credit card charge-offs, delinquencies break records again -- Rising unemployment continued to punish credit cardholders last month, according to a new report from Moody's, as both charge-offs and delinquencies reached record highs. ... (See Charge-offs)

Egg or sperm donation, medical experiments: Struggling consumers go to extremes to tackle debt -- You've given blood, sweat and tears to pay off those credit card bills, but what about your sperm and eggs? In tough times, some consumers see cash offered by participation in medical tests, sperm and egg donation as a viable way to attack card debt. ... (See Extreme)

Top credit card issuers back new debt management plan (DMP) repayment relief program -- In partnership with a major consumer credit counseling accrediting agency, 10 of the nation's largest credit card issuers have agreed to provide additional relief to consumers struggling to repay their debts. ... (See Debt payback relief)

Federal Reserve's February 2009 G.19 report on consumer credit shows biggest drop in 31 years -- Credit card balances suffered their biggest percentage drop in more 30 years in February, according to the latest Federal Reserve data, as consumers responded to the recession by reducing their reliance on plastic. ... (See G.19)

Federal Reserve's February 2009 G.19 report on consumer credit -- Credit card balances declined in February, according to the latest Federal Reserve data, as consumers avoided making all their purchases on plastic even as mounting job losses curtailed incomes. ... (See G.19)

FICO scores stable despite slashed credit limits, study says -- Nearly 20 million consumers had their credit lines reduced or eliminated over a six-month period in 2008 through no fault of their own, but credit scores overall were largely unaffected, according to a recent study by credit scoring giant FICO ... (See FICO)

Latest Fed moves won't have much impact on cardholders -- Unable to further reduce interest rates, the Federal Reserve's latest meeting focused on other tools to encourage borrowing and, in turn support a weak economy. ... (See Fed decision)

Credit card delinquencies fell year to year, TransUnion says -- Although recent data showed an annual decline in credit card delinquencies during late 2008, that trend is likely already over. ... (See Delinquencies)

Federal Reserve's January 2009 G.19 report on consumer credit shows jump in spending -- Credit card balances rose in January, according to the latest data from the Federal Reserve, as workers saved their incomes and the unemployed were forced to live on plastic. ... (See G.19)

Federal Reserve's January 2009 G.19 report on consumer spending -- Credit card balances rose in January, according to the latest data from the Federal Reserve, as consumers had difficulty paying down debt in a troubled economy. ... (See G.19)

Credit card charge-offs hit record high in January -- Banks increasingly abandoned their attempts to collect money from delinquent credit cardholders in January, according to research and risk analysis firm Moody's. ... (See Bad debt)

ID theft, debt collection top list of consumer complaints -- In the Federal Trade Commission's 2008 compilation of consumer gripes, ID Theft ran first for the ninth straight year, and complaints about credit cards jumped into the top 20. ... (See Consumer complaints)

Consumers lose access to major credit score -- Consumers have lost access to a key version of the credit score many banks use to make lending decisions. ... (See Experian )

Federal Reserve's December 2008 G.19 report on consumer spending -- Consumers sharply reduced their credit card balances in December, according to monthly data from the Federal Reserve, as even the holidays weren't enough to drive spending on plastic. ... (See G.19)

Federal Reserve's December 2008 G.19 report on consumer spending -- Consumers sharply reduced their credit card balances in December, according to monthly data from the Federal Reserve, as borrowers paid for fewer expenses with plastic. ... (See G.19)

Experian FICO score may soon be off-limits to consumers -- Come Valentine's Day, you will likely lose access to your FICO score from credit bureau Experian, even though lenders will continue to use that score to make decisions about your credit. ... (See FICO)

Fed report: Banks continue to tighten lending standards -- Banks remain hesitant to extend credit to consumer borrowers, according to the results of the latest Federal Reserve survey of senior loan officers, with more than half of lenders saying they tightened their credit card lending standards in the last three months of 2008. ... (See Lending)

Long-awaited credit scoring revisions unveiled -- The rollout of the long-awaited update to Fair Isaac's popular FICO credit scoring model was finally announced today, but it will likely take some before the changes have a real impact. ... (See FICO revisions)

Unable to cut interest rates, Fed seeks new economy-boosting tools -- Unable to lower interest rates further, the Federal Reserve today announced plans to instead use other means to kick-start a stalled economy. ... (See Rates unchanged)

Out of ammo, Federal Reserve invents new guns -- With no room to lower interest rates further, the Federal Reserve today announced plans to instead invent alternate means to prop up the economy. ... (See Fed statement)

Poll: 1 in 3 resolve to slash debt this year -- About 1 in 3 consumers resolved to reduce their debt in 2009, based on New Year's resolutions outlined in a new poll from Still, Americans are more committed to spending time with family and losing weight than erasing their debt. ... (See Debt)

Are you a bankruptcy risk? Enigmatic score may tell lenders -- It's a number that lenders may consider when deciding whether or not to lend you money, but it isn't the well-known credit score. Meet the bankruptcy score, the credit score's more mysterious cousin. ... (See Score)

Federal Reserve's November 2008 G.19 report on consumer spending -- Credit card balances plunged in November, as consumers strongly reined in their borrowing. ... (See G.19)

6 steps to a successful credit card balance transfer -- Balance transfers can be tricky. Take these steps to increase your odds of success. ... (See Balance transfer)

9 predictions for credit cards in 2009 -- This has been a tumultuous year for credit cardholders and issuers. What does 2009 hold? We'll take a look. ... (See '09 card predictions)

Multiple balance transfers can hurt your credit -- A repeated pattern of transferring from one balance transfer credit card to the next each time the introductory APR expires can be a bad idea. ... (See Balance transfers)

Credit score formulas not changing as credit limits slashed -- Banks' decision to cut credit limits may hurt cardholders, but borrowers shouldn't expect any immediate help from the companies that decide how those lines of credit impact credit scores. ... (See Score)

Fed slashes benchmark interest rate to record low -- It was largely a symbolic move, but the Federal Reserve today cut a key short-term interest rate to its lowest level in history. Just don't expect it to have much impact on your credit card's APR. ... (See Rate cut)

Fed cuts key interest rate to record low -- In what was largely a symbolic move, the Federal Reserve today cut interest rates to their lowest level in history. That decision is not expected to have much impact on annual percentage rates for credit cards. ... (See Rate cut)

Federal Reserve's October 2008 G.19 report on consumer spending -- Credit card balances shrank in October, as the tightening of credit by banks and limited consumer budgets made it more difficult for cardholders to put charges on their plastic. ... (See G.19)

Breaking news: Federal Reserve's October 2008 G.19 report on consumer spending -- Credit card balances shrank in October, as the tightening of credit by banks made it more difficult for consumers to put charges on their plastic. ... (See G.19)

Banks focus mailings on current customers, not new ones -- Fearful of taking on more risk in today's economic environment, banks are choosing to focus on keeping current credit card customers rather than acquiring new ones, according to direct mail data from Chicago-based Mintel Comperemedia. ... (See Mailings)

Store credit cards still offered, but approvals become stricter -- While it may sound enticing to save 15 percent off your purchase at the checkout counter by applying for that retail credit card, your chances of getting approved for a store credit card are getting slimmer. ... (See Store cards)

September 2008 G.19 report from Federal Reserve on consumer spending -- Credit card use unexpectedly rose in September, as cardholders appeared to be increasingly reliant on plastic in the face of economic threats. ... (See G.19)

Issuers launch 'environmentally friendly' payment cards -- Responding to what they see as customer demand for environmentally friendly products, American Express and U.S. Bank this week announced the introduction of payment cards that aim to help -- or at least not hurt -- the planet. ... (See Green cards)

Fed cuts rates, but card issuers unlikely to follow suit -- The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates yet again, but most credit cardholders shouldn't expect much relief on their annual percentage rates. ... (See Rate cut)

As holiday budgets tighten, gift cards remain popular -- Although holiday sales overall are expected to take a hit this year, analysts say gift cards' popularity will continue. ... (See Gift cards)

Don't lose those expired gift card funds -- For most gift cards issued by major retail chains, expiration dates are, well, expiring. Still, for those consumers whose gift cards do expire, there are ways to recover those funds rather than losing them forever. ... (See Expired cards)

FTC cracks down on 'credit repair' scammers -- The Federal Trade Commission today announced the forced closure of a number of businesses that targeted consumers with false claims of boosting their credit scores. ... (See Credit repair)

Plastic and terror: Study describes how terrorists use credit cards -- Terrorists are increasingly turning to credit cards, according to a study written by an expert on terror financing. ... (See Terrorism)

Deadline passed for free TransUnion credit monitoring -- Sept. 24 was the final day for members of the public to sign up for free credit monitoring. ... (See Lawsuit)

Federal Reserve leaves key interest rate unchanged -- Despite recent stock market weakness and trouble in the financial sector, the Federal Reserve left a key short-term interest rate unchanged Tuesday. ... (See Interest rates)

Layaway enjoying small revival for the holidays -- Layaway, largely erased by the rise of credit cards, is making a minor comeback in time for the holidays. ... (See Comeback)

Consumer groups ask FTC for tougher gift card protections -- Consumer groups filed a petition Thursday asking federal regulators to do more to keep consumers from losing money on gift cards from bankrupt retailers. ... (See Gift cards)

Fed's G.19 report shows card debt rose slightly in July -- Credit card balances increased in July, according to new figures released by federal banking regulators. That slight uptick is due to the fact that economic woes are making it more difficult for cardholders to pay off existing balances, according to analysts. ... (See Credit card debt)

'Taking Charge' survey, part 2: People adapt card use to changed economy -- A new survey suggests the financially fit are surviving the economic downturn, but others are not. ... (See Coping) 'Taking Charge' graphs, part 2: People adapt card use to changed economy -- These graphs show how Americans are adapting to a changed economic landscape. ... (See Card usage)

Fed's G.19 report shows card debt rose sharply in June -- Credit card activity continued to surge in June, according to new figures released by federal banking regulators. Analysts say consumers are relying on credit cards for increasingly costly expenses as other lines of credit remain unavailable. ... (See G.19)

Fed leaves rates unchanged; card rates to stay put -- The Federal Reserve, as expected, left a key interest rate unchanged. ... (See FOMC)

Authorized user 'piggybacking' for better credit score given reprieve by FICO -- A controversial score-raising technique that had been slated for phase-out gets new life. ... (See Authorized user)

Fed's G.19 report shows credit card use rebounded in May -- The Fed's latest G19 data shows revolving credit (of which about 98 percent is comprised of credit card debt) edged upward/downward in May 2008. ... (See G.19)

Overall consumer credit (revolving and nonrevolving) rose 4.2 percent in April 2008 to $2.56 trillion -- The Fed's latest G19 data shows revolving credit (of which about 98 percent is comprised of credit card debt) edged upward at an annual rate of about half a percentage point percent in April 2008. ... (See G.19)

Credit cards and terrorism: How terrorists use cards -- Interviews with terrorism experts and readings of case studies from around the world reveal that the credit cards have become a favored tool of terrorists. ... (See Credit cards and terrorists)

Fed cuts rates; will your credit card bill fall, too? -- The Federal Reserve's rate-setting committee, in an effort to rejuvenate the economy, trimmed a key short-term interest rate Wednesday, this time by one-quarter of a percentage point. ... (See FOMC)

A 'green' snapshot: How some U.S. banks are making environmental eco-friendly moves -- A 'green' snapshot: How some U.S. banks are making environmental eco-friendly moves. ... (See Credit cards and the environment)

Credit card spending slows -- U.S. consumers slowed their credit card spending in February, according to the latest Federal Reserve release on consumer credit. ... (See G.19)

Trying to thwart recession, Fed cuts rates by 0.75% -- The Federal Reserve, as expected, slashed a key interest rate, but whether that cut will be passed along to individual cardholders depends on the bank, the card agreement and the credit standing of the consumer. ... (See FOMC)

Poll: Half of America won't spend their 'stimulus' rebate -- The president wants us to spend it, but most say saving and paying off debt are higher priorities for their economic stimulus rebate checks. ... (See Stimulus rebate)

Card issuers' bad earnings reshape credit card offers -- The awful annual results reported by credit card issuers may not be felt only by shareholders. They have begun to cause pain to some credit cardholders, as well. ... (See Credit card offers)

Visa sets IPO date -- Visa announced details of its impending IPO stock sale, and it's a doozie: Even at the low end of its projected price, it would by far become the largest initial public offering in U.S. history. ... (more)

Corporate credit cards: How they work, their benefits, drawbacks -- Used wisely, corporate credit cards can help you achieve career goals and reap personal perks. Used poorly, they can lead to a corporate freefall, or at least a drop of a few rungs ... (more)

Fed rate cuts and your credit card -- The Federal Reserve's rate-setting committee, trying to give a flagging economy an adrenaline boost, again lowered a key short-term interest rate Wednesday. ... (more)

Verifone VX 670 allows diners to pay at the table -- The Verifone VX 670 allows transactions to be made at the table, keeping credit cards out of servers' hands. ... (more)

Credit Freeze: Use it to prevent identity fraud -- Find out more about credit freezes, an effective way to fight identity fraud. ... (more)

Identity theft: Credit card dangers lurk on smaller websites -- Credit card dangers, such as identity theft, can pose a greater threat on smaller websites. ... (more)

Be cautious about opening store credit card accounts during the holidays -- Store credit cards may be appealing to shoppers looking to save money, but there are a number of reasons that initial 10% savings may not be enough to make having such a card a winning proposition. ... (more)

Credit & debit card consumer rights: Protect yourself -- Your relationship with your card provider should be cooperative. Understand your rights and how to leverage them. ... (more)

Feds propose new right for consumers in credit disputes -- It will become a bit easier for consumers to dispute changes in their credit reports directly with banks or companies, according to a newly published federal regulation. ... (more)

Time's running out to claim currency conversion fee refund -- Consumers need to act fast in order to claim their share of a court-ordered multimillion dollar settlement with credit card giants over poorly disclosed fees on foreign transactions. ... (more)

How to claim expired gift card funds -- Tips for reclaiming 'lost' gift card money ... (more)

Gift card survey shows it pays to comparison shop -- If you want a 'use anywhere' gift card, expect to pay for the privilege, says the survey. ... (more)

Credit card fraud and online shopping -- Learn the credit card fraud dangers of online shopping and how to avoid them. ... (more)

Credit freezes go national, get chilly welcome -- All three major credit bureaus have rolled out credit freezes as an identity theft fighting tool, but consumer rights groups say the changes don't go far enough. ... (more)

Best credit card for customer satisfaction determined through survey -- According to the 2007Credit Card Satisfaction survey, AmEx provides the highest customer satisfaction. Read more at ... (more)

Debit card and credit card usage rise as primary payment choice -- As debit card and credit card purchases become increasingly popular, check and cash payments wane. ... (more)

Bail yourself out of jail -- with a credit card -- The difference between spending a night in jail and getting out on bail may depend on whether your wallet contains a credit card. ... (more)

Credit card offers continue even after bankruptcy -- It used to be difficult to get credit card offers after bankruptcy, but it has changed. ... (more)

4 ways to re-establish credit after bankruptcy -- Most responsible consumers who go through bankruptcy hope to borrow money again at reasonable rates. It can be done. Here's how. ... (more)

Best Credit Card Rewards: Amazing experiences with experiential rewards -- Today's best credit card rewards can earn you golfing tips from Tiger Woods. ... (more)

Prepaid Credit Card Company: EDP gets blocked by FTC -- The FTC has blocked prepaid credit card company EDP after complaints of unauthorized withdrawals. ... (more)

National Consumer Law Center report advises credit card industry changes -- A National Consumer Law Center report contends the credit card industry pushes consumers to borrow beyond their means, and recommends new regulations. ... (more)

Credit card, debit card payments displace checks and cash -- Credit cards continue to displace cash and checks as the preferred method of payment at businesses across the U.S. According to the Federal Reserve Payments ... (more)

Thieves use charitable donations to enable credit card scams -- Crooks who want to see whether stolen card numbers are valid use charitable donations to check. ... (more)

Credit Card Services - Chase Clear and Simple Program -- Chase credit card services include receiving credits for enrolling for free alerts, automatic payments, and online statements. ... (more)

Fair Isaac to stop recognizing authorized user accounts -- FICO score developer Fair Isaac plans to introduce a new credit scoring model that does not recognize credit card accounts for authorized users. ... (more)

Can you blame a credit card for those extra pounds? -- Data suggests that consumers may be contributing to their own weight problems by making fast-food purchases using credit cards and debit cards. ... (more)

Defaulting on student loans: Advice -- Defaulting on a student loan can have a number of negative consequences, including leaving the borrower with bad credit. ... (more)

For Gen M, pizza's on par with good credit -- The hard work put in by marketers and educators appears to have convinced students that it's important to keep their credit scores up. In fact, ... (more)

Travel credit card insurance concerns finds American Express in legal battle -- American Express could face a class action suit on charges it billed cardholders for travel insurance unnecessarily. ... (more)

Bill payment tips for making due dates every month -- Learn bill payment tips that will help you make payments on time and ensure all charges are authorized. ... (more)

Credit Card Fees Jump When Writing Cash Advance Checks -- Credit card fees can be costly when using credit card checks for some quick cash. ... (more)

AmEx Clear: It's a no fee credit card -- Clear is an AmEx credit card with no annual or late fees. ... (more)

Visa Small Business Credit Card: Low rates and high savings -- Find information about a Visa small business credit card that offers savings for business travel. ... (more)

Discover Cards: Summer cash back bonuses -- Discover Cards have numerous cash back opportunities over the summer, including vacations and gasoline points. Find out more at ... (more)

Discover cards: Monogrammed student cards provide the ultimate personalized effect -- New Discover cards for students give users the opportunity to fully personalize their credit cards. ... (more)

Credit Card Reward: Now ESPN fans can earn rewards -- PRESS RELEASE As sports fans know, ESPN is synonymous with round-the-clock television sports programming. Now those same fans who cheer their favorite teams on ESPN ... (more)

Credit card sponsorship for World Cup decided -- MasterCard drops sponsorship lawsuit against FIFA, and Visa will be the sponsor. Read more at ... (more)

Personalize your Discover card with the Monogram -- Get more cash back when purchasing gas with the Discover card platinum gas card. ... (more)

Credit checks are required before iPhone activation -- Consumers wanting the iPhone must submit to credit checks and may be required to pay up to $1,000 security deposit if credit's no good. ... (more)

Credit card issuers may reduce credit limits -- Learn the reasons why an issuer may decide to reduce the credit limit on a consumer's credit card. ... (more)

Higher gas prices bump pump limits -- Higher gas prices have credit card users bumping up against limits on pay-at-the-pump charge amounts. ... (more)

Credit card rates rose according to 2007 Consumer Action survey -- The advocacy group Consumer Action found that credit card rates have increased 2 percent since 2005. ... (more)

Major credit cards may deny purchase of lottery tickets -- Can you buy lottery tickets with your credit card? Perhaps not, as reported by ... (more)

Credit cards integral to small business financing -- Business credit cards represent a viable option for small businesses in need of some funds. ... (more)

Visa business credit card provides frequent flier miles for business owners -- Visa Business credit card provides frequent flier miles for business owners ... (more)

Avoid rewards credit card pitfalls -- The perks provided by a rewards credit card, including cash back, can be outweighed by pitfalls consumers should avoid. ... (more)

Airline Credit Cards: Delta Airlines changes its processing methods -- Delta has eliminated holdbacks with credit card processors, ensuring it will receive payment when consumers use airline credit cards. ... (more)

Small business tax payments when limited by cash flow -- Learn how small business tax payments can be paid by credit card when facing limited cash flow. ... (more)

Canadian gets 11 years for bad credit credit card scam -- A Canadian man was sentenced to 11 years in jail for a scam that fraudulently promised bad credit credit cards to U.S. consumers. ... (more)

Buying a car with a credit card -- Using a low interest credit card rather than a car loan to finance a car could be an option, as long as you are aware of what could trigger an increase in the card's APR. ... (more)

BofA, Citi bet on black for wealthy customers -- Bank of America and Citi introduce black credit cards featuring the American Express logo designed for the banks' wealthiest clients. ... (more)

Avoiding bad credit when you lose a job -- Unemployed? Take these steps to avoid getting slapped with bad credit after losing a job. ... (more)

Personalized credit cards can display your logo with co-branding -- The personalized credit card is a rapidly growing business through the use of co-branding. ... (more)

Credit cards for bad credit: Improving your credit quality -- Managed responsibly, credit cards for bad credit can help you improve your credit rating. ... (more)

Credit card companies might have a liability risk -- An article in the University of Illinois Law Review charges that a case of products liability could be leveled against credit cards. ... (more)

Poor Credit May Impact Your Insurance Rates -- Learn how insurers do not need to notify you if poor credit is affecting your rates. ... (more)

The silver lining: new options for clouded credit -- Consumers with bad credit will welcome the relatively recent popularity of prepaid credit cards and secured credit cards. ... (more)

AmEx asks cardholders to join 'members project' -- With 'The Members Project,' American Express is inviting its cardholders to offer and vote on ideas aimed at making the world a better place, with AmEx contributing up to $5 million for the winning concept. ... (more)

Student Credit Cards: Handling debt post-graduation -- How should students handle credit card debt post-graduation? Learn some techniques at ... (more)

Online payment with credit cards makes paying bills easier -- Tired of writing checks? Learn where to start with online payments. ... (more)

Credit Card Deals: Available in Iraq for the first time -- Iraqis can now apply for credit cards and use them for overseas business transactions. Learn more at ... (more)

What is credit counseling? -- Have bad credit? Learn how credit counseling can help you. ... (more)

Card Services from American Express extend to Mortgage Payments -- Do you own a home? Soon you can pay your mortgage with American Express. Learn more at ... (more)

Gas Station Credit Cards: Connecticut and Exxon dispute over taxes -- Exxon gas station credit cards for Connecticut's state agencies are canceled over tax dispute. ... (more)

'Piggybacking' your way out of bad credit -- Consumers with bad credit can pay to 'piggyback' onto the credit card accounts of others in an effort to boost poor credit scores. ... (more)

Citigroup pledges $50 billion to the environment -- Citi announced a commitment of $50 billion to environmental projects during the next decade. ... (more)

Smart card protection reaches card issuers -- National Envelope Corporation's Smart Card Guard is a new line of protective sleeves and envelopes that protect the information on contactless cards. ... (more)

Citi launches new brand and ad campaign -- Citi has launched a new advertising campaign featuring the theme "Let's Get it Done." ... (more)

World of Warcraft credit card -- The World of Warcraft Rewards Visa allows credit card users to earn WoW online game time with every qualifying purchase. ... (more)

Deal signed on one-time credit card security passwords -- New one-time passwords designed by VeriSign will boost credit card security. ... (more)

Credit scores and who they impact -- Consumers with bad credit should not feel alone, since millions of other Americans also fall into the subprime lending category. ... (more)

Know your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act -- The act and its amendments give consumers powerful rights in credit reporting, guaranteeing free access to the credit data and the right to fix errors ... (See Fair Credit Reporting Act)

Free credit report: Do you need to pay for it? -- Manage your credit and decide how to get your free credit report. ... (more)

Prepaid Visa PAYjr Buxx card provides options for parents, teens -- PAYjr, the prepaid Visa, allows parents to monitor their teens expenses while instilling financial responsibility. ... (more)

Missed payments cause credit issues -- Bad credit, as the result of missing a single credit card payment, can end up costing lots of money. ... (more)

Visa credit card company announces new CEO. -- Joseph Saunders will be the new CEO for the Visa credit card company. ... (more)

Bad credit and divorce -- There's a link between bad credit and divorce. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls. ... (more)

Credit Card Information: Federal Reserve proposes new guidelines for terms -- The Federal Reserve has proposed new rules that would require credit card issuers to communicate rates and fees through credit card disclosures more clearly. ... (more)

Predatory lending often targets consumers with bad credit or low incomes who may have fewer options when borrowing money -- Predatory lending involves unfair interest rates and fees and often targets consumers with bad credit or low incomes who may have fewer options when borrowing money. ... (more)

Citi cards now offering paperless statements -- Save trees with Citi Card paperless statements. ... (more)

Paperless credit card statements: Right for you? -- Paperless statements from banks and other financial institutions can be beneficial for corporations and consumers, but consider these issues before you go electronic. ... (more)

MasterCard hosts a charity auction for children -- MasterCard is hosting a charity auction where eBay bidders can bid on experiential prizes. ... (more)

Airlines Credit Card: Redeeming flier miles as airline fees rise -- Redeem your credit card frequent flier miles as more airlines raise the costs of fees for flying. ... (more)

Prepaid cards: A good option for younger users -- For those under 18, prepaid cards are available. ... (more)

Best credit card rewards are green: Giving to the environment -- Let your best credit card rewards benefit the environment when you make purchases. ... (more)

FICO score change could affect those with bad credit -- A September 2007 tweak to Fair Isaac's FICO credit score is likely to impact consumers with bad credit or those seeking a bad credit credit card. ... (more)

Unemployed? Poor credit can leave you jobless -- Poor credit could affect whether you get hired for a job, since many employers look at applicants' credit reports. ... (more)

What to do if you have no credit history -- Struggling with no credit history? Find out who else has no credit at ... (more)

Credit card comparisons: Lower rates for bad credit -- Credit card comparisons show that bad credit credit cards can have lower interest rates than other cards. ... (more)

Turning bad credit to good credit -- Consumers can go from having no credit to good credit of they follow some basic strategies and always make their payments on time using bad credit credit cards. ... (more)

Secured credit cards offer consumers a low-cost way to rebuild their credit -- Secured credit cards offer borrowers access to a line of credit, even if those borrowers don't have good credit histories. Here's how they work. ... (See Secured cards)

Continental Finance Gold MasterCard -- Bad credit? The Continental Finance Gold MasterCard can help you repair damaged credit or build credit history. ... (more)

Cash allowances best for kids -- Experts recommend a cash allowance for children, rather than just buying them whatever they want or allowing use of a credit card. ... (more)

Study says smart people aren't necessarily wealthier -- A recent study found that smarter people may earn more money, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily wealthier. ... (more)

Consumer borrowing surged in March 2007 -- Read how consumer borrowing surged in March 2007 despite the housing slump. ... (more)

ABA says card industry responding to criticism -- The head of the American Bankers Association told lawmakers that the credit card industry is responding to criticism. ... (more)

Prepaid Credit Card: The All-Access Prepaid Card from Mastercard -- No bank account, credit check, or monthly fee required. Is a prepaid credit card right for you? ... (more)

Store credit cards offering rewards focus on customer loyalty -- Customer loyalty has store credit cards fine tuning reward programs for valued shoppers. ... (more)

Survey: Alternative payment methods grow in acceptance -- A recently completed survey from the consulting firm Brulant found a 267 percent spike in the acceptance of nontraditional payment methods by some of the biggest ... (more)

Mastercard sponsorship of World Cup in question. -- Swiss panel influences Mastercard sponsorship battle over World Cup. Read more at ... (more)

Pocket-sized devices enable credit card skimming -- Pocket-sized scanners allow crooks to skim credit card information when consumers hand over their plastic at stores, restaurants, and gas stations. ... (more)

Debit card survey shows consumers prefer them over credit cards -- A new debit card survey shows consumers prefer debit cards to credit cards. ... (more)

Make credit card purchases via text messages -- Make purchases via text message and pay with credit your credit card. It's 21st century shopping. ... (more)

Sotheby's credit card program offers rewards cards -- The new Sotheby credit card program allows individuals to earn points toward goods and services including museum donations. ... (more)

Over-the-limit fees can occur if a credit card is used before monthly payment is processed -- A consumer could get hit with over-the-limit fees if they use their credit card before the card issuer processes the cardholder's monthly payment. ... (more)

Use your credit card for small purchases in vending machines -- Vending machines increasingly accept credit cards, making small purchases easy. Read more at ... (more)

Merchants encourage use of PINs for debit card payments -- Merchants encourage PIN numbers in debit card transactions due to lower fees. Read more at ... (more)

How corporate credit card can affect personal credit scores -- Do you have a corporate credit card in your name? If not handled right -- by you or your company -- it can affect your credit score. ... (more)

Mileage Credit Card Rewards: Fewer flights for your points. -- Despite a decrease in flight values, mileage credit card rewards require same number of points. ... (more)

MasterCard: Learn the various roles of this market giant -- Learn more about Master Card and its role in the credit card industry. ... (more)

Advance fee credit cards -- Advance-fee credit cards target consumers with bad credit, but charge massive fees, don't rebuilt credit and can't be used like real credit cards. Avoid them. ... (more)

Tax time resolutions can help you reorganize finances -- Quick tax time resolutions can help you gain control of financial weaknesses. ... (more)

Bank accounts earn more interest when credit cards are used for purchases -- Paying with your credit card means funds stay in your bank account longer, earning more interest. ... (more)

Bad credit history and delinquent credit cards -- Having delinquent credit cards can quickly result in having a bad credit history and other repercussions. ... (more)

Bank of America to offer credit cards in China -- Bank of America plans to join forces with China Construction Bank to offer credit cards to Chinese consumers.  In an announcement by the two companies on April ... (more)

Airline reward credit card programs increasing popularity -- Recent trends show increasing preference for an airline reward credit card over cash back cards. ... (more)

Low Rate Credit Cards: Keeping it low by paying fees -- Keep interest to a minimum on low rate credit cards by paying bills on time. ... (more)

Credit cards for a student? Parents play a role, too -- Learn how to avoid debt and choose the best credit cards for students ... (more)

Judge starts Credit Abuse Resistance Education to educate young credit card users -- A bankruptcy judge founds the Credit Abuse Resistance Education program dedicated to educating students about fiscal responsibility. ... (more)

Bank of America sued over "Keep the Change" program -- Bank of America is being sued for allegedly infringing on another company's patent with BofA's "Keep the Change" program for debit card purchases. ... (more)

Minimum credit card payments rise -- The increase in minimum monthly payments for credit cards issued by major banks has both positives and negatives for consumers. ... (See Minimum payments rise)

MasterCard to be used at Coca-Cola vending machines -- Following a contract with Coca-Cola, MasterCard will be accepted for vending machine purchases. Learn more at ... (more)

AmEx updates advertising campaign twice in three years -- American Express introduces 'Are you a cardmember?' as its new advertising catchphrase. ... (more)

Discover updates some of its top credit cards -- Discover has updated the names, appearances, and rewards programs for some of its popular credit cards ... (more)

The new Bank of America MLB Extra Bases credit card lets cardholders earn points that can be redeemed for baseball-related rewards -- The new Bank of America MLB Extra Bases credit card lets cardholders earn points that can be redeemed for baseball-related rewards. ... (more)

Identity Theft: Fraud targeting small businesses over the telephone -- Identity theft over the phone has merchants revealing shopper's credit card information. ... (more)

Credit card processor company purchased by KKR -- Private equity firm buys out First Data, a credit card processor. Read more at ... (more)

Free credit reports offered to 5,000 students -- Visa provided college students with 5,000 free credit scores as part of 'Financial Literacy Month' for April 2007. ... (more)

Credit Card reward program - Earn points for home improvement projects -- Start earning credit card reward points when making purchases for your next home improvement project. ... (more)

Beware of unsolicited First National 'credit cards' in the mail -- Consumers who activated what appeared to unsolicited credit cards from First National may have found out too late that these mailings instead contained merchant cards. ... (more)

Visa Card in Board Game: Learning credit responsibility -- The board game Life is going to feature the Visa card, teaching players credit responsibility. ... (more)

Credit card privacy: Credit cards offer better fraud protection than debit cards -- Paying with a credit card offers greater fraud protection. Learn why they're safer than debit cards. ... (more)

Credit card security law holds retailers accountable in Minnesota -- Learn how a credit card security law holds retailers accountable for storing account numbers stolen for fraudulent purposes. ... (more)

Discover Business Credit Card: New offer from Discover -- Discover has recently entered into the small business market with the Discover business credit card. ... (more)

Visa outlines plans for cell phone credit cards -- The president and CEO of Visa announced investments and partnerships that will help the company move ahead with the concept of using cell phones like a credit card or debit card. ... (more)

Credit card roulette for diners willing to take a risk -- Should you chose credit card roulette for your next group dining experience? ... (more)

Avoid higher credit card interest rates -- Consumers are not powerless when it comes to their credit card's interest rate. Careful complaining can lower the rate; learn how. ... (more)

Making rewards credit cards, saving work together -- Picking the rewards credit card with the best perks can be an easier way for consumers to save than by manipulating their cash flow. ... (more)

Credit Cards | Industry improvements that benefit consumers -- The CEO and president of the American Bankers Association highlighted some of the recent changes to the credit card industry that have helped consumers. ... (more)

Discover card rewards on time payments with the Motiva card -- Get rewarded for paying on time with the Motiva Discover Card. ... (more)

Pay taxes with a credit card -- Need to pay your taxes? Try using your credit card. ... (more)

Visa Credit Card offered to NYPD recruits for job costs -- Police Academy rookies are being offered low interest Visa credit cards to help pay for equipment. ... (more)

Small business credit card processing: setting up customer payment methods -- Business owners should look beyond their business credit card issuer when selecting a credit card processor, weighing such factors as fees, equipment, lag time, and extras. ... (more)

Discover business miles card: Earn miles with limited restrictions -- PRESS RELEASE  Discover, which introduced its first business credit card in June of 2006, is now offering small business owners a new product that provides ... (more)

Small business study shows credit cards provide expense separation -- A new small business study shows many business owners use credit cards for easy bookkeeping. ... (more)

Card issuers to pay $336 million for currency conversion fees -- Credit cardholders could get back the additional 2 percent in foreign transaction fees after major U.S. credit card issuers agreed to pay $336 million in claims for charging undisclosed currency conversion fees to Americans who used their credit cards and debit ... (more)

Credit card rates: How to get them lowered -- Lower your credit card rates with these tips. Save money on interest. ... (more)

Check credit reports to fix errors, prevent credit card denials -- Consumers can avoid potential problems with credit card issuers by running a background check on themselves and then correcting any erroneous personal information listed in public records. ... (more)

Credit cards fees: Understand merchant account fees -- When selecting a merchant service provider, look at the fees charged for accepting credit cards. ... (more)

Boost your credit score by raising your credit card limits -- By asking banks or credit unions for an extension of the limits on their credit cards, consumers can improve their credit scores. ... (more)

PAYjr Prepaid Credit Card: Online account access and more -- The Payjr prepaid credit card is a MasterCard lets kids shop, but prevents them from making certain types of transactions. ... (more)

Financial literacy programs promote credit responsibility -- Lenders and universities are creating programs to help students avoid credit card debt by giving them the opportunity to gain financial literacy. ... (more)

Bank of America to offer "green" credit card -- Bank of America plans to offer eco-friendly credit cards later in 2007 as part of a $20 billion environmental program. ... (more)

Credit card safety advice for cardholders -- Consumers usually have protection against any unauthorized credit card charges, such as in instances of card theft.  But while you may not be liable for ... (more)

Business reward credit card: Helps you earn rewards faster -- Read how a business reward credit card can earn you free flights and other perks. ... (more)

Canceling a credit card can impact your credit score -- You may want to cancel a credit card, but it can actually hurt your credit score. ... (more)

Prepaid debit cards for teens control overspending -- Learn how debit cards for teens can be good teaching guides when set with prepaid spending limits. ... (more)

Late credit card payments flat in 4Q 2006 -- The American Bankers Association said the percentage of credit card payments that were delinquent remained basically flat in the fourth quarter of 2006. ... (more)

MasterCard Credit Card: Change in fee structure, but retailers protest -- Retailers are protesting the planned changes to the MasterCard credit card reward program. ... (more)

Bank of America to test cell phone credit cards -- Bank of America employees in Delaware will begin testing cell phones that can be used as credit cards. ... (more)

How credit cards work: Magnetic stripe, point of sale terminals, processing -- How a credit card works: the magnetic stripe, the point-of-sale terminal that reads and processes the credit card. ... (more)

How credit card giant Visa shaped its corporate structure -- Before it went public, Visa had a decentralized structure. ... (more)

Credit card fraud: examining debit and credit card payment fraud -- Consumers need to protect personal information when shopping and at home. ... (more)

Visa: A short history -- Read the history of Visa credit cards at ... (more)

Vishing: Credit card fraud that starts on the phone -- A type of credit card fraud called 'vishing' starts with fraudulent inquires about personal information over the phone. ... (more)

Discover card and Morgan Stanley spin-off news -- Morgan Stanley provided details on its plan to spin off the Discover credit card business. ... (more)

Security-conscious GratisCard is a credit card that shows no personal information -- The GratisCard credit card will show no personal information and uses a PIN number for transactions. ... (more)

Small business credit card processing: restaurants may be a security risk -- The credit card industry has begun to penalize restaurants that do not follow proper security precautions. ... (more)

Prepaid debit cards replace unemployment checks in Indiana -- The state of Indiana has replaced its unemployment checks with prepaid Visa debit cards. ... (more)

Learn how to avoid the latest credit card identity theft scam -- Learn how to avoid a possible identity theft scam. ... (more)

RFID credit cards ripe for theft -- Two UMass computer scientists demonstrated how easy it could be for credit card thieves to grab information from no-swipe credit cards that employ RFID technology. ... (more)

Personal loans: Should you use them to pay off debt? -- Stuck with hard to pay credit card debt? Learn about the possibility of a personal loan. ... (more)

Prepaid Visa RushCard provides low fees for cardholders -- Learn how the prepaid Visa RushCard provides flexibility and relatively low fees for consumers. ... (more)

Interchange fees debated at Senate hearing -- Interchange fees looked at by senate as a downfall for merchants. Read more at ... (more)

Business credit card for startup: Grow businesses with American Express -- American Express is a popular business credit card for startups, having low merchant costs. ... (more)

Merchant Account Services: Paynet Systems provides credit card processing -- Businesses can obtain credit card processing and other merchant account services from Paynet Systems. Learn more at ... (more)

Merchant services simplified -- Selecting as your merchant services provider can simplify managing your business. ... (more)

Why accept credit cards using merchant processing? -- Accepting credit cards using merchant processing can be a beneficial move for businesses. ... (more)

Bank Loans vs. Credit Cards: Housing market turns to credit -- A slowdown in the U.S. housing market could have consumers spending more on credit cards. ... (more)

Study shows Hispanics credit card use and debt are rising -- A new credit card study shows credit card use and revolving debt among Hispanics has grown since 2001. ... (more)

Credit card usage in the USA is growing -- Learn about the trends in credit card debt, scores and usage and what's affecting them. ... (more)

Wells Fargo customers could be next to get credit cards without Social Security numbers -- Wells Fargo offers unsecured credit cards for those without Social Security numbers. ... (more)

Credit scores impact auto insurance rates -- Consumers' use of credit cards affects not only their credit scores, but their insurance premiums as well. ... (more)

New Visa signature cards to target upscale consumers. -- Find the rewards for you from the new line of Visa Signature cards. ... (more)

Prepaid cards: Less waiting time for approval -- See why prepaid cards are more quickly approved than regular credit cards ... (See Prepaid debit)

Your credit card may provide rental car damage coverage -- Your rental car may already be insured with credit card coverage. Learn more at ... (more)

Credit card issuers respond to Senate inquiry -- Credit card issuers Bank of America, Citi, and Chase responded to a U.S. Senate panel's tough look at their industry. ... (more)

Credit Card Offer: Pilot program doesn't require Social Security number -- A pilot credit card offer doesn't require Social Security numbers, fueling controversy over illegal immigration. ... (more)

Credit card pilot program from Bank of America removes SSN requirement -- In a piece in The Wall Street Journal, Bank of America's Chairman and CEO defended the pilot program which markets credit cards to consumers without Social Security numbers in the L.A. area. ... (more)

Students' credit cards: Build credit early and responsibly -- Increase in student credit card and debit card use signal changes in preferred payment methods. ... (more)

Capital One credit card offers straightforward cash back program -- The Capital One No Hassle Cash Rewards credit card offers a more straightforward cash back program than some other credit cards. ... (more)

Your credit card, Social Security numbers: Are they online? -- Are your credit card and Social Security numbers online somewhere? A new tool lets you find out. ... (more)

Debt prevention tips -- Find debt prevention tips that will keep you stay in control of your credit cards. ... (more)

Pay via cell phone with new MasterCard credit card application -- ViVOtech plans to put a MasterCard credit card application inside cell phones for tap-and-go payments. ... (more)

Citi Cards stops practice of universal default -- Does universal default affect you? Citi Cards stops universal default on its Citi-branded credit cards. ... (more)

Learn more about the prepaid Visa RushCard -- Get your prepaid Visa RushCard developed by Russell Simmons at ... (more)

All about the Baby Phat Prepaid Visa card -- Baby Phat fan? Apply for a prepaid Visa Baby Phat Rushcard at ... (more)

Report: Credit card fee disclosures have become overly complex -- A new study finds credit card fee disclosures have weaknesses in communicating terms to cardholders. ... (more)

Apply For Credit Card without a Social Security Number -- Bank of America has started offering credit cards to individuals with no Social Security numbers, opening the way for illegal immigrants to gain a credit history. ... (more)

BofA offers two WorldPoints cards with similar benefits -- The Bank of America Visa Signature WorldPoints Rewards card and the Bank of America World MasterCard with WorldPoints card are two credit cards that offer very similar benefits. ... (more)

The PetRewards Platinum Plus Visa Credit Card will make both pets and their families happy -- Learn how the PetRewards Visa credit card can help earn discounts on pet food, services, and shelter donations. ... (more)

Visa Credit Cards Rewards: Earn points toward financial rewards -- You can earn points for future purchases with Visa credit cards rewards. ... (more)

Bank of America student Visa credit card helps young people establish credit -- The Bank of America Student Visa Platinum Plus Credit Card is geared toward college students looking for a credit card that can help to build their credit history. ... (more)

Wyndham Rewards Mastercard: Earn free stays at hotels -- PRESS RELEASE: Start using the Wyndham Rewards Mastercard, and earn free nights at hotels ... (more)

Bank of America Platinum Plus Visa Card offers low interest and more -- The Bank of America Platinum Plus Visa Card is a low interest credit card that also provides cardholders with other great features. ... (more)

Boston meters stop taking credit cards -- Boston discontinued credit card and debit card payments at its new parking meters, after city officials learned that their minimum purchase requirement of $2 with plastic violated Visa and MasterCard rules. ... (more)

Top Credit Card Issuer is Chase Bank -- Chase Bank surpassed Bank of America and became the top credit card issuer in the USA. ... (more)

Low interest credit card: AmEx card from Bank of America -- The Bank of America Rewards American Express Card combines the savings of a low interest credit card with the perks of a rewards credit card. ... (more)

Credit card tax payments provide security for taxpayers -- Learn the benefits of credit card tax payments including transaction security and e-filing. ... (more)

Card payment: Jumps in interest can result from small mistakes -- Find out why your interest may be increasing due to small mistakes in your payments. ... (more)

Discover card: Better competition apart from Morgan Stanley -- Morgan Stanley has announced its plan to spin off the Discover card, allowing it to compete more independently. ... (more)

Microsoft micropayments create competition for credit card companies -- Xbox maker Microsoft noted its planned payment system would allow merchants to take micropayments -- presenting a potential that would challenge to credit card companies. ... (more)

Consumer debt could impact holiday retail sales -- Credit card debt impacting your holiday spending? You're not alone. ... (more)

Discover business card 2007 giveaway -- The Discover Business Card $50,000 Sweepstakes ended in 2007. ... (more)

Origin of credit cards -- Ever wondered how credit cards came to be? Learn about the origin of credit cards. ... (more)

Credit card use and its impact check writing -- The convenience and speed of credit card use has spurred a decline in check writing. ... (more)

Mileage credit card rewards: How to use your points before they expire -- With new expiration guidelines, consumers should watch their mileage credit card points carefully. ... (more)

Help your credit score by using your credit card -- Don't end up with no credit! Find out how to help your credit score by using your credit card. ... (more)

Credit card vending machines: Dallas snacks can be purchased with plastic -- Credit card usage has expanded into new areas, including vending machines in Dallas. ... (more)

Tax season is a popular time for mail thieves to steal W-2s from mailboxes -- Tax season is a popular time for mail thieves to steal W-2s, which can allow them to open credit card and other accounts in the victim's name. ... (more)

Major credit cards serve as alternative to travelers checks when overseas -- Popularity of using major credit cards for Americans overseas instead of travelers' checks has increased recently. ... (more)

4 ways to improve your credit score (without going crazy) -- Perfect credit scores are not necessary to get lenders' best rates. ... (more)

Senate considers credit card industry reforms -- Critics are focusing on credit card industry practices they believe are a danger to consumers, although Capital One and others have risen to the credit card industry's defense. ... (more)

Credit card technology reduces the number of cards you carry -- New credit card technology may allow you to carry just one universal credit card. Learn about the iCache. ... (more)

Pay medical bills: Using your credit card for medical costs -- It is not recommended that consumers use credit cards to pay medical bills. Debt quickly adds up. ... (more)

Citibank continues partnership with AT&T -- Citibank and AT&T have extended their relationship to continue offering AT&T credit cards. ... (more)

Chase Freedom interactive ad showed to DISH viewers -- Chase launches an interactive ad campaign with a credit card offer visually tailored for DISH network viewers. ... (more)

History of JPMorgan Chase Bank -- Chase has become one of the top U.S. credit card issuers through a series of mergers and acquisitions. ... (more)

Credit card reward points could disappear without notice -- Don't sit on points too long. Rewards programs, while popular, last only as long as the company says they do. ... (more)

MasterCard to sponsor World Cup soccer after legal battle -- Judge rules that MasterCard wins their eight year bid over Visa to sponsor soccer tournament. ... (more)

Personalized Credit Card: New card designs and styles -- Innovations in style and design allow consumers to have their own personalized credit card. ... (more)

Charity Credit Card: Donate your credit card rewards to worthy causes -- The Enlightenment Card from Visa allows users to make the world a better place while charging purchases. ... (more)

Funding 401(k)s when faced with credit card debt -- How to fund 401(k)s when trying to pay off accumulated credit card debt. ... (more)

Bank of America unveils new affinity banking programs -- Bank of America is set to build on its successful stable of affinity credit cards associated with universities, charities and other organizations by offering deposit ... (more)

Credit card lawsuit: Visa and MasterCard penalized over debit card fee -- Visa and Mastercard to pay government in a lawsuit settlement. ... (more)

Credit cards for small businesses are becoming industry specific -- Credit card companies are trying to tap the small business owner market by offering cards tailored to owners' industries. ... (more)

Credit card sponsorship of World Cup put on hold -- World Cup sponsorship in question as MasterCard and Visa battle FIFA. ... (more)

Plan requires NYC taxis to accept credit, debit cards -- New York City Council is evaluating the costs and benefits of a new plan that would require city taxi drivers to accept payment by credit ... (more)

MasterCard and Bank of America Debit Card News -- MasterCard has revised its agreement with Bank of America regarding debit cards. ... (more)

Visa reports weak end to 2006 holiday sales -- Visa said that sales for holiday 2006 appear to have fallen short of its earlier outlook. ... (more)

Steps to take to protect yourself from identity theft -- There are a number of steps credit card users can take to avoid becoming the victims of identity theft. ... (more)

Credit card reward points can translate into holiday gifts -- Reward credit card points can be redeemed for gift certificates or checks that can be used to buy Christmas gifts this holiday season. ... (See Points)

Small business credit card contest offered by Visa -- Small business owners who enter the Business Breakthrough Challenge, presented by Visa, can win prizes that will help their business to run more efficiently. ... (more)

Hotel loyalty programs undergo point value changes -- Hotels are increasing the amount of travel reward credit card points needed for free stays. ... (more)

Credit card terms changes often accompany privacy policy notices -- You should look carefully at your credit card's terms. They can change with just 15 days' notice, and are often hidden within privacy notices. ... (more)

Small business credit card: New options for business owners -- Small business credit cards represent a great market for issuers, but business owners need to consider certain factors before signing up for a business credit card. ... (more)

Visa warns of potential for weaker holiday '06 sales -- Visa has cautioned that sales for the 2006 holiday season may be weaker than it previously estimated. ... (more)

Chase credit card ads displayed on bike cabs -- Chase its marketing its credit card products to college students in Ann Arbor, Mich., by providing free bike taxi rides. ... (more)

Reward Points Credit Card: More rewarding for wealthy consumers -- Card issuers hope to get wealthy shoppers to charge more of their holiday purchases. Learn more at ... (more)

Home improvement credit card offers -- The credit card offers that were offered on this page have been discontinued. See our current list of home improvement rewards credit cards. ... (more)

Consumers need to make smart decisions about debit card use -- With debit cards becoming more popular in relation to credit cards, consumers need to make smart decisions about their use. ... (more)

Identity theft scam: Magazine inserts give identity thieves new opportunities -- Consumers need to be aware of the danger to their personal information from preprinted, preapproved credit card applications included in magazines and catalogs. ... (more)

Be credit card savvy when shopping for the holidays -- Knowing a few things beforehand can make holiday shopping with a credit card a much better experience. ... (more)

Foreign currency transaction fees deemed unlawful by a federal judge -- A panel of judges ruled that foreign currency transaction fees by Visa, MasterCard, and Diners Club broke antitrust laws and other legal requirements. ... (more)

10 tips to curb holiday credit card mistakes -- Experts offer 10 tips on how to enjoy the holidays while avoiding credit card debt stemming from too much spending. ... (See Holiday)

Boston parking meters require minimum charge in violation of Visa, MasterCard rules -- Boston's new parking meters have a minimum charge requirement for payment cards, in violation of rules set by credit card associations Visa and MasterCard. ... (more)

Credit card rate: The connection with Federal Reserve rates -- Your credit card rate is closely tied to the Federal Reserve's targeted interest rate. ... (more)

New credit score provider VantageScore names Burns to CEO post -- New credit score provider VantageScore Solutions LLC -- recently formed as a joint venture among credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion -- named banking veteran Barrett Burns ... (more)

Online gambling: Law bars processing credit card bets -- The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act calls on credit card companies and banks to stop processing online gambling transactions. ... (more)

Visa, MasterCard take new steps to stop credit card fraud -- Visa and Mastercard are fining merchants with unsecured credit card transactions. Read more at ... (more)

Online payment with credit cards pave way for alternative payment methods -- Retailers are gradually moving from online credit card payments to alternative payment methods that cost less. ... (more)

MasterCard credit cards to be accepted at Sam's Club -- Sam's Club now accepting MasterCard Credit Card instead of Visa. Read about it at ... (more)

Holiday shopping incentives for credit cards can be tempting -- Although holiday shopping incentives can be tempting, personal information may be used for marketing initiatives. ... (more)

Debit cards will be the payment of choice this holiday season -- A study predicts holiday shoppers will use their debit cards more than credit cards and checks. ... (more)

Cash Rewards Credit Card Upgrade from American Express -- American Express cardholders can now earn unlimited cash back with their Blue Cash credit cards. ... (more)

Visa, MasterCard suspend credit card transactions on illegal music site -- Visa and Mastercard cancel credit transactions on illegal music sites. ... (more)

Visa blocked from helping to challenge MasterCard for World Cup sponsorship -- Visa sponsorship in question due to MasterCard and FIFA lawsuit. Read more at ... (more)

MasterCard sweepstakes offers a chance to win a home -- Find out how you could win a home in the MasterCard Sweepstakes. ... (more)

Prepaid credit card savings plans' interest rate increases -- Save more with NetSpend's prepaid credit card interest rates. ... (more)

Cash back rewards credit card option - Chase Freedom -- Chase Freedom is one of the cash back rewards credit cards available at ... (more)

Visa $100K sweepstakes for the holidays -- $100K holiday Visa Sweepstakes! ... (more)

Credit Card Fees: Merchant interchange fees and their critics -- Critics have responded to merchant opposition to the credit card fees they have to pay. ... (more)

Credit card privacy concerns: Identity thieves can find your information -- Your credit card privacy may not be as secure from identity theft as you think. ... (more)

Why some businesses still don't take credit cards -- Small businesses do not always accept credit cards. Find out why at ... (more)

Reward program history: Why card users get points and cash -- A short history on reward programs, which led to the popular reward credit cards of today. ... (more)

Credit Report Freeze Laws: Selecting who views your credit history -- Florida passes a law allowing consumers to freeze their credit report and limit who sees their credit report in an effort to reduce identity theft. (July 2006) ... (more)

Credit card spam charges involve smaller, less noticeable theft -- Credit card users need to look out for spam charges -- smaller unauthorized transactions which thieves hope to sneak by on credit card bills. ... (more)

Senior citizen debt increasing -- Senior citizens are finding themselves in debt trouble as they take on more lines of credit. ... (See Senior debt)

Credit Cards for Students: What you need to know -- Credit cards for college students are popular. Here are a few things they should consider. ... (more)

AmEx cardholders pay their condo down payments with their cards -- Luxury condo buyers in New York City may use their AmEx cards to make down payments. ... (more)

Credit card performance report by Moody's -- Moody's finds improved credit card performance receivables. ... (more)

Low Interest credit cards provide safety net for cash-strapped consumers -- Low interest credit cards act as a safety net to make ends meet during tough financial times. ... (more)

Credit report errors: How to fix them -- Fix errors on your credit report by directly contacting the credit card companies. ... (more)

Airline credit card: Using your card in the air -- While on an airline, credit cards might be the only way to purchase food, drinks, and entertainment. ... (more)

Credit card protection Insurance: Information about card protection insurance -- Credit card protection insurance provides security against unforeseen circumstances. ... (more)

Secure Credit Card - Companies unite to make your information safer -- Major credit card companies come together to help give consumers an even more secure credit card. ... (more)

Credit cards' fees now limited for gas retailers -- MasterCard is introducing a limit on interchange fees paid by gas retailers and will publish all interchange rates that apply to U.S. merchants. ... (more)

Bank credit cards designed and targeted to banks' own customers -- Low-fee, high-rewards bank credit cards available only to a bank's customers gain popularity ... (more)

Clear credit card technology to be licensed by American Express -- American Express signs a licensing agreement with Versatile Card Technology to allow VCT to produce clear payment cards for other card issuers. ... (more)

Identity theft techniques and protection tips -- Learn the latest identity theft techniques in order to protect your finances. ... (more)

Credit card technology installed on vending machines -- Buy your candy bar with a credit card! Some vending machines take cards. ... (more)

Credit card debt collection and third party agencies -- Learn how credit card debt collection may be aggressively pursued by collection agencies. ... (more)

Rebate Credit Cards Cut Back: Smaller cash rebates available -- As gas prices increase, gas rebate credit cards decrease their cash back rewards. Learn why at ... (more)

New $1 scam for credit cardholders -- Article alerting credit card holders to the danger of the new one dollar scam, which can be avoided by careful examination of credit card statements. ... (more)

How to pick the best student credit card -- Selecting a student credit card must be done carefully for debt protection. ... (more)

Teaching children about credit, debit cards -- If children are going to grow up into financially responsible adults, today's adults need to explain credit and debit cards to them. ... (more)

Throwing away old computer? Beware unerased old online credit card data -- Throwing away your old computer? Ensure you remove valuable information left from online credit card transactions. ... (more)

Compare credit card offers: Cards have different reward options -- Compare reward credit card offers to see which cards will give you the most benefit. ... (more)

Reward card survey gets feedback from moms -- A reward card survey indicates moms are dissatisfied with reward programs. ... (more)

Sallie Mae Acquisition of Upromise completed -- Sallie Mae completed its acquisition of Upromise on Aug. 23, 2006, joining the nation's top paying-for-college company with the top saving-for-college company. ... (more)

New York governor vetoes bill to protect credit card debtors -- New York Gov. George Pataki vetoed a bill that aimed to protect consumers from having their credit card interest rates increased under so-called universal default -- which allows card issuers to boost APRs for failure to pay an unrelated bill on time. ... (more)

No Credit Credit Cards - Repair credit after declaring bankruptcy -- Declared bankruptcy? Learn about how to apply for damaged or no credit credit cards. ... (more)

Visa business card spending reaches $190 billion -- Visa business credit cards are becoming more popular. Find out more at ... (more)

CapitalOne's Mascot of the Year Competition: Celebrating colleges' unsung heros -- Capitalone holds furry competition to see who will be the "National Mascot of the Year." ... (more)

Check card popularity: Benefits of the card -- Payment by credit card or debit card offers convenience and security to consumers, and the assurance of payment to merchants. ... (more)

Credit card comparison: Consumers warned to read fine print -- With some work, you can understand and compare the fine print of credit card offers. ... (more)

Visa credit card company announces plans to restructure -- Visa credit card company will become a global corporation with public stock ... (more)

Popular Credit Card Companies Plan to Introduce No-Signature Transactions -- This new feature from popular credit card companies could save you time making small purchases. ... (more)

Snap Cafe in Washington, D.C., only takes credit cards -- Snap cafe in Washington, D.C., no longer accepts cash, so that customers hungry for its crepes and bubble tea must pay with a credit card or debit card. ... (more)

Keeping tabs on credit card fees and penalties -- Credit card users should be on the lookout for the addition of new rates, fees, and penalties that have been added to existing cards. ... (more)

Bank of America, Visa renew relationship -- Bank of America extended its card-branding partnership with Visa until December 31, 2011. ... (more)

Credit cards used for bail in New York -- Get out of jail with your credit card! Some county jails accept credit cards to pay bail. ... (more)

Articles About Credit Cards -Chase targeting the Latino market -- Learn how Chase is specifically targeting the Latino market, and why they chose to do so. ... (more)

Credit card scams: Obtaining card information over the phone -- Credit card scams: Obtaining card information over the phone ... (more)

Credit card late payments increase due to high gas prices -- Credit card late payments edged upward this past spring amid high energy prices, although a recent halt in the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes and lower gas prices should help consumers. ... (more)

Credit card usage for church donations growing in popularity -- Sunday morning leave you without cash? Use your credit card for a donation in church. ... (more)

Earn cash back or points with the Chase Freedom rewards card -- PRESS RELEASE  You've decided to apply for a rewards credit card.  But with all the reward options available, what type of rewards credit card should you ... (more)

Credit Line: Not considered part of your income -- Spend within your income, not within your credit line, to avoid serious financial problems. ... (more)

Reward card benefits include greater flexibility for consumers -- Credit card companies are increasing the flexibility of their reward credit card programs due to heated competition for customers. ... (more)

Card issuers encourage debit card signature transactions -- Why and how banks encourage consumers to sign for debit card transactions instead of using their PIN. ... (more)

Card Payment: How blocking can tie up your funds -- Card payment denied? Learn how some business use blocking to ensure they are paid. ... (more)

Colleges reexamine taking credit cards for tuition payments -- Hit with massive credit card processing fees, some colleges and universities are re-examining the acceptance of credit cards for tuition payments. ... (more)

How to reduce credit card offers in the mail -- Federal law allows consumers to opt out of credit card offers. ... (more)

Credit card technology allows consumers to shop via window touch screen -- Credit card users visiting the Polo Ralph Lauren store on Madison Avenue in Manhattan can make purchases from outside using an interactive holographic screen on the window. ... (more)

Balance transfers: Credit card transactions affected by interest rates -- As interest rates climb, consumers have been using balance transfers to save money. ... (more)

Credit card digits: Understanding numbers on a credit card front and back -- American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover all have 16 numbers -- but all those numbers have different meanings ... (more)

Identity Protection Tips: What you can learn from Paris Hilton -- Paris Hilton is known to leave her credit cards behind in stores, but there are steps she (and other consumers) can take to avoid becoming the victim of unauthorized credit card charges. ... (more)

Visa security keeps your identity safe when using credit cards -- Want a secure credit card? Find out how Visa Security keeps you safe. ... (more)

Top credit card companies show growth as consumer debt surges (2006) -- A rise in consumer debt has led to top credit card companies posting high second-quarter earnings (2006). ... (more)

Contactless credit card: Technology reshaping the way we spend -- The contactless credit card is one way your shopping experience will change in the future. ... (more)

Pay online with extra security: New password technology -- Generate a one-time password with your credit card, adding extra security whenever you pay online. ... (more)

Credit card implications when buying a home -- Learn how to use credit cards in your favor in preparation for buying a home. ... (more)

Debit card: PIN vs. signature -- Three reasons to choose the signature (credit) option over punching in a PIN when using a debit card. ... (more)

How to know credit card debt warning signs -- Find out if you're in danger of bad credit card debt. Read the signs at ... (more)

Using business credit cards wisely requires balance -- Striking a balance in the use of small business credit cards is important, experts say. ... (more)

Airline credit cards tips: Maximize rewards, frequent flier miles -- Get tips on using airline credit cards to maximize your rewards. ... (more)

Credit card offers online becoming more prevalent than mail offers -- Most credit card offers get discarded. Find out why direct mail might soon diminish. ... (more)

College Student Credit Cards are a Big Concern on Campus -- Studies show college student credit cards affect not only their finances, but their education as well. ... (more)

Credit cards for small businesses help provide funding for entrepreneurs -- Credit cards for small businesses help provide funding for entrepreneurs. ... (more)

Credit Card Tips from TransUnion -- A credit reporting agency shows how credit card applications can negatively affect your credit score. ... (more)

Debit card version of Monopoly released -- The new British version of the classic board game Monopoly, known as Monopoly Here & Now, replaces the game's toy money with a mock Visa-imprinted debit card. ... (more)

Chase Credit cards will be profiled on -- Chase credit cards have begun to appear on, following an agreement between the company's credit-card services unit and the popular social-networking Web site. ... (more)

Credit card receipt rules change: Is your card receipt safe? -- Laws attempt to keep credit card and debit card receipts safe from criminals looking to use account information, but consumers must also keep an eye on their card receipts. ... (more)

Card Identification Number: Purpose and security details -- Credit card transactions where the merchant is unable to physically see the credit card in your possession (such as with payments over the Internet or ... (more)

Membership Rewards changes announced by American Express -- American Express is making to its Membership Rewards program. How will the changes impact credit cardholders? ... (more)

Identity theft: Phishing alerts issued by Chase, Bank of America -- While many banks have been victims of phishing, online fraudsters have recently used the technique to target Chase and Bank of America credit card and bank account customers. ... (more)

Debit vs. credit: Learn the differences -- Both are plastic, both behave like money, but the credit card has better legal protection ... (See Debit cards vs. credit cards)

Low APR credit cards: Lose debt and high rate cards -- The marketplace is full of low APR credit cards to help consolidate your debt. ... (more)

Consumers increasingly use their credit cards to purchase small-ticket items -- Consumers increasingly use credit cards for to pay for small-ticket purchases. ... (more)

Chase platinum is all about choice -- Chase Platinum credit cards have no annual fee and 0% introductory interest. ... (more)

Credit Cards Service issues: Unhappy consumers and exit behavior -- Learn why consumers complain about credit card service, rates, and pricing schemes, and why they cancel cards. ... (more)

Home Improvement Credit Card Options: Major or Store Credit Card? -- Planning some home improvements? Consider one of these home improvement credit cards, which have valuable rewards. ... (more)

Credit card applications: How many should you be filling out? -- Learn about the advantages and disadvantages to having more credit card applications or fewer. ... (more)

Prepaid debit cards provide options for people without credit history -- Learn how prepaid debit cards provide the benefits of a credit card without risking overspending. ... (more)

GM business card offers attractive benefits for cardholders -- Learn about the GM Business Card and its cash back benefits. ... (more)

Credit Cards for Teens: Teaching children about using credit cards -- Your children might be too young to have a credit card, but they should learn about them. ... (more)

Online gambling: Credit cards could be banned as payment -- A bill was passed banning the use of credit cards for online bets. Does this affect you? ... (more)

American Express: Find a credit card that fits -- Is the American Express credit card right for your financial needs? View details on this card program. ... (more)

Credit card fees hurt merchants and consumers -- Should Congress take control and manage credit card fees charged on every transaction? Retailers say yes. ... (more)

Platinum gas cards from Discover -- Get more cash back when purchasing gas with the Discover card platinum gas card. ... (more)

Student Credit Cards: New study on their usage -- Student credit cards are a rapidly growing market, with many college students having at least one. ... (more)

US Bank Credit Card Issuers: Mergers and acquisitions -- As the major players in the credit card industry continue to jockey for market dominance, it is likely additional mergers will be on the horizon. ... (more)

Credit Card Myths: Uncovering the truth about credit cards -- Article debunking several myths surrounding the credit card, including that credit cards are not available to people with bad credit, that Visa credit cards are the most widely accepted, and that the cardholder will have to pay for spending if a card gets ... (more)

Travel Credit Card Usage: Beware of fees while overseas -- Tips for spending overseas and keeping travel credit card fees to a minimum. ... (more)

VantageScore: A new company offers credit scores to consumers -- New credit score organization, Vantage Score, rivals FICO scores. ... (more)

Credit card balance transfer may save you money -- Smart credit card balance transfers include avoiding too many credit inquires. ... (more)

Benefits of using a credit card over traditional methods of payment -- The benefits of using a credit card over other forms of payment, topics including cash back credit cards, frequent flyer miles, reward credit card features from Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card American Express are covered. ... (more)

Best Visa Credit Card for Small Business Shoppers -- If you love and own a business, has the best Visa credit card for you. ... (more)

Continental Airlines Business MasterCard provides two miles for every dollar -- The Continental Airlines Business MasterCard allows you to earn unlimited miles with flexible shopping. ... (more)

Credit Card RewardProgram from Chase Platinum Visa -- Earn rewards for your purchases at with the Chase credit card reward program. ... (more)

21st century 'vending machines' don't take cash -- Credit cards are the only payment option with a new form of 21st century vending machine that doesn't take cash, as the Sony vending machines that dispense Sony products require you to pay by credit card. ... (more)

Federal Reserve interest rates increased in May 2006 -- The Federal Reserve has announced another interest hike while fighting inflation (May 2006). ... (more)

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