Jason Steele

Jason Steele is a credit card expert and freelance journalist based in Denver.  

Jason Steele's stories at CreditCards.com

How to book a United flight with miles -- Our step-by-step guide to booking award travel on United shows you how to book flights and how to get the best deal. ... (See How to book a United flight with miles)

A guide to United Club lounge access -- Our guide to United Club lounges gives an overview of United Club lounge features and locations, as well as ways to gain access. ... (See A guide to United Club lounge access)

How to book an American Airlines flight with miles -- Travel expert, Jason Steele, offers tips on how to book a flight with AAdvantage miles and how to maximize your miles. ... (See Booking an American Airlines flight with miles)

A guide to American Airlines Admirals Club membership -- Our guide to Admirals Club lounges offers a full list of lounges and ways to gain access. ... (See American Airlines lounge access guide)

How to book a flight with Delta SkyMiles -- Our guide to booking flights with SkyMiles shows you the ins and outs of searching for flights, rules, restrictions and tips for getting the best deal. ... (more)

Free Spirit Dining program guide -- If you are a Free Spirit member, the Free Spirit Dining program is a great way to earn bonus miles -- you can earn up to 5 miles just by swiping your card at participating locations. ... (more)

Hilton Honors Dining program guide -- See how the Hilton Honors Dining program can help you score a free hotel stay just by dining at your favorite restaurants. ... (more)

Alaska Mileage Plan Dining program guide -- Our guide shows you how to get more Mileage Plan miles out of the Alaska Mileage Plan Dining program. ... (more)

Delta SkyMiles Dining program guide -- Our guide shows you how to get the most mileage out of the Delta SkyMiles dining program. ... (See Delta SkyMiles)

American Airlines AAdvantage Dining guide -- The American Airlines AAdvantage Dining program is a great way to rack up additional miles. Our guide shows you how to maximize your mileage. ... (See American Airlines AAdvantage Dining guide)

Business credit card statistics -- Many entrepreneurs rely on credit cards to keep their small businesses running. Check out these statistics on their charging and payment habits ... (See Business card statistics)

Debit card statistics -- Debit remains a popular way to pay - in many cases, more popular than credit. Here's how Americans use debit today ... (See Debit stats)

Credit card fraud and ID theft statistics -- Credit card fraud and identity theft are big worries these days, and we've got the statistics to back it up ... (See Fraud statistics)

Credit card use and availability statistics -- How available is credit for U.S. consumers and how are we using it? Our research team investigates the trends in statistics ... (See Card use statistics)

Payment method statistics -- Debit is the favorite, credit cards reign for big buys, alternative payments coming on ... (See Payment stats)

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Updated: 04-20-2019