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Holly Johnson is a financial expert and award-winning writer who is obsessed with frugality, budgeting and travel. In addition to serving as contributing editor for The Simple Dollar, Johnson owns Club Thrifty and is the co-author of “Zero Down Your Debt: Reclaim Your Income and Build a Life You’ll Love.”

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Point hoarders: Are you making this huge mistake with your points and miles? -- Some rewards credit card users make the mistake of accumulating massive sums of points and holding onto them for dear life. Here's how to start using your points wisely. ... (See Points hoarding: Avoid this huge rewards mistake)

Got miles to burn? Book these winter getaways with your excess points -- Since winter is off-peak travel season in many destinations, you may encounter lighter crowds and lower prices when you book. If you have a stash of miles to burn, you may even discover you'll need fewer of them to reach many places. ... (See Winter destinations)

Need a new travel card in 2019? Try these 5 perennial favorites -- An impressive selection of new travel rewards cards have exploded onto the scene with much fanfare. But some experts say you're better off sticking with some perennial favorites as you plan your 2019 rewards strategy. ... (See Travel rewards cards)

Balance transfers: How to come out ahead -- Many consumers turn to balance transfer offers to work their way out of debt. Unfortunately, they don't always pan out the way we want. Here's how to win the balance transfer game. ... (See Balance transfer)

Will 2019 be the year you finally get out of debt? -- With 2019 on the way, you may be pondering a New Year's resolution that could change your finances forever. Is this the year you get out of debt, or at least get started on the path to a debt-free lifestyle? ... (See Debt free in 2019)

Credit card debt emergency: Should you tap your savings? -- A financial disaster has played out at the worst time, and now your card debt has become an emergency. What are your options? ... (See Credit card debt emergency)

JetBlue ShopTrue guide -- Our guide to the ShopTrue shopping portal shows you how to earn and maximize TrueBlue points while doing all of your regular online shopping. ... (See JetBlue shopping guide)

Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping guide -- Our guide to Southwest's online shopping portal shows you how to earn extra Rapid Rewards points on many of your online purchases. ... (See Rapid Rewards Shopping)

12 ways to earn more United Airlines miles -- You have many options for scorin ... (See 12 ways to earn more United Airlines miles)

United Airlines partners -- See a list of United Airlines partners for opportunities to earn and redeem United miles and use your elite status benefits. ... (See United Airlines partners)

United Airlines status: Benefits and how to earn status faster -- Our guide to elite status on United Airlines gives an overview of the benefits and ways to earn status, plus tips to earn status faster. ... (See United Airlines elite status benefits)

How many high-end annual fee cards is too many? -- Some people have a handful of high annual fee credit cards. Why? It's all about the perks. ... (See High-end annual fee cards)

Elite status benefits with the new Marriott Bonvoy program -- An overview of what's changed with Marriott elite status benefits and how to earn valuable hotel perks faster. ... (See Marriott elite status)

12 ways to earn Marriott points -- Get an overview of the 12 best ways to earn Marriott points quickly. ... (See Earn Marriott points)

Marriott credit cards: Which Marriott card is best for you? -- We give an overview of cards that earn Marriott points to help you figure out which card is best for you. ... (See Which Marriott credit card is best for you?)

Should you use a credit card as your emergency fund? -- Credit cards come with myriad benefits, such as rewards and consumer protections, and can be a financial lifeline on rare occasions. ... (See Credit card emergency fund )

Why some people prefer cash back over travel rewards -- Some former travel reward aficionados have switched to cash back cards. Why? With cash back, you're not tied down by rules, dates, partner hotels and airlines. ... (See Cash back is king)

10 ways to earn American Airlines miles -- See our list of the best ways to earn American Airlines miles quickly. ... (See Best ways to earn AAdvantage miles)

American Airlines partners -- See a full list of American Airlines partners for earning and redeeming points and using your elite status. ... (See American Airlines partners)

American Airlines elite status benefits -- We offer an overview on elite status benefits with American Airlines and how to earn status faster. ... (See American Airlines elite status)

Should you pay college tuition with a credit card? -- Many people use credit cards to pay tuition because it's convenient and it can earn rewards. But it can be a costly move. ... (See Pay for college with credit card)

How to book a Southwest Rapid Rewards flight -- Travel expert, Holly Johnson, offers tips and tricks to getting the most value out of Rapid Rewards flights. ... (See How to book a Southwest Rapid Rewards flight)

The benefits of Delta Medallion status -- An overview of Delta Medallion elite benefits with tips on how to gain status faster. ... (See Delta Medallion status benefits)

10 ways to earn more Delta SkyMiles -- There are many ways to score a free ticket on Delta, including credit card bonuses, referring a friend, using the Delta shopping portal and more. ... (See 10 ways to earn more Delta SkyMiles )

Delta SkyMiles cards: Which Delta SkyMiles card is best for you? -- We give a side-by-side comparison of the Delta SkyMiles cards to help you pick the best one for your needs. ... (See Which Delta SkyMiles card is best for you?)

3 ways to maximize rewards on back-to-school shopping -- Sign-up bonus, shopping portals and cash back can cut your costs ... (See Back-to-school)

2016 holiday card perks and rewards -- During the holidays, many card issuers offer bonus shopping rewards and special experiences ... (See Holiday specials)

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