Gina Roberts-Grey

Gina Roberts-Grey

Gina Roberts-Grey has written about a variety of consumer, insurance and credit-related issues for more than a decade. In addition to her contributions to, her work can be found on, and in several consumer magazines. When she's not pounding away on her keyboard, Gina likes to relax with her family and three Bichons in snowy, but scenic, upstate New York.

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4 ways your signature can cause financial trouble -- Chances are your spouse won't bust you for signing your name on a purchase using his card, but it's still illegal. And whatever you do, don't use red ink ... (See Don't sign that!)

Drunken shopping: How drinking can pickle your finances -- Buying under the influence, shopping after chardonnay or drunk shopping. No matter what you call it, shopping after sucking back some spirits can do a number on your budget ... (See Drunken shopping)

Pamela Yellen: Getting financially fit -- Many consumers don't prepare enough for a financial crisis, and when it happens, they can be left destitute. Author Pamela Yellen teaches you how to prevent that from happening ... (See Financially fit)

2012 Olympic parents' financial struggles -- What do Olympic athletes Gabby Douglas, Ryan Lochte and Lolo Jones all have in common? Parents who are struggling financially ... (See 2012 Olympics)

Million Dollar Listing's Josh Altman's reality check -- Reality TV Realtor Josh Altman shares his financial secrets for first-time homebuyers in a ever-changing real estate market ... (See Josh Altman)

4 credit card choices for college-bound students -- In addition to a mini fridge and extra-long twin sheets, have you thought about what type of plastic to send with your child to college? ... (See College credit)

Q&A with Holly McCall, champion of the stay-at-home parent -- Turned down for a Target card because issuers cannot consider household income anymore, McCall got so mad she's campaigning for change ... (See Holly McCall)

How to combat 'financial cyberchondria' -- If your finances are floundering or your credit score is crashing, Twitter and Facebook could be to blame. Turns out reading tweets, Facebook status updates and Google+ posts can create a whole new kind of stress beyond 'is my former high school flame still single?' ... (See Financial cyberchondria)

3 financial fights couples have -- and their 3 fixes -- Lying about purchases, comparing incomes and determining what is a want versus a need top the list of couples' fixable money arguments ... (See Marriage money fights)

Q&A: Former Patriots cornerback Eugene Profit now runs for the money -- A five-year veteran of the NFL talks about why so many young players fall to financial ruin and what he did to avoid falling into the same pattern ... (See Eugene Profit)

3 money lessons from "The Bachelor" -- Week after week, "The Bachelor" fans can take the lessons they learn in the fine art of romance and apply it to their personal finances ... (See The Bachelor)

Secrets of professional pickpocket Bob Arno -- Time magazine called Bob Arno the world's foremost expert on pickpocketing. Arno shares some secrets on how best to protect your wallet this holiday season ... (See Bob Arno)

Busting 7 common credit myths -- These common credit myths can lead to the same financial mess you would have if you were to spend your life savings looking for the Loch Ness monster ... (See 7 common credit myths)

What your dreams tell you about your money -- Money got you down? Don't be surprised if certain recurring themes show up in your dreams -- revealing increased levels of anxiety ... (See Money dreams)

How your girlfriends can ruin your credit -- Advice from gal pals is a good thing, but maybe not so much if they encourage you to spend yourself into debt ... (See Friends and your credit)

What if Santa charged Christmas? -- If he did charge Christmas, just how much would Santa spend -- and pay back with interest? And what interest rate, minimum payment or rewards might Santa expect to see on his credit card statement? ... (See Santa's credit card)

Procrastination is key to a credit card and financial disaster -- Putting off paying bills or failing to clean up your credit report can ruin your finances when all you need is a little attitude readjustment. Here's how ... (See Financial procrastination)

7 places to safely stash your plastic at home -- Think a thief won't look in your Bible, freezer or underwear drawer for credit cards? It's time to find more creative hiding places. ... (See Credit card hiding places)

How you play poker reveals a lot about your financial personality -- Do you sneak multiple peeks at your cards or stick with your gut and keep them on the table? How you play your cards says a lot about your finances ... (See Poker and finances)

Tuning into your finances: How music impacts your money -- There's no denying music can rev up a workout routine, but did you know that music can have a significant impact on your finances, too? ... (See Tunes)

Money and credit lessons learned from TV -- Whether they're frugal or free-spending, our favorite and classic TV characters are fountains of financial advice. ... (See Lessons)

Proving your worth: How entrepreneurs can qualify for credit -- As credit lines tighten, or even disappear, small-business owners are turning to credit cards for survival. But getting approved for plastic is harder than ever. ... (See Qualify)

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Updated: 06-27-2019