Daniel P. Ray

Daniel P. Ray

Daniel P. Ray is CreditCards.com's former editor-in-chief. He has been writing and editing consumer-oriented stories about personal finance – especially debt-related issues – for more than a decade. He started his career at The Miami Herald, and was previously editor-in-chief at Bankrate.com. He has been quoted widely as an expert on personal finance issues, and has won multiple journalism awards, including six "Best in Business" awards from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.

Daniel P. Ray's stories on CreditCards.com

Poll: Americans don't read or understand credit card agreements -- Asked to describe the agreements in one word, we use bad ones ... (See Poll)

Study: 8 in 10 Americans saddled with some form of debt -- Findings of a study by the Pew Charitable Trusts suggest younger generations are growing more wary of borrowing ... (See Pew debt study)

Volume of credit cards finally back up near pre-recession levels -- As of the fourth quarter of 2014, the total number of open credit card accounts, and the volume of new cards being issued, are both nearing the 2008 levels ... (See Credit card volume)

ABA study: 'Revolver' card holders down, 'transactors' rise -- Fewer cardholders carried balances, while more cardholders paid in full each month in the second quarter of 2014, the American Bankers Association found ... (See Study: 'Transactors' rise)

Tips for choosing a rewards credit card -- A rewards card can be a great choice for the right kind of cardholder. After all, who doesn't love a gift? You can earn free ... (more)

Tips for choosing a business card -- One of the primary benefits of a business card is to separate your personal finances from your business account. This helps limit your personal risk ... (more)

Tips for choosing a student credit card -- A student credit card can be a meaningful first step toward financial independence, a way of building the kind of credit that can help secure ... (more)

Anatomy of a credit card -- With the coming of chip cards, the anatomy of a credit card has become even more crowded. Do you know what all the parts are and what they do? ... (See Card anatomy)

Choosing a balance transfer credit card -- Balance transfers can be a great tool for managing finances, if you use them to strike a course toward freedom from debt, not to put yourself on a path toward more of it ... (See Choosing a balance transfer card)

In-person smartphone payments? No thanks, most say -- Most of us say "meh" to the idea of paying by smartphone, though young people, particularly men, show more interest in mobile payments ... (See Payments by smartphone poll)

Discover agrees to pay $214 million to settle payment protection case -- Discover Bank's tentative agreement with federal regulators includes $200 million in refunds to consumers who bought the high-priced add-on plans ... (See Discover settlement)

Economy brightens, but not enough for Federal Reserve to raise rates -- A good jobs report isn't enough to make the Fed's rate-setting committee veer from its low-rate course ... (See FOMC)

Senators seek 'emergency freeze' to rate hikes on credit card balances -- Sens. Dodd, Schumer want to ban rate increases on credit card balances. ... (See Rate freeze)

Coalition takes battle over credit card practices to issuers' boardrooms -- Religion-oriented investors, consumer groups file shareholder proposals asking major credit card corporations to examine their own practices and excise any that are predatory. ... (See Shareholders)

Cardholders' Bill of Rights passes 1st legislative hurdle -- The 2009 version of the Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights passes its first legislative hurdle, but quick implementation was stripped out. ... (See Bill)

Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights gets 1st House hearing of 2009 -- Federal legislative would codify pro-consumer card regulations; opponents say it would go into effect so fast it would wreck the system. ... (See Bill)

Credit card statistics, debt statistics, industry facts -- Credit card statistics, surveys and research from a variety of sources, all cited, making fact-checking and research easy ... (See Credit card statistics)

Study: Delinquencies ramping up for those who took out mortgages recently -- It used to be that homeownership was a mark of stability, a factor that lenders took into account by opening their vaults a little wider to those who had mortgages. No more. ... (See ARMs)

In an emergency move, the Fed cut a key interest rate by half a point -- Not waiting until its regularly scheduled meeting, the Fed cut a key U.S. interest rate by half a point in order to try to stave off the worst financial crisis since the Depression. ... (See Emergency cut)

August 2008 G.19 report from Federal Reserve on consumer spending -- The Federal Reserve's G.19 report, a key measure of consumer spending, showed consumers slowed their spending for the first time in a decade. ... (See G.19)

10 questions to ask about layaway plans -- Looking to layaway? Here are 10 questions to ask that will help you find a good layaway plan -- and avoid those that should be thrown away ... (See 10 layaway questions)

How Americans pay for college: A lot of borrowing -- Credit cards are rarely used to pay college costs, a new survey says, and when they are, it's mostly out of desperation. ... (See College credit)

Chargebacks and how to dispute a credit card purchase -- Dissatisfied with a merchant's product or service? If you do it right, your credit card issuer may step in to help ... (See Dispute merchant credit card charges)

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